Love Will Never Do Without You


This is me – trying to get back to something that resembles a normal day – I don’t know when I will actually get back to a normal day, so I am going with the adage of ‘fake it til you make it.’

I first want to send out a thank you to all my customers who have shown remarkable patience considering it is the end of December and there are 18 of them who ordered their hats at the end of November and still do not have them. That, of course, means those who ordered in December are going to get theirs a little late as well.

Some folks were understandably tense because some of the orders were Christmas presents but those who let me know they were presents at the time they ordered got their’s sent out and for those who inquired where their order is – I told them the situation and those who have responded have been quite kind. No one has threatened me with bodily or spiritual harm – which wouldn’t help them one bit but they could still do it.

I am holding steady at 80+ orders – is it masochistic of me to have quite a full workload and still be a little put off that no one ordered anything yesterday until late in the day? Normalcy is needed because I am knitting about 15 hours a day and that is good for just three items a day.  The days are pretty long this way but folks have a right to the goods they paid for and I need to get them there.

2013 is coming and with it will come a new set of goals for the shop – including a completely vain one that may or may not increase business. I want to make it to Etsy Front Page. I’ve been on the front page of one of the sub links. I want to make it on the front of one of the emails that go out. Complete vanity. But I love the challenge.

I want to expand the blog to include other aspects – like a return to sharing Etsy things I like and getting guest posts from other bloggers.

I would like to share more about the interests of the folks in my knitting group and what they are into – for instance, Bernie does a lot with Relay for Life to fight cancer. Melissa wants us to become more involved with craft shows. Erin is committed to finding a cure for CF because her son has it. And this group, which gets along quite well, is a great mixture of all kinds of diversity and have a wide range of interests.

There are horizons to explore and I want to see them. But right now, I have to get knitting to close out 2012.

Oh Boy



I know…it’s been forever. But you know I’ve been busy. I am, in fact, still busy, but I needed to do some down time stuff. I will be going back in short order to finish a hat and get started on another one.

Remember, I was doing that mad countdown to 400? Now, I am about 18 away from 500 – but I suspect some people will be cancelling their order when they find out they might not make it for Christmas.

Try as I might, I really can’t do more than 3 hats in a day. There were two days that had a huge amount of orders in them – I had 80 orders in November and I was already pushing busy. I even closed down the shop for a few days but I got 30 orders in a week when I reopened.

Mr. Honey thinks I should have hours during the year when the shop is closed. Kinda like a brick and mortar store is closed on Sundays. I think it’s just part of doing business and this is going to be a busy time of the year as long as I have good products and pricing. Closing down the shop time didn’t really do too much for me. I don’t know.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas but there is the Connecticut tragedy that is with us and there is no merriment there for them and cannot really be for any of us. Instead, I wish the grace of the season. Knowing we are a troubled people and knowing we need intervention, God is going to send a promise and a hope to all the people of the earth – even those who do not believe that there is a God or that his grace is there for each of us.

We need to feel that grace. It is come. There are those who are in such pain they cannot reach for it and so I hope it covers them. There are those who don’t want to feel it and so I hope it stands by for that inevitable time when it will be needed. There will be those who slap it away and I hope it stays strong; ready to be wrapped around those people when they grab for it and a balm.

I don’t even try to understand it. Some thing just make no sense and there is no explanation, even one that I can follow, that will make this a viable option to any problem he was having.

In the season when a child is sent so many children are lost and there is no reasoning so there must be faith and grace. We have no choice if we are to remain human.