Like Butta’

The Rasta in blue

I have a somewhat boring scarf on the needles – and I love it.

I don’t have to think too much about it but if I find I go completely mindless, I mess it up. Perfect.  So far I’ve had to go back twice. Once to take out a stitch that didn’t look right to me. (There are some knitters who will see one stitch out of the 25,000 stitches that go int something, and if that one stitch is too odd, a little longer than the other stitches in my case, they will go bonkers until it’s corrected.)  The other was because the stitch didn’t look right to me, either. This is a lace pattern and the hole was too large – much larger than the other lace around it.

Taking it down meant working with yarn overs (knitters know what I’m talking about. A ‘yarn over’ is literally just that: the yarn goes over the working needle to form a new stitch) but I was glad to do it.

Weird stitches always find the camera lens. No matter how you turn it or cover it, weird stitches somehow have a pact with every camera on the planet to make them show up on every photo. Then there’s the shopper who finds the weird stitch and then shows you the weird stitch, somehow gets you to admit it’s a weird stitch then demands an ninety-three percent discount to take this ‘flawed piece’ off your hands.

Nope, better to remove the weird stitch and replace it with a conforming stitch so lacking in confidence that it makes itself look like the other stitches.

I also have an afghan on some other needles and I am using Homespun Yarn. This is almost fuzzy kind of yarn and depending on how you’re doing the stitches, the details don’t show that much which is why I am not at all concerned that the pattern doesn’t always come out the way it’s supposed to. I can’t find the mistakes and I know there are some because the row doesn’t end the way it’s supposed to. I’ve done the pattern before in a smooth yarn and you must have the stitches line up when the yarn is smoother. Here, you don’t, so I’m not so worried about it.

I understand I am living at the extremes with these projects. Who said the life of a knitter is safe? Ha.

It’s getting closer to the time we say our final good-bye to Duke. Yes, he passed in January but we’ve had his ashes for a while waiting for the weather to be warm enough for the ground to thaw. I told Mr. Honey yesterday that it was almost time. It will be this week as I will be out in the garden clearing out some stuff.

I really do miss that dog. Someone offered us an eleven year old dog but that’s just a little too old and they were a little too big. We would be saying good-bye all over again in too short a time. I know Mr. Honey’s view but you don’t really think that he is going to get the final final say, do you?

Shower The People

The Man Cap

The Man Cap. This is one of the latest creations I’ve knit for the shop.

I am contemplating whether to send in the application for the show in Park Ridge this September. The wonderful Miss April said she was in and the  adorable Becky, married to Mr. Honey’s bff, Bruce, said I could use their outdoor setup. The deadline is July 1, 2012 and I told myself I would take until tomorrow to decide. The hold up is the $80 fee (OK $40 if Miss April pays half.)  I am of a mind to do it. I think it would be good for me and because I find it a little frightening. They’re asking for a diagram of the booth display – I can’t draw; not even a little bit. How am I supposed to pull that off? I’ve sent them an email asking for more specifics about what they want and I’ve fiddled with it.

I think I will probably do it but since I’ve given myself until Tuesday I am going to take the day and should I decide to do it, I will see Miss April this Wednesday at group and we can talk about the set up and other things.

I should do it, right? The other drawback to the price is that it is in mid-September. Will people be willing to purchase cooler weather items then? Should be, right? I mean, pretty close to Christmas.

Welcome to my brain. Make some popcorn and pull up a chair. Could be interesting.

So Amazing

Prayer shawl

hall of fame


So there are two photos in today’s post. Don’t ask it would be too hard to make sound like it made sense to do it.

I finished a pair of mittens yesterday – which you will notice is not in either photo. At the rate and logic used to place photos in blog posts the truly beautiful mittens should show up here sometime after the election…of 2016. OK, it









might be a little before that because they will go on sale in the shop but the way my brain works is a little different.. I haven’t even photographed them yet for the shop. It’s on the to do list for today. They are the last new thing I’ve knit so they are the last thing to be photographed and I was out last night photographing new items and forgot about them.

They are waffle pattern mittens and I did them in the wool/alpaca blend fiber I mentioned in the last post. I have only six skeins of that fiber left and it takes 1.5 t0 make a pair of mittens so this will be a limited edition. I’ve looked for a substitute yarn but didn’t find one to my liking. I will just have to make them in acrylic yarn.

I now have a new slouch hat on the needles and I am working it in a light pink that looks almost coral. It’s not quite coral which is why they call it light pink. It turns out this particular color yields a very lush fabric. Different colors effect the fiber differently. Some colors are softer than others some are flatter.  This light pink is very plush so I am excited about the rasta hat that will be coming off the needles today. (It should come off the needles today, it’s a quick knit for something knit with just size 8 needles.)

My schedule for the next day or so is pretty light on the mundane tasks – like cleaning and cooking – and the weather has cooled to tolerable so I should be able to get down to taking new pictures of what I have in stock and replacing those photos in the shop. It also means I can knock off the hat and there’s a simple scarf I’m a little eager to get to. The irony of knitting in sweltering weather is not lost on me but if it pays off with a successful summer sale and holiday season, then ironic can be new black.