“I Tremble for my Country…”

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just. That his justice cannot sleep forever…” This is one of my favorite quotes and is my favorite quote from Thomas Jefferson. It is in his “Notes on The State of Virginia” and talks about why slavery should be abolished. The irony of it is not lost me considering he held slaves until his death and I believe he and Sally Hemmings had children together though I am still not quite convinced it was a great love story. I think we had to make it a love story to not make him a letch.

But the quote certainly can carry more meaning and I do tremble for my country when I see what we are doing. And it is we. We cannot disconnect ourselves from our lawmakers no matter how hard we try and no matter how much they try to disconnect themselves from most of us.

I doubt that most of us, including some lawmakers, even knew what the debt limit was before it got such prominence. But it seems as if they were using it as a hot potato for decades. In this day and age, however, we have brought it to a new brink because we have forgotten civility, because we are in an era where being disrespectful is now considered a better thing than compromise or the status quo. Status quo is not always the best thing but if it going to be replaced with something new, one hopes it is something that moves us forward.

I have to say I have seen some of the congressmen from my state (thankfully not my district) and how bombastic they are appearing on the airwaves. For some reason, one of them has removed their website – the only reason someone would remove their webpage from the official congressional website is to not be contact that way. Something you wouldn’t do if the reviews were favorable.

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just and since we call upon His name almost every day to look down upon us and to react and act among us that He will and it will not be entirely favorable to us but justified in the eyes of the angels.

Perhaps this is the change we called for in the last presidential election and it is coming in a way we did not want it. We wanted it to be pretty and geared towards the digital age. The changes are neither but that doesn’t mean they cannot be fruitful. We do need our leaders to get themselves to together but we sent them there and we need to get ourselves together so we can make it clear what we will and will not stand for from ourselves and then from them. The change starts first in the mirror and then will be reflected back through our leadership.

I do call upon God to work within our hearts and our souls so our mind can be fixed upon the grace that is ours from birth, earned by proclamation of faith and bestowed upon us by our actions and our lives.  And he can start with me.

I Don’t Want To Work…

but I did…I didn’t work on any of the afghan squares, I will because I don’t want the afghan to see August without being complete and whole. But I did manage to crochet this little beauty. The photo doesn’t do it justice – it’s black glitter and it’s bling on the head. It’s one of the new yarns I’m trying from I Love This Yarn – they may have had it for a while but it’s new to me – and it is lush and luscious. I am thinking of making a cable scarf.

There was one yarn type I did not buy though it is on the list for the next time it goes on sale and that’s the I Love This Yarn tweed. I’m pretty sure I didn’t pick up any of that.  Boy, it would be a very nice surprise if I did.

The heat wave has moved, I actually had a jacket on in church – at least in the sanctuary – it was muggier in fellowship hall. But the oppression seems to have ended which means an earlier bedtime so I can walk in the mornings. This is a good thing. I worked out the other day and all the pains and aches went away to be replaced by the aches and pains of not working out in so long. But one is definitely better than the other and eventually they will both go away.

I am slowly falling in love with life again. This is good. Because not being in love with it while having it may actually be worse than not having it.  Maybe.

Mr. Honey is coming with dinner and I must admit to being hungry so I am going to go and enjoy my gyros plate.


New Places, New Spaces

You know what I did? I opened another shop, this one is on a site called Zibbet. It’s like doing two different craft shows, you know you might run into some of the same people but there are enough folks who are different that it makes it worthwhile. Also, it is free to no more than $69 bucks for the year, so I feel pretty good about it.

You know what else I feel good about? The white granny square hat. The hat was talking to me from beyond  ‘make me in white’ so I made it in black and that was nice but it wasn’t what it said so when I went to the Lobby of Hobby and got the fiber for the afghan (which was also talking to me – fiber has been talkative lately) I got enough white so I could make the hat and I am so glad I did. The detail of the square is really vivid. Here’s the same hat in lavender and it the detail looks different I think they are both beautiful but they have a different feel about them.  I am hoping they both do well. I’ve already sold the lavender one to someone in Australia and I am hoping it was telling me to make it in white because it knows there are folks out there just waiting for it.

It looks as if the heat wave may be broken as it moves itself to the right. I hope so cuz that means I can go walking. I have to start moving again and even though I have been exercising inside, walking is the best thing and even in the evenings its been oppressive and I actually like walking in the early morning before 6.

The work on the 54 square afghan continues – it has another nam, I just don’t know it and 54 keeps me in mind of how long it’s going to take.But it will be so worth it because it has a vintage look about it.

I also have to find another place for the group to meet. Borders is closing so we can’t go there on Friday afternoons. I may move it from noon to one to get past the big lunch push and go to Panera but they’re in the evil parking lot that tows your car. It’s supposed to be 3 hour parking but if you’re there at 2:58, be afraid. There’s the LYS and that might be a good thing because we want to make sure she stays in business but we would have to make at least one purchase – not each – but we don’t want to just take up her space. Preferably we can be a place with seats and eats. Open to suggestions….


The rain has come in and cooled things off….I think. The last time I thought that I walked outside and got slapped in the face by humidity. I have to go out and photograph some hats so we will see what’s out there after the storm. For a while it looked like we were going to have a stop in Kansas to pick up Dorothy and Toto on our way to Oz.

Just a note: the first newsletter is coming out next month and there will be a giveaway of a completed item – I know what it is but I don’t have a photograph of it on this PC and a certificate giveaway and a super discount code.

The only rules are: You have to be in the contiguous 48 to win the giveaway. (You can be anywhere at all for the other two.) You have to be getting the newsletter at the time of the drawing (or else how would I know to put you in the drawing.)

I Love This Yarn is on sale – I told you what would happen once it was and now I am set for the rest of the year. Though I do not have every color, I have a lot of them.

I started a really beautiful granny square afghan last night that’s a little more work than it looks like but will be so worth it. 54 squares. I started working on it after we went to pick up Mr. Honey’s new van from the dealership – get this, the ‘check engine’ light came on and he thought we’d drive it to Milwaukee next week ‘just to see how it does.’

I protested but he thought it would be OK to do it. And do you know why? Come on, guess.

Because that’s what he did with the other van.  I told him we should get it checked out before the trip because his reasoning was like saying my other wife liked porn.

Turns out there were a couple of things off kilter and they all got fixed for free.

Anyhow, I started the afghan last night and have two of the 54 squares done. It is a stash buster project – as most granny squares are – let’s see how the weekend progresses. Hope you have a cool and happy one!

At Last

I have no idea why I stopped working on this last year. I remember having it in the backyard working on it and thinking it would be ready for the fall shows and then I put it away. Until a few days ago when I couldn’t decide what I wanted to work on. It was up in the office next to this very computer and it was just looking at me. So I decided to finish it. And here it is. Finished, happy and already on sale in the shop.

This is one of the afghans where the squares are added as you go and let me tell you that works really well on smaller blankets but on afghans that can be a pain the neck and you know where else – especially when it’s hot on both the outside and the inside even with air conditioning. But the laciness of the design made it not quite as hot as it could be but the size made it a challenge – a challenge of my own making, I admit.

Still no sales in July but I am confident that will change. I am also feeling somewhat restless like I’m not using my blessings and gifts the way I should. Hopefully that will change this week when we have an all church meeting. Perhaps I will find a way to contribute to society through church. If you have any ideas or share your favorite ways to make a difference, let me know, I’m not above stealing for a good cause.

See, What Happened Was…

Ok, it’s like this, I’m working on this afghan that I started last year – last summer – and it was more than half done and it was just looking at me and then it started asking what it had done wrong to be set aside like one of Anthony Weiner’s tweet mates. So, I decided to finish it off and I am using I Love This Yarn for the main background color and that color is white and I had only one skein of it left and that wasn’t going to be enough. Besides which I wanted to make the granny square afghan slouch (see above) in white but I wouldn’t have enough of it to do both the afghan and the hat so that meant I needed to go to Hobby Lobby to get more of JUST THE WHITE SKEINS. To be safe, I though three skeins would do it. But then I noticed on my shop that several folks have tagged the granny square hat in lavender (again see above as a favorite item which means I may soon have to make a couple of them and the one I had in stock is now in Australia – did you know it’s winter in Australia? I didn’t either – and I didn’t have either color used in that hat it stock so I thought I would pick up ONE SKEIN of each of those colors – so you see, I am up to five skeins and I haven’t even gotten into the store.

So, Mr. Honey drops me off at Hobby Lobby while he goes into Harbor Freight – which is the HB for people who like tools and stuff like that – I go straight to the skeins of yarn I am looking for and…

they have new colors and new types of I Love This Yarn that I have never seen.

There’s now a self striping I Love This Yarn and some beautiful colors that must have existed before but they didn’t order in or somehow I missed. There was this one color called Mixed Berries that practically put me a coma. I thought of the hats that could be made from that. So I pulled ONE skein of the colors and types that I had not seen and the four skeins of white – did I say three before? – I meant four. The two skeins I needed to make the granny square slouch in the shades of purple – and then three more of the Mixed Berries because when you’re in a coma things happen without you being aware of them.

And that’s how I got to 14 skeins. But wait until you see the afghan that is almost done. Worth every skein.

Freakin’ Friday

For some reason, this hat makes me think of jewels. Not jewelry but jewels. OK, it’s probably the jewel tones, right?

I gave Mr. Honey his anniversary gifts – you recall our anniversary was in May – it took him a while to figure out what he wanted: a book for his reading pleasure. He says he has not read for pleasure in some time. So what does he consider ‘pleasure’ reading?

A book on our current economic situation. The book finally arrived at the store and I finally went to pick it up. I then headed over to Target to get him a pillow. Again, recall, his pillow made the ultimate sacrifice so my yarn might come from Phoenix to Chicago without additional expense – though I was quite willing to pay postage. The other option was to spend a little more money and the store would have shipped it for free.  He got a nice down pillow and don’t ask me where it is today because I put it on the bed with the book and two packages of Oreo cookies (his favorite) which I saw were on sale when I was at the store so I got him those as well. In any case, the pillow is somewhere on private pillow island. He did smile though when he got it and understood without explaining why he got a pillow. For some reason, he wanted to know how many stores I went to in order to procure his stash.

Don’t ask me. I replied two and he said, “The cookies and the pillow were in the same place?” I wanted very much to say no, the pillow and the book but I just nodded and I honestly could not tell if he was disappointed that I found his gifts efficiently, or why a pillow would be in a grocery store.  I decided this was better not to know and left it alone. The important thing is he has received his gifts – more than two months after our anniversary – and I no longer feel like a slug.

Speaking of afghans – we weren’t? Well, we are now, see how that works? This afghan is making a comeback in the shop. This afghan is so plush. It’s made completely from I Love This Yarn – and I repeat my vow, the next time it goes on sale, I am going to stock up on it – enough for a year. I can already envision the containers with it sorted by color and neatly nested in my office. It only seems that it’s a contradiction to the great stash bust but it is not. Anyway, I was talking about afghans – I have one that is almost done that is going to be truly beautiful and I have the urge to work on it. The day is really lovely after being very hot and I am going to take the WIP into the backyard and work on it just like I did last year. Hopefully it will be done over the weekend and I will show you this beauty next week.

Enjoy this weekend – if we can learn anything in the direness of the economic situation is that while men and women play with our lives, we should take some time for play in our lives in accordance with our own rules. Things will be serious enough come Monday morning..


Updated Knitting in Public page

I’m still perturbed. I am, at this moment, perturbed with my Windows Media Player which has literally hundreds of songs stored on it and is set on random but seems to only manage about thirty songs. I hear the same ones practically every day so I find myself hitting the button on my keyboard to select the next song.

I am perturbed because it is miserably hot – so, how’s that move to Phoenix? – and I don’t do well in miserably hot weather. I’m perturbed because I haven’t had a sale in July and I wonder what I can do about that. I am perturbed about myself. I am perturbed because I ordered a book for Mr. Honey and said to ship it to the local store. The local store has the book in stock so I should have just been able to pick it up – but no- because I ordered it, I had to wait nearly a week. And I had to order it because it was $5 less than going to the store and store doesn’t honor the web price.  That’s perturbing. I am just perterbed.

Wow. I feel a little better. The cloche hat is back in the shop. My own little baby. Looking at it makes me feel better.  I am going to add another page to the site which gives a shout out to artisians of the handmade genre. Not a review but support. It is so important and also because I would love it if someone profiled my shop – hasn’t happened yet but one day.

I am finding out how important it is to have balance. Something I iwsh Washington would learn as well as both polorizing parties. I tend to think I can just do things over but I will run out of chances. I need to take one and see it through. As the Hatter said in ‘Alice In Wonderland’ I have lost my ‘muchness.’ I used to be muchier.  But I have confidence of pulling it all out in the end and all will be well. Me, the country, everything. At the end of the day, hope springs eternal.



I just can’t bring myself to put a tongue on him. To me it’s a little scary and also it will be the first thing pulled out and then the snake will be ruined. Besides, I want a kinder, gentler snake. But I do admit something needs to go there – maybe a smile. I will probably end up knitting a small tongue just to finish it. Maybe not. I don’t know.

The weather has been a little miserable but this morning we had one killer storm (the canopy covering the patio was a victim) came through and cooled everything off. We had a meet up yesterday with all regulars (including the very cool Jessie.) We were in the den in the Globe Cafe and it was a good time. They automatically do separate checks which is a benefit but they are also inexpensive – though strangely the salads are the most expensive things on the menu.

I did a hat using the Epais yarn I had leftover from another project. I did a basic knit slouchy hat which is in the pile to be photographed and considering how overcast it is I should take those photos now – overcast days are good for them.

I don’t know what kind of a mood I’m in. We were talking yesterday about the ‘change of life’ and Melissa asked me how the mood swings were. I said I didn’t think I had any but then I thought about it. My mood does change, I tend to keep it inside because I don’t understand how I can be so positive one moment and so miserable the next. I was really irritated last night but woke up this morning determined to be determined.  I checked the shop and was really disappointed I didn’t have sales – even more so than usual. Because only my sister and I have made it to this age with our uterus intact we are the only two to have a natural change but we aren’t experiencing the same thing at all. It seems more like a little bothersome thing for her. For me, I don’t know what to look for so I sometimes stress – which is unusual for me. Geez, it’s happening again.

On the stash front, the ever cool Jessie is just building her stash – girl only has two small boxes, can you imagine? Some of that has come from my stash. Each time I see her, I have at least one nice sized bag of fiber to dump gladly give to her. She’s been crocheting for only a couple of months and she’s fast and good. I saw her Friday and gave her two bags of yarn and another big one yesterday. Mr. Honey has stated he is glad it is going someplace where it can be used – What did he mean by that? I’m glad it’s going someplace else. Most of what she gets are partial skeins and I was thinking ‘what is she going to make with these?’ The answer I gave myself: I don’t care. But she is learning how to make granny squares and she’s an artist with a great eye for color so I am sure whatever she makes will be lovely.

In the meantime, my stash busting has taken a great leap forward.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am actually ready to move to the next stage which is the second sort of the fiber. It will be by color AND weight for complete skeins and the partials and remnants will be placed in clear bags to be given away or used in scrap projects. Because I have given so much of it away and used it in projects like the snake, the next sort is necessary so I can see how much more I have to give away. Don’t you love it?


So, I have recovered from my knitting hiatus. I am back to doing my thing. To jump start my knitting, I pulled the first five publications from my knitting publication shelf and started going through them to see what, if anything, caught my knitting/crochet fancy. Would it be a hat, an afghan…turns out, it’s a shawl. I am sure the designer, who I forget at this moment, will forgive me because I am not exactly making the shawl and making more of a cowl or neckwarmer. I have nothing against the shawl except I am using the yarn from the frogged afghan and the gauge is just a little off from the width the pattern calls for. (I realize there is cause for laughter as I mention ‘gauge’ and ‘what the pattern calls for’ go ahead and get your humor on. I don’t mind.) The project itself looks more like a scarf than a shawl leading me to believe the folks at Vogue want us to believe a scarf by any other name is a shawl. Since I am going to be adding a page to the site/blog which reviews books, I am thinking of starting with this one but I think the fair thing to do is to make more than one thing from the book just to see how it flows.

I have to say the stitch itself is kind of fun and I am using size 15 needles which is making me slightly crazy because they are somewhat unwieldy so I needed to have another project started to ease the mental strain I am going through trying to make this scarf/shawl/cowl. I found the crochet book that was hiding and laughing at me sitting on the shelf between two bigger books. I started making another granny square slouch hat. This time I am making it in a solid color because I had daydreams about making it all white. So I am making it all black – because dreams and reality don’t always mix.

Speaking of granny square hats, and we were, the echeck cleared for the final order so I am off to the post office to ship it to Canada. Like I said, I am international shipping mogul. All I need now is get my act together and finish the book(s) and I will be set – I don’t know for what – but I’ll be set.