Get My Boogie Down

leaf scarf
leaf scarf

Here’s the thing: I’ve been blogging in my sleep so I wake up thinking I’ve blogged and told you things and for the past few days I’ve been surprised that the date on the blog has been a week ago and today it just hit me I haven’t really been blogging- I’ve been dreaming about blogging and other weird things – like the ” I before E except after C” rule doesn’t apply to the word ‘weird’.

They had to change my meds because I was getting the rare but serious side effects and when the cure is worse than the disease, well,you really shouldn’t take the cure. I will miss the old meds though, one it worked really well – except for the stomach bleeding thing – and it also gave me really strange dreams:

The first night I dreamt Mr. Honey really wasn’t married to me. He was married to Melissa. She lived with Chris. Mr. Honey lived with me but the two of them were married. They were married when he married me. Yes, Mr. Honey was a bigamist. They didn’t bother telling me, though, until they decided they were going to take a 3 week trip around the world. At the end of the dream, I was calmly explaining to Mr. Honey why the whole thing didn’t work for me. We were in the basement when I explained it. I don’t know for sure because I woke up but I don’t think they made the trip.

The second dream, I was in the bathroom which overlooks the backyard and the window was open and the three darling girls from next door were having a tea party in our backyard with about 30 of their closest friends. They had two tables set up: I do not know how 30 of them got around the two table but there they were and behind them there was a guy who was landscaping the hill in our backyard. (That hill does not exist but it sure was pretty.)

I asked the girls what they were doing. “Having a tea party.” (Duh-oh) “Didn’t Mr. Honey tell you that you couldn’t have a tea party over here?” (Note, in real time, Mr. Honey was in the backyard when his favorite of the three girls asked if she could run through the sprinkler since he was watering the lawn. He told her no because he knew that a yes to her meant a yes to anybody under the age of ten. How this translated into a tea party is anybody’s guess.)
Anyway: Mr. Honey had indeed told them they could not have a tea party in the backyard and they did it anyway to which I said: “Get out.” And they did. Very nicely and quietly and they took their tables with them. They did not, however, take the landscaper. I looked at him and said, “Who are you?” “I’m the landscaper.” (Duh-oh again – my dreams are filled with the obvious.) I called for Mr. Honey to deal with him and he went into the backyard and asked him what he was doing there. “I just wanted to show you the job I could do for you for just $25 a week.” He was doing a nice job, after all, we got a hill out of it. But Mr. Honey told him he had to leave and didn’t give him anything since he never asked for the demo. So the guy left. (Did you note that Mr. Honey survived the basement dream?)

The last night of dreams before taking away the happy pills was wall to wall porn. Every single sequence. Everything was like a 24 hour Vivid trailer. Not that I know anything about Vivid trailers. I can’t even describe the scenes – though I do remember them. But the good news: they used condoms.

I’ve been on the new meds since Thursday – can’t remember a single dream.

In Knitsville, they are celebrating the 615th sale. They are really celebrating it happened in August instead of September because that is a sign of good things to come. September started tomorrow and I am thinking Knitsville is going to be hit with 50+ orders. That’s what we’re hoping anyway. The Knitsville Chamber of Commerce wants some new technology but they don’t spend what they don’t have so the orders have to go out so the new stuff can come in.

There is an order being shipped off today – it is order 615 so that leaves some free time. A headband has been made as well as a simply cowl but since there are no orders, we can concentrate on getting new items photographed – except it’s raining today – and new items on the needles. Looks like baby hats and scarves/shawls.

I will be working on the living room redesign this weekend while Mr. Honey is working on the dining room – hopefully we have the arthritis thing covered and can get on with it.

It’s Labor Day weekend – have a great 3 day weekend!


Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

classic slouch in gold
classic slouch in gold

For those that don’t follow my personal Facebook page, yesterday I received a diagnosis of degenerative arthritis – currently, I am on two pain medications: one makes me loopy the other makes me sleepy – so at this very moment, I am sloopy. I may not make any sense at all. Which might be better than the sense I normally make. If this post ends in a middle of a sentence, I am blaming the medication for kicking in and taking over.

The good news to be had is this form of arthritis isn’t the kind that spreads so where they find it is where it is. Mine happens to be in my legs – so I can still knit and write.

I see an orthopedic specialist on Monday for the plan of action. Obviously continuing to drop weight will be one of things that will help and we will see what else there will be. The damage that’s done is done – there’s no bringing back what’s been lost so the idea is to slow it down from getting worse.

What I’m really concerned about is the trip we’re supposed to take. We have travel insurance so if the treatment plan doesn’t have the desired effect, we shouldn’t lose the money but having the restriction will make me unhappy.

I’m also thinking that marathon I was planning for the twelfth of never isn’t going to come off, either.

I picked up the needles for the first time in two days. I was knitting Wednesday evening when the pain struck and although nothing stops the postman, the pain shut me down. I was, no kidding, in tears most of the night. I am not one to visit the doctor unless I really have to – the last time I had to I was in intensive care – but I promised my triage nurse sister that if I wasn’t feeling well by the morning, I would take myself in. She said I didn’t have to go to the ER but rather an urgent care facility. We ended up going to two: the Resurrection Care on Cumberland and the Resurrection Care on Harem – because I wanted the diagnosis confirmed.

Both places were excellent from the staff to the doctors. If I had to get bad news, I got it in the most positive way and I appreciate the thoroughness they provided.

There is also a funny side to this: the doctor at the second facility called in a prescription to the CVS down the street and when we got there, the technician said we were already in the system – which is a little strange as this was the first time I was doing a script through the new coverage – but she said it wasn’t quite ready and if we could just drive around (we were at the drive through pharmacy) if someone pulled up behind us.

So we drove around again and she had it ready and asked to confirm the address and birthday and it wasn’t mine. Because there’s another Beverly Cotton somewhere – which I knew because we are about the same age and her credit is worse than mine as I remember getting several calls years ago that were for her. So, I gave her my ID and coverage card and we had to go around again.

Second time around everything had to be verified because there’s also another Beverly Bochenek – which I also knew – but that one is somewhat deceased.

So around again, one last time – the poor technician tried to keep her professional face on but the three of us just broke out laughing at the irony of it all. I didn’t think I’d ever get my meds.

But I have ’em and they make me sleepy and it’s time to take another pill so I have about a minute before I’m out. Have a great weekend – it’s going to be hot here in Chi-town so it’s a good thing I’m house bound for the moment. I can sleep in cool comfort.

The Pity Party

don't do home decor anymore
don’t do home decor anymore

I was throwing a pity party earlier today – I would have invited you but I didn’t even want to be there. In any case, I am over the pity and back on the course.

I have an order ready to go and two more to do.August is almost over and it’s been a pretty cool one. I am anticipating – and I understand how this tempts Yarndis, the goddess to come and smite me – I am anticipating about 45 orders next month. I am running about 30% above sales over last year and that would translate into about $200 more in September than last September and translates into more orders. That’s what I am projecting.

It would be nice if it came in one order a day but that’s not how this thing works. They come in clusters. So much so that I will probably panic a little that I won’t get a sale (who, me?) and then there will an onslaught of orders. I hope I am ready.

In other news, I went to put some books on Mr. Honey’s bookcase in our bedroom – and dang if that man hasn’t claimed his bookshelf for his own books.

The living room painting is done and looks beautiful. The room itself is still in disarray. We have finally decided what’s going and what’s staying and I revealed my plan on bringing the bookcase downstairs. We are going to be bringing the other computer stand down because the tall one is going to his sister’s house. I had decreed we would not have it in the living room at all but Mr. Honey blithely remarked how convenient it was to have it there. So big, tall desk out; shorter, cuter desk in.

It’s always the way when redecorating – one move means moves elsewhere. The smaller stand has a whole computer, fax and printer on it and those will have to go somewhere. We really are a land of plenty.

Mr. Honey has discovered the ceiling in the kitchen needs to be repainted because the walls have been repainted and the ceiling was really dirty and when he cleaned it he felt it wasn’t the right color.

He blames me for starting this. Think I can live with that. You should the living room.

I really need to walk again. The Firm workouts are fine and fun but not enough. So, I have plugged in my phone and when it charges, I will take a small stroll. Seriously, I am going to start small. I haven’t been walking for weeks. It will be like going out for the very first time. 75 days before vacation and I want to be walk ready.

So, off I go. I am done knitting for the day – yeah, I don’t believe me either but my intentions are good.


Best Laid Plans

don't sell this anymore, either
don’t sell this anymore, either

So, we emptied out Mr. Honey’s lawyer bookcase when the living room redo was starting. The bookcase has five shelves; three of which had my books in them. Poor man can’t even have a bookcase to himself.

The new idea was I would give him back his bookcase. He has the one in tho house while I have three (including another one that used to be his.) The point being I was going to move my books off the steps where the books are currently resting (hey, his idea) and the ones I have in the dining room along the wall. Yes, along the dining room wall which has to be painted. I wasn’t playing the tape to the end on that one. So, I thought to myself, I will just move my books to the bookcase in the office that is not going to be moved downstairs. That bookcase is currently blocked from use by about fifteen yarn bins and has to be emptied and the books culled before it can be moved.

I thought I would move the books – all knit and crochet if you hadn’t guessed – to the other bookcase. In my mind’s eye I could see the bookcase – another five shelves and just waiting for book love.

I walked into the office today and noticed all the shelves have books on them. Books that go from one end of the shelf to the other. I could probably squeeze 15 books in there. You know, the small paperback, paper thin ones.  But let’s see a show of hands of folks who think putting 15 books on these shelves would make it look like I moved any books at all? I don’t see any hands. See how well you know me?

But all hope is not lost. Remember I said I had three bookcases and that last bookcase was recently cleaned out and books donated. There’s space on it – though I admit I haven’t moved to see how much space is there But I distinctly remember there was space. So I am going to move the books there. I am starting with the books in the dining room.I better get a move on cuz that man has started painting the dining room and everything will come to a screeching halt if I don’t do my share..

I gotta go!




considering bringing this one back
considering bringing this one back

I have to get back on my own bandwagon. The good news is, I haven’t lost sight of it.

I really want to go out and take a walk and it appears the weather is ready to cooperate by being neither too hot or too cold – who have thunk it…August…we were under the covers last night.

Knitsville is both a little excited and a little sad. Folks are excited because the Mobius scarf (see previous post) and the new look granny square hat are done, packed up and ready to head out to Alaska. The other side of the hat magicdrophat1has a square that prominently features the hot mauve color. It didn’t occur to me to place that square at the top or the bottom. Hopefully the owner will be able to figure that out when she gets the hat in a month.

No, I am not sending it by pack horse. It is being sent Priority Mail because that was the only way to get it all in once neat package. But Barb – the buyer – lives in Willow. Less than 2000 and less than 3 people per square mile. Since she’s married, the math tells you they ain’t close to anyone one. The mail gets delivered twice a month – wouldn’t you like to haul that bag around – and she gets to down maybe 1 -2 times a month. The mail just came a few days ago sooooooo. The claim to fame is that it’s the home of dog sled race winners and their kennels.

Now it will also have a hat and mobius scarf from Knitsville. Call the construction workers, there’s gonna be a run on the place.

Right now there’s a prayer shawl on the needles and that’s a nice repast from the long scarf and hat. Also, picked up the goods from Pleasant Home after the ‘garage sale’ considering the table cost all of $10, I came home with $40.Oddly enough, I also came home with two more hats than when I went. Last Christmas, a woman commissioned (and paid for) two hats. She was supposed to pick them up at Pleasant Home and she never came back for them. They’ve been holding on to them for eight months and she’s never made it back so they gave them back to me.

I am going to photograph them and they will be placed in the shop because I think I should offer them in the made to order as opposed to the ready to ship. I am back now to offering new knits because I’ve renewed everything I am going to. After the prayer shawl, I have another order with two hats to make. Then I can get back to inventory and shop building.

The Knitsville Daily Swatch – the local newspaper – is excited because we were interviewed for a blog the other day. The article should appear sometime in September on line on the Linkcoture blog. I will make a live link when (and if) the article appears.

And we are branching out in advertising. We were accepted for an ad to appear on another site and as soon as the ad is live there and if something actually happens because of it, I am certain the Daily Swatch will have something to say about it. I am a little nervous about it. This is paid advertising and if it makes the money back, then great. But that’s always a little iffy. This is making me a little hesitant to pull the trigger and get it going. That am I’m really cheap.

I walked downstairs the other day and stopped at the bottom of the stairs: the living room is beautiful. Mr. Honey took away the blue tape from the bay window and the two grays looked just like I wanted them to look. I am still relegated to the upstairs but I am going to start removing the stuff that is going. It’s pretty much settled that I will be getting a new laptop. I don’t know what that man did to my current one (that is more than 10 years old) but whatever it is, it is now more his than mine.

Again, I have a hard time pulling this trigger because I don’t like spending money – except for yarn – but that’s an investment. So is a laptop but I can’t knit with it.

Anyway, the computer stand, one of the chairs, his little table by his chair are all leaving. There will be a table or storage thing leaving from the dining room as well and I think we will be saying good-bye to his uncle’s table which has seen many better days and one of the dining room tables we have in the garage will be returning.

Of course, I piled the stash bins in front of my big bookcase and now I want that bookcase to come down to the living room. So that means moving the bins and emptying the bookcase. It also means going down the street and getting Sam to help move the bookcase out of my office. Cuz Dorothy didn’t raise no stupid children. I don’t remember how we got it up here but I think Sam can help get it down.

I just asked if I could help paint and I couldn’t even get the complete question out before he said no. He’s doing the second coat on the living room and the dining room/kitchen wall.

Drat. Guess I’ll just have to spend the day knitting. Such a chore.

Who Needs A Day Off?

3 rib hat in orange
3 rib hat in orange

I am not supposed to be knitting today. Today is my knitting day off for the week.
I don’t know what to do with myself.
I worked out. Ate breakfast. Started watching a movie I didn’t want to finish watching.

And I photographed the mobius scarf and sent the photo to the buyer so she would have first dibs on seeing it.

Do you want to see it?

Mobius scarf in Aura
Mobius scarf in Aura

It took forever and the intenet for me to figure out how to get this thing to lay flat with the twist. I also watched some video on how to wear it and I’m still stumped.. On the other hand, how gorgeous is that? You can click on the photo for a better look. Now is that time when I am holding my breath before hearing whether or not the client likes it.

I have as my backup the written conversation where I gave her the link to take a look at all the colors available and she told me I could choose. But really, it’s going to Alaska and I can so see this fitting in there – from the photos I’ve seen of the place.

I’m pretty excited to see how the hat turns out. I started it last night and believe it or not, I found my E hook. That sucker is small but it does make for cute little squares. I’m glad I didn’t have it for the scarf because those squares were 4.5 inches and these are 3. I would have to have made 20 of them. The length of the scarf would be the same but I’d be more loony than normal.

It seems I also have to visit the Knitsville Local Yarn Store – I’m not saying which one because the owners of all the stores can get a little touchy. But I have to get some of the Fiesta. I have just two balls and a prayer shawl requires three and while I’m there, I might as well pick up the cream fiber I am going to need for another order. I have one skein of cream yarn left and you know how nervous that can make me. No need to be nervous on the weekend.

I am off to the Pleasant Home garage sell to pack up whatever is left from the sale. I have to say – there were some deals to be had. I had almost 50% off shop prices but some folks were really looking to move their wares..but I was the only fiber artist there so getting a hat priced at $13 for $8 is a good deal to me. But we will see what happens when I go. Maybe I will come home with everything I started with.

Hopefully not.

Have a safe weekend!

!sriatspU depparT m’I !pleH

GE DIGITAL CAMERALet us go back a little in time. I have been talking quite a while to Mr. Honey about painting the living room and dining room. I felt that after nearly 20 years here, I don’t think I’m going back to my apartment. So those two rooms needed to be updated.

The paint was selected and the block party was over and there was no reason for delay. I was ready to move some furniture and slap some color on the wall. It was in the evening before this was supposed to happen when Mr. Honey announced I would not be painting.

“You don’t know how to paint.” He tried to say it as gently as he can but the smirk on his face was a dead give away that he was rather pleased with this pronouncement.

“What do you mean I can’t paint?” “I’ve seen you in action.”

OK…apparently sometime decades back we were painting some part of a wall and I didn’t stay inside the lines. I got a smudge of paint on the trim. It was before that beautiful trim tape.

Ask him Sunday afternoon what the priest talked about Sunday morning and he’s a blank wall but this he remembers.

I walked around the house the rest of the evening and the next day mumbling how I can paint a wall…there’s a huge middle part of a wall that’s no where near the trim, I can do that.

He relented and let me paint and after a misfire…leave me alone…I painted the two smaller walls in the living room and they turned out darned nice. Of course, he only let me do the first coat so then he did the second coat so only his work really shows.Trust me, my layer was beautiful.

But right now, he’s doing the wall where my easy chair is and he’s moved the chair into the middle of the room, very close to the t and v and it’s not really comfortable being there. Also, the wall has some damage on it from some of the furniture and required some filling and spackling and when I asked last night if I could get it on that he answered no so quickly I think I felt my head snap.

So, here I sit. Upstairs. Working on the mobius scarf which is not the friggin’ scarf that will not end…of course it doesn’t have an end…it’s a mobius. I’ve been going round and round trying to get to the 14.5 – 15 inch mark and you know what? Knit math. Knitometry. I think the goddess wants me to use part of the fourth ball because she likes it when she see the fear in your eyes. I believe the last inch is finally coming but I swear it’s taken eight hours to get here and I’m not fully committed to the idea that it really is almost done and ready for it to be blocked. I have to read up on how to block a mobius scarf. I don’t think it’s the same as anything else. It is acrylic so blocking isn’t necessary except it will help the fibers relax a little bit.

OK, so I went away and had dinner and came back and finished the mobius and it’s pretty cute. I will photograph it in the morning. I may actually offer this in the shop and I would use this variegated yarn to do it. I think that adds a lot to it. Used just a little bit of the fourth ball

I am going to take a few minutes to let go of the scarf karma so I can start on the hat. Hoping the hat won’t take much. I’d like to have the last skein untouched.

YEAH, I get to start a new project. Now if I could just get that next sale!


Stovepipe in cranberry
Stovepipe in cranberry

I have something to say and I don’t quite know if I should confess this but here goes:

I don’t get mobius things. I understand how they’re done. I got the twist thing. I did it. and I am enjoying knitting in all directions at once. It’s a fun thing, blah, blah, blah.

I don’t get why someone would do it. What’s the great shake over having a twisted scarf? I mean – it’s twisted. I put it around the neck of one of the mannequins and I was at a loss as to how it was suppose to drape. I looked them up on Ravelry and I saw dozens of them but it didn’t move to an ‘ah hah’ moment. Just led me to a ‘I don’t get it’ moment. I looked again at the picture in the pattern and I think it looks really nice but I can’t figure out how to it twice around the neck that way.

The other thing the photo confirmed, besides my total incompetence at scarf folder I am – is I am not going to get away with not making the scarf 15 inches wide like it says.Not that I was going to scrimp, mind you, but if I was thinking about it, that thought has gone the way the six dollar bill. Never heard of it? This is what I’m saying. The only reason this is a little troublesome for me is I am ball number 3 of 6.

I just started ball number 3. I have a hat to make after this. Now logic says I should be in the clear by plenty. Right now, the scarf is about a little over nine inches wide. I have six inches to go. Math says I should hit the 15 inch mark in ball four. I shouldn’t need the entire ball for it and hopefully that will leave enough for the hat without me having to reorder. I have the three balls wound and ready to go with the last skein downstairs. Hopefully, I won’t have to touch it.

I’ve also pulled the fiber to make the prayer shawl. My downstairs work area has been moved to the middle of the room as Mr. Honey prepares to paint that back wall. I only pulled two skeins of the Fiesta and I am hoping a third one is sitting in the bottom of the bag. I think I will need more than two because of the fringe. I won’t start it until I am a little further along on the scarf. Like almost done further along. I am at that point – knitters you know what I mean – when you want the project done so you can get on to the next one. I am ready to photograph this scarf and make its mate and send them off.

I am also ready for some new sales. It would be nice to come back from date night to see someone has purchased something new.

I’m off to find that skein of Fiesta I know is lurking somewhere and then to get ready for my date with Mr. Honey!

Humming Along

classic in black glitter
classic in black glitter

I haven’t updated the 75 week page but I have been working out and doing what I should. I should have updated the page…

Knitsville is humming along with the projects at hand. Two packages will be leaving here today. One is headed for France and the other Tennessee.No judgements on either place.

The work on the mobius scarf continues and it has a way to go because it is to be fourteen inches wide. The pattern also called for it to be about 59 inches long. This scarf is more like 63 inches long – if you were to lay it flat; which you can do because it’s a mobius – but the squares were 4.5 inches across and there are fourteen of them.

Working the rounds has been interesting. The ends are making me crazy. I’ve woven most of them in but still had to do some securing of them. There are a bunch of them and would be more if I had followed the pattern exactly – along with a rip in the cosmos – I think I got them all which means I don’t.

The big thing I’ve discovered is I am going to have to block it. Yes, one thing I dislike is blocking but I am going to have to do this because of the fiber and the construction.

The fiber is going to need help ‘relaxing’ and what better way to relax than a nice steam? I am hoping the blocking will also help the ends stay where I’ve hidden them. It is inevitable that ends will come out but as long as they happen many months down the road, I’m satisfied.

The living room may be close to finished…except I called an audible last night. Mr. Honey painted the bay window area in the contrasting color – which we decided is a deep dove or steel gray – and with the white trim and gold window handles is stunning. So stunning, I thought painting the dividing wall that color would actually be distracting. So, it turns out, the window wall is the impact color wall. I’ve also made a change for the dining room as to what the impact wall will be – now it will be the bar.

None of it is the way I first imagined it but I think it will be so much better. This has also made me more firm in my belief we should go for the hardwood instead of the carpet. I am thinking something kind of blondish to bring in the light and play against the gray but I need to see samples before I decide. Anyone know of a good flooring place?

I am also deciding how to redo the furniture. Stuff is going out but nothing new is coming in. We have enough. I want to purge not hoard. So far the computer stand is going as is one of Mr. Honey’s lamps. He’s probably going to lose his little table as well but I’m giving him another one. It looks like one of the chairs will be coming up to the office and one of my bookcases will go downstairs but that part’s not quite fleshed out.

So you see…busy…and that’s a good thing. Having something to do provides purpose.,,and it keeps me out of bars.

So for today, I don’t have a workout scheduled – btw, when we had to move the t and v to get to the walls, had to disconnect the VCR. put it back together and it doesn’t work now. No matter what I tried, it won’t reconnect. probably something I’m doing but can’t figure it out. luckily, the firm is on hulu but still…anyway, there is work and writing to do and that’s what I am going to be doing – right after a nice bowl of cereal..




In Praise of Dante Alighieri

another look at the granny square hat
another look at the granny square hat

To save you the trouble of looking up Dante Alighieri.

Did you look him up? Did you say, “Oh, that Dante Alighieri.”?
Do you wonder why we would be in praise of the author of ‘The Divine Comedy’? Well, if you read the article you see lots of folks were in praise of him. Yes, all those folks are now dead but that’s quibbling over details. The reason Knitsville is going to put up a small statue in the town square is because the poet is responsible for the fun we had in recreating his hat. head-and-chest side portrait of Dante in red and white coat and cowlSo this is his hat. Last month, I got an Etsy convo from a young man, Sean, who said Diane, another Etsy seller, had referred him to me to see if I could/would make him a replica of the Dante hat.

Well, after about 30 seconds of calling Diane everything but a child of God, I saw the silver lining and the blessing and decided to take the job.

I told Sean it would be a little more than double what I normally charge for a hat and gave him the price – I didn’t think he’d go for it. But he did. And then he added the darndest thing. In his note, he said he would pay me an additional $20 if I would send him update photos from the beginning to end.

I started a reply back that in essence said I didn’t need the additional funds. This really wasn’t going to take days, this was really a matter of hours just done over days so the updates would go……then I stopped myself – deleted all that I wrote and replaced it with this reply:


The red hat was easy. The ear flaps (which is really another cap under the red hat) were easy. I had to design the leaves and figure out how to get them on the hat. And believe it or not, that was the bitchy part of the project. Had to get approval on the leaves and it took three tries. But we got there.

So, how did I do replicating his lid?dante1  My poor model. Sean has a 25 inch dome. She has a 19 inch head. As Sean wrote back when he saw it: “Boo-Ya”.

So, we leave Italy and dead poets and we move on to the other custom order. The fiber arrived last week, I think I told you, and I have started the granny squares for the scarf. I am somewhat following the pattern but it says to make 25 of the squares and really with the gauge I’m getting, it’s more like 14 squares. I’m using an F hook. It calls for an E hook and I know I have E hooks but don’t ask me where they are. An F hook is a dang small hook but I need to use a small hook.

It’s actually not that bad and the yarn does stripe prettily. I was thinking about ignoring the pattern because it says to put all the squares into a strip and join the strip to make a loop, twisting the last square to create the mobius.

My first thought was to make the scarf and then do the twist joining the seams together afterward. But then I thought about how interesting this self striping yarn will be doing the mobius like it’s written. Doing the mobius upfront then working around it will work the front and back and top and bottom at the same time and self striping will go all around it. That will be interesting.

Also, we receive some sample yardage of the Encore Chunky. Patti, also of Etsy, sent me some so I could try it out before buying. This will is the beginning of the yarn crawl and I will be going to only one store. The store that carries both Plymouth Encore Chunky and Feza Fanatic in stock. Idea Studio in LaGrange Park. On the other hand, WEBS is having their end of summer sale and they carry the Plymouth Chunky and they have Cascade Quattro on sale. They don’t have the Fanatic.

I have to think about this a second.