Meant to be…

baby jersey
baby jersey

I decided to check my stats to see where I was this year compared to last – and I am doing better on all fronts this year. It made me ask myself why, then, was I making this new move with the new shop and the answer came back:

I can’t talk myself out of it.

It might be a complete and total bust but I cannot seem to keep myself from doing it. There are currently seven items in the shop and there will be a few more added before the shop officially opens tomorrow – and when I say tomorrow, I mean 12:01 because it’s all I can do to not open now. I think if I am awake at midnight, I will have it go live right then.

So, what are the first items? There’s a baby blanket; a couple of hats, some pom-pom garland, some face scrubbies and towels. I have other items ready but need to be photographed and the weather has not been cooperating the last couple of days. I can get the smaller stuff done but to move Oona out requires less chance of rain than we’e been having – though I think I night be able to bring out just the top of her body instead of hauling all of her. But I don’t want to bring any of her out in the rain so the rest of the hats, cowls and things will just have to wait. That’s not bad considering I don’t want everything to expire on the same day anyway.

What I’ve been surprised at is the pricing. I have a formula that I’ve worked out – I don’t use the one suggested by Etsy. If I did, a scarf would cost $90. I’ve seen some shops that do have acrylic, garter stitch (knit every stitch) scarves for that much. More power to them. They’ve even sold a few. But the formula has different prices for hats and that’s a departure from designbcb where I pretty much priced the hats all the same. Scarves and mittens, too, come to think of it. This formula, based upon materials, has a range and I’m pretty pleased that there will be different price points.

As I was working on all the things I needed to start the new shop work on the color wheel afghan was going on. I thought I wouldn’t post a progress photo because I didn’t think there was that much progress to report but then again:

colorwheelafghan1this was the first photo with just the three color changes. There some cute potential but you couldn’t really tell where it was going. If you didn’t know, it could be easy to see the afghan just repeating these colors and being something like a sunset or sunrise afghan. Nothing wrong with that. But there was more to come: colorwheelafghan2It didn’t stay with the sunset; it continued with the spectrum. The addition of the green really pulled the colors out – though the camera has done nothing to help it. I am going to have to review the camera book – I think the problem is me.

colorwheelafghan3I didn’t think there was much more but I took a look at the second photo and then the afghan and the difference was not insignificant. I tried playing with the exposure setting while taking these photos and couldn’t get there. Really gonna have to download that manual. The afghan is so much more stunning than these pics show. Can’t wait until it’s finished and I get it outside.

I have about 9 open orders (I was feeling a little frustrated because I wanted more orders and then I remembered I am opening a new shop- duh. designbcb will remain open and become the place to purchase patterns and supplies and if anyone wants to customer order from there they will be able to. As I am completing orders, I am doing the photographs if it’s an item I want in the nee shop so the cable hat is going over and the rasta slouch will be there as that’s the next item to be made.

Today’s shout out brings me back to one of my favorites: the tote bag. You all know I am cuckoo for tote bags – Melissa stopped me from getting one the last time at knit group. But I can dream about them and this one from Sheeta Design makes my heart race just a totebaglittle bit faster. She hasn’t been in business all that long – almost two years – but she does have some kicky designs and it looks like she caters to the bridal party. Might be worth doing again if I can get a couple of these bags. Check out the other bags she has in her shop. She is in Hong Kong so it might take a while to get here. I can think about the tote while working on my projects.

Pretty exciting times. I have to start the next hat and finish the afghan because the next upstair project will use up some of those random buttons I purchased at an estate sale a few years back. About 300 buttons for $15 and I haven’t used very many. I mean to change that.

The Plan is Great…The Plan has a Hitch

The Boyfriend Hat
The Boyfriend Hat

You know a satisfying moment? When a knitter uses almost an entire skein of yarn. Note please, that this is not such a great moment of the ball comes to the end of its life and the project is not yet done and needs more of said yarn to be completed – that’s not so great. But a great moment is when the section of a project or the project is complete and all that’s left of a big ass skein of yarn is just a little bit.

This skein of yarn gave me a couple of hats, some pom-poms and two sections of the color wheel afghan before diminishing down to a small golf ball size rolled up. That was a good skein life. The remaining snippet is in one of the remnant bags because surely it can be used for something and given even more longevity. It just has no use in any current project or project aht’s cluttering my head.

That’s a great part of the stash busting plan. I’ve used an entire ball of yarn (almost) and that means the herd has been culled in the best possible way. It justifies the purchase of it because it has done a great deal and given a whole lot.

But now I don’t have any red yarn. At least none that is visible. And I need red yarn to complete the color wheel afghan. It is rather essential. My mind briefly considers the purchase of an inexpensive skin of red yarn. I don’t want to do it because this is technically not an order. This is a project. And I really want to purchase yarn for orders only. But I need red yarn.

Well, I kinda need red yarn. The idea behind the color wheel afghan is that there are various shades of the primary colors that make up the wheel. On the wheel there is red but there is also red/orange and red/violet. So what I really need is a color that serves as red that is on the red spectrum and not on the orange or violet spectrum. Like merlot. Or a burgandy. Those would work as reds. They would work as long as there was a truer orange and purple so the red would be the think that stood out. Cranberry would also work for those who prefer their yarn without alcohol.

I know this issue will come up again when I get to the yellow because the yellow I used the first round is downstairs and I may not remember to bring it up I am already eyeing some gold I see in a couple of bins. This is one of those things that will make the piece one of a kind and not be repeated. That is actually a selling point – especially for those people who like to buy handmade items and pass them off as their own.

There is an order heading out the door today and the poncho that has to go to Australia – where I may have seriously miscalculated the postage – and not in my favor – should be making its way out the door Monday. They ordered a small and it looks like it can fit in a bag so I might get away with a smaller rate but I did go and change it on the listing just in case.

Mr. Honey has suggested as part of this stash busting plan that I consider selling some of my yarn. I actually had that thought myself but sat down until it passed. But as I was going through the bag of yarn by the desk, I cam across a skein I would not have purchased except for an order where the customer specifically asked for it. I have an entire skein of this Homespun in Mixed Berries. I don’t particularly like the color. I am not moved when I look at it and I would not mind sending it off to someone who may like it better. I could see selling it. I bet if I opened my mind to it,  I would find other skeins that I could also see selling. This plan may have some depth. If I find I have some skeins to go on the market, I will sell them in the designbcb shop where I will also continue to sell my patterns.

So the work continues. I am psyched about the new stuff coming. I may get some photos done this weekend but it’s not pressing. I go back to the lab this Monday to see how two weeks have gone, hopefully well.

picketfencecraftI do have a shout out for today and this shop is so outrageously unique, I couldn’t decide on what I like most. I love the entire concept. This is a collage made by Christine of Picket Fence Craft. She will take your digital photos and arrange them on pressed wood for a truly wonderful display. She will do letters or numbers. I should say ‘they’ will do because she’s got her entire family with her.  And she’s local – she’s downstate in Bourbonnais but that’s in the state and I am always pleased to do a home girl or home guy a solid. Want to give a gift they will talk about forever? Visit Picket Fence.

Hope the rest of the weekend is great for you!

Caution: Work Ahead

Crochet boyfriend cap
Crochet boyfriend cap

I know it’s been some days. But those days did not go in vain. There was some work going on. Some photographs taken, orders coming in and going out. Stuff has been happening.

When last we met, the color wheel afghan looked something colorwheelafghan1like this: It was just getting started and from the looks of it the thing might not work. I mean the colors don’t seem to meld. But that’s the thing about whoever invented the color wheel. They knew what they were talking about. You sometimes have to trust the system and keep going when there are things we don’t completely understand about what we’re doing and where we’re going. There has been steady work on the afghan – at least some minutes in the morning and in the evening. And now the afghan looks likes this.colorwheelafghan2 Putting the thing on a longer circular helps. But also, adding the new color helps pull the old one and it all goes.The photograph doesn’t do it justice. It captures the attention when you see it live.

I am trying to keep in mind the different brands of yarn I’m using. So far there’s Caron by the Pound, Red Heart With Love and I Love This Yarn. The Caron is the ‘hardest’ of the yarns and it is softening up nicely once it’s knit up and draping with the others. This is going to a comfortable, snuggly afghan when it’s all done. From what I can see sitting in the yarn bag waiting for me, there might be some Herrschners coming down the pike. I think that’s likely to be the four brands.

I wanted it to be done in nine days and that’s a pipe dream. It’s going to take a couple of weeks to get it done because I am not working on it all the time.  And what do you think? I am thinking it would look great if I put fringe on the end that was also following the color wheel. I am waffling. I don’t know if I want fringe but if i do, I think instead of having mixed fringe, it should follow the color wheel. Maybe by the time it’s finished, I will be so sick of it I won’t want to add anything to it but my blessing.

Speaking of blessings, I appreciate folks who can draw and those who also have a sens of humor so my shout today isn’t an item in a shop; it’s an entire shop. Cassandra runs Jade Court Design and shows off the design, drawing and humor in jadeher cards for all occasions. Come on, like you’ve never said or thought this when someone has a baby…OK, so its just me. She does all the  work (with a greal deal of no help from her two assistants – well, they have four legs and no thumbs, so who’s kidding who?) and her cards do make you laugh. She’s comparable to the cards in the drugstore but you know there won’t be a bunch of other folks who will have the same cards as you. Check out her shop for a smile and chuckle and keep her in mind when you need a card for that special someone.

It’s the weekend and I have orders to get and the sun has been shining so I am going to be doing some of that work outdoors even if it means I have to wear a jacket. Next week, Mr. Honey and I will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary – goodness. Maybe I should talk to Cassandra…

Have a great weekend.

Learning Curves

Calico Slouch
Calico Slouch

I remember having a discussion with God where I told him there were so many things I wanted to do: I wanted to write another book and get this one published. I want my store to be successful as defined by me. And there were other things. The answer came back: You have time to do all those things but no time to waste.

There is no sense in saying you are a person of faith if you do not believe you can have a discussion with God. I know when I am being talked to. I also know enough to know that it will not be handed to me that I will have to go after it and not waste time.

I know if I want to recover my health it will require me to do some formal workout – even if it is a walk for no other reason than to get my heart beating and my lungs working – and it will require me to not eat some things and not eat other things so much.

If I want to write that book, I will need to sit down and plan the work then work the plan. Same goes for the success I want in my store. That will require that I also learn more about social media other than Facebook and Twitter.

I want this blog to be better as well and that means doing better by the blog.

There are things I want – lots of things – and there are reasons I want to do them. And saying it here is the equivalent of saying it out loud and therefore be accountable. So if I am not on a book tour attended by people who read the blog and want to buy things from my shop and want to know the secrets to my good health, I have no one to blame for me.

Today’s shout out is actually in tribute to Mr. Honey:apron Not only do real men wear aprons; Mr. Honey has a collection of them including complete chef outfits – including the hat and personalized pockets. As I was touring around Etsy, I came across this apron from Beads and Threads by Amy. Amy was roped in and led astray introduced to beading by one friend and quilting by another. But despite be easily influenced – good thing her friends didn’t want to bungee jump off the Eiffel Tower – she fell in love with the crafts and because crafting usually means finished projects, there had to be an outlet for all her creativity and that led her to opening her store. I can so relate. It’s pretty much how my store came to be.

She does custom embroidery so you can have your name on your own pillow case or apron. I think Mr. Honey might need one more apron. Real cooks can never have enough. Trot on over and take a peek at her offerings and her work space. She calls it ‘messy’ ha!

On the needles today is the colorway afghan. If you can ignore the wrinkled bedspreadcolorwheelafghan1 it’s on, you can see it’s going to be quite a looker. I have it on shortened circulars and I am considering making them longer. I want to get a truer sense of how wide this is going to be. The gauge is for super bulky and I am doing worsted weight but I did add extra stitches and it should be close to what the pattern called for but I will know better once I extend the wires and set it free. Also, this is going to get a little heavy before its all over and the longer circular will be more comfortable.

The next color up is green and after that blue then finally purple. It starts all over after that and will continue for about 65″ We will see how long it takes. It is not a made to order item so I don’t feel a particular need to rush through it but I don’t want it to last forever. The baby blanket took nine days. I would like this to take less time than that.

I finished another order of scrubbies and I will start one of the classic slouches. I have to, alas, go to the store and get the fiber for the other one. It will be a struggle but I will bear it. Feel for me.

It Happened so Fast

basketcase hat
basketcase hat

The new shop is set up. I have the banner up and some of the info needed. It’s not live yet but really, it’s almost done. I didn’t think I would do it this soon especially since I still don’t have enough items but I was talking with Mr. Honey yesterday about whether to rebrand the old store or launch the new one and I tend to go back and forth on decisions – so I just made the decision and took a step forward that had no step back.

Knit 360five will open soon and I am very excited about what will be in there. At least I will be if I can improve my photography. I really need to have something consistent and good for the base of my photos. I am still looking at the garage and the light box. I will get out there and figure out because now I have a storefront to fill.

Somehow that lead me to start an afghan because afghans will be a part of the new store because home decor is going to be part of it. I am working on what I am calling a colorway afghan. It will go around the color wheel. I’ve started with red and will move to orange, etc. as long as I am in the color group family, it will come out looking great. this will be a OOAK and not custom. There will be a lot less custom work in the new shop.

This is the pattern for the afghan and if you go and look on the Ravelry link, you will see they chose my afghan to represent it. I don’t understand why that afghan never sold. I ended up frogging it. But here comes another one except I am not using bulky yarn. I am using worsted weight. There will be lots of different yarns used because this is truly a stash buster deal. I am not worried I won’t find colors in the wheel to make the entire thing. It is going to be a little pricey but so have all my afghans and I’ve had pretty good success with selling them – except the one I mentioned. So we shall see.

Going through the shops to find my shout out, I came across these:dove I might have had a pair of earrings close to these at some point. I really like these. They are from ZzzonkOwl and the owner is Dorothy who was diagnosed with narcolepsy right after high school. With that condition, she spends a lot of time sleeping;she could have run for Congress and spent a lot more time sleeping but instead decided to spending her waking hours making whimsical and lovely jewelry. She’s got a thing for owls…love her sense of humor. And her jewelry. Trot on over and see what she’s done.

The three hat order is complete and packaged and ready to go. I have to go and purchase some navy cotton to finish the two classic slouches I have to do. I have enough to finish just one. I will be doing a lot of cotton work – I have some scrubbies to make as well. The poncho I have to have ready in ten days is almost up and it has to go to Australia and I have the funniest feeling I didn’t charge enough for shipping but that is a live and learn thing,

It’s the Easter weekend and I will be at church tonight and Sunday – we’re expecting good weather this weekend so maybe I will be able to get out and get that photo thing squared away. I am excited and nervous. But that’s no reason to stand still. Stay with me – I’m gonna need the support!


The Party in my Head

Stovepipe in cranberry
Stovepipe in cranberry

There’s a party going on in my head. All kinds of things are happening and I am trying to herd all the thoughts in and make something of them.

The mitten is coming along. I am almost at the 7 inch point where I was yesterday before frogging it all. I only have an inch to go and I will be right back there. I am not nearly as anxious as I was before and I figure it’s because I like the cuff. I thin k the stress of doing the mitten was because I wasn’t going to like it when it was going to be done because of the cuff and then I would have to make another one I didn’t like to match the first cuff. Can you imagine knitting something you don’t like? Then doing it again? That’s too much like work. Life’s too short to knit ugly stuff.

No, I am liking these new mittens. They are going to be cozy warm and badass.

I am also working on a quick crochet project. I hope it works out because it is a total stash buster and if they look cute, I will sell these bangles at the craft show for $1 each.

Hat 2 of 3 should be finished tonight and I want to get 3 of 3 on the needles. I wanted them to be out yesterday but no crying over that. They will be on their way soon and then I get to make two classic slouchy hats in a row. That’s kinda odd. I don’t think I will need to buy any of the cotton I will need so that makes an odd thing great.


lipstick mug

I have to say today’s shout out is pretty great, too. On the rare days when U remember to put on lipstick, this is one of the hazards of doing it. Lipstick ends up on cups, napkins, people’s cheek. Now, if I had one of Brooke’s mugs from Young Clerks. I would still have lipstick on the mug but no one would be able to tell if she put it there or me.

The adorable Ms. Donlan uses clay and paints to make her lovely items but the best part was something I didn’t discover until I saw her shop. She lives in river Forest; two hops, three skips and one big jump from my place. I pass through River Forest a couple of times a week on my way to church and for some StitchCraft meetings. I am ever so pleased to feature a local, female entrepreneur. Sisters have to support each other and I love it when someone so young tries their hand. The mug wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye – there’s some glitter earrings that may have to cross a city line. Go and give some love to a young clerk starting out. It’s thrilling thing to see that folks have visited your store.

I am going back down to do some more work on the hat. The snow came last night and has finally left the roof next door. I was fooled once now I will just wait and see. Spring has to come though. Mr. Honey just bought a pop up canopy for the block party this year.

It that’s not incentive for Mother Nature I just don’t know what is.




Table for One in the Whistle Stop Cafe

elfin in cranberry
elfin in cranberry

You know how yesterday I was going on (and on) about that darned mitten not making it to seven inches? Knit math, I said, it was knit math making me crazy.

Well, this morning, I measured it and it was 6.5 inches and then I knit one more stitch – just one more and the darned thing was a little over seven inches. I don’t know how to explain it. But the mitten was finally at the desired length.


and then I frogged the whole thing.

I know. But I didn’t like the cuff. I didn’t like it at 6,5 or 4 inches either but I thought I could live with it. Then I realized when I got to the 7 inch mark, did the thumb thing and the read I just had to knit rounds until the hat reached 10 inches that something was going to give. And it was the cuff.

So I frogged it and cast on the stitches to start again and then had to decide what kind of cuff I want. I thought about doing a straight knit but decided that sense it was a mitten for a person and not golf club, there should be some flexibility in the cuff. I decided on a 4×2 rib and now I have seven inches of yarn at my feet desperately trying to become a cuff for a mitten.

There’s some good news to take the chill off frogging a mitten: went to the lab this morning and my blood workup came out really well. So well that I don’t have to go back for another two weeks.

And, I found these in my look around Etsy:  earrings you can’t tell me these aren’t unique and lovely. The only thing that would make these better is if they came with a matching tote bag. These vintage earrings can be found on Two Owls and a Cat – cool name, too. Patricia lives in Bulgaria and opened her shop a little more than a month ago and she is quite talented. Check out the compass and music bangles and there are some glass earrings that are speaking to me in my native tongue of drool.

Hat 2 of 3 is on the needles and though I have no new sales in almost a week, I will not despair. I know more sales are coming this month and I am working on the first and second phase of the new items. It’s rainy today and a little cold so no photos and tomorrow there should be some snow on the ground. Spring was nice.

I am going to knit up the excess yarn hanging around my feet and do a little bit of writing before heading back down to work on the 2 of 3 and make Mr. Honey his dinner. Should be a pretty free and easy evening, I have some things to catch up with on the t and v so knitting will get done. Hopefully I can make it through the night without frogging something.

Pray for me.

Let’s Make Two

Classic with alternate trim.
Classic with alternate trim.

This: mitten is killing me. I’ts a mitten. Part of a mitten one of two mittens and this mitten is making me crazy. It is filled with knit math and there’s nothing I can do about it. I knit and knit and then knit some more and this blasted thing won’t ever reach seven inches. Doesn’t it look like it should be seven inches to you? Well, it’s not. It’s toying with six but it’s steering clear of 7 like it owes it money.

Not only that, I thought I had to change the pattern – yeah but I was reading the pattern and I had to change it because I didn’t understand what it wanted to do with the thumb. It said something like knitting the stitches for the thumb on contrast yarn and then slipping those stitches back to the left hand needle and knitting them and then later taking the stitches off from the waste yarn and putting them back on the needles. It think I understood what it wanted but wasn’t quite sure how that was going to work so just for s & gs, I pulled some dpns and cast on 15 stitches and did what it said. Turns out it did make sense. So, now I know something new but it took a while to get there.

How did I get on to mittens? I pulled the yarn out of the bin and that’s what it said it wanted to be. The sock yarn that was the entrelac scarf has decided not to talk to me anymore. It’s not telling me it wants to be something else which tells me I should probably make it into an entrelac something. I have to do something with it or it will trash my name to the other fibers. I cannot be seen to be wishy-washy.

The great thing is that when I am done with this one. I get to make another one.

I was feeling a little low about the state of the knitting when I went in search of today’s shout out and found this little cutie from Saysie:


 how cute is this? I am much more appreciative of toys since we started making them for our shop. The shop is located in merry ole England -which just goes to prove that whimsical is universal. Coin purses and buttons seem to be the cornerstone of the shop and there is so much cuteness that you need to have your dentist on standby just to browse.

I can certainly see some of those buttons on hats or scarves that I make. It’s an idea to keep in the back of my head. While these visions dance in my head; step on over to the shop and she what she has. You might find that little extra thing you were looking for.

Hat 1 of 3 is done – that was Borg like. Hat 2 will be started this evening or tomorrow morning. I may go to bed early.

I have to select 6 prayer shawl patterns for a knitting group project and I have to make them challenging, quick and easy all at the same time. Not an easy thing but I am getting on with it.

Tomorrow is the start of the work week. They say there may be snow. Seriously.


The Classic in Gold
The Classic in Gold

I was doing some reading on increasing business in Etsy shops and someone who considers themselves to be successful (I don’t remember how many sales they had so I don’t know if they are or not) said one of the keys to success was to boost other shops and artists. Don’t expect anything in return – do it because that’s how karma works and enjoy it in the process. Or something like that.

That got me thinking about the time when I used to do a top ten list every Monday. I did enjoy it and I don’t know if it drove people to my shop or not – I did it because it felt good. Then, when I got so busy, I stopped doing it. It could take more than an hour to find 10 items I really liked enough to tell you about. But now, reading that, has brought me back to the joyful days of being part of a creative community and being one of the least talented among a boat load of talented people.

it got me thinking that even though I still don’t want to go back to the top ten list, I could spend a couple of minutes and find two items that I liked and feature one in the blog and one on my Facebook page and that’s what the shout outs that are appearing in the posts are about. I go through the shops of people who are members on one of the teams I am on and I find two things to share.  I have to say it is enjoyable finding things that catch my eye because I don’t always know what it will be. Case in point, who would have thought a clothes rack would be interesting:mr.april But when it looks like this one from Hello, Mr. April, That will make you stop and take a second look. I did when I saw it and that’s why it’s on the blog. Maria lives in Estonia (think Sweden and Finland – it’s nearby. – She is inspired by lots of things to create her items and in case you don’t want a bear by your clothes; she makes a wolf one. (Think Goldilocks and Red Riding Hood as bffs.) I can see these in a room shared by two boys. It’s a way to mark territory. Visit the shop and see what else is there.

I spent the afternoon with the knitting group. Sorry to those where I didn’t update the place, It is supposed to be set for every date. I think I took care of it and it should be fine the rest of the year.

I actually didn’t knit anything while I was there. I brought four projects with me and didn’t feel like doing any of them. Miss April may have gotten us into some new business and I will reveal the details of the new business adventure when more details have been settled.

I did come home and start on the three hat order. I cast on one of the hats – the easiest one in the bunch. I hope to have all of them out the door no later than tuesday. I am also looking to get some new orders in. I have 12 so it’s not like I’m idle but looking down the road, I’d like to get 14 more orders in this month.

It’s the weekend and I have no big plans. It was a gorgeous day today and if I didn’t go to knit group, I would have knit outside. Tomorrow may also be good so being outside is also part of the plan. maybe i will retake those photos. I hope your weekend is good wherever you and whatever you do.


Dry Run

a discontinued hat
a discontinued hat

I don’t know how to tell you this so it’s best to just say it: i frogged the entrelac scarf. I’m not quite sure how it happened but it happened. What was thisentrelac6 iz now nothing – well there are now 20 stitches on the needles but it’s not going to be entrelac. It is going to be a 1×1 rib. You might well ask how that came to be and I don’t know that i can really tell you – except I ran into a small problem with the entrelac and I found myself taking out the entire thing. Then I recast it with fewer triangles because I was thinking it was too wide to begin with. Then I got into the three triangles when I decided they needed to go, too.  There it is.

I did get out yesterday to take photos and they will have to be retaken. I have some sun spots and also because Oona is taller than me the angles didn’t work out the way I want them, too. It may be that I have to place her nearer the back porch so I can stand on the landing and she has the garage in the background. Hopefully that will work and then the sun spots won’t be so much of an issue.

the good news is I started another one of the new things and it will be my favorite so far. Yes, I will tell you what they are pretty soon – slight delay because of the redo of the photos – but it’s coming.

Y’all know how I loves me some earrings. Think spring with these.


flower earringsThese are fun. And they are in Greece…sigh. They are made of polymer clay and are the creation of Sousan and Iness of InsouJewelry. I would totally wear these…if they were closer. All their jewelry has a flower theme. It is a flower shop except you can wear them and they won’t die if you don’t water them. You should see the pretty, creative things they make. They say they are inspired by nature and that will be clear when you take a look.

Besides that, I am working on an order of a crochet slouch. The customer wants it made of 18 crochet thread and it’s going to be a little heavy. But the thing that is going through my mind is making jewelry of my own with the left over thread I am going to have.. That would fit right in with the rebranding. The hat is also an original design because she had some specific things she wanted to see and there wasn’t a pattern available to me to manipulate so i had to scramble around my head to find what would work.

I did manage to move the bag of yarn from the dining room to the living room and that leaves just two more bags down there and I don’t know when they are going to come up. I thought I had selected the next bin to create from but I think it makes more sense to pull from the bags.

This is going to be a busy, exciting time for me. I am trying to give myself over to the process and there are some scary parts to it. I also see where I am going to need my health to do this well, often and right so it all pulls together.

I am off to head back downstairs and finish the hat. I would like to get that out and going. The next order is a three hat one and it will be due out the 21st. I don’t want to waste time. Mr. Honey is out tonight playing with some of his girlfriends so I will be on my own for Scandal and combination fried rice.

That’s a party.