HI! Remember me? I started this blog and then abandoned it.

OK, that might be overdoing it just a little but I have been terribly absent and don’t think I don’t know it.

Sometimes, you have to circle back around when you leave the path and that’s what I did. It’s not like I’m loaded down with orders, either. This time two years ago, I had 80 orders and last year 40. This year I have maybe 15. (I am in slight panic about that.) I’ve been busy. I haven’t been staring out the window – though a quick glance will show some snow on the neighbor’s roof – but not an amount to get Scrooge in a bad mood.

I’ve gotten myself in quite a fix. A couple of weeks ago I went to St. Louis for Leadership Development Days for the UMW (United Methodist Women) because I agreed to take on the position of Coordinator of Social Action for my conference – Northern Illinois – I found myself very excited about it. That’s because I romanticized it in my head – the good I would do. The transformation I would have a part of. It was epic.

Oh my god, it’s overwhelming already. I have to coordinate Lobby Day – a day where we gather, go to the state capitol and talk to our legislators. I thought someone else coordinated and I just spread the news – nope, it’s all mine. Last year, when I didn’t have it – the info didn’t get out in time and there were some people upset. So this, my first official act, has got to be right.

I also believe the reason my shop isn’t thriving is because I’ve put myself in a bubble. Now, that may fly in the face of the success of the past two years where I was nothing but work, but I don’t consider those years as thriving – I was stressed and messed. I would like that volume back – no question – but I did myself harm. I wasn’t thriving. I like busy and purposefulness. I don’t like stress and fear – nothing about knitting should cause stress and fear. I mean, it’s knitting.

I have a theory moving toward belief that if I start to do good as defined by my faith that I will find myself more successful. I think God wants me to move out of myself so I can appreciate and see the blessings I have and to just do more good.

So, as scary as it is – I look forward to it and hope I have the strength and character to do it all well and with eager sincerity.

I’ll start with not being a stranger.



Just got back from St. Louis and wanted to drop in and say ‘hi!’ Much to tell and hopefully will get to tell you soon!




Who knew an entire week would go by before we were together again? I certainly didn’t. But here we are at another issue of things I liked when looking through Etsy shops:

102720141This beautiful shawl is the work of beyazdukkan


Gray Anchor Designs makes these beautiful knotted balls.












This lovely toddler dress comes from Lucky Lizzy102720143

A personalized notepad from Paper K Studios is always nice, especially if it can be made with your name: 102720144









The Knitting Sea makes lovely items including this scarf:




If you’re looking for a unique hoodie, look no further than Mungo Cra102720146fts










To keep little ones stylish, try these hair clips from My Little Paula102720147








Kvitka Sonze makes these incredible earrings 102720148








This102720149 blast from the past is courtesy of Chipped Green Chair







1027201410And finally ,this unusual ring from Toolisjewelry:



That’s it for this week. I hope we get together between now and next week. I have some orders and getting into some other things and there is much to share (well, some, maybe not much..)

In any case, enjoy the week. We’re having some nice temps so enjoy while you can!


Strolling along the streets of Etsy, I come across these things I like:

101920141This poncho from Sense and Emotions


A photo turned into a pillow cover by Brooke Ryan Photo.















A crocheted necklace from White Wolf’s Clouds











A tortoise chip necklace from Zephyr Vintage












101920145A table lamp from Bee Jay Kay:








A hat and mitten set from Sexy Crochet by Olga












Blue soap (!?!) from 4 Sisters Farm Soap Company



Mr. and Mrs. Smiley face from Pillows Rolanda












A vintage teapot from Callooh Callay


Birch bark candle holders from Bragging Bags













I am amazed at the talent…every time. It serves as a reminder that I can do so much betterin my photography – but I probably won’t…




For some reason that will surpass explanation, I have decided I need a ‘regular work schedule.’ You know, a schedule like real people have. Be at work at a certain hour, stop work at a certain hour.

I chose start at 7 end at 5. I know regular people have 8 hour works days but I am in management – my time is not entirely my own.

It is day three of this exercise and I must say: it doesn’t suck. I have got to get used to the idea that the day hasn’t ended in its entirety when I’m done. The first two days when I finished working, it was like I didn’t know what to do with the rest of the day – there was sunshine and everything.

I had to harken back to the days when I left the house to go to work and came back home and then made dinner and cleaned rooms and got stuff done. Today, it’s even worse because the schedule doesn’t have me knitting at all.

Gulp. I did a clean up of the living room. Took the garbage that resulted from that to the garbage can in the alley and then took the long way around back to the house. (Did I mention, I’ve been doing these small 1-3 minute walk breaks during the day?) Now, I get to do some writing. This falls under writing and I have a page to write in the book. The goal of a writing session is one page. This is going to take some time to write – I have three books going at once.

There has been a lot of knitting and cowlburntpumpkin3crocheting going on: these two cowls will be added to the shop soon. And there’s a pair of fingerless mitts and a hat.cowlautumn2 Not to mention about five orders I have to get done. On the needles and hooks right now are a pixie hat (order) and the knitted cowl I designed. I will take that with me to knit group and hopefully get that done. Also, another crochet cowl in merlot. I also have to write the pattern for the knitted cowl. So, there’s progress being made.

I think I will have to give it time to adjust to the schedule. I am going to bed a little earlier and getting up between 6-7 and that’s a little strange. But it does give me several hours of quiet that can be productive and the walk breaks are quiet because everyone else is in school or at work. That part works well for me and when the weather is too cold to go outside, I can do something in doors.

Still need to come with something to put into the group shop. It is on my schedule (I love schedules and lists) to do some publicity and promo work for it and when I have that time, I will specifically choose something to make that will be for that shop only.

Hopefully, a schedule will keep me from feeling frazzled during the busy season – and I am hoping to have a busy season – Mama wants to say goodbye to her Discover card.

This week would have seen my Mom’s 84th birthday….rather than remain sad – I choose to remember the beautiful woman she was and make it a good week in her honor. So these are some nifty things that are beautiful themselves:

Infinity scarves are supposed to be hot this year and this one looks like it took some work. You can find it at Blu100520141e Birds Fly Boutique.


Smelly Rhino does some nice pet portraits. I like this one because of the face:100520142











Bags won’t be out of my top ten for long and100520143 if I keep seeing ones like this one from Ikabags, they will never be gone.


Natural Home Spa offers a 100520144block of uncut soap. Uncut soap. Who knew?





Integrity Graphics have personalized prayer journals. Great idea.100520145






Sometimes something makes you stop and say “Hmmmm.” Stevie Nicks on a prayer candle is one of those things. See who else made it in Greaser Creatures wax. 100520146










I also like mugs. I bought Mr. Honey a bunch of mugs because he likes them, too: I like this one from Judi Creates100520147










What makes this fascinating is that this Elsa gown from axac Studio is the only thing she sells:



Got to give a shot hot to a fellow hooker. I don’t make slippers but these from Shop Dreams of Crochet, are kinda cute:100520149










and finally: A Cabbage Kid dreams of being like this girl from Beez Dream:












I hope your week is a great one and if you still have your parents, don’t wait to tell them you love them. Tell them as many times as you can. You won’t regret telling them; only if you don’t.





Well, this day isn’t going the way it was pictured.mrhoney Today is Mr. Honey’s birthday. I am pretty sure he isn’t one of those people who don’t mind telling their age. So he is 68 today. (I know, looking at his picture, he doesn’t look a day over 5.)

Last night found me in some real pain until early this morning when I could finally sleep. Hopefully, we can make it to the movie he wants to see.

But one of the good things about him is he won’t be resentful if the plans have to change and we do his birthday later. I am hoping for a really good October so I can do what I planned for him to celebrate the planet’s luck at having him on it.

Until that time comes, Happy Birthday, honey, love you more than ever.

Knitting and crochet goes on and I am done with the designbcb orders and have to complete the Knit360five order and then I am free. Now that we are in October, which has been my peak month for the past two years, I am ready for the orders to come pouring in.

I hope they do come. I tried a flash sale and put it on Facebook and Twitter and sent it out to my mailing list and thus far, nothing. I am in that mode where I think I will never have another sale.

I will have a photo session and there will be two cowls and an Eden cap and I have on the needles, a cowl of my own design and I revamped a basic mitten pattern into a fingerless mitt pattern and those are also on the needles.

It;s a creative time. Tomorrow the birthday celebration continues.



First up this week is a card from Inkie Annie. I can’t draw and I am fascinated by those that can.









I keep saying I am going to get around to making baby booties and until I do, I am going to have to admire those that create patterns for them like these from Inventorium.



Well, if you must; make it cute like Couch Potato Dog Knits:










Garlic, on Etsy. who knew? Bushel and Pecks will help you fight vampires and make yummy dishes for yourself.










Quilters are talented artists and this is an adorable quilt from Kid Babies:092820145




Beads, like these from Anthology 27, may be in my crocheting and knitting future. 092820146







Nice use of leftover yarn from the stash by Jubillee8. Something I hope to emulate. You know, when I get around to making toys.092820147










Someone wipe the drool from my mouth that Bling Things is responsible for.092820148










I would buy this for me. You know a tote was gonna show up.092820149 This one is from Cre8tiv Gifts:







Beautiful and functional is something else I appreciate and this is from 0928201410LK Pens.









I really enjoy browsing through, not looking for anything in particular, and finding all these different treasures. Handmade should be appreciated. The thought and hard work; the love and the passion and the blessing to have it as work is truly amazing and affirming.

Enjoy your week.

I told myself I would remember who did this painting..but Idon't

I told myself I would remember who did this painting..but I Don’t

This chick is even more dedicated to knitting than I am. How is that even comfortable? I did a Google search of ‘painting of girl knitting’ thinking  ‘how many could there be?’ Let me just say the answer gives new meaning to the phrase ‘nothing new under the sun.’ It seems painting a girl with knitting needles is something every artist had to try. Meyer Georg von Bremen – who did this painting – was fascinated by it. Not only did he paint her by the window knitting, he got her on a rock and in a doorway. Different chick, so I’m thinking he was obsessed with girls who knit rather than just girls. Or maybe he was fascinated with knitting – I’m not here to judge.

In any case, I’m glad I did the search. I am appreciating the artwork and will showcase here and on the Facebook page.

I’ve started my designbcb count to my 1000th sale. I do not know what possessed me to do so considering I am more than 100 sales  away from it but it would seem like admitting defeat if I stopped it now.  I am 135 away and I would like to make it before the end of the year knowing what that will mean in terms of sales for my made to order shop. But I would like to have it behind me – so I can find something new to obsess about.

I have three hat orders and I will start on them today. I have the yarn for two of them even though I am expecting more of the same yarn to arrive today and I need that shipment to come because in that shipment is the yarn I need for the third hat and I might have gotten a skein of a yarn color that I am interested in seeing in person. dakota I do believe it will make an interesting Eden cap or cowl. The color is called Dakota. Come on, it’s a little interesting, isn’t it? It’s one little skein of yarn that I will look at and then it will go into a bin that I won’t get to for a long time or it will go into the bin I am currently working out of and it will get used right away or somewhere down the line. I am thinking the later because that wouldn’t be fair to the other fibers waiting their turn and some of them have been waiting for years.

The shipment will arrive sometime today – something to look forward to along with date night, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. What a great night.

I am finishing up a new cowl in Burnt Pumpkin and an Eden Cap in Black Sparkle – the first one sold and I had some more of the fiber sitting in the current bin so I get to make the cap and won’t have to retake the photos – sweet.

I did photograph the two cowls, two sets of scrubbies and the Eden cap made from the gray Bernat and started putting them in the shop. I should have the cap and cowl ready for the next session in a day or two.

I must press on. I am hoping to get enough orders for the rest of the month going into my peak months of October and November to make me regret wishing I had them. Something tells me I need to gear up Knit360five.

Better get busy.



northwest knitters strike again

northwest knitters strike again

My friend, Kevia, was here from Springfield. keviameShe is a member of our knit group but she moved to the state capital to study and her husband got a job and now it looks likes she will be staying down there because she just got a job in her field of study – and that happens so rarely now that it makes sense she stay down there and take the job.

Springfield is about three hours by train and it would be real easy to hop on the train and go there for a couple of hours. Miss Laeh and Miss Melissa was supposed to be planning a trip there this year but that never came together and I don’t want to go another couple of years without seeing my girl – and – she says there are a couple of decent yarn shops in the area. So I am planning a trip to present to the group.

I believe I have chosen Nancy’s as the LYS to be visited and now I need to find a nice place for lunch that’s close by and I have to decide if this is an overnight trip or a day trip.  Fun to think about and I really need to make it happen.

I’m a little hungry and it’s time for my regular afternoon snack – I told you about the popcorn, right? popcorn Kirkland from Costco which is sooooo good and more economical than the national name brand that I won’t mention out of respect.  I do share it with Mr. Honey but he just takes a couple of handfuls and the rest is mine and I usually have it with water but I wanted some cranberry juice that day and this is one of the definitions of heaven and I am gonna go down and make some popcorn before work some more on an order.

I might be able to get in a photo session tonight or tomorrow: a cowl (if it’s tomorrow maybe two cowls) a hat, and 2 sets of scrubbies. I will have energy from the popcorn.

I think a lot of cowls will be on the horizon along with finally getting started on the alphabet squares. I told y’all about those, didn’t I?

Didn’t I?