What Doesn’t Kill You…



These are trying times. Lately, I have found myself confused and depressed/ Trying to move a business to the next level when I have no idea what I’m doing; trying to become more involved with the world by doing more than just giving lip service to justice and how uncomfortable that makes me. Making a serious run at improving my health and fitness.

The world I know as mine is pretty strained.

Makes you long for the days that never were.

I think the best solution for me is to remember to breathe and take these things one at a time. I have to do what is right in front of me and not worry about what is next in line. I do believe there is time and energy to do all of it.

I am on fan scarf #9 – which translates to Houston – blue and red. I believe it’s about half done. I am also in search of a spa cloth pattern that I feel like working. I’ve tried several and haven’t made it to the end before it’s been frogged. Currently, I am doing one with a small basketweave stitch that might make it across the finish line. The image in my head is a set of these towels – maybe three- in a bochet basket with some scrubbies. Those are coming right after the fan scarves.

Am I really going to make 30+ fan scarves? It would only be fair.

I’m nuts.