Better Late Than Never

I was somewhere else – at least mentally. I am about six posts behind schedule (so much for schedules) but here I am, back at last, and I am going to talk about something I used to despise a lot and now only despise a little…


I don’t know what it is but there are some of us (you see how I am making you an accomplice so as not to be the only one guilty) don’t like the finishing on knitting. For me, it’s because I never expected it. When we are learning how to knit, no one says, oh by the way, there’s going to be some finishing work like seaming, blocking and there’s also going to be math. They never tell you that up front. They always throw it in as an aside. “When you’ve finished casting off, sew in your ends.” Why don’t they tell us up front in the stitches and technique section of the pattern that you are going to have to come to terms with sewing in knitting. You will have to purchase a needle. You will have to thread the needle with yarn. You will have to work that thread and needle through the fabric you’ve knitted or you will not have a bag, sweater or soap holder.

They should tell us that.

But they didn’t so I had to come to grips with all that and when I learned there was more than one way to make a seam, it got slightly more interesting and a lot more frightening. Which one do I use when? If I don’t use the right one, will the finishing fairies come and take my Chibi away? (Not sure that’s a bad thing.)

You know what made it all OK? Crocheting the seams.

I love crocheting the seams together. It’s so much easier. The seams are neater and stronger and blend better. Once I discovered I could crochet seam just about anything, the other seaming stitches weren’t so bad. I kinda like grafting. And I’ve turned the three needle bind off into a seaming technique that works really well. And mattress stitch will work when I can’t crochet a seam (rare, I tell you, rare.) So, following is a small explanation on how you can seam your work together without fear.

First, make four swatches: two will be stockinette and two will be garter stitch. You will need these because your are going to mix them up and use them to practice your seaming. If your eyesight isn’t the best or you just want to be able to see more clearly – use a big needle – like a thirteen. I personally would make the swatches with the needle size I use most often so I can get real time practice. So I would be somewhere around the 8-10.75 needle range. You’ll use these swatches over and over as you practice your stitchery.

For now, we’ll talk about my favorite method of seaming – crocheting you two pieces together.

1. You’ll want the right sides facing each other unless you want a slight raised effect on the right side. You’ll work from the right to the left.

2. Take your crochet hook (it should be the approximate size as your knitting needles) and push the hook from the front to the back going through both swatches. Wrap the working yarn around the hook and pull it back through to the front. You should have one loop on your hook.

3. Push the hook through the next two stitches (one from each side.)

4. Wrap the working yarn around the hook and pull back through to the front side. (You should have two loops on the hook)

5. Pull the first loop on the hook through the second loop. (You should have one loop on the hook.)

Repeat steps 2-5.

When you get to the last stitch, you will pull it through just like you would the last stitch of a traditional bind off.

That’s all there is to it.

If you need photos or to watch a video, YouTube has a few you can look at or put ‘crocheting seams’ in a search engine and you will get plenty of results.

It’s fast and easy and makes a great looking seam. If you do it in the same color yarn, it’s an almost invisible seam and if for some reason you need to take it out, it rips out like a dream. I don’t mind doing seams like this.

Hopefully you’ll find it useful,too.


Blog Fodder

Mr. Honey is like most people who are related to writers: he prefers not to be a subject of writings. But that’s just crazy talk. There is a code that family members of writers are an instant source of material – just like being married to a comedian. For the most part, we leave them alone but there are times when a family member comes in handy for writing: like when we want to share sentimental stories, or when we have writer’s block and need a way to unstop the drain or

when they do the following:

Get something to drink.

So, there I was on Saturday afternoon (yes, there’s a reason it’s in italics) sitting on the couch either knitting a hat or looking over patterns for another hat or doing something with a hat when Mr. Honey walked in. He had been outside and he was dressed in his coat and he was breathing deeply and he said: “This might be a good time to deal with the junk in your trunk.”

Come again?

I know he wasn’t talking about the booty that’s on me so he must have been talking about the car trunk.
Did you hear me?
The car trunk.

Where the hidden stash of yarn and pillow forms. Pillow forms? That’s right. Pillow forms. They were on sale two for one so I got four of them. Yes, they were so hidden I didn’t even tell you.

That’s what he meant. He meant to tell me that for some strange reason, he was in my car trunk and he discovered what I had in the trunk and he was telling me he now knows so I can go and bring it in the house.

That’s what I thought. Which ticked me off a little. What was he doing in my trunk? So I asked him, “Are you taking something out of my trunk?” No answer. “Are you putting something in my trunk?” No answer.

Leaving me to believe that’s what he did – for some reason he went into my trunk and discovered my stash. Well, I continued on with the hat pattern and knitting because there was no sense in rushing out to take care of a hidden stash that was no longer hidden.

Remember, it’s Saturday afternoon.

The next morning I had to leave for church a little early because there’s an annual race that closes down a bunch of streets around Oak Park and you have to leave early to avoid the closed streets and get around. So, I go out to the car and I notice everything that was in my trunk is now sitting in the back seat of my car.

What the?

If everything is in the back seat of my car, then what’s in my trunk? I opened the trunk and I see a tire and a wheel cover. A full sized tire.

I close the trunk and start looking at my tires. Sure enough, there’s a temp tire on the back passenger side. Apparently, I had a flat and he changed the tire and put the temp on. Now, Mr. Honey was not at home. He walks to church a block away from our house.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Forget about the yarn stash being busted. Why didn’t he tell me I had a flat instead of the junk in the trunk remark?

Because that’s what Mr. Honey calls a sense of humor. I went to church because it is close to Sears where I was going to go after church to get the tire in the trunk inspected and repaired or replaced.

Which could have happened on Saturday because he changed the tire Saturday afternoon.

But wait…there’s more.

After church, I go out to the car and I call home – because he needs to be yelled at (while I was in the throes of Christian love) and waiting until I came home would be too long. He answered the phone and conversation went something like this:

“Repeat these words. ‘Honey, you have a flat.’
“Honey, you have a flat!” (Said with an undertone of laughter.)
“You know, if you had told me that yesterday when I asked what you were taking out or putting in to my trunk, I could have had this taken care of yesterday and would not be driving around pot hole filled streets with a temp tire.”

And do you know what he said?

“I am headed over to Sears to get another tire.”
“Oh no, you need two tires.”

Say what?

“Two tires are bad. You need two tires.”
“OK. I’m going to Sears to get two tires.”
“Oh no, I’m going to take the car to the gas station where I know I can get a good deal. I’m taking the car there tomorrow. I’m going to call them.”

It’s not quite done yet.

I travel home and sometime later I say to him. “What gas station?”
“Park Ridge.”
“The station that’s open until midnight every night?”
“The one I could have called last night and taken the car to get the tires?”
“Oh no, I called them. They won’t have the tires until tomorrow.”
“When did you call them?”
“Saturday afternoon.”

This is why he’s blog fodder.


The Chicago Top Ten for the Week of Oct. 26, 2009

I had a brain freeze – somehow I forgot it was Monday. I looked on the calendar and there it is – time to list the top ten items I found while perusing the shops. My apologies for my lateness, I was having so much fun looking over the weekend that I forgot to share the goods with you. So, without further delay, and in no particular order, here are the top ten choices from local artisans:

Pom Junkie Necklace by bumblesea jewelry.
This piece seems delicate with great texture. It’s a white pomegranate!

Evil Notecard
There are times when people just don’t get it – and only a nice card with a great layout can get the message across.

Fairy Necklace by LibraLu
This is a vintage piece that has an old style look about it. That’s probably why they call it a vintage piece.

Dubliner Earrings
from urbanlegend
I love these as they are but if they had a darker bead, I would have bought them then and there!

Crocheted earrings by joyce is crafty
OK, I have never seen anything like this and that was worth expanding the geographical location to include Indiana – just this once.

Whew! What a week. If you’ve been reading the blog, you know I’ve gone just a little bit hat crazy. Keep your fingers crossed that they do sell. I tried a different pricing formula but that increased the cost on some hats and lowered it on others. I don’t know. If someone out there has a good way to price their goods, please let me know. In the meantime, I am putting together a small tutorial on seaming. Yes, I am laughing too, but I can do it. You’ll see!

Princess earrings by djewelsrfab
I have a pair or earrings that are like these – but they aren’t these – which is why these are on the list!

Bella Jet Black earrings by lindab142
Yes, I’ve noticed the trend of what I’m picking this week – but have you noticed these earrings!

Kimonos by dolluxedesigns
Is that doll wearing a kimono?

Autumn Coasters from Creative Coaster Chick
For some reason, these remind me of ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ where no coaster was even given a close up. Don’t ask me why they do just be glad they aren’t earrings.

Baby Pod by ventichai
You should see the rainbow and the one that looks like a football. OK, let’s all say it together; “Aaaawwwwwwwww!”

Yes, I know there are a lot of earrings out there. But that just means you can grab a pair for yourself and I might not even notice you took them right out from under me. Psssttt…Christmas is eight weeks away. Not a bad idea to get over to my shop and these shops and start making that list – so you’ll have time to check it twice before you check out!

Have a great week!

The Gang’s All Here

You would be proud of me. The kitchen, the bedroom and the dining room are actually clean (ignore the clutter behind the hats – that’s all Mr. Honey so his clutter doesn’t count – he’d be the first to tell you.) I’ve also started to…get ready…organize the yarn stash. I’ve started out small using the glad bags Mr. Honey purchased. I have the yarn divided into worsted weight in one bag (like it takes just one bag) and the chunky, bulky and novelty in another bag (like that takes just one bag, either.) Actually, they are in two big bags each. It’s just the yarn that was in the living room. The container in the office is still a mish-mash of yarn and let’s not talk about the yarn in the basement. But I do plan on taking this organization thing further – as soon as my brain unfreezes from what I’ve already done.

And still I had time to create all these hats. These are most of the hats made during the hat rage – which continues though at this very moment there is not a hat on the needles.) I think there are somewhere between 5 -7 hats from all the hats I’ve made that are missing from the photo. Don’t ask me where they are, I suspect they are in the black duffel bag holding most of my finished objects and shop inventory. I am going to have to redo the storage situation because there’s a lot of stuff and when I sell something it’s always a treasure hunt to find out which container is holding the prize. I mentioned to Mr. Honey that my storage containers were all full and I didn’t know if I should go with another bag or another of the plastic containers.

I didn’t even see it coming.

He went to my table in the living room and pulled out the box holding the storage bags and said, “Use these.” This man is determined since he bought me the bags as possible gift bags that I should use them. I swear if I told him I was going to change the sheets on the bed and didn’t know if I wanted to go with Egyptian cotton or flannel, he would pull out the box and say ‘use these!’

He then went on to explain that: they’re big – and even did a great Vanna White by undoing the bag and showing me its bigness and declaring they were see through – which he demonstrated by putting his hand in and showing me the back and front of his hand while in the bag.

Because the bags holding the freshly separated yarn was not sufficient for me to distinguish both the size and transparency of the bags still in the box.

And yet, he makes some good points. They are less bulky than either container and will be easy to cart from place to place when I have to take items either to StitchCraft or for the sale in December and they much more easily hidden from view. Not to mention, I can still separate by item and can see what’s in the bag and eliminate the great treasure hunt when there’s a sale.

I agreed to use the bags.

Can’t help loving that man.


One of Those Strange Things

ennadoolf points out that she has an acrylic garden – in response to my post where I said I have an acrylic yarn farm. Well, my darling, a farm is nothing more than a garden on steroids. So I thank you for being a partner in my acrylic yarn-ness!

That rage continues. For those who are keeping track (and for those who are not) there are two new hats in the stable. That brings the total to – I don’t even know. I know there are 15 on sale in the shop
and eleven of those were created in the rage. There are now at least eight that have not been photographed, just sitting on the models looking cute, so if I take off my socks and count little piggies more than one time around and carry the one, I get 19. 19 hats, four scarves and a purse all made in about a month. I would say that was pretty good, wouldn’t you?

Mr. Honey, as always, has been very supportive, he mentioned that I have a ‘fine variety of hats’ and I said to him that he could also rejoice that the yarn stash was being used. As I was starting the white hat you see on the left and pulling the yarn from the stash bag he passed by and said “Are you sure that stash is going down?”

Well, I think I coughed or something to stall to come up with a good answer because I had snuck off to the car and pulled out six of the sixteen skeins hiding in the trunk and I put them in the stash bag. This leads me to believe I may not be as stealth as I believe I am – but I am not going to bring up the subject lest I am as stealth as I believe and confess to being a yarn hoarder which would then blow my stealth-ness. Besides, he has a key to the trunk and that could cause random trunk inspections and that takes away a key component to my yarn hoardiness. That sounds incredibly – sordid. Yummm.

So, I said to him the incredible thing about these hats was that they all took less than one skein of yarn to make. I then pulled out a half skein as proof.

“What are you doing with the leftovers?”
“I can make another hat or save it to make afghans or I can make fingerless gloves.”
“Yes! Now that’s a good idea. You should make the fingerless gloves. I like that.”

How much do I want to encourage this behavior? Mr. Honey is already incredibly supportive in the spousal role – do I actually want him to weigh in on the knitting? On the one hand, I haven’t gone too far off when I’ve listened to him in the past. And it pulls him closer to me so he might not question the stash again – like when I eventually sneak the other ten skeins into the house and the stash bag. And making the fingerless gloves really isn’t a bad idea. They would match up to a hat or could be their own accessory – even though I am inclined to make my favorite afghan that uses chunky weight yarn. I haven’t made one of those in a long time and these remnants would look really great in the pattern.

I will probably wind up making a few pair of the gloves. I checked out some of the other shops and they sell fairly well. Then the rest of the yarn will go towards the afghan cuz I still need to make the big afghan for the sale.

It’s all about the compromise in a marriage – and the need for a secret stash.

A Return to Normal and A Book Excerpt

I know when I asked what book I should get started on, most of you selected My Father’s Son
the story of two men born of the same father but one mother is a slave mistress and the other the mistress of the plantation. I meant to start with that book, but when I sat down at the computer, the first chapter of The Coffee Club came out. That’s the story of the five women who have been friends since high school and college. So that’s the excerpt I am going to share – a part of the first chapter. But do not fear, the first chapter of My Father’s Son is also started. It came out a little later, that’s all.

Excerpt from The Coffee Club:
“Hey, Eden! What? Slow down. What about Freddie? No. You’re kidding. When? Yeah, I’m on my way. Is she OK?” She started towards the staircase and climbed. “Gina’s probably in court. I’ll try her. No, I’m at Loopy but I drove. I’ll try her in the car. Is that Halle I hear?” She stepped out into the street and rushed down to her car. “I’m at the car. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
She was halfway to Freddie’s house when the car phone rang. The radio went off. “Gina?”
“I’m already on my way. I was in a deposition but Halle left a very detailed message.”
“Well, then you can let me know what’s going on. I was talking to Eden and couldn’t get much out of her other than Freddie was in a bad way.”
“Isaac left.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean he left her. He didn’t come home last night. Didn’t call. She found an email from him. He left.”
“Email? He left her via email? Good God.”
“I didn’t see this coming.”
“We weren’t looking for this to come. She didn’t know she was supposed to be unhappy.
How far out are you?”
“At least thirty. Luckily traffic is light on the Ike.”
“I’ll probably beat you. See you when you get there. Bye.”


Yesterday was a fluke.
And thank God for it. After ranting on about how I called acrylic yarn fake yarn and how it wasn’t fake and I was in love with the stuff – trying to convince myself it was true-I started yet another hat last night and I am happy to report:

I am so back.

The hat was knit with Norville’s Chunky Weight yarn in Forest. The hat is a simple done hat with an cast off edge done in brown suede. Hat and camera downstairs – writer and computer upstairs. You’ll just have to wait for the picture.

But while I was creating the cuteness, I was saying to myself: ‘This yarn is so soft. It feels so good.” See, the acrylic fairies (who are real and not fake fairies) are smiling down on me and welcoming me back to the fold. Of course, I also had to admit the softness was not the same feel as the natural fibers, but that’s OK. It doesn’t have to be the same – it just has to be soft. And it is dreamy soft. So instead of moving from one horizon to the other, I have brought those horizons together.

So, will I incorporate some natural fiber in the knitting as I suggested I might? Well, considering the yarn I got in St. Louis is natural fiber, I’ve already started. I actually pulled out a skein yesterday and thought it would make a great hat but decided it would make an even better scarf.
So there you go. Nor will I abandon the acrylic yarn – that stuff is good and it provides more variety for my knitting and the items I make and sell.

Whew, I am glad we can all get along.


Oh S *%T!

On the one hand, you might be quite proud of me – on the other, you could think me something of a traitor.

I can explain.

You see to the left a photo of the next series of hats I’ve completed – and there’s one missing but I’ve already packed it away along with the purse I’ve completed and I didn’t want to pull them out for the photo but trust me, they’re cute.

The second hat from the left is halfway sold (waiting for the PayPal payment to come in and it will be on the way to New Hampshire.) But it’s the hat in the middle the cute peach, fuzzy hat, that has caused the trouble.

I started that hat this morning sometime after midnight and I went stash shopping in the upstairs stash. The yarn is Sensations Bellezza Collection Dolcetto – yes, the yarn is discontinued, I bought it about three, four years ago and I’ve been waiting around for a time to use it. When i saw the picture of the hat, I thought of using that yarn – I could finally use at least two of the five balls I have. So out it came and I started the hat. Soft. That’s what this yarn is – soft. It’s 54% wool, 24% nylon and 22% cotton.

I was actually mad at myself because I got sleepy and had to finish the hat later in the morning when the sun came up.

I was working on the hat this morning when I again noticed how soft it is and I said out loud to myself:

“This yarn is so soft; this may make me give up the fake yarn.”

I quickly corrected myself and said acrylic, not fake, acrylic.

Who the heck is that girl decrying acrylic yarn? I have a ton of the stuff. I mean, the city of Chicago is thinking of making me rezone the house as a commercial enterprise. I have bags and boxes of yarn that is 100% acrylic – it’s even in the car trunk!

Acrylic yarn is not fake. It’s real yarn. It’s just manufactured from man-made materials. It’s a synthetic.

I have betrayed my roots. I have turn against my belief systems.
I put the mostly natural fiber down and picked up the acrylic and apologized for my lapse. It’s like when we say designers make clothes for ‘real’ women and not the models on the runway. Those models are real women, too. I mean they are not man-made (OK some parts are but the chassis is all natural) They’re just skinny…really, really skinny. But they are not fake. And neither is my acrylic yarn.

But I had to wonder about the natural fibers. Could there be a way to incorporate some into my knitting and not feel as if I am abandoning the principals in which Narnia – I mean – my knitting was built.

I cannot be so easily persuaded that I could leave behind all that I hold dear. Do you know how much REAL acrylic yarn I have in my possession? I live on an acrylic farm – for goodness sake. I cannot possibly consider leaving it now.

Man, that yarn was soft!


The Chicago Top Ten for the Week of Oct 19, 2009

The infamous afghan is on hold – I needed to get more hats done. I had a special request for one and I also bought a new book a few weeks back and I wanted to get in to it. I didn’t think I would be able to because it calls for nothing smaller than size 9 dpns and often wants 10 and above and I didn’t think I had any – until I noticed I had a set of 10.5 dpns. I also had two coupons from JoAnn – one for 50% off one item and one for 40% off one item – so after church (found a new church!) the car found it’s way to the JoAnn Superstore where I purchased a set of size 9 dpns and a set of size 13 dpns – I figured with the 10.5 set I was good to go because if the pattern called for a set of 11, I could counter with the 10.5. So I opened the book yesterday and there are now two more hats (in addition to the special request hat.)

Yes, I bought yarn – OK, you pulled it out of me. The Deborah Norville chunky weight yarn was on sale 2 skeins for $5 – it makes great hats so there are now 16 skeins of it in the trunk of the car.
Don’t you dare tell. To distract you, I am going to show you the top ten selections for this week – and we are again going to different places to find them because Chicago artisans are all over the city and all over the web. So here, in no particular order, are the Chicago Top Ten:

Fly Away earrings
from cutejewels
These are unusual and quite cute – so her shop is correctly named!

Eat, Drink and be Married by orangebeautful
The entire shop has some interesting items and with over 1700 sales, they certainly have an appeal. I loved this because I think it would make a great cover for a wedding invitation or for an anniversary party. Mr. Honey and I will be celebrating our 14th and this makes me want to throw a party.

7up Pound Cake Soap by dirty loves clean
This caught my eye because I thought it was an actual 7up pound cake and I had never heard of such a thing. Then when I looked closer, I saw it’s a bar of soap, and then when I read the ingredients, it made the list!

Crow Dress by devotees
Got to love the creativity of this. Go to the thrift store where you can find lots of things on the cheap, take them home and put your own mark on it and make it into a piece of wearable art. That’s creativity, recycling and the business spirit rolled into one. And this dress is just plain cute!

Carpe Diem pin by Michell Kaffko
There’s a little bit more to it than that – just as there are to all her pins. You should check them out for a good chuckle.

Somehow, when I wasn’t looking, we passed by the 300th entry for the blog. On the one hand, that’s a great accomplishment – on the other, I was hoping to have 300 in the year and I don’t think that’s going to happen. But I will not sit on the negative. I will focus on the fact that we’ve been together long enough to have something to talk about 300 times – I’m not sure I talk to Mr. Honey that often!

But I digress – on to the second half of the list!

Get Well Card by RebeCards
This was so clever it made me go ‘duh’ when I saw it. Of course, a get well card should look like this. Points to Rebecards for having the brains to do it!

Owl Earrings by amyleejewelry
Very retro-fresh! These appeal to me because of their simple elegance.

Pocket Tote by Besu
Just when you thought I wasn’t going to have a tote bag on the list…

Vest by Posh Pig Vintage
I couldn’t wear it, but I’d sure want to.

Slouch Beret
by Rotten Cupcakes
OK, I admit this made the list because it’s something I haven’t mastered yet and want to. I think slouchy berets are cool. She’s doing something I cannot d0 – inspirational, that’s what that is!

And there you have it – a very different sort of list, don’t you think? I mean, yeah, it has the tote bag and earrings, but there’s something different about it at the same time. Getting close to Christmas – buy something handmade for someone – even for yourself. It’s a great thing to do to get something unique and with such positive potential for so many.

OK, just think about it!

Shop Profile – Helen’s Handbags

Helen’s Handbags has been on Etsy since February of 2008.

Y’all know how much I loves me the tote bags. Thank goodness Helen doesn’t have a store front, I’d be drooling all over her stuff and she would have to throw me out. I mean, look at this:

This is a bag made from an old sweater. The bag is cool on its own but then you learn of it parentage and you think ‘Way Cool’ OK, I think ‘way cool’ but I know you think something that’s like it – cuz it is way cool.

The thing is, she does have her own studio in Natick, MA, so if I wanted a drool opportunity, I could take one. This would be worth a trip to New England – and I haven’t been to NE in about 30 years so a trip isn’t completely out of the question.

The girl is recycling genius. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t take an old suede vest and make this. Come on, now. You have to admit that is cute and what a way to recycle; not to mention how soft it must be.

She has some great designs in her shop, but on the off chance you don’t find what you need or want, you can visit her website and create your own bag. That’s right – you get options! It’s the chance to dip your toes in the creative pool – jump on it, the water’s always fine.

One of the things I love about exploring different shops, especially those who work a different craft than mine, is to be inspired to do something in my craft from what I see in that shop. Helen has given me ideas on knitted bags I can make. So many artists have inspired me that I have started an ideas notebook so I don’t lose what they’ve given me – it’s a gift they don’t even know they give, but a gift nonetheless and shouldn’t be wasted.

When it comes time to show Mr. Honey what he can get me for my birthday and Christmas, Helen’s store will be on the list. I hope you go there, too, but keep your mitts off the sweater bag, that one’s mine.

Profiling stores and artists.
There’s always amble chances for shopping throughout the year. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Bosses’ Day even Secretary’s Day – is a chance to make a purchase and show someone you care. But once the calendar hits October, the big shopping rush is on – Thanksgiving and most especially Christmas are big gift giving opportunities.
As someone who has decided handmade gifts are the way to go, I make a list every week of Chicago artists I think are worthy of attention – but you’re not all in Chicago and Chicago isn’t the only place that has great stuff. So, from time to time, I am going to give more than a mention to a shop that is doing some very nice work. I’ll be scouring Etsy, Dawanda, Artfire and Mixxmade for people and places I think are fun, impressive and make me go aaahhhhh.

Why am I going to do this? Several reasons:

  1. I would want someone to do this for me. As a shop owner, I would love it if someone found my work worthy of mention…and then mentioned it. Not everyone is interested in just knitting (though the best of us are interested in it) there are other things to be explored.
  2. It’s the right thing to do. The truth of it is – handmade things can often be more expensive than mass manufactured items. But just as often, the handmade items are better crafted, have less environmental impact, uses higher quality materials and are more unique. In short, it’s worth it, but if folks can’t see all the options they have, they won’t take them.
  3. It’s a good break from the everyday stuff. You get to look at some great pictures and pretty items and read about something (and someone) other than me. I would like this place to be a place people are glad to be featured.

There are probably other reasons, but I’m a tired of listing them.

Maybe Later…

I was lying bed this morning…reading a novel. That felt really good. A nice way to wake up. Well, actually, I woke up thinking about how old I was and how my body was acting older than my age when I told myself ‘Not really, you’re middle aged.’

Good to know I can pump myself up.

I picked up the book and started reading and that made me feel a little better. I check the clock and it was before 8am and i told myself I needed to get up to take my walk. Three blocks east then turn around and walk three blocks west and I should be back where I started. Actually looking forward to the walk because the joints are a little stiff – did I mention I am middle aged? And getting them moving will make me feel better.

I have to stop off at the bathroom – it’s something middle aged folks have to do – any sudden move causes the need for a bathroom and apparently getting up is a sudden move. While I am in the bathroom, I hear noises from outside which sounds suspiciously like water falling from the sky. I open up the bathroom window which brings in a rush of air which automatically means the dog must come in and investigate. He sniffs the air for a few seconds, declares it good, and then walks around in the way that he does when he decides he needs to go out.

We go downstairs and I decide I want him inside the house before I go on my walk. One, because it is still relatively early in the day and he has a habit of barking like a maniac and I will be three blocks away and two, because if he’s barking I want that to double as a deterrent to anyone thinking it would be a good idea to try and get into the premises while I am three blocks away.
While waiting for him to conclude his business, I pick up the special order hat I am knitting. I have someone who wants to be Waldo from Where’s Waldo and asked me to knit the hat. It is 2×2 ribbing so it will be stretchy but it looks a little small, I protect the stitches and pull the hat (which is mostly brim) onto my head. It’s a little tight. But I have a big head. It will probably be fine for a more normal headed person. I continue knitting thinking I will try it out on one of the mannequins and see how tight it is on one of them. I continue knitting.

and I notice it.

Two purl stitches where two knit stitches should be –
Will it be hidden by the brim when I fold it up?

Is it likely they will even notice it?

I continue knitting.

I notice it. I cannot live with it. It glares at me as if taunting me with questions about my integrity.

I rip it out. It is the right thing to do and since it was also a little tight, I might as well go back to the very beginning and add a few more stitches to make it more comfortable for my big head even though the client probably has a normal sized head and who knows what size head the ‘real’ Waldo has.

So, I start over.
When the dog reminds me he’s ready to come in and I have a walk to take.

I let the dog in and put on my sneakers to go for my walk.

Oh yeah, stepping outside reminds me
There’s water falling from the sky.
I don’t feel like taking a walk in the rain, even if it’s slightly more than a drizzle.

Middle aged women with big heads who have to start a hat over shouldn’t also have to walk in the rain. Nor should they have these feelings of guilt for not taking the walk in that little spattering of rain. I can workout indoors, I tell myself. Perhaps if I knock out the hat, the rain will cease and I can take my walk then.

Yeah, sure. At least the book is good.