The Routine Routine

well, it does but lets not talk about it.
well, it does but lets not talk about it.

I am going to put today’s shout out right here up front. I am going to say it’s not that I think this item is particularly cute – it just has an interesting (and by that I mean strange) story that goes with it and you should read it for yourself.

The item is:  this hat. shoutout1The story can be found at CraftOtaku and I think we should just leave it right there. Except to say a lot of these hats have sold and I fear for the city if they all got together for some kind of a convention.

So Knit360five has 24, count them 24 items in the shop and there will be no more until June. As of right now and until I sell about $125 worth of merchandise from that store, the shop is an expense and I don’t want to keep placing money there willy-nilly. One has to think about these things. So, I am going to add just 24 items a month and do the work to draw more attention to the shop.

One way of doing that is to have more items to offer…it’s a vicious circle. The next 24 GE DIGITAL CAMERAitems that will be hitting the shop will be more variations of the Eden hat. There is the standard acrylic version in various colors but there will also be some in cotton and some in a wool/acrylic blend. Same hat. Different price points.

I have to admit to a little bit of excitement yesterday (OK, I sang) when I was pulling the yarn for another project, I spied some of this. I purchased this on the trip to Maryland in 2012 and it’s been hanging around looking at me ever since. I could never really put my finger on what is was going to be used for other than reminding me I had a really big stash but I thought it would be just perfect for making the Eden cap.. I pulled out two colors and the first color ‘Roman Candle’ is about to come off the hook. I am feeling very la-de-da about it. I hope this goes over well in the shop and at the craft show where I will be presenting it. The only difference is this fabric crochets up with a smaller gauge so I will have to add one more increase row when using it to make sure the size stays consistent. It’s a really minor thing but the results are really lovely.

I can get one hat per skein and there is enough left over to make some fingerless mittens. Nice.

The other thing going in the shop are some crocheted baskets. I adapted a pattern from Moogly because heaven forbid I use a pattern without changing something. I saw a photo of it first and thought there were some things I’d change and didn’t think more of it until another photo of it showed up in my mailbox. Then it was just fate and knowing I wanted to do knitted or crocheted bowls or baskets next, I just went with it. So the first basked rolled off the hook yesterday and there is another started – now that I finished the Eden hat and it should be a pretty quick undertaking. I am hoping to have a handful of them ready for the June sale. This is going to be a pretty long day -9am -9pm. I am going to need a lot of stuff. The upside is there will be time to make things while I am there.

On the agenda for the day is a hat and prayer shawl for two orders. Maybe get out into the garden and prepare the beds for some plants before it gets too late and tonight is date night. Altogether – not a bad day in the life.

Time Sure Flies When…

button Someone should have told me it was going two weeks since my last post. I would have dropped by just to say ‘Hi.’ But it’s been a busy two weeks. I think. Time tends to run together so may not know what I’ve actually been doing day to day.

One thing I do know: I finished the colorway afghan. You don’t colorwayafghan2know how happy I was to see the end of it. It’s already in the shop and I don’t think I would be lying if I said I haven’t thought of it since. It’s downstairs with the rest of the finished objects and I have moved on to another project that is a lot smaller but still giving me knit math fits.

I am doing a pillow cover – a small(ish) 15×15 pillow cover. I am, of course, not following the pattern. I am using a much smaller needle, the photo that inspired it shows a pillow with stripes – there are no stripes in my version. It has a zipper. I ain’t got time for that. My version has buttons and a button hole placard. But, hey, they’re both in stockinette.

Before I go any further, I want to show you my Etsy shout out: a couple of days ago the Cubs gave away Viewmasters. I used to have one: had Mod Squad and Julia to look at. So when I was going through my team mates shops, I saw this one with Mickeymickey from Door County Vintage.

How cool is Mickey with shades that can see tiny pictures rolling around? Chris has a lot of interesting items in his shop. They try to bring ‘back in the day’ to today and if you’re looking to get a little nostalgia, then his shop might be a place to start.

Speaking of shops, and we were, Knit360five is slowly filling up. I have more than a dozen items that need to be photographed and listed. The aforementioned pillow will go up if it ever gets off my needles. The pattern called for size 10 needles but I thought eights would be better and I am ready to singe my eyebrows with a blowtorch. I have two more pillows to make before moving on the next thing and I think 9’s or 10’s will be just fine.

Mr. Honey finished painting the dining room and it is lovely. I have cleared the hall so he can do that and he’s already started. Considering this entire project started last August after the block party, I think he’s reaching for the next block party to get it done. My task is to clear the living room to get it ready for someone to come in and talk to us about flooring or go and take a look at it and have someone else install it. I’ve already started on that and should be done with it by the time he’s finished with the hall because that’s how we roll.

We’re still having some cool weather but it’s planting season and I look forward to going with Mr. Honey to pick out plants as soon as I prepare the beds. We’ll be growing part of our salad this season.

There’s nothing much going on. I’ve started using Pinterest and you can click the link over to the right if you want to follow me or take a look at my boards. It is a lot of fun and more interesting than I thought it would be.

I have some golf club covers to finish before getting ready for date night. See you all soon…


And the beat goes on

Knit fast...die warm
Knit fast…die warm

Things have certainly warmed up. We didn’t have much of a spring but went straight into the heat of summer. But things have not slowed down here. I still have 9 open orders; though I haven’t had a sale in two days.

I have a prayer shawl on the needles and then a cable and rasta hat to make after that then I think I have another prayer shawl.

I’ve updated my Pinterest account. You can click the button over on the right to follow me and if your mouse hovers over any photo on the blog, you can pin it right to your board. Tech savvy – that’s me.

The afghan is still going on though I don’t think much progress has been made since you last saw it, I thought it might be a good idea to work on things for the June show so I stopped working on the afghan. Big mistake. While I do have some things ready for the show – that can also go in the shop, the afghan was giving me all kinds of funny looks that said, “You know, if you just finish me off, you can move on to those other things without having to come back to me.”

The fiber talks sense. I am on 15 of 21 color changes. I am more than halfway done and it’s an afghan. They are going to be pretty rare. Finish and that’s one more step to the Home Decor section of the new shop.

So, while I do have some nice things done, I have gone back to the afghan so I can complete what I have started. It shouldn’t take very long and then I can get into craft show groove and make a bunch of small stuff for the craft show.

My shout out today goes to Lady Mango who made these. earringsThey are so pretty and I can see them sitting in my ears. I love the color and the coolness of them. Abbie lives in England. Silly ocean. She has some other lovely and unusual items in her shop. I enjoyed taking a trip through her earring section. May have to do that again real soon. I’ll give you a head start.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I was filled with thoughts of the young mothers we have in the family and my own mother. I was thinking of skipping church yesterday when God told me I should go because there was something I needed to hear. There were two things actually. One was something the pastor said about forgiving someone you did no wrong to and then during the prayer when she didn’t do the usual prayer and prayer response but instead read this:

Mother’s Day Prayer: A 21st Century Worship Resource (Adapted by Jenny R. Weber)

O God of love and life, we give thanks to you for all with which you have blessed us.  On this day of celebrating your love, we lift to you those who have given us life, those who have loved us, those who have blessed us, and those who have taught us, our mothers. May your blessing pour out upon the woman who gave us birth, and those beautiful, strong women of faith who have been mothers to us along our journey.

We praise you, O God, for your gift of motherly love, both gentle and fierce, both strong and humble, both kind and true. Where we have been so blessed, we give our grateful praise, for you have provided loving hands that have worked so hard in raising us, cared enough to correct us, and blessed us in ways we cannot have fully known as children.

We call forth your compassion upon every mother who has unknowingly caused pain and suffering upon her children. And, so we lift to you our mothers, so imperfect, also so wounded by this world.

We bless our mothers this day, no matter what they have done or left undone. We do this because we believe in your healing, and we believe in your love and we believe that you love every mother, good or bad; and we stand together with all mothers in solidarity, for we all are in need of your grace. Where we have failed because we did not know better, help us to forgive ourselves. Where we have seen your face in any woman who has been to us a mother, in her face we have seen your light and your love and we give thanks — for where they have loved, they have kept your word and blessed us.

We lift to you the heart of women who have been unable to bear children, but longed to, for every mother who has lost a child, every mother who watched her child die of hunger, every mother who had been a victim of abuse, every woman who stands in protest against a world that massacres her children and renames them “collateral damage.” We lift to you the prayer of every mother who has ever loved and lost.

We lift to you our Mother Earth. We lift to you our Mother Church. We lift to you, O God, your mother’s heart; and although we cannot fully express our gratitude, help each one of us to be your blessing of love, a blessing straight from your heart. Amen.

“Mother’s Day Prayer” Copyright 2008 Rev. Jane Sommers. All Rights Reserved. Posted with permission.

Jenny said she tweaked some of the original prayer by Rev. Sommers. I don’t know what part is original and what part she changed or added and I am not going to look. There’s no sense in doing anything else but appreciating what has been brought to you during one of those rare and strange moments when you feel like accepting it.

There is so much in this prayer that touches me and/or someone in my family. There are lines that remind me of my friends’ – especially those whose relationship with their children are fragile to non-existent.

When I was driving to church, I was thinking about the relationship between my parents and their mothers. My father was my grandmother’s only child and in a sense she was child and husband and my maternal grandmother had a favorite child and I suppose those it is not admitted, that happens a lot. But my mother was not only not my grandmother’s favorite child; she was not a favored child. Sometimes, we have to learn the lessons our mothers don’t teach us so we don’t fall under the weight of what they are, perhaps unintentionally, teaching us. In the end, both mothers had their epiphanies: my maternal grandmother much more than the other. My mother also had her favorite (not me) but she had no unfavored children.

The tie between a mother and child can be complicated. They are the first person with whom we are a couple and that has an impact that follows us always, I think of my mother often. I wish it was everyday but that doesn’t happen anymore. Luckily, she is never too far away from my thoughts.

Happy belated Mother’s Day to the women and men who brought us into this world, teach how to move in this world and who we shall meet again when we leave this world.

Spring Fever Break

can't understand why this never sold
can’t understand why this never sold

I can’t keep my thoughts in order. I have to finish the colorway afghan (more on that later), I have a show coming up in June (I think), there are more things to photograph and more things to put in the new shop. designbcb is actually doing pretty good business for the week of the year. Which makes me nervous about the new shop. Knit 360 Five is showing up in the search feeds on Etsy – which makes me excited about the new shop. I have eleven orders which have to get out this month and new stuff I still have to make.

And I have to plant a garden. And I started a new book – still in the outline phase. I am currently naming characters so I decided to go fiction instead of non-fiction.

I pulled this book off the shelf. (By the way, when I link to Amazon I am encouraging purchase through them. I like going to bookstores.) I don’t know why I pulled it off the shelf and looked through it but now I want to do some of the projects in there. And I have to learn how to really use Pinterest effectively.

And I threatened Mr. Honey that I would start painting the dining room today since it’s been almost a year since he started it and it’s not done yet.

How’s your day?

Right now, if I was one of those people who had to assign blame somewhere, I would be blaming the colorway afghan. I can feel that ‘you’ve lost that loving feeling’ feeling starting. 

This is where we were when we started:colorwheelafghan1 Cute and little – just wanted to work on it all day but couldn’t because there were other things to do. Then we grew to colorwheelafghan2adding some more colors and we went from cute to serious color. colorwheelafghan3A few more days and there was no denying we were on the way to a nice sized item that would fill someone with color and warmth.
Progress was slow and steady and that’s all fine and good. But now, I want progress to move it’s butt. colorwheelafghan4

As you can see, it has grown some but it’s a little more than halfway done. I just started the last round of six colors which will be followed by the last round of three colors. It takes about 12 minutes to do each row and each color is 12 rows. This is the kind of math question that should be on tests. (It’s a little over 19 hours for those who don’t want to think too much about it.)

When I laid it out on the bed this afternoon to take the picture, I had to say there was a little tug at my heart. All my irritation went away as I looked at it unfolding. So I cannot lay blame at its door. But I can wish it moved a little faster than it has been. I’ve learned this will not be a custom order. If I thought it could be that would crazy. I probably will make another one and they will be sold ready to ship,

The day is great, maybe a little cold, but certainly good enough to snap off a few shots and I am going to do that before the sets too much to get it done. So much to do.

At least it keeps me out the bar…




The Case for Socks

Color Wheel Scarf
Color Wheel Scarf

I don’t knit socks. I don’t get the fascination with knitting socks. There are a ton and a half of knitters who just fall over their own feet to make socks.

I made a pair a few years ago and was left overwhelmingly underwhelmed. Didn’t get it. I thought when I finished the second sock and had a pair of socks in front of me it would be the equivalent of being handed your child after pushing it out for seventeen hours – relief and a whole lotta love.

Nada. I got nothing but a headache wondering what the fuss is all about. But socks have reappeared on my horizon and I am coming around to the fact that I will need to make some. Because they are essential for my health.

For some strange reason while I was in the hospital and they were monitoring my sugar level, it elevated and spiked a couple of times -I blame the hospital food – but my doctor declared me prediabetic and that means different footcare. My doctor is wonderfully cautious and I have learned to listen to what he says so when he says it’s necessary because of how diabetes affects the nerves that I care for my feet – then I care for my feet.

No more walking around barefoot. I only walk around barefoot at home. I don’t take my shoes off at the beach – can’t remember the last time I was at the beach, but still – but now socks are on at home. They come on first thing in the morning after rubbing a light layer of lotion on the puppies.

My feet have never been so soft or felt so good. I’ve been wearing the socks I got at the hospital (I have two pair!) but they had to go to the laundry and I do have some socks but I want newer ones. I want slouchy ones and I can’t find them in the store anymore with the right amount of slouch.

I have to make my own. Sock yarn seems a little thin to me. When I get around to making my own socks, they will be worsted weight. The only thing that gets me excited about this is the thought of really slouchy socks.

Yesterday, Knit 360 Five opened and it took all of 45 minutes before someone included one of my items into a treasury.halloweengarland1 My Halloween garland landed in a treasury.

Pom-pom garland is the leading search item in the stats. I have another garland in eggplant (deep purple) that has to go up and I have other pom-pom related ideas that will go up into the shop as well. For one day, it’s been every bit as exciting as I thought it would be. Can’t wait to see how I will react to the first sale.

I have an order on the needles and two ready to go -one was from the One Gift Shop Plaza – we like that a lot. I also had a sale yesterday from designbcb . Like I said, every bit as exciting.

It’s the weekend and the weekend sale in designbcb will start tomorrow and end Monday morning. May is looking pretty good. This weekend Mr. Honey and I will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. Can’t believe that at all.

That man is lucky.