The Crash

3 strand headband
3 strand headband

You have to allow for the wall.

Yesterday I had some really grand plans, I was going to do the prayer shawl and get the hats started.

Didn’t count on having a really terrible night’s sleep and falling asleep while I sat in my knitting chair (that’s right, I have a knitting chair, let all be filled with envy) and because it was also date night, I was going to have a few hours less.

When i finally embraced the fact that I was not going to move at the same speed as I had before, I finished the prayer shawl and prepped for the other things to be made and counted myself as content. This morning, after a much better night, I have my determination back after what was essentially a day off.

I checked the 10 day weather forecast and it looks like there will be just two days next week that have those arctic temps. I did not see the day coming when I would be happy for temps that were just in the teens but there it is. Adapt. That’s the new buzzword. I am certain the ‘warmer’ weather – hey no one said I couldn’t adapt and be sarcastic – will help me.

There is a workout in the future but no cleaning scheduled for today and somehow tomorrow is a free food day – which I thought should be Sunday but I don’t argue with the schedule. And writing. I have to write. The day is full.

So, today in Knitsville we will be working on two caps and some mittens. Two orders left here yesterday and one is all ready to go and I am certain I may be able to get something done to leave with it. I might consider taking a drive to the post office if I get two things done. I count the prayer shawl as two items because they do take longer than a hat. A scarf might be one and half points. But I like seeing more than one item leave in a day. And there’s no way for one and half things to leave so if I can get one more item done before the darkness and coldness come, I will venture over to the late post office and give them the goods.

There is no snow on the neighbor’s roof – I somehow look at this as a barometer of how it is outside where there is plenty of snow on the ground. I am sure there is a logic to it. The temp is a balm 22 degrees, I have some leftovers from Dave’s last night and Mr. Honey will be doing the grocery shopping later so there will be some quiet time. I was thinking of heading over to Caputo’s (Mr. H doesn’t like to shop there) to get some fruit and veggies and pecans – an expensive indulgence. (Just the pecans $6 a pound.) I’ve been craving grapes and apples.

The good thing: the store is really close to the post office…do you see the plan?


Perfect enough

eyelet rasta in autumn
eyelet rasta in autumn

I don’t think I have this hat in the shop anymore. I think I dropped it when HB was doing its yarn transition and I couldn’t get it. I haven’t put it back. There’s a thought.

Three orders left here yesterday, there are two ready to go and I have more to get started. The way I had planned my days to go were fine but it wasn’t moving orders out the door quickly enough so I revised it and asked more of myself. I am keeping in mind that I cannot have a day where I do nothing but knit and thankful the weather has broken so I can at least step outside without cursing the weather angels and muttering about ditch digger body parts. It feels good to have moved so many orders out this week.

Today Knitsville is excited because we will not be knitting in taupe or high sienna ombre. We will be using the colors teal, aubergine and natural stripe and some herb garden. These are good times ahead.

This will also see if the five hour rule applies because I will be making a pixie hat and a stocking cap and some mittens. I am thinking the mittens will take less than five and the other two caps may just hit the edge of it but will also come in under because the last part of the hat has the most stitches…and I get to make pom-poms.

Also, the only part of the puff cap that needs doing is the brim. No, I didn’t find the other battery and it’s something I don’t want to talk about. I had to do some adjusting because the hat was big enough to fit my head and my head so I had to do some decreasing in the sc rows and that’s how I will be adjusting for different sizes.

I have to do some stash shopping to find the colors I need and I need to pull my mittens pattern cuz I have made them in some time. Tonight is date night and though we are expecting some snow at least we will be in the 20’s – I can’t believe that’s considered a warm, good thing. Geez.


3 rib in cranberry
3 rib in cranberry

I did brave the elements yesterday and while it was cold, it was not as  bad as Monday. Monday, I ventured out onto the porch and that was enough for me. Yesterday, the temp was a rousing 8 degrees when I left and that was like a heatwave compared to Monday.

I took my four packages and some of Mr. Honey’s correspondence and headed to the post office and it all went without incident.

Today, I have four new orders I would like to get out. Four. That’s right. Because one of the hats ordered, I already have in stock. One of the orders today is prayer shawl and that will be the last thing I work on today because it takes the longest time and I want to have the most production but also because since there is nothing to the pattern but ‘knit everything’, it will be a relaxing kind of thing to get into near the end of the day.

The cold may be seeing its last days. I certainly hope so. I think the C-PAP machine may actually be helping to break it up because there’s nothing like warm  air pressure up the nose to clear it out. I am not coughing as much as I was in previous days so maybe I can get myself back to my regular state of abnormal,

I added yet another row to the puff cap and i counted and there were 14 just like there should have been but the hat is now at that point where I am no longer enthralled by it – it’s very close to the end so now I just want to kill it off. Believe it or not, I am ready to take a pic to show you, I have the camera, I can upload it right now and I can’t find the friggin’ batteries – rather, I can fine one battery, I know they travel in pairs, but today, only one is showing up, My intentions were good.

Perhaps, I will search out a new pair of batteries and have something for you the next time. It was a spur of the moment thing. A new year thing – are we past the new year new stuff honeymoon? I’m thinking the Super Bowl is a good marker for that since it’s the last event having to do with the previous year. Once the bowl is over, it’s officially time to put that new stuff to bed.

So, I guess I have until Sunday to find the battery.

Baby, it’s cold outside…

eyelet rasta in gray
eyelet rasta in gray

We had no mail service yesterday and we are likely not going to have any today. We didn’t have it for two days last week either due to the cold. The actual temperature is -8 and with the wind chill, that would be -33. There is nothing that has to be delivered by person that needs someone to  brave frostbite to get to me.

But it does bring me to an issue. I have orders to get out and some folks have been asking and I’ve been telling them. I am thinking I need to get these items to the post office but it’s -8. The cold snap is supposed to break tomorrow. It’s going to get to a balmy 20 degrees and I am thinking I can take everything I have to post office tomorrow because there will just be way too much to hand off to my mail person or I could upgrade shipping on one package to priority mail and schedule a pick up so even if the weather is cold, someone will come and get it because they will drive over and pick up all my packages.

I really like that idea but I really feel guilty about using it. I think I should fire up the car and take my stuff to the post office. But I am sick. Truly sick with a congested chest and I wonder what the hell freezing over temps will do to me the short time I am in the car and the short time I will be out of the car carrying stuff in to the post office.

I have time to think about it. In the meantime, I have three more hats on the schedule to be done today. A prayer shawl and a hat was done yesterday. Tried as I might, I could not get that shawl done in five hours it took seven but the other had took less than five so there was a balance.

The schedule today is for two cable hats and a rasta and the rasta is already started. I am about to go down now and pick it up so it can be done by 2. It’s then I will decided the fate of the packages though I am pretty sure I am going out in this cold.

For those of you who are in cold weather and thinking no one else in the country is suffering your fate, there was an item on the news last night where a reporter from Hawaii was saying they were in a cold snap as well – dipped all the way down to the low 70’s. Declare a state of emergency.

Feeling bad on so many levels

hoodie in black
hoodie in black

So the cold has now moved to my chest and thee is congestion so with every cough, it feels like someone is taking a pin cushion and is trying to deflate me. This is marriage.

Got a note from someone who says their hat is too big. Bummer. I haven’t had that happen all season. I include a small amount of yarn with each hat because some folks can do minor things that themselves or take it to a yarn store but that can’t be done so the hat has to come back.

I am behind a couple of days on shipping and unless I run into a day where nothing is due to go out, it will get worse before it gets better.

Went to start an order yesterday and discovered I was out of cranberry yarn. I found this hard to believe. But there is none in the big stash in the living room and the big stash in the office.

The good news: i am undaunted by all these things. There is no choice but to keep going. Though there is no cranberry yarn in the house, I recall there is some yarn in the van and I am going to brave the weather and go see if I left some cranberry yarn in the bag(s) out there. I do believe I did.

The cold will pass.

I will be knitting anyway. Though, I have to say knit math is being worked on a crocheted piece I am working on in the office. No matter how many rows I do, it counts out to 12 rows. This has been the case for the past three days. I know I am doing an entirely new row but when I count the puff stitches, it’s 12 rows. I swear when I counted yesterday, there were 12, not 11 rows and this morning I just did another row and when I counted, I still got 12. This means someone is coming in and undoing a row of crochet and winding the yarn back around the ball so I won’t notice. So, I am now going to add another row and count to see if I come up with 13.

You won’t believe this. I counted three times and I came up with 12, 15 and 13. I’m not kidding. I counted a fourth time to do a tie breaker and came up with 13.  Knit math. I’m telling you.

Today is my free day and I do remember last week thinking it would be warmer today than it was last Friday and I would go out and get the coffee ice cream drink I’ve been craving. Well, it’s a balmy 20 degrees and I don’t think I’ll be driving over there today. I think the free day food is going to be cake. Though there is a brand spanking new container of French Vanilla in the freezer so I could do ice cream if I really want it. Besides, I’ve decided if there is no cranberry yarn in the van stash, I will go very close by to where the java elixir can be found.

Now you know I am going to find a skein of yarn in the van because that’s how the sense of humor runs in Heaven.

Three hats are ready to leave here and three more hats need to be made in Knitsville. I don’t have the same luxury of time today as I did yesterday. I have to be in bed no later than 1 because I have church in the morning. So I have a short window for working today. Tomorrow will also be a short day because I will be at  church. I am going to try and get the three out but the math doesn’t add up for it – but knit math may want to work with me instead of against me – though that has never been the case.

I am going to do my best with it. All that one can do at any given time.

Enjoy your weekend the best you can!

In Sickness and whatever….

Basket weave scarf
Basket weave scarf

I could kill him. I’m sick. The preemptive strike with the Nyquil didn’t take. Or it did take and I would be sicker without it. In any case, this girl woke up with a hurting sore throat.

This we cannot afford. I took some of the great elixir before we went out to dinner last night and I practically fell asleep in my steak. I took some more right before I crawled into bed but that didn’t stop the aches from coming and this morning I feel like a little bit of crap with the potential of becoming a bigger bit of crap. I didn’t finish the hat I was working on yesterday because I’ve seen what happens when I knit when I barely have my eyes open. I can only imagine what I would have this morning if I tried to knit when sleepy and not feeling well.

But I have to go on. I am already behind and I have lots of hats to get out – plus there are some scarves, shawls and a pair of mittens that must get done.

So, I am going to go and do my work and try and get through this. It really could be worse but I am hoping it won’t be.

That would not be pretty.

moving right along

white lacey
white lacey

So, yesterday I said the mayor of Knitsville wanted three orders packed and ready to leave the town. And three orders were paced and ready to leave the town and two of them have already left and the third – which wasn’t quite ready when the postman came by – is now ready to go.

The problem with success is that it has to be met again and then approved upon in order to still be call successful so again the mayor is saying three hats can leave here today. The good news is two of them will be going to the same place – the bad news is that will not be three orders leaving but two. There is also a three hat order to fill so the mayor is not going to be in the greatest of moods.

But hope springs eternal because there is also a prayer shawl sneaking on the horizon and a distraction is always a good thing. It will be good to do something so wonderful like a prayer shawl that has the added benefit of just being garter stitch in a chunky, fuzzy yarn and I won’t have to pay that much mind to it. I can really be prayer while doing it and it will fall off the skein and the needles and become something beautiful. That will be a pleasant thing when it comes up in the early part of next week.

I am going to need it, too, because the weather here in Chicago is not going to be a source of joy unless you’re a penguin looking for a condo. The next five days here will have a temperature range of 3 to 25. Those are the highs. Alaskans are laughing at us. Plus, I am getting a scratchy throat. Mr. Honey has been coughing and sneezing the past week or so and I am thinking he’s given me more than faith and fidelity. A cold would not be a productive use of my time.

So, I am going to go and do some work while I am still upright. Tonight, I am going to hit myself with some Nyquil and see if that kills off whatever he might have given me. If nothing else, I will spend some time on planet happy. Can’t wait to see how that will work with the sleep machine. I could be in for some sweet dreams.

I have a cream preppie and cream cable to make.

Ready to Run

the costume hat
the costume hat

They mayor of Knitsville (the only political office in Knitsville) has declared today a work the arse off day. It’s a little weird because the schedule says today is a knit free day but that has been overridden by the mayor (one of the few powers of the office.) There are sill about 50 open orders – that number has been fluctuating between 48-50 since November and some people have been waiting long enough so today, the mayor would like at least three orders to leave here today to make up for just one leaving yesterday.

Knitsville will be working on taupe cable hats all day. Except when they are in the administration building – they are working on the crochet puff stitch cap – which will hopefully have a better name by the time it is finished. I selected the fiber for it: it’s Caron by the Pound in Ocean. It’s a great color for the cap and it is knitting up softer than I thought it would. Caron is one of my favorites and like Red Heart, it can be soft if you get the right color otherwise, it won’t soften up until the first time it’s washed or worked with.

Snow came to Knitsville yesterday and overnight. I had to take my C-PAP machine in because the sleep center couldn’t get the readings off it and when I walked out yesterday, I was calf deep in snow. They did a real good job clearing the main roads but the side roads were like a different country that hadn’t yet put in their streets and sanitation departments.

This is how winter used to be. This is probably how winter ought to be. We’ve had more snow already this winter than last and well over the amount we know as normal for January. Hopefully that means lakes and streams will get just enough of their water back but won’t overrun and drown the cities and towns. We need the water for the grasses and the land to sustain planting and harvests. I think it will be a productive spring for planting and if the seasons run normally, a great year for the harvest. I will definitely be out there back in the garden. I love salad too much.

I need the snow to clear a little so later I can take photos. I am batty over not having new items for either shop. I want new stuff! I’ll be alright.


Mobius scarf in Aura
Mobius scarf in Aura

When I walked into the office this morning, the first thing I did, well, the second thing, the first thing I did was to turn on the lights, I moved a box to the computer so I could to the inventory. This was after doing some of the inventory at 3 this morning because I hadn’t done it earlier in the day. And that was done after doing my workout at about 2:30 this morning because I didn’t get it in earlier in the day.

What’s up with me? My mood is much better than yesterday. I don’t stay down long. I sent a note to the church office asking them to be on the look out for my hat. Well, I made it and it’s valued at $45 though in yarn dollars it might be half that. Still, it’s no $3 **mart special. I want my friggin’ hat back.

Believe it or not, I didn’t start knitting yesterday til after dinner. After church, I went to see a travel agent to help with the planning of the Massachusetts trip. See was on the phone talking to an 85 year old woman who is traveling by herself to Buenos Aires. This isn’t going to be a relax by the sea adventure, either. This chick is going to see mountains and other sights. To me an adventure is going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom at night.  While I was waiting for her to finish, I rolled the rest of the taupe skein into a ball. I was going to put them on the DP needles to do a tubular cast on but she got off the phone just as I was finished winding. When I got home, I got busy doing all the stats I would do in the morning and to take care of the writing and stuff so I didn’t get to the knitting until later and then I did a regular long tail instead.

So, I’m slightly panicked that I won’t have anything done for the mail run today. Luckily, the weather is a little warm today so a trip to the post office won’t chill me to the bone if I don’t have done in time and have to make the run myself. Just as well, I have been craving salad and I can go and get some for dinner when and can do the mail run then.

Of course, I will have to have something to mail and that means going downstairs and working. I hope to remember to find the next viewing of Downton Abby and record it. I admit I am into it. Mostly because I want to see Maggie Smith deliver her lines. That dame can act. I should be able to make good progress during that show – or I will make none at all because I will forget to knit while watching.

You remember the order from Italy? They wrote me in Italian today to cancel the order. So no new country.  🙁

I think this is a good time to tell you I’ve been working on a new hat up here in the office. I started it maybe a week ago – maybe a little longer and it’s been looking at me in all it’s unfinished glory wondering when it would get done. I haven’t had anything new in the shop, well, since the last time I did something new, and there’s a ruffle scarf that needs to be photographed but I am not hauling that chick out of the garage for just one thing – I require a minimum of three things if I am going to take on the this winter so this hat is the second.

This hat is a crochet beanie and I am using one of the I Love This Yarn stripes to make it. I gave thought to using the yarn I bought when we went to Orlando but I was upstairs and it was downstairs so….

So the hat is almost done and I can probably start another hat up here and it, too, will be a crocheted hat. It’s going to be a different version of the puff hat.

puff hat
puff hat

It will be less slouchy and more of a cap with a brim. I do not know what the color will be because I really don’t think that through too much. I use what’s closest and what I have enough of. Is that bad that I don’t really sit down and think about it all that much? Well, don’t over think the under thinking. I look forward to working on it. But don’t tell the beanie I said so, it was already sad that it was just sitting there with a needle protruding out of it like a junkie in Law and Order SVU. I don’t want it to get the idea I am ready to toss if over for something new.

I also don’t know if I should start to worry or rejoice that I am beginning to love crochet the way I love knitting. I don’t have a preference like some do. But crochet is beginning to appeal to me in ways it hasn’t before. To the point I am looking at different crochet hooks in different materials other than the standard aluminum.

Another obsession begins.