Who Gets Your Love?

granny square hat in white
granny square hat in white

I know. I know. But if it’s any consolation, I’ve been thinking about you.

Knitsville is all abuzz because the Dante Alighieri hat is almost done. The hat is done the leaves are done – those little buggers took longer than I wanted – and the ear flaps are done but they haven’t been approved yet so they are pinned onto the hat. Actually, there are two sizes one big and one way big. There’s also one that’s really small but we both agreed it was too small.

The fiber for the Drops Pattern special order arrived on Saturday – right before Mandy arrived for the block party. I have a few of the squares done for the mobius scarf. That’s what I’m starting with.

I am using Bernat Mosaic yarn in Aura. I have to say that at first glance and first use. I do like it. It is soft and, though I don’t like every color segment in the colorway, overall it’s a nice looking yarn.

A cable beret also needs to be made to go to France. I have to pull the cranberry fiber to do that. Luckily I have some fiber left. Miss Mandy was allowed to go into the Stash room and carry away some of the goods. The mistake I made was letting Melissa go with her. Since Mel couldn’t take away any for herself she enable Mandy to take more. No worries. Even though Mandy did get probably 15 skeins or so – I don’t know, I didn’t count – she didn’t put a dint in the stash. I did get to do some rearranging of the stash because I could do some combining in the bins. It gave me the chance to put the two big bins together in the closet and get easier access to the smaller bins.

I am also working on another Eden cap and this may be a one of a kind. I have this yarn that Hobby Lobby no longer makes and I was certain I had about four skeins of it and only found one  – Mandy, if you have the psychedelic looking black yarn, I do need that back – I started making an afghan with it and that didn’t work out. I may have given it away a while ago but I don’t think so. I can’t find and I don’t think I used it. Would be really nice if I could find it. I did find the afghan squares I started to make with it. I could probably get another one out of those but I would really like to find the skeins. I am really hoping I didn’t give them away. But I might have a long time ago.

There’s another hat on some needles downstairs but with three open orders I am not quite sure when I will get back to it. I am hoping to have the Dante hat finished tomorrow as well as the Eden hat so I can work on the other two projects. I also want to get more hats done for the ready to ship section. I’m getting a little nervous about that.

Mr. Honey and I went to see The Heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. We did some laughing. Didn’t even mind all the ‘F bombs’ they dropped because it had some significance to the story.

So, you see, I haven’t been slacking off. I’ve even been to church and to dinner at the Hiestands where I met the new pastor. (She has three pierces in her ears – first time I’ve seen that on a pastor.) I have been a slacker in the workout department but that will change and Mr. Honey started the painting process so it looks like that is about to go into full swing.

It’s almost August, though the weather seems to think it’s September.  Yes, I believe in climate change. Yes, I believe weather is cyclical but you can’t take away trees and replace them with asphalt; you cannot degrade the shore lines and narrow the waterways and expect those cycles to be the same. Of course the earth will adapt by giving us less than what we need to sustain ourselves because it doesn’t have as much as it did before. Take the politics out of it for a second and try common sense. It’s not an either or thing.

I’m going to put the soap box away and have a late night soda.



Where Did you see God Today?

classic in sage
classic in sage

Yesterday in church, the pastor commented that perhaps it would be a good thing at the end of the day to ask: Where did you see God today?

It is a great question: one because I see God in a lot of places and a lot of people and when I do, it is extremely hard to concentrate on bad things. When she asked it, my mind went to two places I see God all the time:

I see God every time my Facebook friend Tiera Crossman talks about her daughter who is almost one year old. ‘Bug’ is going to be quite precocious and I fall in love with both of them every time T talks about how much she loves her little girl. Note that Tiera and I are almost political opposites but I would be proud to count her as a flesh and blood friend and to babysit that little angel if she needed me to. It also helps that Tiera is incredibly in love with her husband. I know what that’s like. I don’t have her permission to show Bug’s photo but if I get it, I show you. She’s a cutie.

Photo: Happy Birthday to my amazing husband Jeremy! we love you!I see God right here in these faces. These are my nieces, Lily and Ana Maria. Lily married my nephew, Jeremy, and they had Ana in January. I see God when I think my nephew gets to see these two happy faces every day and that he takes his responsibility to keep those smiles on their faces very seriously.  Jeremy teaches grade school – a male who teaches grade school – God is in that.

Both my brothers became grandfathers this year. I see God when I think of my niece Erica being a mother to Erick. Besides, Erica, Erick has my niece Eboni as an aunt. God knows what he’s doing. That baby ain’t got a chance at not being loved to his greatest potential.

My niece, Kate, and my nephew Mike are also expecting children. Kate’s third and Mike’s fourth. Babies abounding. How can we think there is no hope, no way through, all is lost when we keep having babies. Nothing else says things can get better than bringing a new child into the world. Of course that’s a sign things will get better. After all, God did that.

Knitsville is going great guns. First, the hat pattern that wasn’t working in the last post is working just fine now. I just needed to keep going with it for it to reveal itself to me. Now that it has, I’m liking it. See? All that swearing paid off.

I also talked about possibly having two custom orders and I was just waiting to hear back from the potential buyers. Well, I’ve heard back from both of them. One has already paid for their order and one says they will pay for it on Wednesday.

I’ve already started on the one that is paid for and it’s rather interesting. It will be the most interesting hat I’ve worked on.  This is it. The buyer wants this hat made. And not only did they send me this photo, they sent me a photo of a knit hat that is representative of this hat.head-and-chest side portrait of Dante in red and white coat and cowl Those black things are leaves, by the way. He is Dante Alighieri, if you didn’t know. The writer of the Divine Comedy. Boy was styling. The thing is, the ear flaps are not really part of the hat, they are an under hat but it looks like they’re part of the red hat so that’s what he wants. I considered crocheting it because that would be faster but the photo he sent has it knit and he wanted to as close to that as possible. I am using Caron by the Pound in scarlet and increased the needles from 7 to 9 and that’s making a nice, thicker fiber. The one in the photo looked to be chunky weight. This will be a fun knit. I look forward to seeing how it comes out.

When, and if, the other one is paid for, I will show you that one. It is definitely a crochet project and another one to look forward to because it calls for a yarn I’ve never used but have a ball of. That’s all I’m saying until it solidifies.

The house is clean-ish. The paint colors were selected.  And selected again. The main color families are gray and purple and I think it will look just fine. We might hold off until after the block party because if it rains, we won’t have anywhere to put eleven people and that will be made worse if we have furniture all hither and non. But it is exciting times nonetheless and the guests will have to forgive the little clutter bombs around the house. Well, they don’t have to but they should know I won’t care much.

I’m off to cook dinner and do some more knitting. Yes, I’ve noticed I haven’t had a sale in four days and I am a little anxious about it but I am covering it well. Once these special orders are done though…





Oh S#$T

flower afghan
flower afghan

The good folks at Knitsville awoke to a lot of swearing and gnashing of teeth this morning.

The pattern I am doing for the cable hat is not working. The reason it’s not working is because I decided to do a weird ass cable – rather not so much a cable as a twist. All is not lost. I am not giving up. Swear words were used in the making of this project and to swear and then give up is a misuse of swear words. They have purpose and meaning – they exist to move us forward. We get stuck on something – in my case over and over because you know, the definition of insanity and all that – say a good, deep throated, sincere swear word and the world opens a new path and closes that old, well worn path for repairs.

Today’s plan is to work on the two orders. The gray hat is on the needles and I have a 3 hour work session coming up and that should be enough to finish it off.  Then get the taupe one on the needles. I may have two custom orders. I am waiting for the potential buyers to get back to me on the price I quoted for what they wanted. I’m not starting anything unless I know it’s a go especially since one will require me to order the fiber and is close to $100 for what they want.

We are also getting ready for the block party. We’re having more people over than normal and the menu has changed. I was going to do some gourmet burgers but when I ran this by some of the attendees they all asked: What happened to the pork roast? I made a kick ass pork roast TWO YEARS AGO and they can’t let it go. Last year I made chicken, which everyone liked, but they want the pork roast. So burgers out – pork roast in. We are also doing some rib eye steaks because I do a mean rib eye, too.
All this means is I have to clean the living room pretty quickly. And the bathroom and the hall. It will all get done. I don’t know why I like that little bit of pressure thing but it seems to work for me. I have nine days. I can do it.

Better get started!



Breaking 600

granny square hat
granny square hat

Knitsville is awash with the news that the 600th sale has come and gone and we are sitting on 601. The 600th sale is all backed up and ready to go into the mail and 601 will be going on the needles this morning.

Some folks in town are (burdened, blessed,endowed – choose whichever applies) with ‘what have you done for me lately – itis – and are looking for the next sale. It seems when sales start to come, some folks just need to see more of them to believe the last one was real. These are the folks you leave alone because they talk to themselves loudly and we don’t want to make them unhappy.

In the meantime, in the other part of town, the hat Mandy said I should work on is done. The pattern is written in longhand and as soon as I can decipher my notes, I will type it up and ask for some folks in the knit group to test it. I just asked if someone wanted to test the scarf but they didn’t. Can’t totally blame them – it’s a fairly simple scarf.

The hat is more like a watch cap with a little design feature. I made it in black and the hair on all the mannequins is dark so that might be a bit of a problem when I photograph it. I also made the Eden beanie in red and I don’t know where I put it. I also made another 3 strand headband in fawn. I know where that is but the hat is eluding me.  I would like to take pictures of all three things. By the way, the newly designed cap will be called the Mandy watch cap.

Once again, there are rewards for participating in society. Now Amanda has a cap named for her.

So, the downstairs needles will have a cable hat to make and the upstairs needles have another original design on them but I haven’t yet decided if it is going to be a hat or a scarflette/cowl. I was leaning towards hat but that doesn’t awaken any kind of anticipation in me and I think I should be looking forward to whatever I knit. But I’m not also thrilled at making the cowl. I keep being distracted by continuing with the ribbing I am using for the brim or edge. I could just keep going with it and make a basic watch cap or it is set up nicely for me to do a cabled hat. See? My pulse quickened a little bit. I just picked it up and joined it in the round – I was knitting flat because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Now I know I want to do a cross cable hat.

The town newspaper, The Knitsville Daily Swatch, will have something to write about with all the goings on around here. By the way, found the red hat. It was right where I left it. Go figure.

Because the newspaper believes in fair and balanced reporting, it will also have the story about how the 75 week plan is a little stalled. Not stopped but the weather has done a number on the workouts even indoors.  But we are determined to get it back on the rails and moving down the track.

Hey, sale number 602 just hit! That should calm the masses for a little while. It’s another cable beret – this one in taupe. Luckily, we have a bunch of taupe in stock. So the schedule for the next couple of days seems to be set. We have two cable hats to make: one gray, one taupe.

A God to praise and work to do and people to love and love me – what could be better in the world?

If I Didn’t Know Better…


OK, I didn’t go to bed until about 3 this morning. I forgot yesterday was Saturday. The day before Sunday. Sunday, the day Protestants, Catholics and Unitarians (among others) go to church. I had said I would be going to church to hear the first ‘real’ sermon of Jenny Weber, the new pastor, at First United Methodist of Oak Park.

But I wanted to sleep. I need 6 hours of sleep. Not a heck of a lot but it’s what I need. I got into bed and the clock’s first digit was a 4  (my clock runs fast) so I was thinking church was going to be out of the question because my body clock was going to keep me out of the land of the living until it said 10. That would have been 9:30 or so but I live about 15 minutes from the church and then there’s the getting ready thing. I wouldn’t have made it. As I was nodding off I told God I would leave it in his capable hands. If I was meant to go, I would awaken with plenty of time to get ready.

8:30. That’s the time the clock said when I awoke. Seriously? 8 real time. Plenty of time.

I thought about ways to redo the deal. I thought about how much time I would really need to get up, get in the shower, get dressed and make it to church before it started. I stayed in bed and willed myself back to sleep.

Didn’t work. I stayed in bed until about 8:46 then I felt myself being pulled out. I could sleep and take whatever God gave me for breaking my deal or I could keep the deal and not have to worry what was behind door number 1, 2 or 3. So I got up, got ready and I didn’t even take any knitting with me. Got to church at 9:30 for the 10:00 service. Gave thought to going home and getting some knitting. There was no yarn stash in the van – when did that happen? No crochet hook in my purse. Man, I had no yarn. No nothing. I stayed in the van and listened to NPR and on my phone I looked up stitch patterns on the Lion Brand website until about 15 minutes before the service.

I sat with Cheryl and her daughter and the service went on as usual and then it was time for the sermon. The pastor started it by singing the theme song from ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood’ and the sermon had to do with being a good neighbor. I really enjoyed the sermon and it makes me think.

Who is our neighbor? Every person on the earth. We are called to do good when we can, where we can, as often as we can and to as many as we can. Even those we do not like – especially those we do not like. We would even have to do good, if we are needed to, for George Zimmerman, who was part of the reason I couldn’t get to sleep. For me, that means I would have to do good to Young-Mee Park, the only person on the entire planet I dislike.

When the service was over, I turned to Cheryl and said, “That was really not bad!” Cheryl says she knows I am coming back to join that church. She knows more than I do at this point. Sing in the choir, yes. Join? Far away from that. But I am grateful that I was made to think. Can’t tell you the last time a sermon did that for me.

And I’m not certain that wasn’t the plan all along. The reason I was pulled out of bed on 4 hours sleep and had no knitting to distract me. I had to listen and I did and I heard, too.  We’ll move on from this shooting. We moved on from the shooting of 20 kids; we’ll move from the shooting of one. But the thought of doing good when I can remains with me and the thought and hope I would do good when it comes to me brings me comfort.


jeweled classic
jeweled classic

Well, there was no need to chart the results of those of you weighing in on what I ought to make next because the only one who did was Miss Mandy. So, since I said I would do what you told me and since Miss Mandy said I should do one of my own things, that’s what I’m gonna do.

I have an order of two hats and then I got an order for this which kind of surprised me. That means I am ONE sale away from 600. I’m also 16 away from my 100th sale of the year. Last year, I got it in September and it looks like that’s how it will be going this year unless there’s a surge this month and next.

There was another great office clean up because I moved some stuff in from downstairs and this time the clean up was very thorough. So much so that even Mr. Honey was impressed. I have five bins that have to come in but they won’t be intrusive. I told Mr. Honey I thought I had enough yarn and he kind of whispered. “I think you do.”

I had to go get the black yarn to do the two hats and would you believe it, Joann had some yarn on clearance. Big ass skeins of yarn like Red Heart Love for just $2.99. They only had one color on clearance and they had some other yarns between $1.99 – $3.99 including some Patons wool. So you know what I got? One skein of black yarn to do my hats. Not even a book or anything.  Don’t get me wrong; they had five skeins of that clearance yarn and they were in my cart. I thought I could make the poncho out of it. The reason it went back is because I already purchased yarn to make the poncho. and even if I didn’t, I still had enough yarn of some kind to make it. I didn’t need to try and justify another yarn purchase.

Anyway, to circle back around to the next project I am going to do – yes, I realize with two open orders, I should not be thinking about doing a non-order, but really the headband won’t take that long to make and the biggest decision there is how to ship something weighs practically nothing. (For those who are wondering, I didn’t charge shipping.)

I was playing with the idea of doing a cap. The original thought for this particular project was a slouch hat but I wanted to change it to a cap so the stitch texture could be more easily appreciated and then I thought, make it into a cowl. That would really show off the texture. So now I have a cowl/cap set in my head and I know what it looks like – in my head and I want to get it started but today is a knit free day. That’s right; I have the day off from knitting. I could write the pattern today but since I haven’t worked the decreases out yet, I would have to pick up the needles and knit them out but today is a day off. OK, I might sneak in a row or two of something but it’s important to take these days off. I will be clamoring for them when the stress season hits.

We were up pretty late – as in early this morning – and for some reason I thought I couldn’t sleep any longer so I got up. But now I am falling asleep with my head almost crashing into the keyboard. I am going to lay back down and see if I can get that hour or two I gave up. The weather has cooled considerably and it’s a lot more comfortable and since I supposedly have the day off, it won’t hurt anything in the schedule…nodding off again. This is bad.

Good night.

New Beginnings


My friend Cheryl asked me to attend the service at my old church yesterday to listen to the new pastor. She was going to be out of town and wanted to hear my first impressions. Saturday night she called to tell me she wasn’t going to be out of town but expected to see me there anyway. So I went.

I’m not sure how impressed I was because it was an introductory service and sermon but I did like the ‘feel’ of her. I am going to go back to hear a ‘regular’ type sermon and I have the feeling that change is coming. It’s a natural thing. It happened when the last pastor came in and people resisted it and then assimilated – sometimes to the detriment of the church but that’s a whole different discussion. People will survive the changes and I admit being curious to see what they will be and how they will manage. My instinct tells me more people will want them than will resist them so there may be some crowing but it won’t be too loud.

As for things going on in Knitsville, I’m still waiting to hear from you on what should go on the needles or hook next:

The lace crochet hat
One of my original designs
the granny square poncho

There’s nothing on the upstairs needles and the covers will be done today. All that’s left is the duplicate stitching and seaming on two of them and the pom-poms than they are out the door. I did get another order of two hats: a black eyelet rasta and a black cable hat. They will be going on the downstairs project list as soon as the covers are done and as soon as I make sure I have enough yarn left over from the last black hooded scarf I made. I made two of them and may have depleted the black yarn stash but there’s always the 40% off coupon and a trip to Joann.

There was rain this morning in Knitsville but it will clear and bring back the muggy with it. We have central air but 80 – 90 degrees isn’t hot enough for Mr. Honey to think it needs to be on. However,  Mrs. Honey was working out indoors in this heat and nearly knocked herself out so when my workout time comes the air is coming on. He’s doing a car show later so he doesn’t have to be here for the cool. He won’t suffer if he doesn’t know he’s supposed to.

For the moment, I need to go finish the covers, check the status of the black and get the other order started. Please chime in with what you think I should next. Left to my own devices we don’t know where we’ll end up.



Ah Hem…

stuffed snake
stuffed snake

There are still golf club covers to make. The second one is more than half done and I hope to have it completed and the third one on the needles soon. I spent the morning in promotion mode for the shop. I usually do some tweets but as they mostly clog up the Facebook pages, I’ve decided to try some different venues. This morning I was on Pinterest pinning and making a board. It’s right here, if you’re interested.

I also finished the Prime slouch in red. So, you know what that means: there’s a space to begin a new project. Actually, two since the covers will be done soon and I don’t have a new sale (I am pouting about it but thought I wouldn’t mention it. So much for that.)

I do recall saying I would give you some say, OK, I said I would do what you told me and after thinking about the various goals I have when selecting what to make, I have come up with the following options: please feel free to enter your choice in the comments:

Option 1: Make stock for the ‘ready to ship’ section of the shop. Something like GE DIGITAL CAMERAthis. The pros for doing this: it’s crochet – so it’s faster.

It’s pretty – so it won’t be a chore making it.

It’s simple but not too simple so it won’t be boring. I haven’t made one of these in a long time.

The con for making it: just one really. It’s not the best of the best sellers. I’ve sold a little more than a dozen so there’s an argument to be made that says I could spend the time on something else. But then again, a different color may be all this one needs.

Option 2: Work up an original design. There are several ideas in the hopper. I could just pull one out and cast on with just some idea of where I’m going and make something up all by myself. The Pros: We wouldn’t know what we got until we got it. That’s fun – not all the time but a good enough amount to consider it.

It would kill two birds – not that I want to kill any birds – but I would have a new completed item and I would also have a pattern and that could go in the shop as well.

Con: the most time consuming of the options and I have to get the house ready for the block party and the living room/dining room makeover.

Option 3: Do something new in this case something old that would be new. I could make this https://img2.etsystatic.com/000/0/5532539/il_fullxfull.270635014.jpgor my idea of this. I love this poncho. Granny square overload and the thing is, I would make it in a variegated color so I didn’t have to spend time with changing colors and all that. Remember the 40% off everything sale for one evening last Sunday? I purchased six balls of chunky yarn and I already had a couple of balls and I could totally make this.

The Pros of making this: LOOK AT IT! Who wouldn’t want to make it. She even looks happy someone made it for her. She doesn’t look like she made it herself. Sorry but she doesn’t. She looks like a wearer, not a doer then a wearer. Though she does look like she’d take credit for it.

This just looks like a lot of fun and I would have supreme granny square street cred when it’s finished.

CONS: None really. This would also take some time but that gets wiped out with the final result.

I don’t want to influence you one way or the other. I really am not rooting for over the other. The Kaffe Cape is being worked on daily, a few rows at a time in the morning and the evening. It will not be abandoned.

So those are the options. I have to get downstairs. The backstage workings of having a successful business is something they don’t tell us about when we’re starting out but I want to be more successful than I am right now and that requires work before you even get to the craft itself. But it’s what I asked for. What I am grateful for. And what I am good at.

Can’t ask for more than that! Vote….

All That I Need

triple wave afghan
triple wave afghan

Check out the post from fellow Etsyian Lucky Number Eight about celebrity knitters. I actually knew everyone on the list were knitters but I’ve never seen them in action. They aren’t kidding with it, there’s some serious knitting going on. Perhaps Knitsville should host a celebrity Knit Off and invite them to participate!

How was your 4th? The town of Knitsville went off visiting other folks this year so that left the streets available to those folks who bring the illegal fireworks across the state line and light them up! From what I can tell, there was a party going on and when the town returned some time after 10 pm, there were still a handful of revelers going about. Popped things off til about 2 in the morning before some citizen in the town ran em off. No, it wasn’t me.

CIJ 10% off Knit Scarf - Unisex Scarf - Navy and White - Womens Scarf - Mens Scarf - Hand Knit ScarfThis is finally finished, packed and ready to go. I had to fight the serious Knitometry that was going on there. This scarf did not want to get itself finished but I finally got the better of it and it came off the needles before we left for the sister-in-law’s place.  Of course, I travel with knitting and so these came with me.  I CIJ 10% off Knitted Golf Club Covers - Golf Club Covers - sports golf covers - Mens Sports - Women Sportsshould admit that these were the motivation for getting the scarf done once and for all. I was working on the first cover when I came to the white section and remembered the white ball of yarn was upstairs with the scarf and I was going to need it to finish the cover. Now, I am quite certain there s another white skein of yarn somewhere in Knitsville that does not have to be purchased and I could have dug it out. But, really, how much sense does that make? That’s why I had to urge the scarf to allow itself to be finished and that it would be a genuine pleasure to be on its way to the great state of California to the beautiful city of San Diego.

I finished one of the covers while on the visit but didn’t bring the yarn needle so, I gathered the last stitches by hand – very Little House on the Prairie – but it all worked out. Since I didn’t bring the yarn needed, I couldn’t do the duplicate stitch either. I did start another cover. I have to make three of them so why not?

That did leave me with that little issue of what would be going on the needles next since the covers are the last of the open orders and heaven forbid the needles upstairs stay empty. So last night this went on the hook CIJ 10% off Crocheted Hat - The Eden Cap in Brown except in red  No need for any instructions or notes, it’s a pretty straightforward slouch hat.

Today in Knitsville, we will be working on the golf club covers and now that we don’t also have to do the scarf, we are hoping to finish them off today and have them in the post sometime tomorrow that will leave us with the choice of what to make next. We are working on what I am  calling the Kaffe Cape, click the link to see it in a previous post. Add a couple or rows yesterday and was really happy with it. Threw in a variegated yarn to spice it up a little. I’ve decided I want to use about seven colors before starting to repeat them and then add a new color as an old one is used up.

I don’t want to jump the gun and decide was to work on next while the covers are still on the needles. I don’t want them to think they are unloved and unwanted – indeed they are wanted having been purchased before their birth – so I will just say this: I am thinking of what might be coming sooner rather than later and I may ask you all to get involved – including those lurkers. I want to hear from you. I am thinking of showing some options for what comes next to the shop and letting you decide. This will be an exercise in letting to. Miss April says I am controlling which I have resisted but this will be a test. I will go with whatever you select.

I need a weekend.


The Bank Fuzz

one big order
one big order

I went to look in my wallet yesterday for something and I saw this.  Now, while this may be a source of pleasure for some and a source of ‘no big deal’ for others. It was a source of OH MY GOD for me. Because it wasn’t supposed to be there. It’s supposed to be in the bank. When I pulled up to the ATM and made out the deposit slip and put the money and the check into the machine with the big buttons and wrote the dollar amount on the envelope, it included this. I told the nice bank people they would have $50 extra than what I gave them.

Thoughts ran through my mind: I could go up to a branch of the bank that was still open (It was after five when I discovered I was a fugitive) and I could tell them I made a mistake three days ago. Then I thought, wait, I just checked my balance today, why does it take them three days to figure this out. Then, I have to go and tell them because they obviously cannot count and they need to know where they $50 is that is throwing their books wildly off. Then, I need to find a new bank if $50 is going to throw them this far off.

Surely, I thought, they would just discover the error and do a correction and all would be well. Except they would send the bank police to question me as to why I was trying to defraud them of $50. I awoke with this on my mind so the first thing I did was to transfer $60 from another account into the bank account – that’s right, I wanted them to know I was good for the $50 so much that they could get an additional $10 for the trouble.  Then I went to the bank account where the felony mistake was made. They already made the adjustment and it doesn’t look like the account is flagged with a menace to society notice or a BOLO. So I guess I’m fine. Though I did check for flashing lights and sirens outside the house. In the end, the bank is going to have $10 more than it would have had I not made the mistake.

You all know I am going to put that $50 back in the bank, right?

Things are humming on all cylinders in Knitsville. We had to take a trip the Post Office yesterday because the Knitsville Mail service forgot to take the package that was sitting out. This happens when the regular postman, Liz, is away from her post. So, on the way back from getting the yellow yarn, we stopped at the post office. BTW, we did have a 40% off coupon and we purchased a big ass yellow skein. While we were there, we noticed the books were also 40% off and I pulled this delightful little book that was normally $11 and so the book and big ass skein cost what the big ass skein would have cost alone. We have to love these things when they happen.

The first of three covers is on the needles downstairs, the scarf continues upstairs and I am a little concerned it’s hit knitometry and is being stubborn about being finished. Just a little concerned. I don’t want to give it ideas and it’s sitting pretty close to the computer. Once the scarf is done, I will need a new upstairs project. The random shawl is staying downstairs. I can work on anything up here. I now have a set of circulars up here and a ton of straight needles and some crochet hooks and a yarn needle. I lost one of my Chibi needles – there is a tear in my heart. It’s probably under a chair or table so it’s safe for a little while but I miss having it around. I am contemplating taking one of the projects out of my Ravelry cue and working on that.

Nah, that makes too much sense.