Closing It Out – Opening it Up

I know. Haven’t been here.wp_20160904_11_29_29_pro Well, I’ve been here but not here. I’ve been in and out of the hospital. The blood clots came back. We travelled a lot this summer and now I am doing the holiday orders. Attended some weddings, graduations and baseball games. The Cubs won the World Series!!!

This has been a year on the move.

wp_20160914_10_37_20_proWhat I enjoyed with family and friends had consequences for the shops so this year won’t be as lucrative as the last few years but we are closing out 2016 on a happy note: that I am alive right now is a big bonus that making more money would not have overcome if I didn’t.

shawlcollageI love my craft and I look at these photos and say from those balls of yarns, these beautiful things come and I am grateful for the blessing and gratification knitting and crochet provides.

instagramcapture_0bbdd574-074a-4236-8940-99b4e4a6641c WP_20160806_10_34_22_Pro
rastaearth2I look forward to new years with optimism and great plans but for 2017 there is no great, big vision. I simply want to do good. And to do well.

There is a lot of work I have to do in both business and the area of social action and justice and I can plainly see how I have been phoning it in on both counts and that cannot stand any longer.

In order to get the results, I have to do the work. And even though the work may not end in the results I want, I still have to do the work in order to fail or fall short.

My motto for 2017 will continue to be ‘Discipline and Consistency’ but I will also add deliberation to it. So I can be more purposeful and deliberate about what I do.

It doesn’t make much sense to come to these conclusions and then wait for the new year to start living them. I’m the kind of person that needs a running – well, a walking- start. There’s no time like the present since that is all any of us really have.

Did you notice the storefront? It’s the other page on the blog and that will be where the items I talk about in blog posts will be available for purchase. The next blog post will be about stripey things and those stripey things will be for sale on the blog so if you want them, you can go to the BCB365 page and that’s where they’ll be ready for you to grab them up. No need to go over to the Etsy shops or register (though they are worth the effort) and they will be offered for a lesser price than in the stores.

I have some orders waiting for me and I am about 9 days ahead of everydaywoodlands4my shipping dates and I want to keep it (or improve on it) so I am going to do some work. The snows came yesterday – took a while to get here but it is not a complaint. Mr. Honey is doing fine and we got a new bed that I need a step stool to get in.

All in all; a pretty good year.


Happy Holidays and a blessed new year.

The Lesson Plan

So things were a little better at this Saturday’s sale than the one before. We did get a little bit more traffic but I think that’s all I can say: a little bit more.

Here’s the feedback I got:
It’s very well organized and very nicely spaced out. It’s not too crowded and there was the opportunity to network with the other vendors. That’s all very good and I am glad to know that part of the plan worked out but then it hit me. I did create a process to make a well organized event. I really haven’t created the plan to get people to the event.

Don’t get me wrong. I put the item in the newspapers and hung up signs (which the village came and took down) but I left a lot of promotion up to the individual vendors giving them a PR packet. That’s all fine – but I need to do something more and different. And I am going to spend some time doing some research and looking at the funds available. I am willing to put some money towards making this event successful because of the new nature of the craft show.

It used to be a craft sale was a rare thing but now they are legitimate ways for people to earn money. I support the handmade movement – being a part of it helps – but by and far the crafters are women and I want to support women doing it for themselves (even when helped by hubbies which I am.)

I want this to work because I think the idea is sound and because I think the cause is right. We’re moving the sale outdoors between May and September weather permitting and I am going to do my best to promote the heck out of it. The first thing is to follow some tried and true principles – what goes around comes around; do unto others, etc. So, I will have to go to events where I can find people and hand out cards and flyers. I will have to review my marketing books I used when I was a publicist – look at the tips there and revise them for a craft sale.

Mostly, I need to plan the work and work the plan. I do not want to let these folks down.

On a completely different track, I delivered my sermon yesterday and ran the service. It went well which is a good thing because I have to do it again in May and June. I wasn’t even nervous, I figure that’s because I’m more nervous when I have to sing and since this wasn’t singing – it was a lot easier to manage.

It has gotten me to thinking if I want to go further down this path – but I have to tell you; this is something I would have to sit down and think about. It’s not like the plate ain’t already full and I ain’t getting any younger. It’s something to think and pray about – and something to make sure I listen to the answer when I hear it.

Isn’t it amazing the different ways a life can go? We are all truly blessed to be given a shot at these things!