Different Levels

found on pinterest
found on pinterest

The last couple of days I’ve been doing treasuries in Etsy. I found this great tool called Treasury Box that lets me make then pretty quickly and I am making two a day.  That’s nothing, you should see some people working it, making 5, 10 a day. I have all I can handle with the two.

I am waiting for an order of yarn to come in. Someone ordered 10 pairs of mittens and someone else ordered some pom-poms in navy, orange and white. I ordered the yarn either thursday or Friday and I was hoping to get the notice that it shipped. If I don’t get it later on today, I will have to pull out the gray yarn and start on the mittens and just used the gray that’s coming for something else. I was saving it for my sister’s afghans but I want to get started.

It has occurred to me that this blog is not exciting unless I am relating a Mr. Honey incident and considering Mr. Honey is not all knit related – except when he does something – I need to make my life more interesting so the blog can be more interesting. I am gong to need a little time to work on that.

nicshat1In the meantime, I am working on Nic’s hat: I am using this yarn that she picked out in Denver. I love it. They say it is a chunky weight but it sizes out like a worsted weight. I am enjoying the softness and the texture very much. So much so that I did check it out on the WEBS site. I didn’t order any – though they are having their super sale. I don’t need anything. I got it. I am pretty safe from falling off the ladder .I thought I finished another afghan square but it turns out I am an entire repeat short so I  took down the edging and have to take out the bind off so I can get it where it needs to go. Yes, I could have blocked it but it was making me nuts.

How’s that for excitement.

I have my last Wednesday night knitting group for a while. The group goes on but I have rehearsal starting next week with out spanking new music director and I kinda think I should be there. So, the fall cometh quickly with the holiday this Monday and I hope the sales follow. But until they do and when they do, I am going to have to bring new things to life for my sake and the sake of the blog.

No, no, don’t thank me – my pleasure.

The Adults Only Thing

from pinterest
from pinterest

I am admitting some of the photos I took today of the mannequin are a little risque because I didn’t put a shirt on her when I photographed the pom-pom cowl.

What pom-pom cowl you say? There was nothing said about a pom-pom cowl.

You’re right but the skein of yarn told me that’s what it wanted to be after I tried to convince it that its destiny was to be a drop stitch poncho. That clearly wasn’t going to happen and I have decided to go back to the original plan of making the drop stitch out of the thicker yarns.

I also took photos of one of the dropstitch ponchos. I have to do the other one and I will be able to do that the next time around along with an Eden cap and maybe a basket.

You just want to see the risque photos, don’t you? Well, here’s the dropstitch in pumpkin. dropstitchpumpkin1Makes those plastic things just pop, doesn’t it?

Here it is in spice
and somehow though it’s dropstitchponchospice1the same mannequin, this one is tamer.

But the photo that will send some people in the Bible belt putting me on their prayer list is the aforementioned cowl:knitcollarjazzstripe2 pack up the kids, Gypsy Rose Lee is in town and she’s staying with Dita Von Teese.

I thought it would be worse if I actually put her head on.

In truth, she’s every bit as naked when I photograph hats but that’s pretty above the waist and I don’t even think about it. But today when I went out, it seemed as if every guy who lived within visible distance of my backyard was outside and there I was walking around the backyard with a naked body – yes it’s a mannequin; men don’t care. I was too busy to watch them to see if they were watching me Oona. I left her headless until I was working with the hats and by that time they must have thought the show was over because the next time I turned around, the backyards had emptied.

I have to say, it is hitting on the sexy and I don’t mind it. I am interested in seeing what reaction, if any I get in the shop.

I may be too busy to worry about it. I got an order for 10 pairs of mittens. 3 gray, 3 navy blue, 4 black and large enough to fit a mans hand. The person who ordered them is also a knitter with a shop on Etsy so this could get interesting.

I have the gray but not the black and navy blue so I ordered all three colors (the gray I have is being used for an afghan.) I will be using Bernat Super Value. I like how it works up and two skeins of it gives me more yarn for less money than a skein if One Pound. I will get started on those when the yarn arrives. I hope it doesn’t take too long. I can finish off a pair and a half in a day of easy knitting but there will be other things to do.

It is almost fall. September is almost here. Can you believe how fast it came and how quickly it left? It is about to be my busiest time of year. I am hoping for better than last year and I am hoping I can handle it.

Will be outside as much as possible enjoying the weather – though right now it’s a stifling heat.  Never too hot to knit, though.





Fall is Upon Us


I don’t have anything to put in the shop. I have a basket and two Leftover Caps to photograph  but there was rain when I got up and now I think we are going to a party. In the afternoon. An afternoon party.

It’s my fault. We were invited to a celebration and I made the mistake of telling Mr. Honey about it. And now he’s in the shower and I think it’s because he’s getting ready to go there.

This he remembers.

Our first date? All he can say for sure is we must have had one. His proposal? He thinks he just woke up one day and we were having a party and since he was in that tux and I was in that gown – why not?

I like the people who invited us and it’s just a couple of hours and it will probably end up being a good time but believe it or not – I am somewhat shy and I don’t really like entering a room that is not my own.

I am trying to become my own version of my bud, Bree, who loves new things and goes places. There is a part of me that desires that. So I guess I should go and get ready for the party on the off chance he’s in there putting on some of his better clothes.

But I could be at home knitting and taking pictures of things I’ve knitted. But this is marriage.

Just sayin’




The five hat order is done. It is all packaged up and sitting in the mailbox ready to make its way to Canada.

That means I have just one more order to do and that’s a taupe cable hat.  Besides the five hats, I’ve also completed two other hats. Seven hats in five days. I am a friggin’ wonder. This morning I woke up with nothing on the needles or the hooks. I looked around as if I were in a foreign land and didn’t speak the language.  I was lost for a moment until I looked around and found some fiber I could do something with. (I was downstairs; the stash is upstairs.) I found some cranberry yarn and it occurred to me I don’t have a cranberry Eden cap – can you believe it? I couldn’t either. So I checked and I do have one. Drat.

Turns out I started another leftover cap. leftovercapbluemulti2 This first leftover cap will show up in the shop tomorrow. I have three done. Two have been photographed. I don’t know when the one I just started will be done but they are a fun knit. If I didn’t explain, a leftover cap is a cap made from yarn leftover from other projects. It’s pretty interesting to see what comes up and if it’s anything like you imagine. I think this is a really cute hat but I didn’t know how cute it was until I put it on Oona and took some pics.

Hopefully, I can get some more of them done and up in the shop. The last cable hat should be finished today or tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon, part of the gang will be at Loopy Yarns for their Sunday afternoon knit. No guarantee that I won’t walk out without some new fiber but I won’t be going crazy.

I Think Vacation’s Done

northwest knitters strike again
northwest knitters strike again

Hat 2 of 5 is done and packaged. Three of five is the cable hat in black. I had to go to the store to get it and because I had 3 40% off coupons (gotta love that JoAnn) I purchased two huge skeins of taupe and one skein of black. Believe, I was tempted to do more but I am glad I think I have the just what I need thing going. I do need the taupe because I do have an order that will need it and because I anticipate having to make a few of the taupe cable hats this season.

I admit I went to the Vogue website to see if I could find out anything about the hat being in the issue. I couldn’t. So I guess I will have to be patient though I suspect I did not make the issue. I will have a moment of disappointment but then I will have to get on with the rest of it.

Before I forget, the yarn I used to make niccowl2Nic’s cowl and will make her hat from is not a Berroco; it’s a Plymouth Tweed in Mushroom. We purchased it from the Recycled Lamb.  And lest you think I walked out of the store with nothing of my own, I purchased six skeins of this in the red. No, I have no real idea what I will make but considering I’ve hardly touched the yarn I got in Phoenix and Pittsburgh and just used some of what I got in Maryland, I’m thinking it can take its place in the queue and wait for the inspiration to hit.

I just finished an Eden cap using Vanna White Choice in Wild Berry. I like it well enough but man, it takes almost an entire ball for the one hat. Good thing Knit360five isn’t a made to order shop so I don’t have to make another one if I don’t want to. I new have five things to photograph. I was thinking we would have an extended summer but now I don’t know because it’s pretty cold today. I am not taking photos today anyway.

I sold my first Bochet pail the other day and it will go off today and I put a new one up. With the hat finished up here, I am back to wondering what I am going to make next. If you hold on a second, I can walk over to the bin and pull out the next skein and you can be here when it tells me what it wants to be,

Well, there now, speaking of the yarns I got on my trips, a skein of the Phoenix Universal Tweed in Burgundy. This entire line is discontinued. We talked about it becoming an Eden Cap but we have enough of those unless one sells and needs to be replaced. We think a cowl just like the one we made for Nic. You were just a part of history. Make note of it.


On a Mile High….

actually, my lady, i douse them...
actually, my lady, i do use them…

We are back from Denver! This was the first time Mr. Honey or I have visited Denver. We went there: 1. to see my brother 2. to go to a Cubs game 3. to visit a yarn store.

Between you and me, the yarn store was the thing but I don’t want to hurt feelings. This is the Denver gangtonyandfamily. Let me say, it was supposed to be more of us but my sisters and other brother couldn’t make it. But the rest of us had a good time. That’s Mr Honey holding court in the chair. Then Nic, my sister-in-law, Theresa, my nephew, Quin and my brother Tony. It went by way too fast

I will say the highlight of the trip for me was when Theresa invited us out to dinner with members of her family (should have taken a photo) we all went to Hacienda Colorado for somelocation_image_lonetree authentic Mexican food and I discovered her family is nearly as crazy as ours. My nephew has also picked up the Cotton humor (poor baby) and he is a funny guy. Can’t believe he’s going to be a junior in high school but that’s what happens when you feed them.

My overall impression of Denver: the people are really nice. They have the most courteous drivers I’ve ever encountered and the women really love their tattoos. I don’t think I’ve seen more inked women per capita in my life thus far. They make good pizza but should probably leave the BBQ to the midwest. And, hopefully this won’t get me thrown out the club, but I likecoorsfield Coors Field better than I like Wrigley.  It’s about the same size and it doesn’t have the huge plazas the other ballparks we’ve been to have had but it has a much nicer feel on the inside than Wrigley. I love the field at Wrigley but the park needs some modernizing. I have been converted.

I have been sitting here too long. I did purchase some yarn while in Denver Nic also purchased some though she doesn’t knit or crochet a stitch. She handed it off to me to make her a cowl and a hat. I started and finished the cowl while we were there.  It was this cowlcowl but done in a Berroco blend – I know, I will find out the exact one. I also started a ten stitch blanket I worked on the plane to and from but it is going the way of the frog, I just don’t like it the self striping. I thought I would but it isn’t happening so I will try it again in a solid color. But more info will come at a later time, I need to go work on some orders and work outside.

It’s great to be back. I love seeing my family but I love being home.

It’s where the yarn stash is.