Guerin Prep

Tomorrow the fabulous April and I will be at Guerin Prep High School for their Craft Show. This show has been going on for thirty years though this is our second year. Last year was not a great year for us – I broke even. This year I will be doing just hats and scarves – the same for the second at the Modly Chic Swap – details to come – and saving the afghans for the December Pleasant Home Holiday Shoppe.

I know this weather will turn at any moment. Right now, it’s early October weather but we are in late October. I predicted we would have snow in October and I would have been right if we were in Denver. My brother tells me the weather isn’t all that bad out there but it seems to be a feast or famine experience and they eat a lot in Denver. So that’s a place to visit when the Cubs play the Rockies but I won’t be looking for a permanent residence there. Though I hear good things about Colorado Springs and their moderate weather.  Overall, I think I’d like a place with three seasons, one of them not being winter.

You haven’t seen this cowl, have you? I don’t mean to say that like it’s missing – I mean to say it like I haven’t shown this to you. It reminds me of Cleopatra – don’t ask me why. You should know better than to ask me why. It reminds me of Cleopatra so I named it the Cleo when I put it up for sale in the shop. I have such expectations when something goes up in the shop. I think to myself folks will find it and the next time I look, it will be sold and there will be a note left that someone else wanted it and couldn’t find it.

That has never happened.

Today will find me logging in the items that will be going to the sale, mailing off a hat I finished and the afghan off to China and hopefully doing some writing. I’ve missed writing. I will also work on the poncho that needs to be done.

I hope you have a great weekend. I’ve missed you. It’s my own doing and my own fault. You know how I get. This weekend the might be the last decent weekend we get for the next twelve to sixteen weeks so enjoy them – of course, if you’re in one of those places that has three seasons, one of them not being winter, you’re probably good to go all year long. I still want you to enjoy your weekend. You should, in fact, insist that you enjoy yourselves. Think of it as the ‘clean your plate’ theory but with weather. You have to clean your plate because there are starving children in (fill in the blank.) You should enjoy your good weather because there are people in places with four seasons, one of them being winter. Now, go put on a sweater; I’m chilly.

Stand Up To Cancer

I am more than thrilled with the success I am having with the shop. I don’t want to give God the impression that I am not grateful when I say that I wish I was having more success. I expected that the last two weeks of October to the first two weeks of December would see me overwhelmed with projects to the extent I would have to ask Vickie to help me. That has not yet happened. But I am hopeful that it will pick up and I will be able to use Vick to make some items and she will be able to earn some money because she still hasn’t found a job.

Mr. Honey and I have started the countdown to 100 sales and we are 9 away.

The 42 square afghan sold today and will be on its way to Hong Kong to be used in a hospice there. What an honor to be selected for that work.

There is much to be grateful for and one of the things I’ve noticed recently are the commercials for Stand Up to Cancer.  This disease has devastated my family: my mother, my aunts, my grandmother, all had some form of cancer. I’ve had more than one cancer scare in my lifetime. Research has made great strides and the need to keep striving has not lessened.

To assist in the effort and to give back in the same way I’ve been blessed,

I created a new section in the shop called Crochet for the Cure and the first item is this scarf. It is different shades of pink and it’s in the shop for sale for $40. Every item purchased from the Crochet for the Cure department will result in $10 to Stand Up for the Cure.

The second item I’m working on is the a pink afghan – how about that for synergy? I decide to work on an afghan and another one sells to go to work in a hospice center?

It’s made from I Love This Yarn and it’s so soft. I will have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby to get more pink. I don’t have enough to make a pink afghan – and I need some brown variegated for one of my more popular hats – down to the last skein.

There’s a show this weekend. The wonderful April and I will be at Guerin Prep on the corner of 80th and Belmont. We will be selling our wares. This is right down the street from the house. Convenient. Wish us luck. We’re excited because we will be able to take credit cards from our device attached to my phone! Don’t mess with me!

I cannot express my gratitude in a matter that is sufficient. I am thankful and happy and tired. But it is how it should be when doing work that is fulfilling.

Praises be!


Be Nice to Me

I know it’s been a long while. Believe me, my little paws have been quite busy knitting and crocheting up sales. Not that I have had enough – my goal is 50 sales a month and this month – the month of October (we are in October, right?) has seen 14 orders and 17 sales – so I am a little behind – I also have a show in two weeks, added a new show two days before the big show in December (because a martyr has to earn it.)

Did I show you the newsboy in light gray? I honestly don’t remember and I just don’t want to go and look.

It’s a really cool cap and I don’t understand why I haven’t sold any of them. Maybe they will sell in the live show.

I know I haven’t shown you the lichen tree. We went out to the Morton Arboretum in March to create the little circles, called lichens, so an artist could put them together and dress the tree with it. Six of us: Chantal, Laeh, Melissa, April, Pilvi and myself – how diverse is that? – went out and had fun and this is the first time we had to go out and take a look at it. (That’s Laeh in the pic.) We sat in the visitor’s center outside the park restaurant and sat and knit/crochet before they all – except Chantal, who couldn’t make it – went for a walk in the maze. I had two hat orders so I skipped the maze and stayed and knit. They weren’t gone for very long so in retrospect, I could have done the maze and not lost much ground. As it was, I took six packages to the post office the next day and shipped off all the open orders I had.  Of course, because I am a complex human being, I am wondering why I don’t have any new orders.

I have started two new projects – two scarves – both crocheted. One in the office and one in the living room. It’s my effort to get ready for the shows coming up as well as stock the shop. I love my job. It’s true when they say find something you love and you won’t work a day in your life but this does have its moments. Mr. Honey says it would be too much to say this is hard work but understands how it can be mentally taxing. Then there are all the details…

We have to come up with a supplies plan because I’ve almost run out of boxes twice. The first plan was to buy the boxes in groups of ten but this last time, we upped it to 25 and I don’t think I will have to come back for boxes for a while – though since I want 50 sales a month I anticipate being out of them in a couple of weeks. See? Complex.

Christmas is just around the corner – no more than two corners – and then the new year starts. This, shop wise, has been the best year in business. I am looking forward to seeing what’s coming.

I have to bug my neighbor, Mary, for pics from Mr. Honey’s birthday party. It was fun and she was the photographer for the evening. What she shows me, I show to you. Also, remind me to tell you about Mr. Honey and his car shows. You will chuckle.


My Own Stuff

It’s hard to keep balance when there are so many things pulling at you from different directions.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written and I’ve been going through the joys and concerns we all go through and I have to admit to it being mostly joy but that has highlighted the concerns in ways I didn’t expect.

The joy of having a successful shop – at least I hope this is the start of success and I have to figure out how to keep it going – comes with the concerns about the economy. That’s not true. I’m not as concerned about the economy as I am about the people we are becoming.

Thank God for the Occupy Wall Street rally. This is part of the change folks were hoping for with the 2008 election. There is no point in hiding the disappointment that Barack Obama did not lead this three years ago. There’s no point in pretending he didn’t run on just this kind of change and when he had it all sewn up started to back off of it.

Don’t worry. I am going to vote for Obama in the next election. I wasn’t nearly as behind him as I am now. He’s actually done better than I expected so imagine if I get the disappointment others are feeling how low my expectations were.

What I really can’t stand is the open hypocrisy people are willing to engage in just to hold up an ideology that doesn’t work. And it’s not just on one side of the aisle though I have to say one side of the aisle has made it an art form. Takes the place of really having to legislate. And the other side has made their dysfunction and art form so they don’t have to legislate when the other side is busy not having to legislate. So instead of really representing the people, they argue in public over the big things and in secret do things like make the postal service fund their benefits 75 years into the future.

I couldn’t just be an observer any more I had to take a step and the first step I took was to add my name to the petition Get The Money Out of politics. I am not going to ask you to go and look and I’m not asking that you join me. I’m saying I had to look at my own stuff and make a move and getting the money out of politics seems to be the best first step for me. But just a first step.

I find that with the success of my shop, I am one of those job creators being talked about. I have to consider that if sales explode during the holidays, I will need to hire someone from my group to help me create. I have made a number of trips to Hobby Lobby, the Post Office and The Container Store. Providing job security to those folks as well as to the gas stations to keep the car fueled.  I am a small business owner. Both parties say they’re fighting for me but I don’t believe it too much. I think they’re using me to fight with each other and I don’t like it one bit. Time to fight back I think.

I want to hold on to my joy and along with my prayers and praise of gratitude, I need to take a look around me and put my faith into action. I need to do stuff with my stuff.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Honey

Today is Mr. Honey’s birthday.  He turns 65.  and before you wonder, he robbed the cradle when he married me.

I’ve completely turned this man’s life up side down and he loves me for it.

He’s neat and orderly. I’m not.

He has developed a sense of humor – well, he’s still developing a sense of humor.

I never worry about him in ways some women worry about some men. I don’t have a fear he will be off somewhere flirting with another woman. Not because of who I am but because of who he is. I know with unshaking certainty that if he chose someone else over me there is nothing I would be able to do to get his attention away from her.

Having said that, most of my girlfriends think he’s wonderful. They’ve been known to borrow him even when they have a perfectly good male in their own household. Seems he’s handy.

He’s really shy.

He snores…loudly. Sometimes, Usually when I really need to sleep.

He says he never had the urge to have children – but Nic is his daughter and woe to the person – especially a man type – who does any harm to her. Likewise, if Duke was a human child, I’d be really outnumbered in my own household.

His loyalty is eternal.

I wish him the happiest of days and hope it is the beginning of a wonderful, blessed and joyful year.

I love you, Mr. Honey, always and forever.