Man Knit

Don’t get me wrong. I love men. I think men are one of God’s greatest hits. Right up there with chocolate. And if you dip a man in chocolate – well, there’s a snack.

But knitting for them can be iffy. If they can appreciate the gift. If you know what they like. If you know what colors are ‘men’ colors.

I am having a man knit kind of run. I want more masculine items in the shop so men can shop for themselves or as gifts from someone who loves a man.

I admit I Googled mens knit hats for the inspiration to make knit mens wear – gray seems to be a thing though Mr. Honey tells me some men don’t mind wearing pink. One of our nephews asked me to make him a pink pair of gloves.

So it’s texture and design and function more than just the pretty that goes into knitting for the male.

Will have to get around to that now that I know more.

A quick look around Instagram has also given me more ideas. I have a scarf and a beanie on the hooks and needles as we speak and the shop orders are almost done so I will be able to devote more time to create man knit stuff. I would have taken photos but rain stopped it but it will stop and there will be another chance.

In the meantime, I will keep on stitching with the men in mind.

The Begininng of 2018

Well Happy New Year to you and yours. We are already mid January which tells you how it really flies by.

I did have a successful season in the shop and I have about a dozen open orders left. With the slow down, I am able to start the new items that are coming.

I have mapped out a good list of items I want to go into the shop, I won’t be doing a product line like last year. I found that a little too confining. But there is a list of items I want to produce and I have assigned them two yarns each.

Here’s a look a little taste of the first item coming and some of the colors. That’s a big skein of yarn and it feels really good. I have more than the four colors you see here and the actual project is much further along than you see. I am hoping to have it photographed by next week. That is, if the snows let up. We are supposed to have a warm up by the end of the week and that is motivation to get it done.

So, what can I tell you about this new thing?
It’s winter wear
It’s unisex
Children and adults can enjoy it
Will have two classic on trend elements: stripes and pom-pom
There will be a pattern
Cost: $45

I will also add it’s fun to make – but that’s more for me. But also fun to wear! Can’t wait for you to see it.



Doing All The Work

I love knitting even more when the yarn does the work for me. I have a thing for the self striping yarns but when a really nice self patterning fiber comes along – well, that’s fantastic frosting on top of a pretty good cupcake.

This is really a unisex beanie. It would look good on younger or more mature men or women. I can see it with a long skirt just as easily as I can see it with jeans and short jackets.

This is the only color this fiber comes in and I just ordered some more because i want to see what the Texture scarf would look like in a self pattern fiber.

This is about to go into the shop in the next few minutes after I edit the photos. I need to come with something to call it and think it’s going to be the Aspen cap. $21

Cold Weather Prep

I am obsessed with this scarf! As you can see, I’ve made it in different colors and I have another one on the hook to go work on as soon as I am through sharing this with you!

So, what is so wonderful about this Textured Scarf? First, it is an easy stitch to learn so I can watch programming while working on it. Cuz the only thing that beats working is being able to watch shows while working.


Second, you get a lot of bang for the buck. I mean, look at this texture! That is elegant and comfy. It is just as soft as it looks and it looks snuggle worthy.

Lastly, this gem of a scarf will look good on every body. This is gift giving 101 for that co-worker in the office grab bag or in my case, my doctors – my GP and the doctor who takes my INR every month.

I am making a half ton of these to sell as part of a fundraiser and they will be available made to order in the shop in short order.

On a side note, that cute pink one has a matching Pom-pom hat and they will both be available soon.





The Long of It

I made several of these long scarves and I gave some away as gifts and the ones I made, I don’t know where they are but I am sure they will show up.

This long scarf, which is the Taffy Pull scarf, is a fun crochet and this is made from Mandala, the new self striping from Lion Brand. The color is Spirit.

This was another one where I did and wasn’t too impressed with it but when I couldn’t find the other ones I did, I pulled it out and said, This is cute. I can work with this.’

I like doing this out of self striping because it does the work and I get the benefit of beautiful color work without taking those tools out of the box.

It’s lightweight and while I might wear it during the coldest months, this is a good fall, winter, spring accessory because it can be wrapped around a couple of times – that’s because 70 inches can go a long way.

Will it end up in the shop? I’m thinking so. I’ve got four more colors of Mandala.




Green Envy

This year Pantone color of the year is greenery. Looks a little celery-ish to me. I like it. I’m beginning to appreciate green in a way I never have. It is a fresh and earthy color.

But that has got me looking at what green things I have in the shop. I didn’t pull everything I have and there’s some items here that aren’t yet in the shop but will be soon.

The Pom-Pom hat in neon green isn’t yet in the shop but will soon join all the other pom-pom hats who want new forever homes this season.

Also new is the ribbed scarf in this self striping green. This infinity scarf is doubled over in the pic. It’s a long knit scarf.


The hat and the scarf will join the deeper green pom-pom hat this is currently ready for shipping. Click on the link to be taken to the sale page for this wool and acrylic hat.

One of fun knits is this ribbed cowl. It’s fun to make and a quick knit which means it will be on the way to you. I’ve sold some of these and I’ve had feedback that these start a conversation when they’re work. I understand that. Click here.

The Pom-Pom hat $22
The Ribbed Scarf $28
The Dark Green Pom-Pom Hat $32
The Ribbed Cowl $43


How Now Brown Cowl?

With fall comes fall colors: browns, oranges, reds and then Christmas. The transition seasons of spring and fall are the most colorful.

Picked up a box of the Premier DIY Gradient Yarn Box and chose brown. Went rummaging through the bins and found some yarns that I remember buying and I swear it’s been more than five years since they became part of the stash.

When I saw the Gradient on the website, it screamed entrelac cowl to be. I finally got around to starting it and decided to use a black row between each of the brown changes and when I went through all five colors in the box, decided to finish the cowl in black making a brown color block.


The two mumulticolored skeins are Araucania Lauca – a wool, camel and silk combo. See, I do more than just acrylic. I have several skeins of this discontinued fiber. It also says entrelac but it also says stockinette or ribbed scarf.

The rich brown skeins are Mirasol Kutana – also discontinued.  50% alpaca, 50% fine highland wool. I have several skeins of this as well and because there’s only 67 yards to the skein, wide headbands seems to be its fate.

Both will go back into the bins and it could be another five years before I get to them.

I have so much yarn.

Hiding In Plain Sight


I almost forgot I made these. I had the clever idea of making a scarf to match a certain professional sport (that’s played mostly outdoors in the winter and is more known for the half time show) and the teams that play in it.

I didn’t quite get to all the teams but I got to a lot of them and I would say a fair number of them sold but going through my finished works, I ran into a handful that didn’t make it out the door.

It’s a shame because they really are yummy. They are soft, long and plushy. The question is whether they will go back into the shop. I am thinking of a ready to ship section. These would fit in there rather nicely.

LBA – Little Black Accessories

The Little Black Dress is a fashion stable. Every woman I know, even those that don’t like dresses, has a little black dress. Black works on virtually everybody’s  body. It can be casual and formal. It can be hard or soft.

For those times when the little black dress stays in the closet, you can have little black accessories to complete your look. Sometimes solid black and at other times black with a color burst can bring it all together.

The 24/7 beanie in black and white. Leather jacket and jeans with this and you’re rocking hardcore casual.

For a different look, the beanie in cranberry and black is sporty. This would be great with denim and long skirts.

The Cableret is still in the shop and a black one would look great with a long coat or a cape. It’s a beret that one buyer says,’Makes me want to go out and paint something.” It reminds me of an outfit in the first Batman movie. Kim Basinger wore a beret with a flowing coat.

The Rasta beanie is casual and playful and can go just about anywhere and fit right in. Jeans, leather pants, skirts and dresses can be paired with it and look fabulous. It has texture and flare that can take it to the museum or the stadium and not miss a fashion beat.

Finally, for that touch of glam and glitz, the Sparkle cowl can make an appearance at any formal of casual event and be the center of attention. It will capture the light from whatever source is there and twinkle in green and red with playful abandon. It can be in the foreground or the background and goes with a cloth, denim or leather jacket easily.

The Sparkle Cowl $27
Black and White 24/7 Beanie $32
Black 24/7 Beanie $22
Cranberry and Black 24/7 Beanie $32

Rasta and Cableret coming soon.

Lights On

I am not into making sweaters or tops (yet) but I want to make accessories that can be used fashionably as well as functionally.

This cowl is an acrylic wool blend and has a lot of sparkle. Green and red sparkles when it hits the light just right.

It’s really lovely when the light hits it – any kind of light: sunlight, office lights, night lights – which means it can add that shine and sparkle any time it’s worn.

This particular fiber, Plymouth Holiday Lights is no longer available. I grabbed about ten skeins of it and I think I might have six or seven left. There are other yarns with sparkle but this is the prettiest I’ve seen.

It will eventually make its way into the shop with some other cowls.

It can be worn with jeans and jackets for casual spark as well as long coats and dress shirts. Would really look great with a black top. $27.