Top Ten for the Week of 9/28/14 – 10/4/14

First up this week is a card from Inkie Annie. I can’t draw and I am fascinated by those that can.









I keep saying I am going to get around to making baby booties and until I do, I am going to have to admire those that create patterns for them like these from Inventorium.



Well, if you must; make it cute like Couch Potato Dog Knits:










Garlic, on Etsy. who knew? Bushel and Pecks will help you fight vampires and make yummy dishes for yourself.










Quilters are talented artists and this is an adorable quilt from Kid Babies:092820145




Beads, like these from Anthology 27, may be in my crocheting and knitting future. 092820146







Nice use of leftover yarn from the stash by Jubillee8. Something I hope to emulate. You know, when I get around to making toys.092820147










Someone wipe the drool from my mouth that Bling Things is responsible for.092820148










I would buy this for me. You know a tote was gonna show up.092820149 This one is from Cre8tiv Gifts:







Beautiful and functional is something else I appreciate and this is from 0928201410LK Pens.









I really enjoy browsing through, not looking for anything in particular, and finding all these different treasures. Handmade should be appreciated. The thought and hard work; the love and the passion and the blessing to have it as work is truly amazing and affirming.

Enjoy your week.

As I was Saying

I told myself I would remember who did this painting..but Idon't
I told myself I would remember who did this painting..but I Don’t

This chick is even more dedicated to knitting than I am. How is that even comfortable? I did a Google search of ‘painting of girl knitting’ thinking  ‘how many could there be?’ Let me just say the answer gives new meaning to the phrase ‘nothing new under the sun.’ It seems painting a girl with knitting needles is something every artist had to try. Meyer Georg von Bremen – who did this painting – was fascinated by it. Not only did he paint her by the window knitting, he got her on a rock and in a doorway. Different chick, so I’m thinking he was obsessed with girls who knit rather than just girls. Or maybe he was fascinated with knitting – I’m not here to judge.

In any case, I’m glad I did the search. I am appreciating the artwork and will showcase here and on the Facebook page.

I’ve started my designbcb count to my 1000th sale. I do not know what possessed me to do so considering I am more than 100 sales  away from it but it would seem like admitting defeat if I stopped it now.  I am 135 away and I would like to make it before the end of the year knowing what that will mean in terms of sales for my made to order shop. But I would like to have it behind me – so I can find something new to obsess about.

I have three hat orders and I will start on them today. I have the yarn for two of them even though I am expecting more of the same yarn to arrive today and I need that shipment to come because in that shipment is the yarn I need for the third hat and I might have gotten a skein of a yarn color that I am interested in seeing in person. dakota I do believe it will make an interesting Eden cap or cowl. The color is called Dakota. Come on, it’s a little interesting, isn’t it? It’s one little skein of yarn that I will look at and then it will go into a bin that I won’t get to for a long time or it will go into the bin I am currently working out of and it will get used right away or somewhere down the line. I am thinking the later because that wouldn’t be fair to the other fibers waiting their turn and some of them have been waiting for years.

The shipment will arrive sometime today – something to look forward to along with date night, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. What a great night.

I am finishing up a new cowl in Burnt Pumpkin and an Eden Cap in Black Sparkle – the first one sold and I had some more of the fiber sitting in the current bin so I get to make the cap and won’t have to retake the photos – sweet.

I did photograph the two cowls, two sets of scrubbies and the Eden cap made from the gray Bernat and started putting them in the shop. I should have the cap and cowl ready for the next session in a day or two.

I must press on. I am hoping to get enough orders for the rest of the month going into my peak months of October and November to make me regret wishing I had them. Something tells me I need to gear up Knit360five.

Better get busy.



Jonesing for springfield

northwest knitters strike again
northwest knitters strike again

My friend, Kevia, was here from Springfield. keviameShe is a member of our knit group but she moved to the state capital to study and her husband got a job and now it looks likes she will be staying down there because she just got a job in her field of study – and that happens so rarely now that it makes sense she stay down there and take the job.

Springfield is about three hours by train and it would be real easy to hop on the train and go there for a couple of hours. Miss Laeh and Miss Melissa was supposed to be planning a trip there this year but that never came together and I don’t want to go another couple of years without seeing my girl – and – she says there are a couple of decent yarn shops in the area. So I am planning a trip to present to the group.

I believe I have chosen Nancy’s as the LYS to be visited and now I need to find a nice place for lunch that’s close by and I have to decide if this is an overnight trip or a day trip.  Fun to think about and I really need to make it happen.

I’m a little hungry and it’s time for my regular afternoon snack – I told you about the popcorn, right? popcorn Kirkland from Costco which is sooooo good and more economical than the national name brand that I won’t mention out of respect.  I do share it with Mr. Honey but he just takes a couple of handfuls and the rest is mine and I usually have it with water but I wanted some cranberry juice that day and this is one of the definitions of heaven and I am gonna go down and make some popcorn before work some more on an order.

I might be able to get in a photo session tonight or tomorrow: a cowl (if it’s tomorrow maybe two cowls) a hat, and 2 sets of scrubbies. I will have energy from the popcorn.

I think a lot of cowls will be on the horizon along with finally getting started on the alphabet squares. I told y’all about those, didn’t I?

Didn’t I?



Top Ten for the Week of 9-21 to 9-27

Here are ten of the items that caught my eye on Etsy this week:

092720141From Savvy Stickers a measuring stick for the youngins







Littlest Sister has an interesting take on the granny square.




A hearty hear, hear (not here, here) to Grammatical Art:








092120144Loving the light from the stained glass from Steve’s Art Glass:


Christmas is coming but these hearts from Lorenza Pari also remind me of Valentine’s Day.092120145






Clever staging for the wall decals from 092120146Single Stone Studios:






November is topaz or something like it in this092120147 pendant from Verbena Place Jewelry:







Have to give a shout out to my knitting brethren092120148 via this headband from Twisted Sticks:






A pretty way to make 092120149music from Nici Laskin:




And this cute little guy from Pineapple Catz0921201410


Remember, there’s nothing you can do to make it to my top ten list. It’s a random thing and every single item on Etsy has an equal shot of making it. I just have to see it and like it and it’s in.

Hope the week ahead of you is a great one!

Under the Wire

yeah, what she said.
yeah, what she said.

I have nine minutes to write this post to get it in while it is still Saturday.

I meant to do it earlier and got caught up in stuff.

I frogged the tunisian cowl because it went all catty wompus on the sides and I just couldn’t live with it.

Got a couple of sales so the countdown to 1000 in designbcb is down to 137.

I am grateful but still would like more sales. I get to order some yarn that I will need (and I threw in one skein of a new color) so the buying yarn jones will be satisfied.

I don’t feel I do enough with what I have and I have a I have a lot to do.

Cleaned up a small (and I mean small ) part of the office and it looks a lot better.

I have three items to photograph and hopefully will be able to do it tomorrow.

I don’t think there’s anything of import to impart and I have five minutes to spare.




I am calling a knitting mulligan – that thing in golf when you get to do something over – it’s like a ‘my bad’ moment.

I have a feeling I’ve done this before. I don’t know how many mulligans you get in the game. (that’s not true; it’s usually one a round if they’re allowed at all) so I think this is more than a round so I can call another one if indeed, I’ve done it before. So, there is it. I am calling a mulligan in order to bring you a better and more interesting knitting blog.


See this? This is the first row of a new project. For those who cannot see it clearly, it is on a really long crochet hook. Because I decided to make a Tunisian crochet cowl.

But Beverly, don’t you have five open orders? No I don’t. I have four open orders. A rasta slouch is leaving today for Canada and I decided I needed a small break between it and the next order. So I am doing a cowl. I will work on it today and do another order (another rasta slouch) tomorrow.

I am frogging a poncho (not a dropstitch – ponchos and I are not getting along right now.) and part of the yarn will become this cowl. That will leave plenty of yarn to become something else. There’s already an Eden cap and a Bochet bucket so my guess is that it will become a cable square. There will still be plenty but that’s a bridge best crossed later.

WP_20140917_14_07_39_ProThis what it looks like after a few rows have been worked. For those that don’t know; tunisian crochet is done on a long hook (or a standard sized one for the brave) and you collect the stitches on the hook like you do when you’re knitting and then work them off like you do in crochet. It makes for a thicker fabric and I think a cowl in the simple stitch would be quite lovely. No picture of a pattern to give you – it’s my own thing. The simple stitch will go on for about 25 inches and then connected to make the cowl.

Simple stitch – simple design.

Now it’s time for popcorn.

The Borg and I


The collective did not get me. I finished off the ten pairs of mittens and they are in the possession of the US Postal Service. They don’t have very far to travel – they are staying in the state.

The good news again is those last six mittens came off of one skein of yarn. Which means, I have a nice sized skein of dark gray yarn that I can do something with.

I also got a photo from Nic wearing her hat. I would show it to you but that girl does not have a way with selfies. I told her she had two balls of yarn left and she said: You can just have it. This is a girl who knows how to keep her name in the will.

I decided I wasn’t going to do any order knitting today. The next order is not due out until the 26th and I wanted to take a pressure breather from the orders. I will resume again tomorrow – or the day after. Don’t worry, I am not going to let it go. I want to have a boat load of orders by the end of the month so I need to get back into a rhythm – I want to feel pressed not pressured. I will start on them so I don’t get myself behind and that can happen in a hurry.

In other news, I now know how many face scrubbies I can make with one skein of the skein: 14. So a super pack would be 14 scrubbies for $12. That is good to know and I can price a 6 pack accordingly. I know you were anxious to know as well.

I have also given up on the bulky drop stitch poncho. It just isn’t sizing the right way for me. So the ones that I’ve done will be frogged and I will make something else from the bulky yarn. I am thinking drop stitch cowls which can be one size for all.

I did it again. I thought I posted this only to come back and find it still here. I must be losing my mind. Which might be scary for me but really scary for the person that finds it.

Top Ten for the Week of September 14, 2014

I decided the Top Ten needed to make a comeback. So here it is: my first top ten list in a long time

091420141The Knit Capelet and pom-Pom Hat from Knit Buddy.







The Red Heart Knit Hat from For You Design091420142







Moya Approaches by Sagan Digital Art


091420144Elephant Tote Bag by Sew Trendy Rose


091420145Peppermint Lemonade Soap by Firebird Bath Body





Lavender Flower Bookmark by 091420146Block Party Press







Milk and Honey Candles by091420147 Pollen Arts







Red and Pink Pottery Heart Bowls by 091420148JD Wolfe Pottery






Baby Booties by  Kristine’s Little Shop









Dear Santa Shirt by Bargoonys0914201410







So, how does one make it onto my top ten list? Don’t ask. I scout around and find ten things that hit my eye. It’s that simple. You can ask me to look at your shop but I wouldn’t advise it. Takes away my fun from just moving around Etsy and seeing what’s there.

I Thought I Did

doing my part
doing my part

I thought I wrote a blog post yesterday. Turns out, I was reading blog posts yesterday and forgot to do one of my own.

Turns out, there wasn’t much to say yesterday anyway.

I can announce today that I am done with the black mittens and that just leaves three pair of gray mittens to get done and I have all of today and part of tomorrow to get them done.

And part of my day today will be spent at the hospital getting an ultrasound done and tonight is date night. But I am cool as a hot cucumber in thinking I will have the mittens done and the mailing label printed before the calendar reads the 13th.

I am determined to make it. That will mean making six mittens in two days when previously the most I’ve done is two and a part of the third.  But I am determined to do it – the fact that I have yet to package any of them and find the box to ship them all in is just details. I’ve already discovered on my own the small box I thought could hold ten pairs of man sized mittens can hold about three. I got the yarn I ordered the other day and that box looks good for it.  I’m pretty sure.

Don’t bother me with sticking details.

The drop stitch wrap is about to come off the needles if the yarn goddess stops messing with it. She must be playing with me because the yarn math is back. No matter how many repeats I do – the dang thing isn’t getting any longer than 41 inches. The thing is, I need it to be 42 inches and I am not understanding why the cosmos finds this a thing worth doing.

War? Pestilence? The problems in the Middle East? Yep. Got those covered and we have a little window of time – and I know how we can use it.

I am trying to maintain my cool in case the goddess has her eye on me this morning and I am not saying any words that can be construed as disrespectful. I am putting out in the atmosphere that there must be a reason for this – like I really need just 41 inches of a drop stitch wrap or that I should stop calling it a wrap and go back to the more ambitious drop stitch poncho that I had originally designed. Maybe the goddess thinks I am being a wimp for not stretching out my creativity.

Or maybe I can’t count. In which case, I am sure she has taken a second out of her day to laugh at me for thinking she spends more than a second of her day thinking up ways to torment me.

In any case, this drop stitch poncho will come off the needles today either 41 or 42 or whatever length the goddess decides. Can’t argue with the deities.  Anything to get done with it and on to something else. I need the newness of starting a project.

Is it bad to admit that part of the reason I want to get new things going is because the shops I look to for inspiration on Etsy are constantly putting up or renewing things? It’s a competitive thing.

Like you didn’t know that about me.

Playing in My Head

best to leave well enough alone...
best to leave well enough alone…

I need 50 orders a month to reach the goals I have in mind and I don’t see that happening.

This means I either have to change the goal or change the plan. The plan really needs to stay in place so I need to figure out how to get more people to the shop.  But that’s my story.

The mittens continue. 7 of 10 is on the needles; the last of the black set.  I .had my mittensdr’s. appointment today so I didn’t get to them until this afternoon so I am going to go until that pair is done. I could be working into the wee hours because it is the first of the 7 of 10 (did you get that?) and it takes me a couple of hours to do a mitten and I also have to make dinner this evening.

I took a ball of cotton yarn with me to the dr because I knew I would have to wait. I was the only one in the office when I arrived and the place was really quiet and I still had to wait and once I was checked in and the preliminary exam  was done and the nurse said . “Dr. J. will be right with you.” I took out my ball of yarn because their definition of ‘right away’ is a lot different than my definition. I got one scrubbie done and started another when he came in. That means my findings for how many scrubbies I can get out of a ball of yarn is: definitely one.

Science is fun.