The Color Purple

One of my favorite lines from the movie ‘The Color Purple’ is when Sug tells Celie that she thinks it ‘pisses God off when we walk by the color purple and don’t even notice it.’

I’m pretty sure I’ve used the color purple in the past few days but I haven’t really seen it. I have about 39 items to make and ship out and my mind is tired. I had to figure out how to do more than just sit and knit. So, I knit for two hours and then do something else.

For instance, today, I knit for two hours, then I made four bars of soap to go with the spa cloths we made at the Sit and Knit – that brings the total to I think 20 or close to it. I washed my hair and did some computer work.

Doing my schedule this way has also allowed me to get some exercise in – which I badly need. I admire Bernice every time I see her Facebook update that she’s walked a couple of miles.  I cleaned the dining room the other day and was thrilled when that called for me to walk back and forth to the garbage can in the alley a couple of times.

There was no way to prepare for the onslaught of orders. Truth be told, while I did better this September and October than last, November isn’t trending to be as good. I checked my stats from last year for Black Friday – Cyber Monday and I had just 10 sales. That’s not a lot but I remember being pretty stressed last year. That was because I did a guarantee by Christmas date. I didn’t do that this year. That has kept the stress down a lot.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Mr. Honey and I will be heading over to this brother’s house where there is going to be lots of family including Lucy and Amelia who were born to one of my nieces and one of my nephews about a month apart over the summer.

I am tempted not to take any knitting with me and just take the night off and let the deadlines take care of themselves. Yes, I am a little behind those pesky Etsy deadlines but it might be nice of me to just chill.

You know I’m taking knitting with me. Who am I trying to kid? I have a bunch of stuff to get out and I would just wake up Friday feeling guilty. I ain’t having that.

But tomorrow surrounded by Mr. Honey’s family, I will take some time out to look at the blessings around of me of my generation, the one after that and the one after that. The regret of not being present in their presence will haunt me longer than not getting a hat out one day earlier

Instead of cooking tonight, we are having pizza from Grandstand Pizza and one of their Super Salads (oh yummmm..) I might look at a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones (addictive) and finish off a hat before going to bed.

I want you to have a safe, blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving. However you spend it, may you be mindful and grateful for blessings past, present and future because God had you, has you and will always have you in his care.


The Way It Makes Me Feel

I am glad the election is over. I am really glad we re-elected the president.

I am sorry to say it but if Romney had won it would have ushered in a new era of low level politics. It would have affirmed that incredible lying, attacking and obstruction is the new way to run and to govern. (And please spare me the ‘all politicians are corrupt’ and ‘be fair and talk about the lies on the other side.” drivel. This isn’t a zero sum game. There is no democratic equivalent to ‘ the president isn’t an American and his mother slept with dogs. There is no democrat equivalent to “I don’t want to give black bla people other people’s money.” There is no democrat equivalent to the voter suppression laws that cropped up in  Republican run states. One of the reasons the election was lost was because of the alternate reality that had to be created to let you think this was all OK. And you did think it was OK because you never said it wasn’t.)

I would like to put it all behind me but I am having a hard time with it. I don’t think I can recall a time that I felt my minority status so keenly.  I was scared of some of my friends. That’s not something you recover from just because the president won. That’s something to remember because the next election is in two years. But we don’t have to talk about it here anymore so I can move to knitting.

Miss April, Miss Ellen and I did the Resurrection High School Bazaar. This was the one, we were told. The one that had people lining up to get in and big crowds and was wonderful.

It lived up to its billing. We felt outclassed by some of the display booths. We decided that if we do it next year, we want a space and a half if they offer it. As it was, we did well. Everyone sold multiple items and we got lots of compliments and there were hundreds of shoppers.

This time when I say I don’t have enough for the next show – the week long Pleasant Home show – I’m not kidding. Between the Whittier Show in Downers Grove and this one, I have a depleted supply. And I can’t find my long scarves. All of them are missing. Which means I put them somewhere and don’t remember where that is.

I won’t have time to create more things because I have so many outstanding orders to fill. I am 27 away from 400. This puts me on pace to make the 400th mark by the last day of the month. I was hoping to make it in a little over a week but the math won’t let that work unless I get a couple of days of more than 3 sales each.

I finished two hats today to complete a four item order that took three days to make. Next is a scarf and I have to pay attention to it because the pattern moves. So, it’s not completely mindless but it is a break from all the hats I’ve been making.

We had our first snowfall today. Ellen said we would and she said it wouldn’t amount to much and she was right about that. But I think it’s enough for the season and we don’t need any more.

It’s also so late it’s early and I need some rest but I thought I would check in since I haven’t been here for a while. The spam messages have just turned into blatant sales pitches – even they are stressed at this time of year.

Small business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Black Friday are coming. Remember your local shops and also online shops that are small businesses. Patronize them when and if you can. It favors everyone.

Just One Victory

There was fun to be had last night at the Whitter School Bazaar in Downer Grove and Miss April and I had it.

I made my prayer to God for us to have a successful sale and part of my prayer said, “yes, I know this sounds like a half-assed prayer but I assure you my entire ass wants a good sale; especially for April but for me too, I ain’t gonna lie.”

And we have a good sale.  Miss April has discovered a niche and I cleared out some inventory, made a few contacts for some future shows (because I am a glutton for punishment) and had a good time with a friend running our own businesses. Doesn’t get much better than that.

On the Etsy front, I have passed the 350 sale mark and am now 46 away from the 400 mark. I have 21 open orders (which is about 25 items to make) and a really BIG show coming up next Saturday (with a diminished inventory because of last night.)

I live for this kind of stress. If I can pull it off it means nothing more than I pulled it off. Which could mean a lot.

Did I tell you I already voted? I was surprised at how many people have and how many people have not voted already. I thought there would be an up tick in voting after Sandy because people would want to make sure nothing happened to their vote. What a strange occurrence.

Some of my conservative or Republican (and they aren’t the same thing or the same people in all cases) pushed back at me because I questioned why Mr. Romney would claim Jeep was moving all its production to China. My question was who was he lying to and why and also what kind of alternate reality were his admirers creating in order to let him lie with such impunity.

The answer I got back was basically was I going to be fair in pointing out lies on the other side.

And while that doesn’t answer my first question, it does answer the question about what kind of reality created to make that lie OK.

This was a pretty straight forward question about why someone would tell that lie. It wasn’t a lie about the state of economy. It wasn’t a lie about the other guy. It wasn’t even an embellishment of the truth. It was a lie about a company. A big business. A successful business after a second chance was given.

Why would the business guy tell that kind of lie? It has nothing to do with the other side. How do you do that? How do you tell people their jobs are going away when you know good and well they are not? How do you, while touting what the private sector can do, throw a big part of that private sector under the bus like that?

That’s nasty.

That’s not ‘compared to the other guy’. That’s just nasty. On its own nasty.

And by the way, I get push back from my liberal/Democrat friends when I criticize the president.

I deleted the 16 spam messages waiting. There were no real winners to share. None were funny, they were just stupid and that is so not the same thing.

So much work to do…I better get started. It’s only seven days to the next show. This time next week, I hope to be at Resurrection doing my thing!