10 Things Knitters Want You to Know


This thing called knitting affects different people in different ways. If you know someone who just has to have their needles in hand and you wonder what it’s all about, here’s a little taste.

10. We know not everyone can knit (or crochet).
We will teach you if you want to know but we aren’t like pushers looking to get you hooked – forgive the crochet pun.Not everyone knits – there are people who knit but don’t crochet and those who crochet and don’t knit. We get there are those of you out there who do neither. If you don’t mind; we don’t mind.

09. We know that you know someone in your family who knits/crochets.
We’re also aware this person is your mother or grandmother and while you yourself don’t have a relationship with the hook or the needles, you’d like your young daughter to learn. We get it – you think we’re old and although you’re the same age or older as we are, you need to point out that we’re doing old folk stuff but you’d like your daughter to have a little hobby.

08. We love knitting by ourselves – we love knitting with each other.
This is a great activity to do in private or public; alone or with other folk. You can talk, watch the t and v even eat while knitting which makes it a great social activity – and in the end you get a nice hat.

07. You do have ‘that kind of time.’
You’d be surprised at how many times we knitters here this. Usually said with a sniff and a nose tip in the air. “I would take up knitting but I don’t have that kind of time.” The same time it takes to have shopping as a hobby is the time to have knitting as a hobby but instead of trying on clothes or looking at shoes, we look at yarns and fibers and then make something to wear. If you want to learn how to knit, you would.

06. There’s a difference between knowing how to knit and being a knitter.
You know how to knit, purl and slip a stitch but you don’t have a yarn stash of any size. You would have to look for your needles. When someone is having a baby your first thought isn’t to knit them a baby blanket. OK, you how to knit. But you’re not a knitter. We aren’t being snobbish to point that out – we’re saying there’s hope for you and room for you on the dark side.

05. For many of us, knitting provides comfort – for some of us it’s spiritual.
I find it calming and dependable. I make my stitches and I get something at the end of it – every time. I see the hands of God in the work. There is dignity and calmness in knitting. For some people it’s just knitting and that’s fine. But it’s much more to me and I am profoundly grateful that it has kept my attention and my spirit for as long as it has.

04. We’d knit anywhere if you let us.
There’s a meme that says “If I can’t take my knitting I’m not going.” That is how I feel. My knitting goes everywhere with me. I don’t have a purse, I have a knitting tote and it has one or two projects in it at all times. Hey, I’ve been at a railroad crossing with a train stopped on the tracks. That’ some prime knitting time. If I could figure out a way to knit while in the choir loft at church, I’d do it. If the choir loft was behind the congregation, I’d definitely do it.

03. We are totally cool.
Knitting is back in vogue and has been for several years now. So while some may few it as something old ladies do – and they do – it doesn’t mean they ain’t cool. I was cool when I didn’t knit. I am more so now.

02. You have no idea how much it costs.
It can be an inexpensive hobby or for those who know how to knit but are not obsessive enough to be knitters. But for those of us who love it passionately, this can be expensive. Between all the yarn we buy that we may one day use to the expensive needles and the books, classes, etc. This can be a hobby not for the faint hearted. My yarn stash cost more than $3000.

01. There’s no such thing as a patient knitter.
We are not patient people. We give that impression because we are doing something repetitive. But trust us, it’s only because we have the knitting in hand that we look serene. Take it from us and we’d be pacing the room like a man waiting for the governor’s last minute reprieve. We love starting projects but when we can see the end in sight, we are anxious to get it over with so we can start the next one – so we’re fickle, too.

But it keeps us out of the bars – no, it doesn’t, knitting in a bar is kinda cool. Doesn’t keep us off the street either. We have a global week dedicated to knitting in public.

Well, it makes us happy. And that gives the semblance of patience. That’s good enough.


Where Have You Been?

9mmOK, so maybe it was me who was missing. Sorry about that. I have been busy, though. I have been working on fan scarves and I actually purchased some tiny yarn that I have to work with tiny needles.

Louisa Harding Amitola
Louisa Harding Amitola






I have no idea what I was thinking but I have it and I have started knitting with it. I knew it wanted to be scarves and at first I thought it wanted to be an entrelac scarf but quickly discovered it didn’t.

It wanted to be a feather and fan scarf.WP_20150507_13_28_45_Pro┬áSee? Doesn’t it look comfortable being knit into a feather and fan stitch?

For those that don’t know the feather and fan stitch and can’t imagine what comes next: this is what it looks like when it’s worked up a little further.

It’s a lacy stitch and when this is blocked – yes, it will need to be WP_20150514_23_51_16_Problocked because it’s wool and silk – the lace part should be even more pronounced. Those are size three needles and believe me, it requires a whole new skill set and a personality transplant so I don’t hurt anybody Actually, I am enjoying it though I would probably deny it in public. The color of the yarn changes and this colorway is called Biscuit and I think there’s going to be a dramatic color change. We’ll see how many balls I need to make a decent scarf – I hope one because I only bought one in each color.

I’ve also been making heart embellishments. Fun.

Other than that, nothing much going on in Knitsville. I’ve had some orders – the rasta hat in variegated seems to be a hot item. Not enough to live on but enough to motivate.

So the work continues. It’s Friday. I am going to a knit night and will have some fun. The weather has turned cold again but should be warmer by the weekend.

Hope yours is great.