Lady Mamalade – part 2

The Cableret in red

The wonderful Miss Mandy suggests that I can take my remnants and make this with them.

I took a look and my first impulse was of course to figure out why and how I couldn’t, wouldn’t and shouldn’t make it but looking at it, I must say I was a little more than intrigued. I stared at it for a full five minutes trying to figure out how to do the connections and then what method to use to form the poncho and how much would I sell it for…when I brought myself right back down to the ground and the reality in which I swim.

The reality that says I would not be inclined to make such an intricate thing and the moment I did and put it in the shop, I would resent to high heaven the person who purchased it because I would then have to make it again…causing me to say words I don’t think Mr. Honey heard when he was in combat.

No. Thank you, Mandy, but I should pass on it and admire it from afar. I don’t know if I told you that when I had to some yarn shopping, I thought I was being very clever. I needed some teal colored yarn which I normally get from Hobby Lobby but I didn’t want to go all the way out there for one (or even two) skeins of yarn so I looked for a substitute and JoAnn and found a Lion Brand big ass ball of yarn that was not the Pound of Love Baby Yarn.

I got it and the next day I got another order for something in teal so I was rocking it like Dick Clark. It was a worsted weight yarn so I thought we were good to go. I started making the pixie hat. This hat is started from the bottom up so the last thing that’s done is the ribbing and the part that goes around the head. It was ever so slightly thinner than what I was used to using. In the back part that doesn’t matter so much that part of the hat is the decorative part. It’s only function is to hold the pom-pom (which is now going to be the big ass pom-pom. This hat can handle it.)

But when I got to the ribbing part, it was just too thin. It looks like this yarn – which I thought wasn’t baby yarn is baby yarn and it looks to be about one ply thinner than the regular worsted weight. So I doubled it up for the ribbing part. I’m not too happy with that, either. I have to finish it off because it’s just too close to the end and it can always go into the inventory for the craft shows. I just don’t know if it’s going to make its way to the UK.

The fiber can be doubled and used for the scarf I want to make with it as that scarf was originally done in a chunky weight yarn and its been discontinued. It will work out just fine for that. So I guess I was half as clever as I thought I was being.

The other thing, when I started the 3×3 ribbing, I thought there was something odd about what I was doing from the gazillion other times I’ve made this hat. I was halfway through the ribbing with double the yarn when I realized it should have been 2×2 ribbing. This, which doesn’t really matter, either, still bugs me a little. Which is another reason it may not get to England. I would be devastated to get an email that says: “I’ve noticed in the picture that there’s 2×2 ribbing but the hat you sent has 3×3. What gives?” Don’t laugh. I once had someone write me because they were looking at a photo of a fringed scarf and noticed that there was one less fringe on one side than on the other and wanted an explanation.  They didn’t get one. They didn’t purchase the scarf they just wanted an explanation – I didn’t think it was healthy to indulge them and have that conversation start. For one, I wasn’t going to go and count the fringe to make sure they were right.

Second, the urge to tell them they were right and that one end had ‘x’ (add one more than was there) and the other end had ‘x'(add one more than was there) was too great. Can you imagine? They would know there were only ‘x’ (subtract one from what I added) and it would drive them bonkers.

I bypassed the joy of that moment for decency and something akin to grace by just letting it go. They never wrote back so I assume they got over it as well.

If I decide not to send the pixie hat I will travel over to Michael’s to see if they have a substitute teal colored yarn that can be used. If not, then it will be a trip out to HL tomorrow to get what I need. I cannot bring myself to use Red Heart Super Saver though I know it’s there. It’s just too hard.

Wait….I’m going to check the remnant bags. Maybe. Just maybe.

A House Is Not a Home

Dana in tangerine

when it is a yarn barn. I work on my knitting in the living room. There really is no other place for me to work. The office is the place where I write and I could knit but it doesn’t lend itself to knitting. There are two desks with two computers and my bookcases (three) a small refrigerator and a small table. all in a 10×10 room. Not to mention the yarn.

So I work in the living room in a corner where there is another bookcase, two laps on either side of the chair and room to put the yarn around me. Somehow, more yarn than I could possibly use for the one, single colored hat I am working on, always seems to end up surrounding me at my chair.  I don’t understand how this can occur though I am fully aware I am probably responsible for causing it. I hold out for gremlins and fairies but I’ve never seen one of them knitting or even holding a crochet hook so…

This has thrown me for something of a loop because these yarns that have been used but not used up cannot go back into the bins and be counted in the yarn inventory. Mr. Honey says I should have a list of remnants yarns – but Mr. Honey loves lists and things like that. It was a miracle that I made a list of the whole stuff. A list of partial stuff strike me as being as much fun as having a needle (not even a knitting needle) stuck in my eye while I am getting a root canal without bothering with that pesky Novocaine.

To my mind, that would involve knowing just how much of it there was to determine whether or not there was enough to maybe eke out another hat. That would mean weighing it to see and keeping labels and….OMG, get the drill.

What this means is that I have bags of remnants that are growing at a rapid pace. With the orders coming in (I’m at 304 now!) I have remnants left over that somehow don’t make it to a remnant bag for days and days thus making it look like that corner of the living room was hit with a yarn bomb.

I am certain that if I just take an extra five minutes – not even that much – to gather up the used but not used up remnants and put them in a central location – that wasn’t the bottom of the chair – I would not have this problem.

That’s makes too much sense. So I need another solution.


Real Man

Cableret in Gray

Miss April, it seems, is borrowing my husband. Maybe she’s renting my husband. It would be more like renting since she’s sending him back and offered money.

This is not the first conversation I have had with friends renting out my husband and the conversation usually happens on the phone (for some reason they cannot borrow my husband when they see me.) The phone rings, I pick it up and the conversation goes something like:

“Hey, Bev!”
“How you doing?”
“Peachy keen and groovy. How bout yourself?”
“I’m good.”

Then nothing.
And that’s when I know what’s coming. After all, these are people who are my friends. They called my phone. So they must have known what they wanted and yet they grow silent. The conversation continues:

“What’s up?” (Let it be noted, I do not call folks to ‘chat.” I have nothing against chatting, it’s just something I don’t do. It’s not like it’s steadfast rule. I don’t get irritated when friends call me just to chat but I don’t call unless I have something to tell you. So I think people call me for a reason so my ‘what’s up?’ is kind of a short hand of ‘since I don’t chat, why are you calling?’ except I am not Sheldon from Big Bang Theory so I have a little more subtlety than that.)

(Choose one)
“Do you think Mr. Honey..”
“I was wondering if Mr. Honey..”
“Does Mr. Honey…”
or the big one
“Where’s your husband?”

To be fair, some of my friends have learned to eliminate the middle wife altogether and just call him directly.

There have been some who were not quite friends who wanted to put me at ease because they didn’t want me to think ‘I was trying to hit on your husband. Tee-hee.’ Please..I can track a ho from three miles out. And drop her in two. It’s a skill that makes jealousy completely unnecessary. Borrow away.

This means I am going to have a day to myself next week – he thinks this thing will take just a day and since Miss April is one of those do it yourself kind of gals, she’ll probably help him so it won’t take that long. The conversation I want to hear is the one between Miss April and her hubby who started this project that she is calling Mr. Honey in to fix. That probably calls for popcorn.

I will have orders to keep me busy. The next three I have go to other countries: New Zealand, Australia and the UK.  I am thinking I need to turbo charge my work because I need some new items for the shop. Though the hat in the picture is technically a new item that went in yesterday and is now backed up to be shipped. Someone ordered the hat in gray and since I haven’t offered it in gray before, I took pictures and put that option in the shop but nothing is set to expire for several days and that can be harmful to the search results so something has to go up – I could renew early but I don’t really like that option.

BTW, 21 spam messages this morning. A lot of them from Coach knock off places and someone in the shoe business who is very persistent. I don’t know how these are supposed to work but for some reason they think I can be used as a corridor. I am going to start saving one of them to share so you can have the laughs I have.  Some of them are pretty funny in context.

I have hats and scarves to make! It’s Friday…make it a weekend!



Where Is a Woman to go?

The Helix

Wow, this is one of those moments when the plan matches up with the motion of the earth. The hat in the photo is headed to New Zealand. It could be this very hat if I don’t get the hat currently on the needles done early enough to make another Helix to head to the place next to the place down under.

Truth to tell, part of me wants to scurry right outta here and go finish the other hat on the needles so I can get a Helix on the needles because of the pom-pom. Remember, I just got my big ass pom-pom maker and I think a big ass pom-pom would look great on this hat. I think a big ass pom-pom would look great on the back of an elephant but we don’t need to discuss that.

The reason I am not rushing down stairs is that I must answer the question Nicole asked me in this post. She wants to know if I can offer some tips on how I got to my 300th sale.

I think there’s a lot of way that I got there. And believe me, I don’t think of 300 sales as a lot but that’s only because I reached it. A few weeks ago, I never thought I’d make it – thus is the human spirit. Enough is never enough despite what our parents yell when we’re annoying the hell out of them. My mind is firmly set on 400 and the fact that I have been stuck at 303 for four whole days bugs me to no end. (The italics are for the silliness of it – I recognize my flawed thinking, I just hold to it nonetheless.)

My success story, as it is being written, is not that I am at 300 sales, it was that at the beginning of 2011, I was at 33 sales and at the beginning of 2012, I was at 197 sales and that now I am at 300+ sales. And that is my first tip: Success is a progression.

But that’s more of a philosophy tip. The first thing I did as a hands on tip was to decide on an anchor product. Some Etsians will say not to select one certain thing to do and I would agree but a mall has anchor stores at the corners and a bunch of other stores in between and Etsy has hundreds of thousands of shops. And you need a reason for someone to come by your place. Having at least an anchor product starts to build an identity and that’s not just important for shoppers but that goes a long way in helping your success progression. When I figured out who I was (in Etsy) I could figure out how to make my moves.

Mr. Honey suggested I get an anchor product and I looked over my 33 sales and discovered my afghans sold the most, then my hats then my prayer shawls. I decided to go with hats because they were the smallest of the three and because there was a wider market for them.

I rearranged my shop to reflect it. I did have some other items in the shop and I didn’t want to waste the listing so I left them open but for the next couple of months it was hats, hats and more hats. I put them up front in the shop.

The second tip: find a store that does what you do but does it better. Then study them every single day. I found a couple of them and visited their shops every day to study their tags, their sales history, their layout – everything. Along the way, I also found shops that weren’t doing it as well and I studied them to find out how the two compared. Big differences. I found some good things and bad things in my own shop.

And my third, but not final tip: learn to play by Etsy rules. There’s a lot of grousing in the forums about how Etsy is playing with folks and trying to screw them over. Etsy isn’t in the business of trying to screw folks over. They wouldn’t remain in business or grow if that were the case. But they are an online marketing place which means when Google sneezes, they get a runny nose. A great many of the moves Etsy makes is so Google will be kind when folks go shopping on line and searching. Tags, titles, descriptions even the tag line in every shop is subject to Google bots.

I started reading about Search Engine Optimization long ago when I was getting a certificate of web design from Columbia but I used the forums to learn how it worked in Etsy. The day I followed the rules on that my shop listings started to jump to the first ten pages of every search where I connected the tags, titles and descriptions and it’s been good ever since.

Start there, Miss Nicole, and make what you can of it. There’s more to tell and I will be more than happy to tell it, but I have a hat to photograph, pack up and two more to get done so they can get out the door by midnight tonight! I’ll start keeping track of your shop. I love it when fellow knitters make sales!!

Crazy Maze

versa in green

I don’t want to tempt the gods to continue their project of getting me ready for an order onslaught.

I would like the order onslaught. I think I am on a pretty good roll at the moment. One package a day is going out. I have not had to redo the last couple of projects. Yesterday I did a prayer shawl – which for some reason took me about ten hours to do. Somewhere in my mind, I thought they took me about five do but that may have been when I was really motivated to get them out.

There are two hats which are scheduled by the Etsy system to go out by tomorrow. And there is a hat in between those two that doesn’t have a ship date on it but I would like to get it out tomorrow anyway. And I did not get a sale yesterday. I believe this is part of the test. I am convinced that if I do not miss this deadline in the very early part of the busy season, that I would have proved myself seasoned enough to have an order onslaught.

One of the hats is a pretty quick knit even though there are cables – there are cables in all three hats in fact – and I have been cabling without the use of a cable needle and that has been going very well. It is quicker than using the needle – I swear.  I have made the hats before – let us not revisit that please.  So, I am fairly confident that by the time the clock strikes midnight tomorrow night there will be three hats packed to be sent off to Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Zealand.

I have no idea that this is part of the readiness training, it just makes sense to me. I will be rewarded accordingly if I can handle this first test. I do not know what failure to meet this deadline would mean. But I am certain they will forgiving – not certain of that at all – but appeasement seems a good strategy here.

I also find myself in a little bit of a bind because I have nothing new coming into the shop and I have renewed everything there is to renew. Having new items or renewing expired listings is one of the ways to keep the shop relevant in the searches and without anything new I can lose some ground fairly quickly – a sale would solve that problem for me because listings once sold have to be renewed. I could try and slip in another project that can go in the shop..

yeah, that’s right – tempt them. They love that.

Hit It Again

granny square hat

It appears my tirade against the spam bots yesterday only deepened their resolve as I had 7 of them this morning. 6 of them was from the same bot who thought my postings were about laptops and computer systems. The only thing more depressing than not getting comments from real folk is getting six from a faker person. At least I can live with the hope that real people are reading.  I know they are because the fabulous Beth told me she reads the blog.

Beth is a sock knitter. (Which is enough to make think of her with great respect. The sock knitting fever some of you have has never claimed me. Made one pair of socks and that was enough for me.) She loves knitting a good sock. She was knitting on a sock yesterday when we were coming back from the Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill in Belvidere.

Never been to Belvidere. Can’t think that I’ve ever passed Belvidere. Might have but I was obviously looking for something else so didn’t notice it. But that was our destination yesterday. “Our” being Melissa, Beth, Barbara (who is a psychic), Mandy and myself.

Melissa arranged a trip to the mill so we could see first hand how yarn was made from sheep to skein. I did not take pictures of the process. I tried taking pictures of the sheep and when that didn’t work out, I decided to live in the moment. I believe Miss Mandy took photos and if she did, I will ask her to share.

Belvidere is farm country. I have a thing about farms. I love farms. I love farm country and we had a perfect day to go walking around one. I also want to have a sheep/windmill farm. You know this. I have stated this. I am not kidding about this. I would love one. I would also love to be Miss Ellie who hires someone to run it while I enjoy what God hath wrought.  (Young people – Google the original Dallas to find out about Miss Ellie – both of them.)

The mill is incredibly small. It’s a two or three person operation and it’s right outside Jane’s house. She and her hubby have a lovely house and a lot of land. (Which she will not let me move onto even though I offered to teach knitting and crochet classes on the premises. You’d think that would move her – but no.)

When we arrived, we could see her 30 something sheep in the pasture looking all sheepish and cute. She walked us into the barn (she has a barn!!) and we saw what the wool looks like when it comes off the sheep and the machines and apparatus they use to clean it, dry it and prep it for carding and spinning. I swear we were not in the barn ten minutes when we walked outside the sheep had disappeared. Not one. We began to question whether or not they had even existed when we looked to our left and there they all were.  They all walked up to the barn and some of them were staring at us. Some were pretending not to stare at us. And some were really not interested in us at all.

I could not help but imagine the conversation that they had to have to have them all move en masse from the field to the barn.

“Look, humans.”
“Humans are always here.”
“Not these humans. Haven’t seen them before.”
“We better get up there in case Jane needs us.”
“But I’m eating!’
“Come on everybody. Let’s go.”

Convince me it didn’t happen that way. I dare ya. Different color sheep and all very cute and quiet. (We didn’t hear them all coming up if we were up to no good they could have surrounded us and we would have been none the wiser.)

We left the barn to go into the other structure where their shop is located and in the back they have the machine where the wool is carded and spun and dyed.

I did not, as Mr. Honey suggested – come home with some “Illinois wool and fiber.” But Melissa and Beth did and I look forward to seeing what they make of it.

What made the mill so great is that it is so small. It’s a small, local business with hands on folks. (Unlike I would be if I owned my wool and windmill farm.) It’s in a beautiful location – the downside is winter must be interesting as I think it is on open land. They’ve only been at it a short time and even if they double what they are now, they will still be small and hands on. (I’d hire people to have their hands on because you know, I’d be a job creator.)

And it’s at their house so it’s nice and cozy – and did I mention it was a farm? We all decided it was a lovely place.

One of the other things I noticed is that every small town we drove through on our way to Boone County Family Restaurant had a Methodist church. Must have been half a dozen of them. (it’s not that expansive, fellow Methodists – learn to share.)

The restaurant is in Caledonia, IL population 200 and Jane’s husband told us to follow the speed signs in Caledonia because they would get us. (Hey if you had a population of 200 you’d need to rely on more than taxes for the revenue.) So, before you get to Caledonia, the speed limit is 55 when you hit Caledonia on the same road, the speed drops to 30. Yeah, it’s a designed speed trap.  They drop the speed limit and then every car behind you passes you by and gives you dirty looks which would make some speed up and then Barney (again, young folks, Google) jumps out from behind a tree and slaps you with a $970 ticket because the school needs a new roof.

I am convinced the folks giving me the dirty looks weren’t mad because I was too slow. They were mad because their kids go to the school that needs the roof and I wasn’t helping them get it.

If it’s any consolation, on the way there I followed the limit but on they way out, I blew through the town at 60 mph and Barney was no where to be found. Of course these things have a way of showing up in the mail.

Might be worth it to see the farms again!


Trying to Get the Feeling Again

granny square slouch in black

Note to the spammers:
I am not likely to be impressed with a comment that says: You make some interesting points here. I was looking for a blog like this one and I will certainly be back.”

That ain’t gonna get your comment, and thus the link to your advertising, published on this site. Not that I don’t think I make some interesting points, because every so often, I do. But, really, you’ve been looking for a knitting blog? And you couldn’t find one?

In a few hours, five folks will be here to pile into my van to go to Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill in Belvidere. So, I went to bed a little earlier than usual thinking I would get up at about seven. I went to bed at about 1 and at 5 I can sleep no longer. For some reason, I have what would seem like allergy or cold symptoms. My nose seems to be the avenue by which every fluid in my body short of blood wants to come out of. I feel fine in every other way, it seems I have excess fluid that has decided to take this morning to come out. Perhaps it will all drain by the 10 am hour and I will be fine or finer as I don’t feel at all sick.

What I am truly hoping is that it is not related to that big box of wool from the wholesale order. I did have a coughing fit when I opened it up and I let it air out and started using it and that’s when the sniffles started.

And I am going to a wool mill this morning. I have wool in my stash so I don’t quite understand it but I am taking tons of tissues with me just in case.

Couple of things: remember yesterday I said I reached the 300 mark in sales? I decided I would start the countdown to 400 considering I have a goal to meet and exceed 400 sales by the end of the year. I am 98 away from that goal – that’s right, two more sale came in yesterday. Battle ready, baby, no time to panic.

Also, you recall I was making the hat and I made it about 80 stitches too big and didn’t notice it until it was almost done? I decided not to roll in back into the skein. Instead, I cut it off and started the hat over. I made the hat. Then the next hat I had to make was another just like it so I continued to use that yarn – got a whole hat again. And still have some left over. Not enough for a third hat. What was I thinking?

I have four hats and one prayer shawl that need to be out by the 27th of September according to the calculator on Etsy which is about five days shorter than my description says items will come. I don’t have a problem trying to make the goal but there is a conflict between the two I haven’t been able to resolve short of not using the shipping calculator or upping the time I tell it I will make something. Which might actually be the smart thing to do. Probably means I won’t do it. The smart thing.

Will send photos from the fiber mill!

When I Fall In Love

Flower puff afghan

I have decided the gods are not against me. That the trials I face are to make me battle tested and battle ready for the big number of orders that are coming my way. (I am one away from my 300th sale. I was hoping for it yesterday but figured they wanted me to exercise patience and humbleness.)

I did finish and pack up a hat yesterday that is ready for the post today and I received a lovely note from the buyer who made the really big purchase to say their daughters loved the hats and were eager to show them off the their friends, and the cowls and prayer shawl were lovely. They promised to pass around my business cards and shop with me again.

I must say they have about ten business cards to pass around because each item was packaged in its own little zip lock bag with care instructions and two business cards.  Normally, there would be just two business cards in the entire order but I made a slight miscalculation when I ordered the business cards last year and I have to kind of, sort of…get rid of them.

OK, I ordered 500 business cards because I had over 160 sales last year and I figured I would do as well this year so rounding up to the nearest number they would print brought me to 500.

I know what you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal? A business card doesn’t expire.”

It does if you decide to be cute and put a 2012 calendar on the back. That’s right. The back of the business card as a 2012 calendar on the back. I am sure the folks who purchased in January and February have that little sucker in their wallet and pull it out to find out what day November 28 falls and even those folks ordering now may have need of it within the next 90 days.  But I have over 200 of these babies left.

I’ve thought about using them as price tags for the craft sales. After all, their is useful info on the front, I can make price stickers for the back and we’re good, right? But then, I won’t have business cards for the onslaught of business the gods are readying me to have. Which of course leads me to wonder if this is part of their plan of readiness?

Those gods are clever sausages.

As I write this, I went to open up a new window to send a quick email to someone and I have just made my 300th sale!! Whoo-Hoo!!

In retrospect, I don’t know why I thought I would have 600 sales during the entire year. To be fair, I might have ordered them before the end of last year and started using them in November but that was almost a year ago and I still have an unopened box. I’m a dweeb.

Can someone please tell me a useful way to diminish this card stash? I have to design the ones for 2013 – sans calendar, of course.



The Prayer

elfin in terra cotta

I would like to hereby apologize to God, angels, any and all celestial beings, Thor, Zeus, Yarndis, all full fledged and demigods, sprites, whatever Tinkerbell is, fairies and anything else that might have a hand in my knitting demise. I am not sure what I have done to pull your wrath down on me but I do apologize.

Yesterday, I started a hat. A hat I’ve done several times before. A hat that must be in the mail in three days. I was confident as I put it on the needles and began to work.

I came to the part where I increase to do the slouch and I did the increase and said to myself, something’s a little off. But I couldn’t figure out what it was. I continued to work and as I was doing the cable (because this hat involves a cable) I noticed the brim looked a little odd. Never looked like that before but everything else was looking OK so I kept going.

Got to the beginning of the decreases and did the first decrease row and was a bit confused as to why it didn’t decrease the way it was supposed to. There were too many stitches left over.

Way too many stitches.

You would think at this point, I would stop and count but no, I kept going, the next decrease row (2 rows later) had way too many stitches. Well, isn’t that logical? If I too many stitches left over, I will continue to have too many stitches left over. There may be less of them but still too many.

So, this time I did count. Not only did I have too many stitches. I had about 80 stitches too many.

Don’t ask. I did figure it out and I gave thought to going on except the hat is supposed to be a beret/slouch hat and with 80 extra stitches it would be a Pillsbury Dough Boy hat that couldn’t stand up…with a cable.

So, out it all came. Redid the cast one. Redid the brim (which came out beautifully) and redid the increases. The right way. The good news is that the hat is 80 stitches less so it goes faster.

But that’s 3 frigging days of knitting and nothing to show for it. And I got two more orders. These are the blessings. One of the gods is telling me that this is not a punishment. This is my Mitt Romney moment. Can I handle the pressure? Can I rely on my past experience to pull me through this new arena of 275 sales I want for this season?

As I climbed into bed last night, I told Mr. Honey I would have to reset my campaign and begin again. Cracked him up.

This morning, I know I have to complete two hats today to get myself back on track. I am three sales away from my 300th sale in the shop and last night I got my 100th sale of the year. It took until late November last year to make it so I am trending better than last year.

Maybe the gods are looking favorably upon me and seeking to find out if I am ready for the success I say I want.

We’ll see.

We’ll Sing in the Sunshine

Elfin in royal blue

Not today we won’t. No singing in the sunshine today. This is laughing at me. Seems simple enough. I did the second part and it went swimmingly. Then I tried the Kitchener stitch – remember, I was looking forward to that. And it went all wrong – well, not all wrong. Some part of it went wrong and instead of the smooth stitches that I started with something went all bumpy and it had to come out.

What did I say in the universe to make it turn on me so? I cannot spend today on it as there are hats that have a deadline date of next week so I will put it aside for the day, get out the hats I am familiar with – hoping the Yarndis the fiber goddess decides not to smite me today – and I will come back to the wholesale order in a couple of days. I believe I have worked a solution. I will test it out on some good old acrylic to see if it will work and not if it does I will say the Gods were not trying to bring me low but rather they wanted me to test my creative wings.

I have 13 outstanding orders and what I find most fascinating is that there are two more prayer shawls in the group. That would make three total. Who knew?

When Mr. Honey suggested a year or so back that I come up with an anchor item to give my shop an identity, prayer shawls were on the list. They were my third best selling item in the shop but since that time I hadn’t sold very many of them and now three in a month. You just never know what will hit folks.

What is going to hit me is a trip to Joann because I don’t have the color they want. In fact, the photo of the shawl in the description was done a couple of years back. I am certain they still make the color but it’s not one I would have around – wait – I have that trusty yarn inventory list. Let me go take a peek. Nope, don’t have it. That list is great. Score one for Mr. Honey.

The next few days will be spend fulfilling the Etsy orders and this Sunday I am off to a wool farm. The marvelous Melissa arranged a trip for the knitting group and it looks like I’m driving. My first instinct is to say ‘ I can’t go! I have work!’ But I don’t want to go into stress mode. So I am going to work so I deserve the time off.

This is the stuff I live for so while I see this as a daunting thing and I asked for it, I am really appreciating what it says about my endeavor and I am excited to have the responsibility of my own thing. (Not quite, ‘I built that’ because I wouldn’t have anything if someone hadn’t created Etsy.)

I don’t want to launch into a political thing at all – not that I don’t have opinions, God help us. As soon as you stop laughing at us.

I am going to print some Joann coupons, do some more writing, eat some breakfast and get to work!