There Be Dragons!

Vicki's dragon
Vicki’s dragon

Please note that i did not make this cute, little dragon. This lovely is the work of the Fabulous Miss Vicki and is on sale in our new shop: One Gift Shop Plaza.

It is not enough to be friends in a knitting group: Bernice, April, Ellen, Melissa, Vicki and I decided – upon Miss April’s suggestion that we open up a shop. Now, the idea has changed a little from what Miss April originally suggested but there are several things that remain: the only thing that will be custom made are the blankets. We thought about making everything custom but then I awoke from the experience that is my Etsy shop to vote against that idea with the others who didn’t want to see it either.

The blankets – which right now are made just by Bernie but she will soon get an assist from me because blankets are things I can be working on up here in front of the laptop here in the office – are big enough to accommodate the requests. The toys are made from scrap yarn. They are small but you can’t go in and purchase a scrap amount of yarn so the price of the toys – which are labor based – would then have to become supply and labor based. Better for the business, the environment and mainly, my mental health, that we don’t have that stress added to a new adventure.

For my own thing, Knitsville has been jumping. There are five open orders with six items that need to be made and for some reason, we’ve become popular with teams on Etsy. I have been invited to join three teams. One team, with over 1000 members, I have joined and now I am a team leader. There are two others I need to look over. This is one thing I am learning, in order for my shop to be a success, there will be a lot of non-knitting work that has to be done. I will have to network with other folks. I don’t know how well the advertising thing is working, I have some visits from the site but there’s no real way that I know yet to tell whether it’s turned into any sales.  The thing about joining teams is that they do a lot of favoriting of items and that gets seen by whomever feeds into their shops.

I have more than 700 admirers and more than 200 followers so a lot of people see what I would favor or heart in someone’s shop and I am no where near the top of people with a lot of admirers so the potential for people to see my stuff is great, However, I don’t pay attention to my own feed so I don’t know how many other people would either.

This business thing is work…but it’s better than corporate stuff any day.

I was looking through a magazine looking for new projects and I came across a Knitting Simple from 2012 and I just want to dive into a bunch of projects but I can’t. I am in increased knitting mode so there’s a hat from the orders on the needles and then there’s another version of the zigzag scarf. zigzaggraymist4

Did I show you the zigzag scarf? This one is in gray mist. The gray mist I purchased for the other scarf but since the color lot is different can’t be used for that scarf. The one on the hook now is, oddly, orchid. The other color that couldn’t be used. Also, on the needles is a hat that is using some yarn I purchased about a year ago. It will be a big snowball looking cable hat. It’s going to have a huge pom-pom on top made by the big ass pom-pom maker. The poms on the zigzag are from the large maker so imagine how the big ass one is gonna come out.

Out of those three, the scarf is the one closest to completion and I have the goal of finishing a project a day and that’s been working out well. I wouldn’t be surprised if two projects were done today. In any case, once one or more of them are done, I am going to cast on a hat from the magazine that will find it’s way into the shop because it’s just so cool. I will, of course, alter the pattern, I’ve already read through it and decided what’s going to be changed. What hasn’t been decided is the fiber. I have to start with a full skein because I don’t know how much yarn it will take – especially when one of the things being changed is the yarn weight. It’s originally designed for a thin 2 yarn -y’all know I ain’t got time for no 2 yarn – that’s wanna be sock yarn and while I have some, a hat is way too much commitment for me and it. Besides, I don’t really know if I have sock yarn left, Miss Mandy could have walked out with it. How would I know?

No, this may be time I break out that skein of peach colored yarn. I think it would actually look good in that yarn and it would do me the favor of getting rid of some of it that can later be used in the remnant shawl that I still work on.

In any case, it’s time for me to get a move on – these things don’t knit or crochet themselves and that’s a good thing because it would hardly be fun for me if they did. And this is all about the soul being satisfied with a little fun thrown in for the mind and body.

It is the weekend so be safe, have fun and get into creation.

The View from The Cloud

hall of fame in blue
hall of fame in blue

You may have been wondering where I’ve been – OK, probably not but it make me feel better knowing you might actually miss me in some small measurement.

I’ve been playing with the new laptop and this is my first post on it. I have to say there are parts of me that are quite disappointed but it’s not the fault of the laptop – indeed, it was because I had this romanticized notion of what the new laptop would mean.

It is a bigger screen and the resolution is so fierce it hurt my eyes when I first started using it. It is faster than anything and as I am using this keyboard, the keys are so firm yet they don’t have annoying clacking the other laptop keyboard made and so far it doesn’t skip around the page in a random fashion. All that is good. What I thought it would do better is be a bigger screen for a game that I wanted to play. That’s right, the downfall of this otherwise worth every cheap penny I paid for this laptop is that the full screen of the game doesn’t meet the full screen of the laptop – bummer.

However, I also purchased a transfer cable and I am able to attach it to the old laptop and desktops and move files over. It took a little while to figure that out but that’s because I wanted it to be more complicated than it was. Once I realized just how easy it was, I transferred a favorite movie of mine and I watched it last night. I also watched something off Netflix last night and I swear it was almost better than watching it on the t and v. I am going to watch something from Hulu and see if I get that same annoying screen freeze. If that runs smoothly, there’s no real need to ever leave the upstairs. There’s a bathroom, yarn, a refrigerator and a bed. I could be up here for decades.

I am reluctant to visit the yarn shops on this new computer. The colors are so vivid. I love the way my shop looks on it and I am afraid I will max out the cards if I visit my online shopping haunts.

The last time we talked, sale #631 had made it into the house and now we are up to sale #636 and we are moving on. Also, I know I was a little concerned because this September was so far behind last September. That’s all over. Not because this month has caught up to it’s counterpart but because this past August was more than $200 over last August – and it came in at the end of the month. There’s the differential. Everything is going along fine.

In fact, I have four open orders. One is done and is almost ready to be packed but I do need to go shopping for a new ink cartridge. I’ve just about run this one dry and it has to do mailing labels and I don’t want those to be too faint.

Speaking of mailing; remember I had an order going to Germany? Well, it cleared customs are reached it in a very short time and I got a note from the buyer who was more than a little ticked off at me. They included a copy of a receipt for 8,30 Euros which was the cost they had to pay for their package. They said emphatically it wasn’t fair and they already paid my postage and if they knew they had to pay extra for postage they never would have ordered from me. They wanted their money back or they were going to send both hats back to me.


I, of course, apologized and said since the receipt was in German, I’d need a little time to look into it. Turns out, it wasn’t postage. I thought it was a VAT take (value added tax or duty) which some countries add on to goods coming in from abroad. I told this to my buyer and noted my policies clearly state those extra fees, taxes, etc. are the responsibility of the buyer as I would have no idea what, how much, when or how a country would add or get those funds from the buyer and I said there was nothing for me to refund.

I thought after two days I wouldn’t be hearing from them because they would have found out from their end that it was a tax and nothing to do with me and they would accept their fate. But yesterday, I received a very apologetic note from them. Turns out, it is something of a tax but a very weird one. I placed an invoice on the outside of the package – we are told we need to do this to satisfy German customs. They take the invoice off the package to see what is included in the package so they don’t need to open and inspect thepackage.

Do you see the obvious problem with this plan? If I am not among the upright, I will put an invoice on the outside of the package that says there are two (well made) hats in the sealed envelope while all the while transporting some cushy packages of illegal drugs. Well, they must have figured that out because German customs opened the package, inspected it, repackaged it and sent the package on the way to the buyer.

The charge, according to the buyer, was for repackaging the items. That’s right – they opened it, did something to the original packaging, repackaged it so it could be sent, then charged them for the privilege. They’re getting their money back and they wanted to know if they would be allowed to shop at my store again after being so rude.

Of course they can….just be ready to fight the post office again,


Don’t Say I Don’t Give you Things

hall of fame - gray
hall of fame – gray

I know it’s been a while but really – one of these days you’re gonna say you knew me when and then this will be quirky and cute.

The other day I was thinking about what I was going to write on the blog when circumstances made it possible for me to take photos of a work in progress,

seascape scarf in blue
seascape scarf in blue

This is one of the scarves I am making for the shop and to be given away this Saturday. In truth, this scarf is already completed now and I have pics of that, too, but I wanted to show you the in progress photo. Mr. Honey doesn’t like the color though his favorite color is blue. He isn’t fond of this particular blue (it’s Pacific blue) but I love it. I think the scarf came out really lovely and silly me when I took the final photos didn’t drape it over the mannequin’s shoulders. But I will do it again when I finish the other one. I am only doing 2 instead of 3 because only two of the women who were receiving it will be coming to this meeting on Saturday. Maybe I will be able to squeeze it in but I am still working on the 2nd one tonight so that might be a bit of pressure cooker – now I feel challenged. We’ll see.

While you were sleeping, sale #631 came in two days ago. It is on the needles and I will probably get it taken care of tonight – late night – or tomorrow. Packages have gone out every day and I’m really pleased about that. I am still not doing as well as I was doing this time last year. I will need a push these last twelve days. I really don’t know how to go about putting that in the atmosphere.

I had to break down and get a new laptop. I use Google to edit my photos and Google, of course, wants me to us Chrome when editing photos but Chrome on my hard top and my laptop both run Windows XP – remember when that was new? Don’t laugh at me, Mr. Honey’s laptop still runs Windows 97. The problem is the system needs to be updated an there are no drivers to update XP. Windows is going to stop supporting it altogether next year so the time to get a new laptop or PC is upon me.

I went on the Dell website last night and selected the most inexpensive one with a better than average processor and I didn’t get it preloaded with software because the only software I would is Office and I can get it less directly from Microsoft so I am getting it for a little over $400. There was no chance of buyer’s remorse because they shipped it within hours of my entering the order. I won’t be mad if I still can’t use Google but I won’t be happy.

Tonight is date night and I think Mr. Honey is sleeping or very quiet. Need to go check on him so we can hit the town. Then it’s back home for some power knitting and T and V watching.


Runaway Child

classic in light sage
classic in light sage

So, there we were, moving right along with the three scarves. I had it timed out so I knew how much I had to knit on them in order to have them done for this Saturday. I was confident, I was somewhat calm, I was short on yarn.

This was not going to be a one skein project – perhaps the pattern should have given me a clue. Perhaps when it said it took over 400 yards and the skeins I was using were under 400 yards but then I wasn’t going to make them as long as the pattern called for – in fact, I was going a full foot shorter – but still it became quite clear I would need more fiber.

So off I went to Hobby Lobby where I had not been for months because they had empty shelves. But I figured if the online store was filled that meant the warehouse was full and if the warehouse was full that meant they had fiber on the shelves and so I went there before I went to my knitting group on Friday.

And they didn’t disappoint, the shelves were filled with I Love This Yarn – they even had variegations they don’t have online. I was a happy little camper. I needed orchid and I needed gray mist and they even had this new color called something desert that I’d seen online and I walked out with six skeins of yarn – that alone should be cause for celebration – believe me, I almost went full shopping cart and stopped myself.

Since I was headed to the knitting group and I was going to be working on the scarves, I decided to move one skein of the orchid and gray to my knit bag. The moment I pulled the orchid out of the shopping bag I saw it: different color. I checked the label to make sure it said orchid and it did.

I should say it’s a different color the same way a middle C and a lower C is the same note. It is but it ain’t. But this orchid was clearly a full step away from what orchid had been.

Now understand, for the past several years, I’ve been able to pull a color off the shelf and have it match up with what I had on hand. They had dye lots but they didn’t much matter. But with the changing of the manufacturer, someone changed the recipe for orchid.

And for gray mist. The colors don’t match up anymore. It can’t be faked. They aren’t close enough to be overlooked.

Crap, I said. Or something like it. I thought I would just stripe it – that would be fine. Except I was more than a foot into both scarves and striping takes more time than knitting with one color. This was going to really throw off the timeline.

Besides, I started striping it and decided I didn’t like how it looked.

So, I am going to still do the scarf for the store but not for the thing this Saturday. I’ve selected instead a crochet scarf that should be faster. It’s only 13 rows and the edge. It is, however, 198 stitches long but it is faster than the scarf.

The good thing is I will still have new offerings for the shop but I am going to photograph as each one is done just in case I am putting the finishing touches of the last scarf as I am walking into church this Saturday.

And while you weren’t looking, sales #626 – #630 are in and two of them are still open. These two will also give me new items to add to the shop as they will be hats in different colors. One is a newsboy cap in kelly green and the other is the eyelet rasta in a black variegated. These things have a way of working out.

Today’s assignments are pretty straight forward: finish the crochet scarf and get it photographed, finish one of the two open orders, get it photographed and packed up, write a page and clean the bedroom.

That should take me to bed time without a problem because I am going to have to throw in making dinner somewhere in there as well. No time like the present to get it started!

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing

3 rib hat from the other side
3 rib hat from the other side

OK, took photos of the new stuff yesterday. One headband, one cowl, one hat. The hat is already sold and is packed up and ready to go but I loved the color and I don’t remember doing a puff hat in navy though I’ve done it in some kind of blue color – probably denim – and I wanted to get it up in the shop and that will happen later on after the other stuff goes up. I am now doing just one new or renewed item a day as opposed to the two. I just don’t have that much new inventory and the other stuff isn’t expiring in bunches so in order to get the SEO and other stuff right, better to renew or list more often.

Sale #625 came in this morning and it’s another crocheted hat. I have a bobble hat on the needles and then I have to do a cable hat and then the granny square hat. Hopefully before those go out others will come in to take their place. Compared to where I was this time last year. I have less views and less revenue (the most important thing) but I have more favorites and orders. The revenue is down just $10 so the next order will bring that up.

The work on the scarf continues and I have today and tomorrow to get three more feet on it and cast off. I do believe the next color has been selected – at the very least it has been sighted – unless the bins change position again as I search for a color – the next scarf will be orchid.

I’ve also made a design decision to add tassels to the points on the ends of the scarf. I think it will bump up the class of it a little and because the pattern has enough depth, I think it can handle it well. I don’t want to have wimpy tassels, either. I want big ass tassels – you know – cause it’s classy. I really am loving the design and I am hope it sells well.

It’s already in the afternoon and I haven’t eaten anything yet today but I did do my workout. No meals means no meds so I need to go rectify that and while I am down there, I might as well finish the hat I started. It should be a relatively quick knit. There’s not much to the pattern and then the decreases and done. I want to gather all the orders up and take them to the post office which closes at 6:30. I think I can manage to have it done and packed up by then so there are three orders that will be leaving here today.

Makes me giggle when I think I’m running my own thing and it’s been growing these three years I’ve been paying attention.


Getting After It

Hall of Fame in Gray
Hall of Fame in Gray

It is far too easy for me to be depressed. I am having one of those moments when I feel I am not adequately using the gifts and talents I was given…or not everyone who should is appreciating the talents and gifts I’m sharing. Not quite sure which one it is. Which is why pity parties have short span around here and now that I write this – the party is almost over.

There’s nothing to be depressed about when sale #624 has made it into the house – remember it was sale #615 that made the 100th sale of the year and that was in August – which was last week. Nine sales in the week. Not bad. Don’t have the urge to sit in the corner and wonder when the orders are coming in. If I wanted to look for something to be upset about, I could make myself sick over the fact I need a little over 1 sale a day to get the 50+ I’m looking for and that hasn’t happened yet. But I am not going to go there because I think it’s coming and I think it better to have a show of faith that I can handle what I ask for.

The plan for today is to do the two puff hats: one in navy and one in cranberry. Truth be told, I would be happy if I just did one because one a day is the mark.

The order for Germany is all packed up and ready to go. I don’t like to put International Orders in the mailbox so it will be taken to the PO on Monday – hopefully with another order or two – and I have prayers that it makes it there safely. It seems shipments to Germany are scrutinized and could take a long time to make it there.

I am also working on the scarf. I would like the first one to be finished within the next couple of days and that may mean bringing it downstairs to work on it after I finish a hat. I am really liking it. I realized I made it before in a merino that didn’t sell in the shop but sold recently at a craft show. These are in acrylic and I am thinking they may sell better because it’s about half the price. The stitching is really showing nicely and it’s a little wider than any of the other scarves. Good feeling about this one. Still looking forward to seeing the other colors this one will be made in.

Speaking of colors – have you checked out the Hobby Lobby site lately? They are almost completely stocked in their colors – only a few of the variegations are out of stock – they are ones that I use but I can work around it.

I did my workout first thing this morning. I was gentle with it but it was pretty good. I made my appointment with my new PCP and I couldn’t get in until October – which is pretty fine with me. I will have a 30 day history for him.

Well, I have to scour the bins for some cranberry fiber. I know there’s some there somewhere. I already have the navy so I am good to go. It’s gonna be a great day.

Burning Daylight

Hall of Fame Cap
Hall of Fame Cap

I went to bed at midnight. For those that know some of my habits; that’s early. I don’t usually hit it until one or two in the morning and then six hours later, I am awakened. Sometimes four hours later because my bladder hasn’t learned to tell time and let me get in the full six. But six hours is my sleep time no matter what time I get to bed.

And I was awake at six my bladder having waited the six hours this time – which tells me that sometimes it just wants attention – and then I got back into bed thinking I was going to get up since I felt awake and had my six hours of sleep. So I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and pulled myself from under the covers and glanced at the clock.


It wasn’t a dream. The clock wasn’t upside down and neither was I. I somehow went back to sleep for another three hours. There’s a saying that goes something like: if you’re at home and close your eyes for five minutes at 7:30 when you open them it’s 9:00; if you close your eyes for five minutes at the office at 7:30, when you open them it’s 7:31. So, I guess I should have fallen asleep in the office and it seems I didn’t need to go to bed early, I needed to go to bed often.

The saving grace is that though yesterday was a knit free day, I did start the last hat of the three hat order before going to bed so when I finally made it downstairs, it did not take long to finish it off. The order is packed up and sitting in front of me ready to go off to the post office.

My next order is a two hat order going to Germany and both items are crochet – one Juliet Cap and on hooded scarf. I have the fiber and I am good to go. After that, I have another two hat order. Folks seem to be buying items in pairs.

The pain in the legs is coming back despite the new meds and I don’t know if it’s because it’s ineffective or if the schedule is too light. I take two tablets a day with meals and that leaves part of the day uncovered. I take it with my first meal – which is almost always after 10 and it doesn’t last until 7 or 8 when I have dinner and then it doesn’t last through the night. I’m not building it up so I wake up with pain and have it during the day. I have called to make an appointment with the new doctor so we will see what can be done. I wish I didn’t have that problem with the first med but it wasn’t meant to be.

Tonight is date night and I am looking forward to going out with Mr. Honey. He doesn’t read the blog so if you can keep a secret: I have his birthday present already. Georgia is a really fine artist; she can draw and paint and I commissioned her to do a drawing of Duke. I thought she would do a black and white sketch and she did a color drawing – I’m not sure it’s a drawing or a painting but I saw it up on her Facebook page and I started crying. She’s that good. I’m pretty sure he’ll like it.

Time for me to get ready!

I Will Miss This..

3 rib in orange
3 rib in orange

I took the day off from knitting today. Which means I didn’t start the hat for the three hat order but I did do some knitting on the scarf upstairs. Didn’t do a lot of that because I haven’t been up here.

I had to go get some navy blue cotton yarn from Knot Just Knits because for some reason, all the stores no longer carry it. Elizabeth at KJK started stocking it when some knitter that frequent her store needed fiber for beginning classes. She was my pusher for the day. She had four balls and I took them all. I also ordered another four balls from Knitting-Warehouse just as back up and because it seems every time I need this yarn I am out of it. Not this time, baby, I should be set. I only need one and a little bit to make a hat so I’m good for the next couple of hats.

I did a grown up thing today and I thought I’d be more bothered by it but I can get over things pretty easily. I told you all my ad was accepted on the Offbeat Families website for the cost of $75 for the month. Yep, I did it. I did my first paid ad and now I will have to wait and see what will come of it. (Of course, I’ve been checking the stats to see if the clicks are showing. So far, three have checked it out. Gonna need a lot more for that kind of money.

Did I tell you I don’t have to go sit in the corner? One order containing two items came in yesterday. Guess what? They’re going to Germany. I dd some looking into how to package and mail and it’s pretty straight forward.

The day has been sleep inducing. I am falling asleep everywhere – luckily except behind the wheel – I believe I could be freaking bored. I will miss this day when, in just a few days if all goes well, and I am blitzed with orders. I will be missing the day of not very light knitting.

I know what passed through the minds of some of you when you read I had to go buy the yarn and order the yarn. I know you want to know if all I walked out with was the yarn I came to get. And the answer is yes – 2 out of 4 times I went to get yarn in the past two days. I ordered only the cotton yarn on line and when I went to JoAnn today to get the black yarn for the hoodie I sold, I walked out with nothing else. I’m not even sure I looked at anything else. But yesterday I went to JoAnn to look for the blue cotton yarn and I decided to get another one pound skein of the taupe yarn I used to make the cable hat since it’s on sale and that hat is my best seller. And walking down the aisle with the 20% off  total order coupon, I decided I needed the long size 8 needles and then I saw it – beautiful variegated and soft. Huge balls skeins and $9.99. I also had a 40% off coupon I could use as well and that explains why I cleaned them out of the three or four skeins there were. It’s a Sensations yarn but I can’t find it on their website so I can’t show it to you but I am going to be making an Eden cap out of it and you will appreciate it.

Then at Knot Just Knits, Elizabeth showed me some chunky yarn that reminded me of Brett Marble. A blend of acrylic and wool and very lovely at just $15 a ball. I managed to leave with just one of them. It will be used to create a cowl and hat…someday. well, I have orders and three scarves to finish.

Mandy wrote she was sorry to hear about my knee but hey, the legs are doing better. I told they had to switch my meds, right? The new one is not as good as the other one. I can only take two of them a day so it’s hard trying to cover 24 hours so the mornings I am reminded of my condition until I can take a dose. I am attributing the supreme sleepiness to that pill – it puts me on planet stupid in a hurry and leaves me there until the shuttle picks me up a couple of hours later but it can make me drowsy. Or I could be just bored.

The rest of the day will be spent making Mr. Honey dinner (pork stroganoff over rice) and then it could be early to bed. Of course, the moment I lay down with the intention to sleep, the universe will bitch slap me awake…cus, that’s how it rolls.

The September Roll

Elfin in cranberry
Elfin in cranberry

It’s just the 2nd of September but I think it’s going pretty well. I didn’t get any orders yesterday, which could have me sitting in the corner wondering how I’m going to make that dream of 50+ orders for the month come true if no one orders anything but instead, I am thinking of the 4 orders that came in to greet September and I am thinking that was a great start to the month.

However, the corner remains available if nothing comes through today.

The plan for today is to start the 3 hat order..the extra hours paid off and the prayer shawl is packed up and ready to go – I forgot it was a holiday today and there’s no mail pick up but it’s ready nonetheless.

The first of the three scarves is also coming along better than I would have thought. I originally put it in short size 8 bamboo needles but switched to long 7 and it’s moving at a nice clip – yes, now would be a nice time to show a work in progress photo – you know me by now…

I know I have the fiber for two of the three hats I need to make and I think I have it for the third but it’s just so hard to keep that blue cotton in stock.  I recall seeing a ball of it in one of the bins – don’t talk to me about having more of the inventory in those bins – have you seen those bins? There are so many!

In any case, the plan is to start on those hats and then I have to do some magic in the dining room so Mr. Honey can paint just as soon as he is finished painting the kitchen ceiling – I knew that obsessive cleaner was still in there. He was repressed because I don’t share that gene with him and he adjusted by putting his away but now it’s out and he notices things that need doing and since we are painting, they should be done or else the painting makes no sense.

So, we labor on Labor Day…something right and wrong about that but no time to ponder. Have to get a move on!


Killing Birds

stovepipe in cranberry
stovepipe in cranberry

First let me say three of my nieces are expecting babies by the end of the year: Kelly, Kate and Katie are all expecting which tells me one thing – my nieces and nephews need a new hobby because they are either too good or really bad at this one.

The calendar flipped over to September and I have four orders. They came through last night. One shawl and three hats. I should say I have two orders but for items to make. I also have to manage to make three scarves by the 21st because for some reason I volunteered to make items for the deaconesses who will be speaking at the UMW District meeting.

I actually said I would do prayer shawls but I decided to go the more practical root of doing scarves. They can still be blessed and they will be 60′ long but they have a more practical use and besides, I can photograph them and offer them in the shop.They will probably the same scarf but in different colors. That’s the plan and that could change if I get bored but I am going to stop myself from going that route. After all, I don’t want to present three different scarves and have an accessory throw down right there in the sanctuary. Let me live for a moment under the impression that my stuff is so good it would inspire a holy war.

Knitsville is doing the town accounting for the month and the finance committee is feeling pretty good about the month of August 2013. Going back, August of 2008 – 2010 had no income whatsoever though 2010 did manage to have some expenses that were less than $6. Commerce was not high on the list of things back then in Knitsville.

August of 2012 saw three whole sales and they were grateful for them. Imagine the party that started when the Commerce chair announced there were 13 dales the last August. That number isn’t enough to build a new mall but the party is going to be a good one. That’s a pretty good trend for the month. The numbers were up all across the board and that’s what they wanted to see. The four sales coming in on the last day were a nice touch but even without them that was a nice showing.

There’s a prayer shawl on the needles downstairs and I will have to put in some extra time tonight if I am to send it off in the morning. I would like to have it out of here. Not that I don’t like it, I just want to get in the habit of getting an item done everyday and since I got this order on Saturday, it should be completed on Sunday. That’s the pressure I want to put on myself to avoid the pressure I felt last year.

This is the scarf on the needles upstairs. The first one is in gray mist. I haven’t decided what the other two will be and it’s not really a matter of deciding. Gray was used because that was the first skein I came to that had enough in it to complete the scarf and the other two will be picked the same way. It’s another bird – using the stash.

Knitsville also paid the expenses for the shop site and it was a large once considering what usually gets paid. But the bill was bigger because we had a good month of July and August and postage had to be paid to send out all the stuff. So while it made the eyes go big, they were glad to pay it.

I have some more knitting to do. Hopefully, there will be enough sunshine tomorrow to let me photograph the headband and the cowl and I have more work to do on the other things.

The news meds seem to be doing OK though I tripped yesterday and hurt my knee but it’s better now. I have to stop doing that.