That Space Time Thing

knitted newsboy in aubergine
knitted newsboy in aubergine

I do not believe I will be able to find someone who can explain to me why I, acknowledged to be a fast knitter/crocheter, who can start a hat at the beginning of the Wednesday night knit club and have a finished hat at the end of it three hours later, take an entire day at home to make a hat.

I just know I started that hat yesterday before noon. I’m pretty darn sure of it and yet it was dark outside and it’s been getting dark after 7 pm lately; it was after dark when the hat finally came off the needles. I know I stopped working to work out. But I sure didn’t work out for ten hours. I know I stopped to make dinner. But why wasn’t it done before I stepped into the kitchen – to make a fabulous dinner of porterhouse steak with onion sauce. OMG, that was some good stuff. I don’t understand what happened.

So, I can only conclude the time at the mall is different from the time in the house. The mall is in a different dimension and considering the Friday afternoon knit together is also in a mall, the time must be different there as well.

The time must be different because the space is different. The dimension must be different because I swear, I can finish a hat in the three – three and a half hours I am there and that includes eating dinner or lunch. It would also explain why the crochet Juliet cap is till not done and I know it’s been in my hands and worked. I am convinced there’s something here and a studious and committed science student who figures this out could find themselves in Oslo.

I have a confession: in the wee hours this morning, I purchased some yarn. I did not give in to the temptation of the yarn sales. I was looking at the shop because I wasn’t renewing the expired or sold out listings because this is a slower time in the shop and I was also looking at the list I made of how many of each item I’ve sold and one of the biggest sellers is this and I am running low on this yarn. It is also a yarn from Hobby Lobby and according to Miss Vickie they still haven’t restocked their shelves which were supposed to be restocked at the end of last month. If you look on their website, it is clear they haven’t made much progress since I thought they were restocking the shelves but they did have this particular fiber stocked and they also had the fiber that made this and because I think it’s a fun fiber that would look good in other patterns, I took advantage of the free shipping and ordered five skeins. Also, I’ve sold a couple of the black tweed hats and wanted to have some more on hand. I just used my last skein last week.

It was purely a business decision. Not a speck of fun in it.

I did have some fun with a yarn color called Ocean from Caron by the Pound. Those who have been around for some time may recall Caron by the Pound was my fiber of choice before I found Hobby Lobby but now since it seems Hobby Lobby is in flux, I cannot rely on them as I have. I used the ocean before but the color just hit me yesterday – maybe that’s why it took so long to make the hat; I was admiring the color. I can also tell you the taupe color I prefer is also Caron by the Pound. But I have abandoned the idea of using just one yarn brand. Hobby Lobby has broken my heart and I will never love that way again.

It gave me the idea I should keep notes on the fibers I really enjoy using and to get them when I need to restock. I would love to get the stash down from the more than 140+ different varieties to about ten with a variety of acrylics, blends and natural fibers. The Caron in ocean would be one of them because the color is so rich and yet so calming.

Today’s knitting agenda is a taupe cable hat followed by an elfin in green and a redo of a gray puff. I’d have better luck finishing them if I went to the mall.



The Man Cap
The Man Cap

I want you all to know I resisted another yarn sale. Initially Ewe is having a 50% – 75% off sale and I was tempted to go out there and poke around. I even called to see if the yarn I was looking for was on sale – it wasn’t. I don’t know why that always happens. A store announces this big ass sale except the yarn I’m interested in is never on sale. Nirvana had a Super Bowl sale but they didn’t put the Misti Alpaca I wanted on sale. I even told the owner if she had it on sale, I would come and buy her out – I’m known for doing that – and she had more than a dozen skeins. She wouldn’t do it.

I didn’t try that this time around. I accepted the Cascade Quattro was not on sale and that was that for me. The regular Cascade is on sale for less than $4 a ball so for those of you who want to visit Western Springs, I think the sale still goes on. They just extended it. But I don’t want regular Cascade and I still have balls that are in original packaging and lots more to work up. So the upside of having new yarn to love wasn’t enough to win over the cons. So the yarn stayed in the store or went home with someone else. I still have all my money and gas and I don’t have yarn in the house that I will use ‘one day.’ It’s an all around good thing.

There are three hats orders waiting to be sent out. There’s a teal cable hat that’s up next to be followed by another one in taupe and a purple elfin. I need to do a redo on a hat that goes with the elfin so my Monday and Tuesday are spoken for.

Somehow, a Juliet Cap has found itself on the hook. This one in a pretty sea blue color.  Just jumped right on the hook. What could I do? I think the great thing to note is the yarn came out of the one of the stash bags. Great for me. I have to use it all up. Headbands, hats, whatever.

The thick headband I did came out fine except I messed it up a little on the seam. Completely fixable in blocking. We haven’t had great weather so I haven’t been able to get out and do the photo taking that needs to be done. We’re supposed to have a clearer day tomorrow. I don’t need a completely sunny day but a clear day without rain and a whole lot of wind would be great.

I have the knit group on Wednesday but I am living in a little bit of fear. There were six folks coming then it dropped to do and now it’s back at six. Doesn’t matter – it’s never who it says it is – but I’d like it to be someone.

There will be much to do and I have to go to sleep. I have two books of hats in front of me though so before I get off to bed, I am going to casually look through them to see what ideas pop in my head. I may even get the idea to use the actual patterns. I mean, since they went to the trouble and all. Least I could do.

Past Twelve

Taffy scarf in autumn
Taffy scarf in autumn

Mr. Honey was out of bed very early this morning because Noah was at the door selling seats on the ark. He booked us two seats away from the bugs and mosquitoes. Wouldn’t you know it? The ark is Disney Cruise.

Seriously, he was up and out before 5 this morning to make sure the pumps in the backyard were working. He had to turn on the second one and he said he got out there just in time because the waters were rising. While he was out, he said cars tried to get down the street and had to back up. He is, of course, now out on a trip to the post office and to Menard’s. I was going to try and make it to the post office and I’m glad that he went instead.

The rain has finally stopped. It got so bad they cancelled school. Who cancels school because of rain? I’ve never heard that before. Kind of pisses me off that I’m not of school age and I just get to stay home because I work here. I want a rain day.

I am working up the nerve to have a conversation with the yarn goddess. I try my best not to bother Yarndis because she’s rather finicky and moody. But I require a burst of knitting energy to get through these last orders. I will need it to get through the month of May being a knitting fool for the show. I have to consider this as being really important because so far, I am the only one offering accessories of the non-jewelry kind. I could make a killing – and considering the marketplace is part of the evening for Twilight fans and writers, bloggers, etc. – a killing might be appropriate. (I’m Team Edward, by the way.)

I think if I ask in humble tones, she might be open to giving me that burst of enthusiasm I need to plow through these last orders – including three prayer shawls – and to get them all done before the end of the month. That is the goal to take the next 13 days and get them all out.

Hmmm. Perhaps I should quit typing.

I’ll Be Alright


So one of the good things about not having cable anymore is that there is not the incessant ‘news’ about the Boston bombing. It isn’t that i am not interested in it but because we have a 24 hour news cycle, television seems to think that every minute has to be filled with it.

The bad thing about not having cable anymore is that network news is way worse than cable news in trying to cover the story. I have been irritated the past few days by:

ABC giving the event a title like it’s a Lifetime movie: Terror at the Marathon. Seriously? Like just calling it a bombing couldn’t do it? And if I heard Diane Sawyer ask one more person, “How did it feel when the bomb went off?” I would have thrown something at the t and v. How did it feel? It felt like a bomb went off!

NBC and Brian Williams. I still don’t know what the hell he was saying.

CBS just for being dull. Even WTTW irked me. I thought I would find solace and good information watching PBS but Gwen Ifill was talking to someone and asked someone: “It’s too soon to speculate but with what little we know what does that tell about who made the bomb?”

Thank goodness the guy she was talking to said something like: “It doesn’t tell us anything; it’s too soon to speculate.” He was much better than the reporter they had on from Boston who made a point of saying the instructions for a pressure cooker bomb was something that could be gotten off of Muslim websites. It was like something you could find off of foreign websites.

Way to hatemonger. You can also find them on any old website, idiot. Just put pressure cooker bomb and off you go.

Imagine how great it would have been had I been able to tune into CNN, Fox and MSNBC and listen to all of that.


There are three packages downstairs ready to go and I was going to take them over to the post office after the substitute mail carrier ignored the packages in the mailbox and didn’t take them but I didn’t want to go when the storm was that severe. I am going to take them to the PO tomorrow. Hopefully, there will be a window. I’m also glad I got a walk in a couple of days ago. Right now I could go swimming in the alley.

I’ve started a new headband. It’s pretty simple and straightforward and I really like it. I have just ten open orders and that includes the two from April. I am looking forward to taking a couple of days off. I received three positive reviews following the one negative one and that is really nice. So it’s not the first thing people will see when they go look – like some of you did..

Tomorrow I will pull out the blue yarn and make a pixie hat and as soon as the headband is finished, I will make a hat that has to go to MO. The first one was too big and I need to fix it. I also have to do a brown cable hat and on in a dark teal. Lucky me all these patterns are blazed in my memory and I can just pick up the needles and go.

The week is moving quickly. Tomorrow is already another date night and then it’s the weekend. I don’t know where the time is going but it seems to be leaving me behind. I am not sure the weather helps. The flowers are coming out but it doesn’t quite feel like spring. I don’t know that if feels like anything.

Compared to last April, I’m behind in almost every category. So, yes, I am looking forward to a day off but I would like about $120 more in revenue. I’m letting the listings expire because this is a slow time and I want to wait until after the craft show in June to photograph whatever new items I have left over and they can go in the shop.

I’m going to relax a little bit, work on the headband then climb into bed and get some sleep. I have some work ahead of me and I want to come to it with what’s left of my brain in good working order.



Cowl in almond
Cowl in almond

I don’t know what’s going on with me. I swear I’ve been knitting but it’s like I walk into the kitchen for a glass of water (OK, a brownie) and when I get back someone has magically undone a lot of the knitting but made it look like it did when I left. Therefore I am not making things as fast as I should.

There is a package ready to go and one half of another order with the second half on the needles but I wanted there to be more. There used to  be more, didn’t there?

Another bin has made it upstairs and the living room is beginning to resemble a room where we can live. There are a few bins left downstairs and some general cleaning that needs to be done and it will be good to go. I had to clear the bins out of the way so the refrigerator could be delivered and it is here and it is pretty and although it still qualifies as quiet, it’s noisier than the last one.

I sold another prayer shawl and selected the fingerless gloves I am going to start making for the show in June. There’s more than one pattern and I also have some remakes of orders I have to do.

In non-knitting news, Mr. Honey and I will be taking a trip to Costco today just to do a walk around though I do want some fruit. Can’t get a lot because the new fridge is smaller than the old one. Mr. Honey says it isn’t it’s just that the last one had coils on the back and since they don’t make them like that anymore, the new one sits back further. But I’m going on how crowded it looks when I open the door.

Also, and this may have a little something to do with why I don’t feel productive, I’m fascinated with Netflix. I don’t understand how it works. It had Law and Order – Special Victims which I don’t watch. I like the original Law and Order but when I did a search for it, it didn’t come up and then the next time I logged in, there it was. The same thing with Inspector Lewis. I could find Inspector Morse but I wanted Inspector Lewis and they didn’t have it but the next time it showed.

I watched two movies (Hey, I had knitting in hand and was working) The  Next Three Days and The Perfect Host and both had me engaged. Even though I predicted some things in ‘Host’, it took me a little time to figure out the very last scene. I want to watch ‘Days’ again so I can see the parts I fast forwarded through when I thought things were going to be a little dicey.

Compared to how I used cable, I am getting more bang from my lesser bucks with the new system. With cable, I basically watched the news shows and maybe a movie or two but it wasn’t as if I got late releases without paying extra for them – I didn’t. At least with Netflix I get more movies than I did with all the cable channels I had and it’s less than $10 a month. Considering I watch a lot of reruns during the day, it’s a much better deal. As for the first run shows I like, I will miss Monday Morning on cable and I want to see how Game of Thrones comes out and there are a few others but the main things I want to see are on network T and V and mostly on one night, I think I can survive it with just a pout of regret.

OK, it’s almost noon. Mr. H is still in bed and I’ve already walked, showered, dressed and undressed to change and worked on a hat and there’s much more to be done so I better be about it.

Let’s not talk about the Cubs.

This Time Around

The Cowl in brown
The Cowl in brown

Carol wanted to know if Etsy had away of leaving feedback for folks that leave feedback for you and the answer is: yes and no. I can leave feedback for the buyer but it won’t appear on her profile. It’s not made public to other folks. The only way to find it would be if someone reads her feedback then somehow gets to my page and reads my feedback left for other people.

I must say this is one of the areas where Etsy falls short. They won’t remove the feedback from someone who obviously got it a little wrong because they say it’s not in the policy.

Despite the fact that means I could go on someone’s shop page and say: got the product, love the product, got it fine but you know, I think I just want to leave them a negative just because I can.  Etsy would not remove it because it doesn’t violate the policy, despite that, I am going to make an assumption and someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty certain Moses didn’t bring those policies down from Mt. Sinai on some stone slats.

In other words: your policies need to reflect the reality of what is happening in your business.

They also say they don’t display the feedback because of privacy issues. But there is no assumption of privacy in an open market. And if I put feedback out there, I have no right to privacy when it comes to a response. The feedback system as it stands now is buyer friendly and that opens up the seller to blackmail and extortion.

There is also this thing called ‘kiss and make up’ where if someone leaves negative feedback, you can send them a request to change their feedback, supposedly offering something to make it all better. In this case the hat was delivered before she left the feedback and she had other options other than leaving feedback that would have led her to the tracking information – for instance, if she had tried to open a case for non-delivery, she would have been led to her tracking info and found the hat had already been delivered. I can’t bend the arch of time so there’s nothing to make up. I did send it, however, after she acknowledged she had it and after answering her question as to why I didn’t respond to her email.

I can, and will, leave feedback if she doesn’t respond by Monday.

On happier knitting news, I sold the first of the new Juliet caps and it wasn’t even one of the ready to ship ones. Very nice.

I was telling my friends during knit group that I worked hard to get a hat finished late Thursday night and took it upstairs to mail it only to discover I made it in the wrong color. Sigh.

I feel like such a slug not getting hats done faster only to get one done and it was the wrong color. The new one is all packaged up and will now be sent priority mail since I also messed up to shipping label. This is a lesson about rushing. There is a taupe hat on the needles that will be followed by a white hat and the two of them will go off together to be followed by another taupe one heading off to Australia.

The second headband still isn’t done but it’s in the final stages and I have a modification on the pattern to make a second type of headband.

The good news is the show we had the past two years in May isn’t going to happen this year so I can work for the June show that is happening.  Now I can plan on having new stuff and a section for clearance of items I’ve had for a long time.

Six containers are now in the hall and doing fine. There is a space for others to come up. I did a first round clean up of the living room so the refrigerator could be delivered and they were on the doorstep a little after 8 this morning and did a very nice, swift and clean delivery of the new and take out of the old. Now maybe we can have some decent ice cream that’s not too soft.

The weekend managed to sneak in again. I am determined the next day and a half to do some serious order filling. After all, winter is back or at least spring isn’t here so there are still needs.

Last Night I Didn’t Get to Sleep

The Boyfriend Hat
The Boyfriend Hat

It had to happen sooner or later and truth to tell, it doesn’t have me bummed because it happened.

I got my first negative feedback in my shop. I don’t put much stock in feedback because most people don’t leave it and the Etsy system will pretty much allow a buyer to say anything they want and they won’t do anything about it.

The person who left the feedback said they ordered a hat in February and by the date they left the feedback (yesterday) they hadn’t gotten the hat and that she sent contacted me and I didn’t respond.

1. The Etsy system shows no attempts to contact me. None.

2. USPS tracking shows the hat was delivered three days before she left the feedback and the tracking was sent to her when the shipping label was created.

I did write to her to tell her this and she responded that she did, in fact, have the hat. No explanation on why she left the feedback she did. Etsy could remove feedback but they won’t even though she admitted to having the hat before she left the feedback.

They do have this thing called Kiss and Make Up where if negative feedback is left, the seller can ask the buyer to change the feedback. I requested that she change it but she doesn’t have to. She wanted to know why I didn’t respond to her emails and I told her I didn’t receive them. I also suggested that she communicate through the Etsy system since that records every communication made otherwise there’s no guarantee. Haven’t heard from her.

I really don’t mind getting the negative. I just want to have earned it.

That’s not why I couldn’t sleep:

The cable is out and the final bill game to $38. Netflix has been getting quite a workout. Thor, Captain America, Scandal, The West Wing, a version of Pride and Prejudice that was so bad I couldn’t take more than fifteen minutes of it.

Because I was busy installing the TiVo and it was my night to cook and other stuff, it took a long time to complete an order. Finally got that done. I was actually in bed at a decent hour. Just took some time to get to sleep because there was so much left undone during the day.

This morning I had to finish the install because I had to wait for their system to update. Then I noticed when I went to get some ice that the ice cube trays were kind of funny. Turns out they were fine but the 26 year old refrigerator which I told Mr. Honey a few months back was sounding funny, was finally giving up the ghost.

We went on line and selected a new one and Mr. Honey went out after 7 pm to go and purchase it. Dinner was a little late and I still have orders. The refrigerator is coming on Saturday so I have to clear out the living room and dining room because they are coming through those rooms.

I’m just a little tired. I think what I’m really keyed up about is getting rid of the cable. The cost of Netflix for the year is $96 the cost of the Tivo box was $125. My cable bill was about $150. I think I was busy kicking myself for keeping something so expensive for so long. Maybe I was busy counting my money.

I hope to back to my normal course of normal tomorrow. I have a hat on the needles for one order and two hats coming up for another order. I have another headband on the hook. I have three items ready to photograph but we’re having rain and thunderstorms and that is not conducive for photo taking unless you’re taking photos of rain and thunderstorms.

I have a feeling I am going to sleep a little later than usual. I will allow myself that indulgence should it come up – can’t really do anything about it anyhow – but then it’s up and at em. Things to do. Things to do.


Knit mittens
Knit mittens

This is how many miles Mars is from Venus. Explains a lot, doesn’t it. Carol commented that her husband’s veins popped.

What is it with men and redecorating? (BTW, stop by Carol’s blog. She does way more pics of WIP than I do. Glad you’re still on the cured list, girl. You beat that cancer all the hell.)

I’ve thought about doing WIP photos but it would be of the same couple of hats over and over and well, I’m also lazy. Much easier just to link to the shop.

I actually don’t expect the redecoration project to be a stereotypical Mars vs. Venus thing. I expect that once he gets into the cleaning thing, he will drive me crazy. Mr. Honey is a much better wife than I am. He can be Stepford when he gets in a zone and the thought of us deep cleaning may send him into a frenzy. Though the last time I did a good cleaning on the living room with my BFF, Billie, he pretty much stayed out of the way.

We’ll see what happens.

The headband is finished….maybe…sort of. I have to add the buttons but now I am have a debate with myself if I want to add another finishing touch. I think I do but I don’t think I have enough cotton left in the skein to do it and nothing would be more frustrating that starting it only to discover there isn’t enough to finish it. If I can have a completed article without having to purchase any extra that would be great. (As I write this someone is drafting a resolution to have me kicked out the stash society. “Be it resolved as she had a legitimate reason to yarn shop but did not…’)

On the other hand, there is so little of the skein left that it doesn’t have a real use. Not enough to make a spa cloth or soap sack. The greater sin is to let it languish or consider a mercy killing. Hold on a second, I have to go see if this will work….talk amongst yourselves…

Well, it seems there was more than enough and there’s some still left over. The remnants will have a life as the next time I go shopping, I can pick up some more of the hot pink and can use it. All’s well that ends well. So now, all that’s left are the buttons.

I have to get a package downstairs to send off or take a trip to the post office. There’s a puff slouch that’s almost done then I have to crochet a hat in the black sparkle yarn.

I was on Facebook last night (re: early this morning) and I saw WEBS, which is a yarn store, is having a hell of a yarn sale. I am so tempted. I am tempted because not only do they have most of their stock on sale but some of it is also discounted so if you buy a certain amount, you can get up to 25% off. I am eyeing the Plymouth Encore Chunky, a yarn I’ve always wanted to get my hands on. It’s actually not on sale because it’s less than $6.00 a ball but I can get the discount with as little as ten balls.  (The stash society pauses in the extraction procedures as they wait to see what I do.)

I’m not going to order it. I have time. Since it’s not on sale, there’s no real rush and in the meantime, I can purchase one or two balls of it from the Woolly Lamb where I know they sell it and I can work it up to see if I love it as much when I work with as I do when I see it. Besides, it would sit in the stash box for a long time. It would be more of an emotional thing than a business thing and I can learn control over impulsiveness.

In other knitting news, the hope chest can hold six bins because I can stack them two high before touching the artwork. There are now two bins on the chest and more will make their way up.

I am getting good feedback from items I’ve sent to folks but a few of them have note that it took some time to get their items but it’s been worth the wait. So they kick me but with a really soft boot.

And I am beginning to get a little bummed out that I haven’t had a sale in a week. But only because it puts me behind last April where I had eight orders. That’s all.

Infinity scarf in fiestaThe knitting pattern I have to type up is giving me the look again so I am going to leave you to go and do that so I can put a call out for test knitters. It will be for the infinity scarf called the ‘Forever Cables’ scarf.

Much to do. Praise the Lord. Work to do and doing it with love and gratitude is one of the greatest blessings there is.

I Used to Live in the World…

soap sack
soap sack

But now I live in a yarn barn and my universe is three floor filled with fiber of the natural and manufactured kind.

Yep, I used to do community theatre and sing in choirs and walk around the zoo. But now, I get excited when the JoAnn catalog arrives and the last time I read a book that didn’t have a knitting pattern in it was…fill in any year starting with a 1.

My attention span with knitting is only outdone with my attention span to my marriage and that might be because it takes a lawyer to get out a marriage. It would take a series of yard sales to get out of the knitting. Cheaper to keep them both. Not too hard – I still enjoy them both.

The great office migration has begun. I cleared out the hallway yesterday – which consisted mainly of moving yarn from the hall in the office making the great office clean up a regression – and clearing the way for the bins to be moved from the living room up to the newly cleared space in the hall on top of the hope chest. There is enough room for three bins but that is a start and the idea is to really clear the living room.

You recall there is a plan to redecorate the house starting with the living room and I explained this plan last night to Mr. Honey while we were on our date night.

Except I added the dining room with the living room and told him we going to be redoing them both.
“What does that mean?”
“Clearing out my stuff. Cleaning. Repainting. Rearranging. Redoing.”

I expected the Norridge Police to be called to the Red Lobster to pull the deranged man off the woman who claimed to be his wife. But he just sat there with a serious look on his face and then………he nodded his agreement.

I then told him when we painted it would not be the bachelor brown. The nodding stopped but my neck is still intact so he may have processed that already and given that up as futile. I did not yet tell him we were getting rid of the forty year old carpeting – OK, it’s more like 33 years old – but c’mon. It’s also bachelor brown. If I’m gonna have that color, it can be in a hardwood floor. I expect this is where the real fight will begin. I do not yet know how I will make this argument other than it’s what we did in his mom’s place when we were getting it ready to sell and it looked great.

I may have to promise not to place yarn bins in the living room ever again. I’m thinking it’s a bargaining chip at least.

It’s the weekend again. It seemed just seven days since the last time we had one. I am into the March orders. A hat left here today and there’s another one waiting to be packed up. I am going to finish the cranberry puff hat and then have a pack party. I have a big 3 hat order to complete and I hope it will be on its way by Monday.

I hope your Easter was joyful. It’s still a little chilly in the air but the days are sunny and longer and that gives a warmth to the spirit. I am  also sending birthday wishes to one of my nearest and dearest friends and a hope for a blessed year.

Have a great weekend!

Just a little bit…

The Classic in Gold
The Classic in Gold

I found myself just a little bit frustrated yesterday because I allowed myself to get too deeply into the details and lost sight of the big picture or the forest or the long view. I had a fitful night until I woke up and remembered something I actually believe: ‘God’s got this.’  I just got to act like it and color between those lines.

I never did take that walk. I did some circuit training instead and it was a lot of fun but it’s not the same as a walk. The only good thing is the circuit training lasted longer than the walk did. The bad thing is the walk is outside and that counts for a lot.

This morning, I’ve been at my desk for a couple of hours and I am looking forward to getting out and taking a stroll. I may have to do a combo stroll/drive over to JoAnn because I did start that project I mentioned with the cotton yarn. I started it with a nice skein of hot pink (not that wuss pink – hot pink – the color tough girls like.) and it doesn’t look like it will be enough to finish it off. There’s a fancy pattern and it’s crochet, so that means it’s more yarn than if it were knitting and something like single or double crochet. Did I mention there’s a brim? So I need to travel because I am interested in finishing it off to see what it looks like.

There’s a hat ready to go and another one that is almost finished.  There’s a new hat up in the shop (two listings: one made to order and one ready to ship.) I made a hat yesterday for Jessica’s order only to discover, I made it in the wrong color. Luckily, someone else ordered the hat in the same size in the color I made, so the hat is going to them and Jessica’s hat, in the color she wanted, is coming off the needles in a few hours. Then it’s a crocheted hall of fame cap – which means buttons! Finally, the last one on today’s list is a puff slouch in cranberry that’s gotta make its way to The Netherlands – this would be my 2nd or 3rd hat over there. I still live in hope that I can actually get more than two hats done in a day. Crochet goes a little faster and since two of the hats are crocheted, it might be within reach.

I have a pattern that needs to be written and I haven’t written an essay in a couple of days and they are both looking at me like neglected step children. I really need to get on those. Not to mention the cleaning there is to do. I’m busier now than when I worked one of those regular type jobs. (Sorry, Carole, don’t want to tire you out!)

And it’s date night and the best night of television – except Beauty and the Beast won’t be on for a couple more weeks and is that basketball tournament still going? That leaves Scandal. And that is good enough. Love that show.

Things to do – and daylight is burning!