Miss You Much

It’s been a busy time. The last time we spoke I asked for prayers for the pooch and I don’t know if anyone actually sent those prayers but it seems as if the pooch will be fine.

It turns out the mass wasn’t a cancer. It was an infection that started to go away on its own but we went ahead with the surgery and had most of it removed. He was actually acting more like his old self so her spent the weekend in the hospital and will come home this evening.

I am incredibly glad that I was wrong. I was just short of arguing to have him put down and I am glad Mr. Honey had better insight.  There’s still a problem with the hip displaysia  (or however its spelled) but hopefully we will have him for a few more years.

On the business front, I think I have all the items folks said we needed for Christmas packaged and/or out. I have a pile of seven packages ready to be taken to the post office and two dozen open orders. I haven’t had an order in three days and that is making me a little cranky but others seem to think it’s a good thing to let me catch up and rest up. I see their point.

I do have to get the open orders out, of course, but I am back on my first come, first served track (never left it really) and things will go out regularly without the pressure of having to get them somewhere so someone’s Christmas isn’t ruined. That does feel good.

I’ve also been looking at some new things for the new year and how to expand what the shop offers.  I will be doing things in higher end fabrics and also going into the chunky weight yarns. That should provide broader variety and some things should even be faster to make.

I have missed communicating with you. Seems the year starts out with me thinking and planning to talk with you more and then stuff happens.

Maybe next year?

The Roller Coaster

You know you haven’t blogged in a long time when your spouse says it’s time to add a new post.

I am still busy fulfilling orders – I have about 30 of them open but the roller coaster comes because we thought we might have to put Duke down. He’s 14 years old and was having problems…well..he still is having problems but we are opting or surgery to remove a fatty tumor that is hampering the way he walks.

There are some risks which may manifest itself in a month which will lead to his being euthanized but if it goes well he is still in pretty good health and the surgeon says he could be good for another year or two. I was all prepped for having to put him down and even made the appointment but Mr. Honey wanted the second opinion.

The craft fair at the school went well. We sold some hats and I won a raffle and won lots of nice stuff that I still haven’t looked closely at but there are skin care and cosmetics involved and a bag – which is why I took it because I wanted the bag.

The sale at Pleasant Home may not be going well. We didn’t have a lot of stuff to begin with – remember I am usually good for about 100 items but all my goods have been going out to Etsy customers. Everyone who is selling something has sold something and the wonderful Pilvi even had special orders but I don’t think we will be the top seller as we have been the past several years.

I have told Mr. Honey that when I am over the holiday part of making and shipping items, I am going to take a day off where I don’t even look at my needles and hooks or turn on the computer. That date looks like it will be around the 22nd.

I am not singing anywhere this year and I don’t feel bad about that at all. I am wondering where I may go for Christmas Eve service this year and I may not go anywhere. Don’t know yet. I have been keeping quite near to God – thus my sanity.

I am going to bed. I was up until six yesterday morning and I would like to go to bed before the sun gets me up. I have a full day of knitting and packing up the show. I need my rest.

Pray for the pooch.