A Laugh A Minute

This is the latest item going in the shop. It took meĀ about a day to make and that was with having some other projects going as well. I will back to those a little later. Y’all remember last week I was lamenting the gray hair that has set up a duplication shop on my head?

I said that I felt a too young to have that much gray on my head. God must have been listening – and been in one of those divine mood that I am certain only God can have. Later that evening I was sitting in my easy chair working (translate: knitting) when I felt a twinge. It was enough of a twinge to make me stop moving the needles for a second and I started the thought: “Wow, that felt like a…” I wouldn’t let myself finish the thought so I went back to work.

A moment later, I felt the twinge again, this time more intense. I stopped again and said, “That cannot possibly be a…no, it wasn’t.” Then a couple of hours later, I felt something else and I knew…

Seriously? This is how you make me feel younger? I didn’t like it when I was younger what the heck am I going to do with it now? Besides being completely unprepared for something I haven’t had in…months. I could tell from my past that this was not going to be one those ‘gentle reminders of womanhood’ as was stated in the sex ed booklet they gave us when we were kids. This was going to be rough.

Didn’t think about my gray hair for the entire seven days. That’s right. Not only did I get it. It stayed twice as long than bad company is supposed to.

The only good thing that came from it is that when it was over, I had such a kick of energy that I decided to tackle a situation before it became a problem. The situation was I was being incredibly lazy in filling my orders. I’m not missing deadlines but I am inching really close to the line. Whereas in the past, I would put the hat (or whatever) on the needles (or hook) and it would be out the door within 24-36 hours. Now it’s taking me days so I decided to get back to my discipline. But while that was going on, we were invited to participate in a fundraiser craft show. In fact, we were asked back by popular demand. We did the show last year and we did rather well selling hats to teenage girls and they wanted us back. Great!

But the slight problem is that it is next month. A mere 40 days away and I have orders to get out and not much inventory because everything I’ve made as left the house and we had the BIG sale in December where all I sold were hats. So the inventory is a little light.

My solution is to have three projects going at once. One is an order from the shop, one is a new item (such as the one in the photo) that can be used for the sale and also placed as a made to order in the shop and the third one is an item I’ve already made so I can build up stock because one of the questions I get a lot is: ‘Does this come in another color?’ That question never gets asked if there are actually more colors on the table. So I am building stock for the show that way. Thus, three new items for the show and three new items for the shop all within a few days.

I am hoping to have about 20-30 new items to put out on the table to blend in with some of the older stuff.

I was grinning earlier as I thought about going to work. This really is work. This really is a business and I started to take off when I took it seriously and respected it as such. That being said, what a gig to have. I do put in a lot of work and I wonder how much more I would have to do if the mortgage wasn’t paid off. I manage to create a great deal of stress already.

But I love my work. I love doing this. And although it has given my compulsiveness some free rein – which I am learning to control – it has been good for me as well. All that and I get money. What’s not to grin about?

Except for…well, it’s over now.