The Borg and I


The collective did not get me. I finished off the ten pairs of mittens and they are in the possession of the US Postal Service. They don’t have very far to travel – they are staying in the state.

The good news again is those last six mittens came off of one skein of yarn. Which means, I have a nice sized skein of dark gray yarn that I can do something with.

I also got a photo from Nic wearing her hat. I would show it to you but that girl does not have a way with selfies. I told her she had two balls of yarn left and she said: You can just have it. This is a girl who knows how to keep her name in the will.

I decided I wasn’t going to do any order knitting today. The next order is not due out until the 26th and I wanted to take a pressure breather from the orders. I will resume again tomorrow – or the day after. Don’t worry, I am not going to let it go. I want to have a boat load of orders by the end of the month so I need to get back into a rhythm – I want to feel pressed not pressured. I will start on them so I don’t get myself behind and that can happen in a hurry.

In other news, I now know how many face scrubbies I can make with one skein of the skein: 14. So a super pack would be 14 scrubbies for $12. That is good to know and I can price a 6 pack accordingly. I know you were anxious to know as well.

I have also given up on the bulky drop stitch poncho. It just isn’t sizing the right way for me. So the ones that I’ve done will be frogged and I will make something else from the bulky yarn. I am thinking drop stitch cowls which can be one size for all.

I did it again. I thought I posted this only to come back and find it still here. I must be losing my mind. Which might be scary for me but really scary for the person that finds it.

Top Ten for the Week of September 14, 2014

I decided the Top Ten needed to make a comeback. So here it is: my first top ten list in a long time

091420141The Knit Capelet and pom-Pom Hat from Knit Buddy.







The Red Heart Knit Hat from For You Design091420142







Moya Approaches by Sagan Digital Art


091420144Elephant Tote Bag by Sew Trendy Rose


091420145Peppermint Lemonade Soap by Firebird Bath Body





Lavender Flower Bookmark by 091420146Block Party Press







Milk and Honey Candles by091420147 Pollen Arts







Red and Pink Pottery Heart Bowls by 091420148JD Wolfe Pottery






Baby Booties by  Kristine’s Little Shop









Dear Santa Shirt by Bargoonys0914201410







So, how does one make it onto my top ten list? Don’t ask. I scout around and find ten things that hit my eye. It’s that simple. You can ask me to look at your shop but I wouldn’t advise it. Takes away my fun from just moving around Etsy and seeing what’s there.

I Thought I Did

doing my part
doing my part

I thought I wrote a blog post yesterday. Turns out, I was reading blog posts yesterday and forgot to do one of my own.

Turns out, there wasn’t much to say yesterday anyway.

I can announce today that I am done with the black mittens and that just leaves three pair of gray mittens to get done and I have all of today and part of tomorrow to get them done.

And part of my day today will be spent at the hospital getting an ultrasound done and tonight is date night. But I am cool as a hot cucumber in thinking I will have the mittens done and the mailing label printed before the calendar reads the 13th.

I am determined to make it. That will mean making six mittens in two days when previously the most I’ve done is two and a part of the third.  But I am determined to do it – the fact that I have yet to package any of them and find the box to ship them all in is just details. I’ve already discovered on my own the small box I thought could hold ten pairs of man sized mittens can hold about three. I got the yarn I ordered the other day and that box looks good for it.  I’m pretty sure.

Don’t bother me with sticking details.

The drop stitch wrap is about to come off the needles if the yarn goddess stops messing with it. She must be playing with me because the yarn math is back. No matter how many repeats I do – the dang thing isn’t getting any longer than 41 inches. The thing is, I need it to be 42 inches and I am not understanding why the cosmos finds this a thing worth doing.

War? Pestilence? The problems in the Middle East? Yep. Got those covered and we have a little window of time – and I know how we can use it.

I am trying to maintain my cool in case the goddess has her eye on me this morning and I am not saying any words that can be construed as disrespectful. I am putting out in the atmosphere that there must be a reason for this – like I really need just 41 inches of a drop stitch wrap or that I should stop calling it a wrap and go back to the more ambitious drop stitch poncho that I had originally designed. Maybe the goddess thinks I am being a wimp for not stretching out my creativity.

Or maybe I can’t count. In which case, I am sure she has taken a second out of her day to laugh at me for thinking she spends more than a second of her day thinking up ways to torment me.

In any case, this drop stitch poncho will come off the needles today either 41 or 42 or whatever length the goddess decides. Can’t argue with the deities.  Anything to get done with it and on to something else. I need the newness of starting a project.

Is it bad to admit that part of the reason I want to get new things going is because the shops I look to for inspiration on Etsy are constantly putting up or renewing things? It’s a competitive thing.

Like you didn’t know that about me.

Playing in My Head

best to leave well enough alone...
best to leave well enough alone…

I need 50 orders a month to reach the goals I have in mind and I don’t see that happening.

This means I either have to change the goal or change the plan. The plan really needs to stay in place so I need to figure out how to get more people to the shop.  But that’s my story.

The mittens continue. 7 of 10 is on the needles; the last of the black set.  I .had my mittensdr’s. appointment today so I didn’t get to them until this afternoon so I am going to go until that pair is done. I could be working into the wee hours because it is the first of the 7 of 10 (did you get that?) and it takes me a couple of hours to do a mitten and I also have to make dinner this evening.

I took a ball of cotton yarn with me to the dr because I knew I would have to wait. I was the only one in the office when I arrived and the place was really quiet and I still had to wait and once I was checked in and the preliminary exam  was done and the nurse said . “Dr. J. will be right with you.” I took out my ball of yarn because their definition of ‘right away’ is a lot different than my definition. I got one scrubbie done and started another when he came in. That means my findings for how many scrubbies I can get out of a ball of yarn is: definitely one.

Science is fun.

Surrounded by Potential

ballof yarnWe know I have yarn. We know I have a lot of yarn and that is causing me some problems right now. There’s not enough time to do things with this yarn. I can only knit one thing at a time – no matter how many projects I can start without completing the previous one. (They’re aren’t any. I have the upstairs project and the downstairs  project and the one that gets put into the purse and that’s it.

I look at it and I wonder when will I have the time to knit all of that into something and what is the something I am going to make. Then I broke one of my rules: I compared myself to others in my genre. They keep turning up in my newsfeed and it’s always to introduce a new article in their shop. Where are they getting the time? I have no idea if these new things are really new but I haven’t seen them before and they are making me just a little paranoid.

I know I shouldn’t do it but I did it and now I have to go through it to get past it. And I need to take a nap. I didn’t get a good sleep either Saturday night or last night and I am falling asleep which hardly ever happens since the sleep machine.  Maybe I will feel less unworthy if I can sleep.

I have yet to do the how many scrubbies can I get test. There hasn’t been time. Six of ten is almost off the needles and I want to plow through them and get it done. I am reaching that project point where I want it to be over with so I can get on with something else. That ‘its not you; it’s me’ moment that works much better on guys than it does on knitting. Guys will just go away – knitting just stays there and stares at you. It’s not the mittens’ fault but I am a little weary of them already and that’s not a good thing with eight more of them to go. I wanted the black ones all done and that didn’t happen.  Plus, the mailman took one of my packages and left the other – sigh. Might not have been his fault, either, it could have fallen into the mailbox. But I will take a trip to the post office because I know they will collect it either the last thing tonight or fist thing tomorrow even though the box says it won’t – they do. Besides, I could use the distraction later when I am working on seven of ten.

Seven of ten…I may be bald soon.

Resistance is Futile

actually, not everyone can
actually, not everyone can

Number six is on the needles. Remember the goal is to have all ten done by the 12th and I think I’m gonna make it.

I think, also, that I can revise my first thought that I can get five mittens out of a skein of yarn. It might be six or at least five and a good part of the sixth. I will let you know soon how that goes. And they are going quicker – just not as quick as I would like. I am working on a drop stitch wrap (did you notice I stopped calling it a poncho?) upstairs but I will have to do something distracting downstairs or I am going bonkers. So now we know the answer to how many pairs of mittens can she make without going nuts: 5 and 1/2.

I can make it through as long as I give just enough to the mitten without doing them in my sleep. I can stay about from the mitten. I do not have to become one with the mitten. The mitten does not have to swallow my soul. But I do need to continue to make the mitten.

I could learn to drink coffee. That might help. I could drink wine since it’s September and they’ll be taking me off the Warfarin. Booze. It has such a lovely sound. I didn’t drink a lot of it before so I miss it that much more.

Both stores had sales yesterday and I can say I like the ‘ready to ship’ shop. That order is already packed and ready to go while the made to order will have to wait until the mittens and the two other hats before it gets done. I could do one of those in between but that doesn’t seem quite right.  I am curious how many face scrubbies I can get out of a full ball of Lily Cotton – that would be a quick, scientific thing to do – and at the end you get scrubbies to sell.

You know how my mind works – why are you shaking your head? I think it’s a fun thing to do. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.


Lazy Saturday Afternoon

No, or i'd be a rail by now
No, or i’d be a rail by now

The Borg Mitten Collective  will see the end of 5 of 10 and the start of 6 of 10. I have another order so I have incentive to get the mittens off the needles.  The good thing I know the pattern by heart so each one goes just a little bit faster. I wanted to get the four pair done by Monday and I am still hopeful. Monday and Tuesday is filled with dr. appointments so time will be a little short that day so I want to get a chunk of it done. But I need a little mitten break so here I am.

I was watching The Robe with Richard Burton and Victor Mature. The most sincere campy movie. I saw just a small portion of it years ago and somehow thought it was scarier. I won’t watch it again but I’m glad I saw it. That helped keep the mittens from overtaking my sanity.

I am headed back down to finish off the mitten and start the next one. Mr. Honey is making his famous tacos this evening and I want to earn that dinner break by having the next mitten at least halfway done. It’s a thing with me.

I’ll show you the stack when they’re done because that will be the exciting part!

Bag and Tag


Four down – six to go  and a week to get them done. Sure no problem.

I sold an Eden cap last night and I went to pull it out and I wasn’t sure what color was which and that got me to bagging and tagging all the Eden caps with their color and I emptied out a yarn bin and put them all in. There are about four caps MIA and I think they are in the other completed project bag. I’m just not sure where I put it. I think it might have made it into the closest right before the block party.

Speaking of block party, Mr. Honey and I went to Giordano’s last night – we won a gift certificate for $20 at the block party. We went to the one on Irving Park because that’s where it was good. Nice place. I have doubts I will go back to the one in OP – not because this one is so much better but because the last time we were at that one, I saw a mouse walking along the high wall  and that’s enough for me.

The weekend will be spent doing mittens and I would like to have the blacks one done this weekend (four pair total.) So because I need to be down there – I am going to ask that you all have a great weekend and I hope to see you on the flip side.

And so it goes….

Join us at StitchCraft.
Join us at StitchCraft.

You want to know what had me stoked yesterday? I discovered bernat-reg-super-value-yarn-7I can get five mittens out of one skein of this yarn.

This is how exciting my life is. I get stoked in knowing I can get three pairs of the fingerless mitts I want to make out of a single skein of yarn – the ROI on that is tremendous. Clearly, I need something else in my life.

Like visiting a gun show wearing a tee shirt saying ‘Ban the Bullets’.

The Borg Collective that are the mittens continue to roll -obviously I have done at least five mittens. The sixth and final navy mitten is on the needles and after it’s done, I will switch over and make the pom-poms because they are a combo of navy, orange and white and I wanted to make sure I had enough of the navy but I do because I bought two skeins of everything.

I did get the photographs taken and even managed to take a pic of theroseofsharon Rose of Sharon blooming in the backyard.  I remember when I planted that little plant; one of the last purchases I made before Frank’s went bust. I chose the Rose of Sharon because my sister-in-law, MaryKay, said it was her daughter’s Erin, favorite flower and Mr. Honey is her godfather.  That’s how my logic runs.


I gave a run at the fingerless mitts – why not I can make a ton of them for very little money – and I am already changing the pattern. First, I am using worsted weight and not fine sport so I don’t need as many stitches. Second, I don’t understand the first instruction. I followed it the way it was written and it doesn’t come out looking like the picture – I like how it comes out but it ain’t the way it isn in the photo so I made up my own. But I am going to go back to what I came up with when I thought I was following the directions because I like it.

Tonight is choir rehearsal – the first of the season. I think I am looking forward to it. This may be Mr. Honey’s last auto show – which would be a lot sadder if I wasn’t in choir. I need to finish the mitten – I have some poms to make and then I need to get out of here. I have errands.

This exciting life – envy me.

September Morn

probably the only room in the house where i haven't knit
probably the only room in the house where i haven’t knit

Don’t know what I’ve been up to. I have a couple of hats and a basket to photograph. I finished Nic’s hat and Bill’s hat. He wanted something a little crazy. I didn’t do crazy me; I did crazy him. Bill is not exactly a wild and crazy guy so making him a slouch hat in blue variegated yarn is a big thing.

I haven’t photographed Bill’s hat and I’m thinking I probably won’t but here’s Nic’s. nicshatShe has some yarn left over from her purchase in Denver. I could just throw it in my stash but it doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to her so I can send it her but that would so insulting to the yarn to condemn it to a life of being unknit. It could sit in the store and do that but with the chance that someone will come along and take it. It is just cruel to be taken and then not be used without a chance of it. At least the skeins in my stash know that there is something of a chance. I mean, I just pulled the yarn from one our other trips recently. There’s always hope. I thought of making mittens but I don’t think there’s enough for a pair.  I will have to think of something for her. Maybe a headband and some fingerless mitts. I just copied a pattern the wonderful Shannon turned me on to. Though there might be another skein running around. She bought four. I used one and a part of for the cowl and the hat just came off of the one the cowl was made from. I need to check downstairs. A pair of mittens may come.

Speaking of mittens, I did start the Borg Collective of 10 Pairs of Mittens. One of ten is done and the second pair is almost finished. Had some missteps at the beginning but I have ten days to get them done and then I have some pom-poms to make and another hat.

So, I guess I have been busy – did I also say I’ve worked out everyday for the past week?

Getting into the busy season – trying to stay out of the hospital. Can’t sit and knit for hours on end. But I do have to go and do some knitting now….the Borg cannot wait.


Where life is knitting and knitting is good…