Business Doing Pleasure

My neighbor across the street was having a yard sale. I should do one of those with strictly yarn and pattern books. I should just sell everything and start over. WP_20150719_17_14_37_ProI would probably make a fair amount of money. But I digress.

They were having a yard sale and at the end of it, they had these beauties left over and Mike was going to throw them out but his wife said: “No, take them over to Bev.” And now I have some new to me tools. This is great. And makes up for the box of older than vintage patterns she left on my doorstep. (It seems her Moms was quite the crafter.)

I got these goodies the same time I finished the custom blanket. This is also a beauty and it’s on the way across town to her new owner.WP_20150720_09_32_01_Pro I hope she likes it because it can’t be returned but more importantly because her hubby should get points for giving her a new heirloom.

I hope if she does love that he will send me a photo that I can then share with you. It’s a little longer and a little wider than the contracted size and they have a small army of dogs that were all over the other blanket. I hope this one gets some love from her before the dogs are allowed on it but that’s not my call.

I also finished and shipped the other hat order so now it is back to the creation process. I’ve been working on my sister’s afghan but I am going to put that aside to work on the pattern sample.

I’m glad I did the blanket and I am glad it’s done. Such is the way of business. I thought I would not want to pick up anything for a day but the next morning I was working on the corner to corner afghan. Such is the way of pleasure.

And I am grateful for it. I have knit group this evening…another blessing!

Hope there’s some stitching in your day today.

The Way it Goes

So, I had to start the blanket over because it was way too wide and knit math is playing with me. I hWP_20150716_13_24_12_Proave it figured out I need 19 rows per color to get the desired length without too much of a stretch. It’s interesting how much different something looks when you take a photo of it or when you walk into the room and see it. Looks so much different than when it sits in your hands. It’s actually coming out quite nice. And it has to be done by Monday.


I also have to afghans on the hook. They are both Corner to Corner afghans. You can go to Red Heart for the stitch and pattern.WP_20150716_13_25_38_Pro It’s really easy – so easy I started this one for my sister. It is in various shades of grey. The medium gray is One Pound by Caron and the darker greys are various yarns from the stash. When I look at the WIP, I’m not sure I’m impressed but I really like the stitch and texture as I see it in the picture.

I have to make an afghan for the get together we have with Mr. Honey’s family in January so I started another C2C afghan using a Caron Jumbo print and I love it. WP_20150716_13_26_39_ProThe yarn feels like the old school I Love This Yarn before Hobby Lobby switched makers. I am thinking of breaking it up with some cream. Not as stripey as the other afghan – bigger color blocks -maybe every 10 rows.

What do you think?


A Day of New Beginnings

Remember I told you a couple of days ago I started another sidewalk shawl in cream? Well, it’s been done a few days now and here it is.InstagramCapture_58da1ef8-3df6-40eb-a4dc-bdd2127015e4 It was not as stressful as the first one though I did have to frog several rows because I couldn’t get things to add up the right way. But I was not going to be gainsaid.WP_20150705_12_47_28_Pro






I didn’t take a photo of the back of the last one so I got one of this one and I also draped it across the shoulders – WP_20150705_12_48_13_Prowhich only shows that sometimes acrylic does need to be blocked.

I have enough yarn to make another one in gray. Yes, I am thinking of making yet another one. I really making it and I think it might do well in the shop. I get to decide what to make and I want to make this and will want to make it right up to the time I get tired of making it. But it’s a nice break from the fan scarves.

Speaking of breaks, I got a custom request order for an afghan. A hubby sent me a photo of an afghan that was dear to his wife and she had to throw it away and he wants me to recreate it for her birthday. He needs it by August 1.

Luckily, he lives in the same city so I have an extra day or two to get it done and shipped from one side of town to the other. It’s nine colors and I have seven of them already and the two colors I don’t have come at the end of the afghan. I am kind of convinced I actually have those colors somewhere in the stash .

These are the colors I am starting with: I will also be using pink, light green, dark green and orange. WP_20150707_18_14_35_ProFrom the photos, it looks worsted weight though at first I thought it was chunky and it appears to be a 1×1 rib. I am doing it in brioche because it’s cushier. I am using size 10 needles (circular and bamboo) and I already know from the few rows I’ve done it was a good choice. I finished the fan scarf I was working on – because I needed the blue for the blanket – and the hat order I received. The one with the note from the buyer who said she was buying for her friend – a friend who had a really big head.

Oh, btw – went to the doctor this afternoon. Seems I lost eight pounds. Don’t panic – I’m not gonna go looking for them.









Happy Fourth of July

StarsandStripes2This is a beautiful Stars and Stripe afghan and if you want to make one for yourself, you can find the pattern at the Craft Yarn Council website here.

I may actually try this. When I was looking at flag patterns I found one for a Confederate flag and I don’t know how I felt about.

I love this country with all its flaws and with all its promise. There is so much we need to learn about each other and the true meaning of freedom.

I am not free if you are not free. This is true and if you look at our nation’s history, it shows itself to be true. This country would not have been started unless the institution of slavery was allowed to stand. So, right away the nation was bound by a continued loss of freedom. In order to maintain that state, men had to bind themselves into a way of thinking and a way of life to protect the billions of dollars invested in men. And that mindset traps us still today.

There are two sets of people in this country who have no other homeland: the people who came to escape the lack of freedom they had in England and the people whose freedom they took. Both sets bound by freedom denied.

Today we are still not a free nation but we are moving towards it. My own thoughts have evolved and I believe in the right to pursue happiness. If I am uncomfortable with the thought of same sex marriage or interracial marriage (and I’m not) the problem is with me and the answer is not to leave behind my faith or my patriotism and try to deny their happiness. I get to be uncomfortable. I get to disagree with it. I don’t get to lie down in front of the train and tell them they can’t go.

As we head into the next year of this nation’s life, it is my prayer and my work to help all our citizens realize their freedom and the true power and joy that comes when we work for the freedom of someone who does not look like us, pray like us or love in the way we do.

If nothing else, it frees our minds from being angry and judgemental and fearful. That takes a lot of work and serves very little purpose. When we work towards the freedom of all, we walk in the direction of our true calling and purpose. That which the country and God asks of us.

That is a good thing.

Happy birthday, America. Let freedom ring.

Mini Break

That guy up at the plate, that’s my nephew, Quin. WP_20150701_14_45_56_ProHe’s not just playing baseball in any old park. He’s playing at Cellular Field. For the past eight years, the White Sox have hosted the Double Duty Classic baseball game. Usually players are from the Chicago area but Quin and a friend/acquaintance from Phoenix were invited to play in the game yesterday. Quin didn’t do badly. He got a couple of hits, an RBI and played the entire game in center field. His friend, Nashee, had a spectacular day. Hits, stolen bases, an RBI and was the game MVP. The award was presented by Minnie Minoso’s wife and son.

My brother and sister-in-law made the trip and my nephew, Jeremy and his wife Lily and their girls were also there. I don’t have much family left in Illinois and so getting to see a big chunk of them together is really special for meWP_20150701_16_02_55_Pro. It was worrth putting down the needles. Though I have to admit they went with me and I made some crocheted hearts for Jeremy’s daughter. I am not above bribery to get a kid to smile.

On the way home, we passed close to where I grew up. WP_20150701_17_40_16_ProSo close that we passed the grade school I attended so far ago that when I said how many years out loud, I nearly passed out.

We were at the park from before noon  and we had lunch at the park – thanks to my brother getting us passes to the team picnic and left the park in time for rush hour traffic which Mr. Honey nicely avoided. We got back a little before the Cubs game and they won it. A great day of baseball.

I started another Sidewalk Shawl two days ago and it could be completed today if I concentrate on it. It is going a lot easier. It’s in cream and lovely.

I also wrote out a pattern for a slouch hat and I have put that on the needles already and have gotten to the pattern part. We will see how that turns out. It was a nice break yesterday and I am back to work today with my knitting mind refreshed.

We need those breaks every once in a while to focus some place else and appreciate warm days and family and the work you put down for a moment.

It’s the balance that keeps the world straight.