Who’s That Guy?

Love in many forms
Love in many forms

I was straightening up the bedroom last week when I ran across a visor I bought on one of our trips to Florida. I don’t much like visors. I find them uncomfortable but at the time, I thought it would be better than a hat. I ended up buying a hat, too, I think .

In any case, the visor had been sitting on the chest lo these many years. Now, Mr. Honey does wear visors. In fact, he is currently sporting a visor that have seen so many better days that burying it in the backyard would be akin to a mercy killing. I thought it would be a nice gesture for me to give Mr. Honey my visor. The visor which has hardly been used and was in terrific shape and surely would be as used as the old one. So, I laid it on his pillow for him to see thinking he would say, “It’s about time she gave this to me. I’ve been looking at that visor for years.”

He put the visor back on my side of the bed.

When he walked in the house yesterday after working in the hot sun on a muggy day, I said, “I gave you my visor for you to wear.” Mr. Honey then informed me he would not be wearing that visor ever.

It’s girly.

Let me state for the record: The visor is not pink. It is not blue. It is not yellow. It is not white. It is not cream. It does not have lace. It does not have frills. It doesn’t have an illustration of Cinderella’s or Snow White’s castle on it. The visor is brown. The color brown Mr. Honey painted the entire house. Bachelor Brown. As i look around my office I note that if the visor was in this room, it would be hard to find because it would blend in so well with the environment. So what makes the visor ‘girly’?

Mickey is on it.

Not Minnie. Not Daisy. Not Olive Oyl. Not whatever female gave birth to Goofy’s son, Max. Not Snow. Not Cinde. Not Aurora. Not Tiana. Not Mulan. Not Pocahontas. Not even the chick from Tangled.

But the dude. The main mouse, The one thing you see more at Walt Disney World, even more than the words Walt, Disney or  World. The richest rodent the planet has ever seen.
flanked on one side by mickey mouse Even presidents have been seen with Mickey Mouse in larger sizes than would ever fit on a visor. They didn’t seem to thin it was girly. They seemed to be fine with it:TREASURES2012_0366-900x600

But not Mr. Honey. Oh no. Cuz that will ruin his rep with who the hell knows.

Mickey is girly. Imagine Minnie’s surprise when she finds out.


What You Been Up To?

who's afraid of that?
who’s afraid of that?

This being in business things takes up some time.

I haven’t had any sales yet in the new shop. I am not one of those people you sometimes see in the Etsy forums (who am I kidding; they’re there all the time.) Who have to start a discussion because their shop has been open for a week and no one has purchased anything.

That always leads to people telling them their pictures aren’t quite clear or their tags aren’t right or they only have ‘x’ number of items in the shop and these things take time.

I tend to stay away from those posts because I don’t think there is a basis in reality for those new business owners.

I blame Kevin Costner.

I do believe if you build it, they will come. But I also know they have to find their way through a whole bunch of other new builds and that might take some time. The key, for me, is to look at the signs to see if they even know you’re out there.

Those signs are there so I know I have to be patient, keep building the brand and get on about my business. It occurred to me while I was working on yet another Eden cap that the cap and the baskets are both crocheted. I’ve been doing a lot of crochet.

I think the spirit didn’t want me looking into that too much because she sent me a special order with three knitted items (two which will require some designing) and a knit rasta hat for me to work on. So crocheting is going here (upstairs) while knitting  is going on downstairs.

The designing has to come in because the buyer ordered this hat but also wanted an infinity scarf and arm warmers in the same fabric using the same design. That is neither as easy or as complicated as it sounds. Since the pattern is already locked in, the adjustment has to made to the different sizes because the hat has less stitches than the scarf and the arm warmers have less than either of them. Things can sometimes get wonky and because there’s no real time for testing, I have to make sure I get it right. Since that rarely happens on the first go round, I was able to kick off the hat because I’ve made dozens of them and then started on the infinity scarf – should the pattern run the short way or the long way? Picked the long way and it is cute. I will thought about offering it in the new shop but I will have to make one because the new shop is pret-a-porter. (That’s right; I speak fashion.) However, it is cute so when I get to the point where I am making a garment, that scarf will be in my head.

As it is, I thought I found two sweaters that would work for the first garment and they would – except now I also have a kind of poncho thing in my head and now the scarf. Believe it or not, the poncho thing is edging out the two tops. If I chose it, I will explain why and it will make sense. It has to do with the poncho thing needing only one skein of yarn and me not having to go out and buy yarn to make it. Well, now I don’t have to explain it later cuz there it is.

Speaking of designing, my Mandy Cap is out of testing and this is the result:amanda cap2 that’s my bud, Bri (Ghostface Knitter) who was one of the testers. It’s too cute and there was just one error in the pattern that my first tester caught and I’ve already corrected and all I have to do is add this photo to the pattern, create a pdf and we will be off to the races.  Bri thinks this would look good as a slouchy hat and I can’t disagree with her. My first thought was to make it a slouchy but I opted for doing something a little different and made it a fitted cap but slouchy works for me.

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I want to break the news to you as gently as I can.

I’ve started putting some of my yarn on sale in the shop this week. I told you the shop was transitioning but I also know why you wouldn’t believe me until it was there to see for yourself. So it’s there. I’ve been separating the bulky/super bulky yarn out from the rest of the herd and putting them on the inventory sheet and I started with the oldest bins first. I’m finding fibers I have no idea what I am going to do with so I am putting them in the shop to see if someone else may need them. I can see people are taking a peek. I hope they start selling. Again, I think patience is a definite virtue. I will start worrying about mid- September.

In the meantime, it’s the weekend. I have a dr’s appt. on Monday, not the lab the actual see the doctor kind of appointment. Hopefully I will be told to schedule the follow up ultrasound for September so I can come off the blood thinner.

I need a drink.




How The Mind Works

nodding my head in agreement
nodding my head in agreement

I know it’s been a while but sometimes life does get in the way. There’s so much to tell that can’t be told but the stuff that can be told is pretty good.

Knit360five still doesn’t have an order but I think that will change within the next few months. I used a new program called Betsi to add something important to all the Eden hat listings. The line that was added: This item is ready to ship.

That is a BIG difference between the two shops. designbcb is pretty much all made to order. Knit360five will be mostly ready to ship. Now this does mean people will have to like what they see and hopefully I will find folks that do but it also means I won’t have a great deal of orders piling up that will ruin my health to try and keep up with.

There are about eight hats waiting to be photographed. The Eden cap will be available in lots of colors and edencamo2I am having fun making it in different fibers. So far, acrylic is the big winner but there are some done in an acrylic wool/blend and a couple will be made in 100% cotton.

The baskets made it into the shop and they are getting views and favorites and that gives me a hint that making the path to home decor is a good thing.

I was also looking for other garments to make other than scarfs and hats. I saw a sleeveless sweater in the Filati magazine and I thought it would be great to make and then I told myself to sit down until that thought went away.

But it hasn’t left me alone.

So, I went looking throughout Etsy to see if people were actually making garments – knitted or crocheted – and how they were handling returns, fit, etc. You know what?  It’s doable. As long as I stay away from things that are too fitted, i should be able to make it work. So I went on the search for a sweater pattern that I could change up – no point in any of us thinking I would do it as written; that’s just crazy – and I found two. Why not, you ask, do the one in the magazine? I shall but it has a big cable pattern in the front and I don’t want to be bothered with all that. It appeals to me as an unadorned tee.

In any case, I won’t get to any of the sweaters for quite awhile. After the Edens are done, I will be working again on the baskets. I have to do a mound of those.Then I can make it to the sweaters and because I am quirky like that – an afghan and pillows are after those.

But even thinking about what’s coming down the line makes me smile. There are some positive things happening and even the things that have happened that I am not currently viewing as positive may yet turn out to be.

I am going to work on the bookbookbook now. (I am borrowing that phrase from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.) It is still in the outline phase – I get to work on scene development today and will be writing the climactic scene today. It is the first scene I am writing in the bookbookb0ok and I while thinking about what the climatic scene is and how it should go, I thought I’d come by here and write a post as my warm up. You’re not getting a writing credit for though I will thank you somewhere in the dedication.

It has helped doing this. I first thought it might just be stalling but I really didn’t know what the scene would look like and now I have a pretty clear idea of what I want it to be and I must say, I didn’t see it coming. Now that I see the mountain top, I can begin to see different ways to climb up and different ways to get down.

I do have a stalling activity waiting in the wings for the time if I get stuck. I pulled four bins of yarn out of the stash and I am going to separate them into worsted/dk and bulky and chunky and also full skeins to remnants.  I want to know what I have and what is ready to be put on sale. (I’ll wait for you to pick yourself up.)

I am off to do some more writing and it’s date night so I have to get ready to spend some time with my honey.


What We Teach Our Sons

from cafepress.com
from cafepress.com

There are days when I just want to be a knitter. I want to get my fiber and needles (or a crochet hook) and just create beautiful things, put them in my shop and get paid…so I can start the process all over again. That is a big part of the dream I call ‘my perfect life.’

But perfection itself is often not perfect and it can certainly be messy and my perfect life includes seeing things that are not perfect and not ignoring them because that’s the easy thing do.

It is also the wrong thing to do – and one cannot have a perfect life if one does wrong – the best to be hoped for is a perfect illusion. But then, it’s an illusion…so…

What has taken me out of my perfect knitting life is an email I received from a friend of mine. I love Vivian dearly and would walk through a fire to get her. She sent me an email asking if I would sign a petition to have George Will fired from the Washington Post because of this column he wrote June 6th.

I’m not going to sign the petition.

Not because I agree with what he wrote; I don’t. I find the article to be filled with long winding sentences that are somehow supposed to make his point of view sophisticated and well drawn out:

They are learning that when they say campus victimizations are ubiquitous (“micro-aggressions,” often not discernible to the untutored eye, are everywhere), and that when they make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate. And academia’s progressivism has rendered it intellectually defenseless now that progressivism’s achievement, the regulatory state, has decided it is academia’s turn to be broken to government’s saddle.” 


and because he uses and example that, while is murky is still assault, to say that campus assaults are not really assaults because the culture has become one where people ‘hookup’ and throw their sexuality around and that college campuses shouldn’t be expected to stop or contain “sexual assaults” because those things are part of everyday living just like racism, sexism and violence and you can’t protect against all of that.  Doing so only makes students “intellectually dormant” because once you put into play warnings about what is and isn’t acceptable, people will be jumping out of the woodwork with their claims that they’ve been victims.

We wouldn’t want that.

I actually get what he says. I remember being in a corporate office when the sexual harassment training was the new trigger warning and everyone had to go through the training and there was this one woman who  started saying ‘sexual harassment’ with every little thing. George Will would point at that and say  ‘See, you should have never had that training because of her.’ To which my reply would be: Bull. We should have had it and we should tell her to shut up because she’s abusing something that will diminish true cases of sexual harassment and give credence to idiots who would say we shouldn’t have it at all.

We focus a lot on women and rape: what were you wearing? Were you flirting? Had you said yes before – to him, to anyone ever, even in your head? And in his example, Will cited a woman who had sex with the guy before over a period of four months and when she told him no, several times, he continued on and although there was no violence, there was also no consent. According to Will, there was no assault. It was just part of that culture because they had the relationship before, there was no violence (she told him no and she didn’t resist when he continued)and because it took her some time before she reported it.

He seems to want to blame her. But what about the guy?  When we ask a woman what she was wearing, it implies that there is some ‘take me, I’m yours’ outfit that males learn about so when a woman has it on, it doesn’t matter what she says.

When we say a woman has already had a relationship with a guy that says that a guy somehow has privileges. What we need to teach men (including, it seems George Will) that a woman can say yes 99 times and while it may be reasonable to expect she will say yes 100 times; there’s no right to it. Confirmation is still needed. And should she say no, that’s not foreplay.

It is true she could be a tease. Guess what? Then you’ve been teased. Leave her alone and go find someone else who cares more about your feelings.

So why won’t I sign the petition when I think his logic is stupid? Because stupid is protected by the Constitution. And because it clearly states that it is his opinion. And opinions, even those I don’t agree with, are never wrong. And we need opinions that are not our own because we need to have our own beliefs challenged to see just how far we are willing to stand up for what we believe is true.

And because I wouldn’t want to be fired for a stupid opinion – if I should ever have one.

What day is it?


For some reason, I keep thinking today is Saturday. I thought yesterday was Saturday, too, and when I didn’t think it was Saturday, I thought it was Wednesday. Now that it really is Wednesday, I want it to be Saturday.

I don’t know why.

My Etsy shout out is actuallyhelmet something crocheted and it is way too cute for color television. It’s a crocheted helmet. Come on, tell me you don’t think it’s the cutest thing you ever saw.  It was made in Bulgaria by Sunsfashion. There are several kinds in different colors but this is the one that caught my eye. There isn’t a photo on the site that I could see that had someone wearing it. I just think would be so cute on a kid or a cute non-kid. There’s also no about page so I can’t find out how makes it or what they have to say. That doesn’t matter – it’s a cute hat and deserves some love.

I have n0 open orders since sending the last thing off Monday. I’ve been working on things for the craft show Saturday. Miss Melissa will be at my house seven in the morning. I find myself in the position of having to be in bed at midnight in order to be up by six so I am making sense by 7. I will have to start getting ready by pricing and sorting and all kinds of stuff.

i am making hats and baskets. I have a goal of having 40 of each of them – not by Saturday – I’ll be lucky if I have ten of each by then. I want to have 40 of them for the shop and I already know what’s coming after those are dome: a lace scarf and a square afghan. The square is going to be a cabled one. It will be like the gray one I will eventually make for my sister (and special order for the shop) but the other ones will be made from whatever colors I have left over from the scarf and making the baskets.

Each afghan is just twelve squares and I can save the squares up until I have 12 that coordinate in a nice way and then stitch them up – it’s a plan anyway.

I planted the melons in the garden one day ahead of the rain and the cucumbers and the tomato plants are growing. It’s also peach and cherry season and I found some really nice cherries that I am enjoying. I was really liking the weather and then the cold front hit. I’ts been really cold during the days and the night. I really want a warmish day next Saturday and a cooler night so people think they need to buy one of my priced to sell hats. They go home with a warm head and I go home with some money and not a lot of inventory.

I think of it as a win-win.


No, or i'd be a rail by now
No, or i’d be a rail by now

I have to purchase yarn today. I do. I am making two prayer shawls and I am one skein short for each one. So I will making my way over to JoAnn for a little bit of business which I am also going to count as yarn therapy. Two birds. Two skeins. One stone.

I would not be too surprised if some crochet yarn found its way into the basket because I want to make those bracelets and the yarn I have on hand are making them too thick so I am thinking crochet thread is the way to go with it.

You know how last time I said I found this pattern for a basket on Moogly and I was making it and ‘adapted’ the pattern? Well, I did and now the basket looks nothing like the basket on the site. The first one I made did. And I thought it was cute enough to make again but I changed something in every darn segment of the pattern and then added a few things that weren’t there.

It started with the size of the hook – changed that.
Changed the way the bottom was constructed
Changed the turning row construction and added something to it
Changed the pattern in the body – there’s not a double crochet to be found in the entire thing.
Added a trim line
No handles

It’s a sickness. While making the basket, I had an idea for placemats. See what happens? You let one little idea out and they all want to come out.

The baskets will be photographed soon and there are more to be made. The craft show is next weekend and I don’t have nearly enough to be ready for it. Since it will be a 12 hour craft show, I am going to bring an entire bin of yarn with me and work on stuff. I bring stuff to work on anyway to craft shows because it show the authenticity of the work but this time it will be so I don’t go stark raving mad, maim my co-workers and then go on a rampage throughout the festival because I have nothing to do with my hands. “We don’t understand, officer, she kept muttering something about 12 hours without knitting and then she just snapped.”

Obviously, I can’t let that happen.

My Etsy Shout out is this: totebag1

You knew a tote bag was coming. I mean, seriously, how long did you think I could hold out? I didn’t go looking for it; just kinda happened browsing through the pages and I found this little beauty from Santi. No, not Santa, though the dude could take a note.

When I finish both shawls, hopefully this weekend; it will be the end of my orders. I am happy about that though I am hoping the craft show next weekend puts some dead presidents and an inventor in my pocket.

It’s the weekend and I want to ask a favor of you: I want you to visit this link and consider signing this petition. I feel so strongly about this and it’s not political in the least – it’s moral. Rene Lima-Marin made a mistake when he was 19 and sent to prison where he served 10 years, was a model inmate. He was released after 10 years and became a model citizen: married, had kids, bought a house, held a job, paid his taxes.

In January, a judge said he was released from prison in error and ordered him back – for 98 years. For armed robbery, where no one was hurt. 98 years. When rapists and murderers are let go because of overcrowding, they couldn’t let this man stay out because of their own error? They couldn’t take the time to see he was living the life we are called to live and commute his sentence? That’s not what justice is supposed to be about.

I want to have a good weekend. I want you to have a good weekend but mostly, I want Rene and his family to have a good weekend. The petition needs 3k more signatures before it can be sent. There’s also info on how to contact the judge and the system in Colorado who ought to be able to find a way to do better on their own.

He says that if he knew there was a chance this could happen, he never would have married or had kids or purchased a house because of the pain it would cause. Can you imagine?

Neither can I.