Christmas is for knitters

zigzag scarf
zigzag scarf

If you’re a knitter/crocheter who has a non-knitter/crocheter in your life and they are looking for a Christmas or holiday present for you, then you can print this out and give it to them:

Hi there – you don’t know how lucky you are to love a knitter/crocheter. First, it is important that you know a knitter /crocheter (for brevity from here on in when I say knitter, I mean both) is not the same as someone who knows how to knit. If you know someone who knows how to knit, getting them something knitting related is just a matter of chance. But you know a knitter. That makes gift giving a whole lot easier.

Mr. Honey can never go wrong getting me something knitting related. This has made birthdays, anniversaries and holidays easy peasy for some time. All he has to do in a pinch is throw a gift card to JoAnn in an envelope and he will get lucky for weeks.

A few years back, he was the talk of a yarn store because he walked in and purchased three pair of Signature needles for me. He would have been talked about if he had just gotten one pair. Signature Needles are $35 a pair. And he got me three. Folks in my knit group already thought I was spoiled because he bought me a Namaste knit bag. If you’re wondering why I didn’t include a link there it’s because I don’t think they’re worth the money. The pleather cracks way too soon and easily for a bag that cost nearly $100.

There are a ton of little do-dads a knitter will enjoy: tape measure, small pair of scissors, yarn cutter which doubles as a pendant, stitch markers, row markers.

If your knitter aspires to the design part of the knitverse, then getting them a couple of stitch guides will have them salivating from now until the return of the Ice age. (And when that age returns, you will be happy you were so nice to a knitter. We will be gods in a world like that.)

A couple of times a year, Knitpicks has a book sale where the books are 40% off and if you hit the magic number of $50 (and who can’t do that?) they will send them to you for free.

A subscription to Pandora or some other music service would be great (unless your knitter doesn’t like music) but whenever someone asks (and they do ask, I don’t know why) what knitters like to listen to while they work, music is always high on the list. For the record, I listen to music when I write, when I knit, I tend to have something on the t and v because I need the visual to go with the visual. So you can get me a subscription to Pandora but I’m more likely to use it when I walk.

I feel as if I shouldn’t have to mention this but then again I don’t want to assume – yarn. Here’s where it can get tricky. I don’t know a knitter – not one – who loves every type of yarn. I certainly don’t. I don’t go in for the thinner yarns. I like worsted weight, chunky and super chunky. Don’t get me that DK stuff or sock yarn. I have some sock yarn (could be had some sock yarn, don’t know if Mandy has it now.) I started knitting with that stuff and it made me want to pull your hair out.

You will have to do some work to see what type of yarn they like to work with and if you want to go a little more high scale, take them to a LYS and you sit while they shop and the next time you move, it’s to pull out the method of payment and to carry the bags to the car.

Mr. Honey does that real well.

OK, I have to go and do some work now but that should get you started on that gift giving and the great thing is, this list will be good in February for Valentine’s Day. No, no, it was my pleasure.