I believe in do overs. I call do over all the time. And I am doing it again today. I am regarding this as if I’ve never blogged before. Mainly because it’s been so darned long since I’ve written anything because I have been knitting and crocheting up a storm.

My cousin, Joanie (I got her in the marriage – and she’s a hoot!) reminded me that I am a good writer. This comes on the heels of me missing writing and seeing things about writers, publishing and writing at almost every turn. One could think it was a sign – if one believed in signs.

It becomes increasingly important for me to do some writing – not just because it is a gift of skill – but because it might well keep me from going insane. I’ve been knitting nonstop since the last part of 2012 and I do believe I may be going a little bat ass crazy. (Do not ask me what bat ass crazy is. If I have to explain it you ain’t ever been there and if you ain’t ever been there, I am going to preserve the mystery.)

You want to know how ‘bad’ it’s gotten (the quotations are so God knows this is an observation and not a complaint) I haven’t had an order in three days – and I don’t care. The one before that was five days ago and I consider it a blessing.

I purchased a dry board calendar sometime in December and pulled the wrapping off that puppy last night and mapped out the orders I have. 3 a day and if I don’t get another sale until they’re done, it would take me right up to Feb 24. This euphoria of not being affected by a slow down of sales will not last but I am not in a rush to make it get here any faster.

I am looking forward to doing some new things and putting new things in the shop but three items  a day will take me about 10-15 hours to knit. That does not give much time for the new stuff – though I do have ideas and notes. But getting too far ahead in the thinking only encourages disappointment as my days are already bought and paid for. I do feel better getting those orders out and this is what I asked for so I cannot diss the blessings – that would be bad form and rude.

But I do have to say – I’m a little ‘knit up’ at the moment. This, too, shall pass, as it is one of the greatest blessings of my life and has the added benefit of contributing to the family in such a way that we have not, as yet, had to touch any of the retirement money. It keeps me overflowing in fiber, is a great reason to get together with some of the best women I know ( hi y’all) and Mr. Honey won’t let me make him anything other than a scarf every now and then so I don’t have the pressure to create a sweater for a loved one and then watch as he doesn’t wear it. There is also the never-ending pleasure of seeing someone’s face when they make a comment on how knitting could never really be a ‘job’ and how I make a few extra dollars with my ‘hobby’ and I respond by saying, ‘That all might be true (it isn’t but it once was when I started out) – but now I do pretty well – KNITTING.”

That’s pretty freaking good.

So this feeling will not last so long…but I cannot abandon the feeling I get by writing.

Balance in all things.


The Case of the Missing Skeins


I do understand that given the title of the post it might be a better visual to have a picture of skeins. But I don’t have pictures of skeins so there it is.

Here’s the deal: Mr. Honey purchased nine bins for me. Lovely, square bins that look like cubes. They are clear and have lids and are somewhat stackable and I love them. I started filling them up with the yarn that is all over the living room (and some of the dining room) and it was not long before all nine bins were full – and there was still some yarn left.

Let me just say that this, like nothing else, has convinced me that I really have reached the pinnacle of a yarn stash and I should more than consider I don’t need to purchase anything else for a while even if that means not offering all the colors I could in the shop or at least knitting 120 hours straight (which is almost a reality) until I can use some of the stuff.

These 9 bins are in addition to the 5 containers and the 7 other matching bins that are also filled with yarn.

I have a lot of yarn – and 4 skeins were missing.

Mr. Honey, in a moment of man wisdom – said “If you did your inventory, you’d know where they were.”

My response: “Because I did my inventory, I know they’re missing.”

Normally, I’m not sure I would be worried about where 4 skeins of yarn were. I mean, yarn is everywhere in this house. It could wind up in the freezer because, you know, I want to keep it fresh. I would not be surprised to find it in the BBQ grill outside.

But I am concerned about these four skeins because they cost $17 each. I normally purchase fiber at $4.50 a pop (tax included) so imagine – what those four skeins cost me would cause checkout mania at Hobby Lobby. “Don’t get in line behind the woman with all the yarn, honey.”

I searched everywhere for them. Upstairs/Downstairs,  Downton Abby. They were nowhere to be found. I distinctly remember having them in the living room. (This is important to remember – I distinctly remember having them in the living room.)

After a couple of days of wondering if I threw them out and wondering how that could be possible since they were all together in the same bag, I decided the best thing to do is retrace my steps from the time I had them in the living room back to…I didn’t know when – so I thought I’d retrace my steps from the time I purchased them.

Bought four skeins at Knit Nirvana. Put them in the trunk of the car. Head off to Hobby Lobby. Get a call. Change of plans. Have to go somewhere else. No Hobby Lobby today. A few days later go to Hobby Lobby and JoAnns – if there were a Michael’s nearby it would have been a trifecta. Remove ALL the bags of yarn from the van and take them into the house and put then in the living room. Work out of the bags until Mr. Honey brings home the bins. Transfer yarn into bins and notice 4 skeins missing and start the panic.

Yep. I’m a dweeb.

What a Wonderful World

jeremy and beth

This is my sister-in-law (past) Beth and her son, my nephew, Jeremy. Kind of hard and cute to look at him taller than his mother when I used to cart him around under one arm. This is a man. He’s a man that’s still a kid because, damn it, seniority has some advantage. And the generations will be respected.

That kid just had this kid: Ana Marie

ana marie













Shut up. You can’t tell me nothing.

OK. The first thing I noticed was the hat. The second thing was she is Jeremy’s Mini Me. Looks just like her daddy, this one does.

Look: three generations.

I used to pal around with Jeremy. We would go places and do things. I did that mostly with him and Nic. I am still young enough to pal around with Ana Marie but she lives in Baltimore – so she’ll have to pal around with my sister – close but not nearly as cool.

Crazy thing about love: this little girl has created a whole new level of love for at least five families. One new beginning reboots generations before it.

My brother is now a grandfather and my other brother will be a grandfather in the spring and E Rick is already causing a buzz.

It is the happy kind of sad. I am extremely grateful that Beth’s mother is here to see a great-grandchild. Beth’s dad and both our parents are gone. Though I am certain when I look into the clear sky there will be a star that shines just a little bit brighter because Stephen, Dorothy and Johnnie are together looking at what they’ve had a hand in doing.

Now that we have the name, the blanket design is going on the boards.

She looks pretty content, doesn’t she?

May you know you have all of God’s great blessings right now. May joy fill your days to overflowing so the dark days don’t last long. Teach your parents well. Love early. Love as many things as you can. May your entire life be promises made, promises spoken and promises fulfilled. May the love you have today surround you always in family, friends and faith.

It was a wonderful world the day before yesterday but yesterday it became miraculously more wonderful and it will never be the same again. So glad you’re here.

Running Out of Tape


That isn’t code for anything – I’m really running out of tape. It’s kind of caught me by surprise because it started out as a big ass pack of six rolls and I am on the 5th roll. I can’t even tell you how long it took to go through it – though I am certain it has taken less than a year and I vaguely recall standing in the aisle at Staples wondering if I wanted to buy a big ass six pack of tape and spend all that money (probably something like $30) all at once. Apparently I thought it was a good investment.

Do not ask me why this fascinates me or why I thought it would fascinate you.

I’ve decided what my first new project of the year will be. When I have the time to actually get to it is yet a mystery but I am looking to make some market bags. Cotton bags that can be used at the store, Farmer’s Market or the beach. I have a bunch of cotton yarn and I think that would make a lovely spring project – that’s right, spring. It’s time to take down that winter decoration stuff and think spring. Not that winter has been harsh here in Chicago – not thus far and it wasn’t last year, either, but I am ready for the warmer – read 40 – 75 degrees – weather. I want to go back outside to knit and to walk around. I also plan the return of gardening this year.

The question of the year is: When does she find time to knit?

Today I will get a great niece or nephew, my nephew Jeremy and his wife Lilliana will be bringing their first child into the world. I always get a bit misty eyed when I think I babysat him and changed his diaper and even had to discipline him once in a while and still maintain my ‘cool aunt’ status and now he is about to become a father. It feels a natural progression of things but I do wonder when he became older and when did he grow up and how come I still feel like I’m in my 20’s 30’s.

Lily has learned how to knit and she loves it, so the new baby blanket will come from mama and not from me – I made them their wedding afghan – but as soon as the baby is born (they don’t know what they’re having) and as soon as I know the name – which I suspect is going to be a lovely Latin name – a new blanket design that includes intarsia or duplicate stitching will be coming off the board.

The best part is that I now get to call my brother ‘grandpa’ and since he is a writer perhaps he can write something about this new chapter in his life. My other brother will soon be a grandfather as well. His daughter is due in the spring. She is expecting a son whose name will be Erick. It’s a play on words – her name is Erica and my brother’s name is Rick. Clever, huh? Of course, I will be calling the child E Rick. Because that’s how one get cool aunt status and taunts her brother at the same time. Efficient.

I have hats to make – a gray Cableret, a taupe Cableret and a granny square hat have to manage to come off the needles and hooks today. Another great thing about the new year: my regular mail person is back today so I feel comfortable leaving my package for her to pick up!

Happy New Year


I don’t even want to look back and see if I made my goals from 2012 – mainly because I know I made some and missed some. So, best to let the past go its own way while I look forward. I do have goals for the new year and they are quite specific and somehow I don’t really want to share them all that much.

Generally speaking it’s about improving relationships and being better at business.

I will talk about that. I firmly believe the key to business success (at least my business success) is to reach out to other folks, hold them up where I can and spread the wealth. A couple of years ago, I used to do a top ten list every week of Etsy finds. I can’t say it helped me get any sales but it was fun. I am bringing that back, in a way, I don’t think I am going to do a top ten list but I am going to be posting fun things I find on Etsy – and that can be found on the new page in the blog called Shout!

I am also closing the shop a couple of days every month and really taking those days off. I won’t even be picking up the needles. The exception, of course, will be those days when the day off corresponds with the knitting group.

I already have a sale for 2013! So, I don’t get to have the anxiety over that first sale. Darn.

I will be writing more – one because of the pages that will be added to the blog but also because I really miss it and I really want to finish one of the books or novels and I believe I can do that and have a successful shop as well.

I hope the new year ahead is filled with joys and blessings for you and your family. There are bound to be some trials and tribulations and I hope whatever they are they are in short supply and of short duration.

Off to meet the new year!