Knitters Restaurant

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Mini Break

That guy up at the plate, that’s my nephew, Quin. He’s not just playing baseball in any old park. He’s playing at Cellular Field. For the past eight years, the White Sox have hosted... 0

Now What?

There are times when I make something and when I finish it, I don’t want to pick up the needles or hooks for a little bit. I allow myself to be done for the...

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A Little Detour

There I was this past Wednesday working on a fan scarf , a toque and some fingerless mitts, when I realized it was time for knit group and with that, I remembered I told...

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Picture Day

Picture taking starts again tomorrow and new stuff will start going into the shop. Vacation time is over and I need to start thinking about setting goals for the shop season. I also need...

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No Place like Home

Mr. Honey and I were on the road this past weekend. For some reason, I had the bright idea we should go to Cubs away games. It started with a simple two hour drive...

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The crisis was averted. I woke up thinking about the lost crochet hooks and double pointed needles and the first thingĀ I did was to go downstairs and resume the search. I an happy to...


Noses Up – Thumbs Down

This is my yarn stash – in truth – it is part of my yarn stash. I have quite a lot of yarn. The thing is – it’s probably 95% acrylic. And that is...


Knit in Public Day

Today is World Wide Knit in Public Day – that’s right. A day to be a hooker or picker in public. Today, I hope to take my knitting bag filled with fiber and go...

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Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

There are some perks to this knitting thing. One of which is finding lots of different yarns and lots of different patterns to play with. Add to that some coupons to save money and...

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The Knitting Bivrost

So, I rented Thor: The Dark World for a three day rental on Amazon Prime and I’ve watched it maybe five times. I will go downstairs after this and watch it again before the...