Back On Track

3 rib hat in orange
3 rib hat in orange

There was some good news in Knitsville – the mammogram came back normal. I still have to call and make the appointment for the sleep study and I will get to that on Monday. In the meantime, there are goings on in the town square.

I am up to sale #657. That is headed towards 1000. I know it seems like the four digit breakthrough is a far way off but I have to admit to getting a little excited. I don’t think it’s going to hit this year – because as exciting as thinking about hitting 1000 sales is, the thought of 343 sales in the last 10 weeks of the year leaves me somewhere between nauseous and getting a new identity and moving to Iowa. (Nothing against Iowa – they have bridges and stuff.) By comparison, from this time last year to the end of last year, I had 167 orders which is probably 200 sales and that had me nearly insane. So adding 100+ isn’t good for anybody. It would  be great for the bank account to the tune of 2k but a girl has limits.

I photographed two hats today so that’s four new items that have to be placed in the shop. I have a method to the madness but it may not work out the way I’m thinking because math being what is won’t let it add up. I have a dozen expired listings with a dozen more expiring within the next seven days. I had the thought of renewing all of them before adding new items but the way they roll and because I only list two items per day, I don’t think I will ever catch up in time to introduce new items for a while. So, I need to adapt the plan so I can get some new items up since the cooler weather is finally making a showing

watch cap in olive
watch cap in olive

and I need new items to refresh the shop and keep it relevant.  I am going to amass a few more items and then start putting them into the shop – one renewed item, one new item – but I think I need about ten new things. Here’s a photo of another new thing going – a watch cap. See how I snuck in a new photo? (Yes, I know sneaked but I like snuck better and it’s my blog.)

Currently, there are two things on the needles. There’s a cable hat for an order and on the hook, there’s a baby cocoon. Miss April had a pattern that looked really easy and she did two of them already and they looked really cute. They are for One Gift Shop Plaza and I think they will be a great addition. The next thing to get started is a prayer shawl for an order.

I actually got in two workouts this week and hopefully that will be a trend to continue. It depends on when I get to stop working and that doesn’t happen until I complete a project or have the day off from knitting. I had the day off yesterday so I was able to get a workout done and I finished one of the caps today and the first thing on the list was exercise so I got it in. It was a lambada class and it looked like it was out of the 80’s – part of the exercise I got in was laughing – very aerobic.


looking left - stovepipe
looking left – stovepipe

Yes, I haven’t written in a few days. But in my defense – you knew I was fickle when you found me. Also, I’ve been a busy girl.

Today is another knit free day. I have the day off from knitting and the first thing on the activity sheet is writing. So here I am.  I have at least one more item finished and it needs to be photographed so that will manage to get itself done. I have a trip to the post office because I have to get a prayer shawl out that someone needs for a sick friend.

The big thing I want to accomplish is figuring out what to do with all the books I have on the dining room table. I put them there to get the out of the bookcase while the living room was being done. Of course, the first answer is put them back in the bookcase and that makes a whole bunch of sense now that I say it out loud in writing. They will have to be taken out again when the floors are done but really there’s no place else to put them.

Of course that means I will have to move the yarn I have put in the bookcase someplace else but since it belongs someplace else that just seems right.

The Cable Hat in Cranberry
The Cable Hat in Cranberry

See this hat? I made this very hat on the train trip to St. Louis and it was a very quick knit started it on the train and finished it right before we got off. Five hours. Not bad. I made this hat in gray. I did change the pattern a little – simply didn’t cast on as many stitches because it’s worsted weight and I think the pattern was DK. I have to take photos of the gray one and because it was so fun and so quick I have another started in the new Hobby Lobby color of Desert Glaze.

For all my friends who may be disappointed I still shop at HB, let me say this: I don’t think there’s a moral fight about the birth control thing. They don’t want to offer the day after pill because they have the notion it will cause an abortion – it doesn’t and the whole lawsuit thing is stupid and political. People get to be stupid. As far as their not offering Hanukkah items; they get to not offer them. It was a stupid thing for their employees to say ‘we don’t cater to you people.” But I am going to guess they didn’t mean it in the ‘we don’t like Jewish people’ way and was just too awkward to say ‘We don’t stock those items and that’s a decision made way above my pay grade.” Again, people get to be stupid and I think if I am not going to shop or spend my money somewhere it has to be for a reason better than those. Now, if the chair or owner of the store came out and said, “My employee got it right – we don’t cater to you people.” then I’d be looking for a new vendor. I like my fights to be real.

My doctor wants me to do a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea and I was looking over the form when I noticed he said I had the following symptoms: wake up frequently during the night, morning headache, constant fatigue and frequent falling asleep during the day – none of which is true. I do wake up during the night to go to the bathroom but I wouldn’t call that frequent. And I distinctly remember telling him I couldn’t remember the last time I had a headache. He also checked the box that said I snored and I told him I had no clue if that were true unless I was really tired and I had asked Mr. Honey and he said I wasn’t noisy at all.  I don’t know what the sleep study people are going to say when I tell them I don’t know why he checked all those boxes.

I go through a kind of withdrawal on knit free days. My routine is so set where I leave the upstairs and go downstairs to work, that is to knit, that with this day off, I’m kind of thrown. I appreciate the day off and I felt my brain relax a little because the prayer shawl is done and that needed to get out and so I feel as if I earned the day off. It’s just a little fish out of water syndrome. It tells me I need to learn to relax so this day off thing may be a good thing.

I’m off to enjoy the good thing by doing some more writing and then taking a trip to the post office. I didn’t watch Scandal last night but I did TiVo it and I am looking forward to watching it – while trying to resist knitting at the same time!


Downtown Knitsville


Yesterday I spent a good part of the afternoon with the fabulous Melissa at her new digs. I was with Miss April, Miss Laeh and Miss Bree who is new to the group and I hope she hangs around because she is a hoot!

The really great thing about the afternoon is that I didn’t have to drive. Miss M invited us over to do some knitting and I called Miss April to see if she was going and she was close to the house when I called and she turned around and came and got me. So I didn’t have to drive and find a parking spot in that part of the city where parking is at a premium. I swear someone who give their kidney or a child to find a parking spot for just a couple of hours.

I have pictures because I took my camera. I also have photos of the new projects that I’ve done. I believe there are three of them. But I left the camera downstairs so the photos will come later. But I want you to note I took photos….

OK, I can show you a photo of something I finished…photo1sorry it came out so small – there are a couple of things I’m still learning and relearning with this new laptop. But it still looks pretty cool, right?

There’s also a hat, a cowl and two of those baby headbands with the big ass flowers attached. I can’t take photos of the headbands because they belong in One Gift Shop Plaza and Miss Ellen takes those photos. So, I have to make sure they get over to Miss April’s by Thursday. I also hope to have more of them by then than just the two. If you have checked out the new store, drop in.

The knitting group met last Friday over at the bookstore and while I was there, I gave Miss Ellen back her book of crocodile stitch patterns that I’ve had for the past few months. I didn’t get around to looking too closely at them so I figured since she was there and I was there and she’s a professional hooker, I would start learning the crocodile stitch.

It’s easy. And it’s fun. and of course, I put my own spin on it. I am certain, I will find something to put it in. I am thinking a hat. Of course, I have to finish the Mandy hat (I haven’t forgotten.) I also have eleven open orders I need to take care of. But I think a slouchy crocodile beret is somewhere in my future.

I’m done knitting for the day which means I can do other things after dinner like writing and I thought I cleared the way for Mr. Honey do start the dining room but it seems I did not so I will take care of that this evening. I have to go to be early because I have an 8 A.M. doctor’s appointment. I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I would be the first in and then I could get out. Maybe there would be a space in the parking lot. Maybe just to get it over with. In any case, it’s early in the morning which means early to bed for me.

So, things are busy and I am trying to maintain what’s left of my questionable sanity. I said questionable.

Send Em My Love

leaf scarf
leaf scarf

Knitsville is busy! There are orders to get out and new stuff that has been photographed that need to make it to the store and oh so much going on. I am on a team in Etsy and a couple of people have decided to star every single item in my shop. I have over 215 favorites today alone…and it’s a little creepy.

I did expect to be busy this time of year and that has, so far, been the case. I have 10 open orders. I am still ahead of my ship date deadlines and I hope to be able to keep that up. At the same, I am doing new things as well.

You want to know what’s on the needles?

eyelet rasta
eyelet rasta


This is going on for the client in Russia. The first hat, the cranberry one, is done. It’s waiting for the eyelet to be finished and they can both be packed up. I sent one package off today and another order is waiting to be labeled. elfin in cranberryThe reason I haven’t done it yet is the shipping labels print two to a page and I’ve been wasting paper printing them one at a time. So, I will complete two orders and then do some shipping.

I have a baby blanket on the needles – it’s my own design though I am certain I didn’t create to stitch. It’s a reversible broken rib – kind of. It could also be a broken seed stitch but it looks more like a broken rib stitch so let’s go with that. This will be the blanket that never ends because I’ve spent a couple of hours on it already and I can tell it’s going to be the blanket that never ends. Luckily, it’s not even going to be 30 inches long so it won’t be as long as I’m imagining. I was going to do it on size four needles but then I imagined what my room in the loony bin would look like and before it burned itself into my memory, I switched to size 8.

The last thing I have on the needles is a snood – a glorified cowl – and by glorified I mean it’s longer so there’s enough to have it cover your head while still keeping neck warm. If you’re small enough, you can even cover your shoulders with it. It’s nearing completion and I am looking forward to photographing it. It’s pretty simple 4×4 rib – what is it with me and ribbing these days?

I also have to find some time to get some fingerless gloves in the shop as well as a wrap that my friend Connie wants done. She sent me a photograph of one and I am going to do my own version of it. As soon as….well, I will get them done.

Since I finished a project today, I am not going to be knitting anymore today and that kinda means no need to watch the t and v so I should get some more stuff done – like doing a kitchen cleaning and paying the bills I have left to pay this month. I have to make dinner tonight (catfish and spaghetti) so it can go fairly quickly.

The snood will probably be done tomorrow – it’s another thing I feel I’ve been working on forever. I started and put it down for a couple of days so I’m sure it hasn’t been on the needles for a week. After it’s done, it might be the time to do the gloves or the wrap.

I want to tackle the wrap because I want to use chunky weight yarn and this gives me the chance to do it. I should since I made a fuss about wanting to use it. I think the Bernat Softee Chunky would be perfect. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself – have to finish the snood or blanket first!



funky little newsboy
funky little newsboy

I don’t know where I am. It’s been an interesting few days. There are new items up in One Gift Shop Plaza feel free to go over and take a look. The shop is building slowly but surely and I am getting a little restless to put something of my own up there.  I even got three huge skeins of baby yarn to make stuff. I was thinking blankets or sweaters. I am leaning towards the blankets.

There are new things up in my shop as well. There is also networking to be done. Not to mention, I will have to do some knitting and crocheting. Since we were last together, we hit our 645th sale. I have a handful of open orders to keep me busy and at the same time, I am making new stuff. I have an assembly line going and the goal is to complete one item every day. Once that item is complete, the work day is over and I can get to the other things on my schedule.

The work day is already over because I finished a headband that is now on the blocking board. I don’t usually block acrylic but it had the stockinette roll and it has to come out. I did the big ass wet blocking. That puppy was well soaked and squeezed then pinned on the board til it cried out for mama. It should be ready to be photographed tomorrow.

I shouldn’t say the work day is over. I should say the knitting part of the work day is over. I still have to write, I have to do some Etsy team work and check the stats. For two stores. Success requires the luck only long, hard work can bring. Living day by day is too long sighted. I need to bring it down to moment to moment.

Nothing going on but the regular stuff and given I actually make money knitting, that’s a pretty cool day any day of the week. I have to do some more writing…..