Happy Thanksgiving

There’s so much to be thankful for. I have hardly had a minute that hasn’t been filled with knitting and crocheting projects that have to go out to the people who have already purchased them.

This is what I asked for. It is what I told God I wanted – and that I could handle it. I am so grateful – even when I have those flares of uncertainty and fear. I am more grateful because I recognize the fear of success that I have within me.

I should have taken the time to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving – even those of you in other places where Thanksgiving is not celebrated. Every day is a day for giving thanks because each day presents some possibility – whether or not we take it is up to us – but the gift is always there. Thank God for the option not to take it up.

My brain is so fried but my hands are not tired. I’ve taken so many trips to Hobby Lobby they know me by name – the Salvation Army Santa even knows me.  This is what it’s like to work for oneself. Blessings abound.

I wish you and yours the most blessed holiday season. I am thankful for so many things including those of you who have parents on earth and family near by.  I cannot help but think back to the days when we would get up Thanksgiving morning and Mom pulled out her china and there was turkey with dressing, chittlins and spaghetti. Yum.

We spent Thanksgiving with Mr. Honey’s brother. His wife has sixteen brothers and sisters so there was a crowd even though they all didn’t make it. I did not feel lonely but I did miss my family.

A friend of mine lost her mother last week. I am grateful for the life she had and the relationship they shared and having lost my father on Christmas Eve, I understand the difficult time she’s going to have living through her first holiday season without her parents. Being thankful will help a little but just a little. Still.

I pray you have joy, peace and love all year round but especially at the time of the year when we look to those things as a base to stand on and a star to reach for. It really is good for us to stop – not pause – but stop – take in a deep breath of life and give thanks that though we may not who or where we want to be – we are. And that means there’s still a chance.

Thanks be to God.

What Am Embarrassment

I have a lot of shows on DVR and during the day, or more likely, in the evening, I watch them while I do some knitting. This evening I watched a taping of The View and I don’t know what day it was from but Bill Maher was a guest.

Let’s go back a little bit.

Way back in February when a reporter was detained and released Maher made a joke on his show that if the people that detained the reporter wanted someone we could give them Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

She commented that the joke wasn’t funny to her and she didn’t appreciate the humor. OK. We all got it. He made a joke, you didn’t like it, you said so.

Move on.

But no. Nine months later not only does she bring it up again but she acted petulant, rude and immature to a guest on the show. If it were just her show I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But she has four other co-hosts and none of them knew she was going to pull that crap on a guest who was there to promote a book. You could see they were uncomfortable and Walters tried to move the conversation forward only to have Hasselbeck double down on the dumbness.

Seriously, the joke was mildly funny and if it was in bad taste she had already addressed it back then. If she was hurt or embarrassed (which she insisted she was not – really?) Then she should have contacted him in private. But  hijacking the show to the point where Maher’s book (the reason he was on the show) couldn’t really be discussed and left the other co-hosts trying desperately to pull the show back on track.

That was classless, Elizabeth, classless. You didn’t appear to be a winner. You didn’t appear strong. You acted like a child who’s tantrum embarrassed the adults in the room. Including me.

The story on the street is that you had a headache the next day and couldn’t come in to work or you were there, got the migraine and then went home. OK. Let’s go with that. I will quell my suspicion that you were benched for the day.

No doubt Bill Maher is going to have field day with you. Get yourself ready for it. You invited it. Maybe this time you can handle it more maturely – by beating him up on the playground during recess.


Those Dang Laurels…

This is the latest hat in the shop. It is also a hat that is on its way to someone because they purchased it and it turned out so nicely I thought other should have that chance. I think it is safe to say I have chosen ‘I Love This Yarn’ as my anchor fiber.

It appears I have also floated back down to earth after days of being on a high. I am still on a high – I am up to 105 sales but reality has hit me as I now have 10 hats I need to create and get out within the next week.

That can be slightly overwhelming so I’ve decided to bring myself back to earth by taking a deep breath and getting back to something of an order. So I am writing this post before I rush downstairs finish the lime green hat, photograph it and send that photo (along with the one here) to the purchasers of said hats and then start on the next one. The crocheted little cutie that the purchaser sent me a note about yesterday saying they understand if it will take a little longer but she really wants to wear it next Tuesday.

I am praying, quite sincerely, that I don’t run into any problems making her hat – like the hooks all lose their hookiness and I can’t get them to stitch. Or the dark gray fiber I know I purchased has all of a sudden become like crack to the dog and he decides to use it as a plush toy.

There is something to be said for just letting the blessings come instead of standing on the front porch looking up and down the street for them. After all, they could very well come through the back door.

In any case, last night I put two bottles of vino in the fridge – wine purists, I could care less if that’s not what you’re supposed to do. I like my wine cold and since I’ve had them since Saturday and just got around to putting them in the fridge last night, I am woefully behind on that healthy one glass a day doctors say is good for you. I could be so much mellower if I had that glass of Lambrusco last night.

I am off for four hours of creating before I pack up what’s done and send it off. Wish me luck! There’s hats to make and people to make happy. Like I said, best gig in the world.



100 Sales!

This is a moment to celebrate. I reached 100 sales yesterday.

This is the hat that put it over the top. Believe it or not, I have to make three of them – two in the original teal or peacock and the other one in lime green..

100 sales…remember the beginning of the year when I was hovering in the 30s lamenting I didn’t think I would have a sale because the calendar had turned to March and there was nothing there.

I look heavenward and say ‘thank you’ every time I contemplate what’s happened. Sometimes I’m not even sure what’s happened. But I know this feels kinda good. Heck, this feels really good. This feels as if I am doing the job I hired myself to do.

I had a nice little paycheck last month and this month is looking like it will be just as good if not better.

I have no doubt there will be a leveling off point and a decline. I sell knitting, after all, and it’s not the first thing folks think about when the weather gets warmer. But I have two things going for me: One, Pixiebell sells well year round and I can probably do the same. Two, I can do summer weight things that will help me with number one.

But I don’t want to think about that right now. Right now, I want to think about having reached such a milestone after starting the year so far away from it. There are lessons here…and we are entering the season of lessons.

I am so grateful. I can’t explain it and I can’t get the feeling to go away. I’ve even weathered some storms on my way to the 100. I had to remake a had, that poncho is still giving me fits when I make it – but I made it in stripes

– a tool that cannot be removed from my tool bag.

All in all, I do feel some stress but I have been thinking about the blessings that we have in the forms of the gifts that we are given. We never know the form they come in but we all get them and the first great thing about them is knowing we have them. Then acknowledging their worth. Then opening those gifts and using them in the world.

Sometimes that all comes with worry, stress and some pain, but those are all man-made. Man interjects the insecurity over what we’ve been given but we can never allow the man-made to be more important than the God given.

So though I do feel fatigue, worry and stress, I mostly feel joy and gratitude. I may not be using that college degree but I am using the degree of the Master.

And having some fun while I’m at it.