Getting in to Gear

When last we spoke, I think I mentioned I started putting the fan scarves into the shop.cleveland1 There are now five or six of them listed and I need to get going on the rest of them because football season is about to start in the real and I need to get ready.


You may not hear it but something those of us in the business of selling things need to know is Christmas is a scant 17 weeks away. Fan scarves are my gift idea. bengals4Even if someone doesn’t like sports the fact there are so many footballl teams means so many color combos. Even is someone doesn’t like sports, they may like to stay warm and colorful.mBelieve it or not, these are two different color scarves. The brown and orange is for those who like the Browns and the orange and black are for those who like the Bengals. I have nine more scarves photographed and waitng to go and three more that need to be photographed. I have the one for Jets fans on the needles which means there are only thirteen more to knit…geex. This is what happens when you slack off.

In other knitting news, still haven’t found the Falling Leaf afghan or the needles but progress has been made on the second going. I do like the decision to connect as I go but I am not sure this is going to be the scrap buster I thought it was going to be. WP_20150828_12_35_43_ProI have a somewhat big bag of scrap yarn in the living room that I am using for this and fourteen squares in, I don’t know that it’s making a dent. I haven’t run out of any of the yarns yet. Though now that I type that out loud, it will take about 170 squares to complete the project and I imagine I will have run out of more than one of the colors by then. I am not using any whole skeins of yarn, this is strictly a scrap project. That also means I won’t be diving into the newly sorted yarn. I took out most of the scraps that were there and threw them into their own little bag which I am using here and I went down to the basement to the boxes and bins down there – I think one or two of each – and pulled some out of there.

Maybe it will use a lot of scraps. I was wrong about having yarn left over with no container for them. I, in fact, have a container left over. Perhaps I am wrong about this, too.

It’s the last weekend in August so I hope that means you are able to get outside and enjoy it. For me, that means  some lemonade and working out at the patio table. Choir starts the first week of September and that will mark the end of summer for me. Don’t want to think about it. Want to enjoy the moment.

Hope you have some great moments of your own.

Whatcha Doing?

I come into the office every morning and I look at my yarn wall.ravens2 The boxes lined up and sorted by color and it makes me really happy. This should make it easier as I go through my bust season and it should be easier for me to decide what to make because
everything is more organized. One of the things that was a surprise was how it made me more focused on other things.steelers1 I needed to start getting the fan scarves in the store. They were just sitting in the living room not being listed or photographed. So the past couple of days, I’ve photographed nine scarves and got four of them listed. The next three scarves are pulled and will be photographed today. That led me to start missing making them so I have another one on the needles. The one that will nake Jets fans happy. The one in the pic above is purple and black (Baltimore) and the one to the left is gold and black (Pittsburgh).

I also have some remnants and placed them apart from the rest that went into the bin and that got me thinking of doing starting a KAL of the
Falling Leaf Afghan.WP_20150822_11_44_33_Pro Strange thing: I took this photo and now I can’t find the project. I put it somewhere and can’t find it. The needles, either. I am going to place myself in a home if I find in the fridge. If you aren’t familiar with the pattern. It qualifies as a stash buster and since I lost this one; I started another one. I will find it. It will turn up somewhere and I can join them together.

Got a couple sales this week; one a pattern and one the rasta hat so I will be doing that in a little bit. And we’ve harvested some tomatoes and got some from Mr. Honey’s BFF whose wife is an avid gardener. Adam should have married her. She would have grown him all kinds of tempting apples.

All in all, a pretty good week. Hope you’re doing well.

The Great Yarn Sort – Part 2

The great yarn sort continues but is near the end.stash I cannot tell you how happy I am to have done this. I didn’t think this would make me feel the way it has.

I feel as I am accomplishing something and it has been a spiritually profound experience for me.

To recap: this is what the yarn stash looked like starting out. There are bins behind these bins and bags and stuff. It was insane and unruly.

Step One: Decide it will be sorted. I choose by color.

Step Two: Decide where the sort will take place. Because I have a yarn monster, this sort took place in the office and the living room. WP_20150811_13_17_53_ProSorting went on in the office and the bags were piled in the living room. Once all the bags were in the living room, I ordered them by color to see what I had. WP_20150819_13_04_46_ProI was somewhat surprised I had just one bag of yellow and that included gold which could have just as easily been placed in the brown bags. I know I don’t use a lot of yellow but I was still a little surprosed by. I was also surprised to see how much brown I had. I was not surprised to see how much purple I have.

So, Step Three: Prepare the space where the yarn is to be stashed. I didn’t take photos of that but I did clear out the space. Cleaning that space doesn’t mean the entire office is cleaned. In fact, when I cleared it out by taking out all the bins, I found myself with quite the little mess on my hands. I moved stuff around and threw our some stuff and so for the entire office to be cleared means I will have to deal with these little piles here are there. But the area is ready for the bins to come back.

Step Four: Put the bins back. WP_20150822_13_57_38_ProI am not finished putting them back and I will be able to get to the bookcase if I need to but considering I haven’t been in it for years, it doesn’t concern me much.

As suspected, there are more skeins than boxes to contain them but it might not be as bad as I thought it would be. Mr. Honey walks by the piles, shakes his head an chuckles but I don’t think he sees how many bags have been taken out. He sees how many are left. He says there will be at least six bags left and if it gets that low, I’d think that was a good thing but we will see how close it comes. I have  ten more bins left.

I will post a photo when it’s all done but the great yarn sort is done and I feel so much better having done it. There’s a sense of control over the yarn monster.I feel as if this gives me a leg up in my business and it just makes me feel like a grownup.

That doesn’t happen alot.


The Great Yarn Sort – Step I

The Great Yarn Sort continues. If you recall from the last post; the first step in sorting a yarn stash is deciding how it’s going to be sorted: my choice is by color because that’s usually what I’m looking for. You can also go by type or weight – or some other thing that works best for you.


So: Step One – Decide how the yarn will be sorted. – Check

Step Two: Decide where this sort is going to take place. Ideally, you don’t have a monster stash that needs to be tamed. I am not wishing this much yarn on anyone. It speaks to something a little off of normal.


Hopefully, your stash is controllable enough that you can find a room, dump your yarn in the middle of it and get to sorting. This is not the case for me. I first thought of emptying a few bins and then sorting directly into those bins.

The problem, of course, is that since I have unequal amounts of colors, something would be askew. I would either fill the bins with one color or ther wouldn’t be enough of a certain color to fill a bin. I did this with three bins before I decided I needed a better plan. Can’t say I don’t try.


Obviously, the bin to yarn ratio is going to be off but I don’t know by how much. WP_20150811_13_17_53_ProSo I decided to use the living room AND my office as sorting central. And I decided to sort the yarn into bags. My thinking – not all of the yarn is going to make it back into bins and depending on how many more bins I may need – thinking I will need more – I’m not buying them. I don’t want to encourage my yarn buying – I want to tame it. So I will put what I can in bins and the rest will be sorted and bagged. I can then use the  yarn in the bag before using what’s in the bin. WP_20150807_15_42_02_ProSo the sorting goes on in the office where the yarn and bins are and the filled bags go down to the living room because that’s the only space that can really hold then without getting in the way.

This is one of the first photos of the yarn in the living room. I count five bags. You can triple that now and there’s more to come. There are a couple more bags ready to come down and about eight more bags being filled and five more bins waiting to be sorted.

What’s been the surprise is I got some of those Ziploc storage bags a while back and they hold remnants and orphaned projects I have more of those than I though. I am not going to sort the remnants and I am not going to sort the huge gray bins or the stuff in the basement. I have plans for all of that even though there are some full skeins. Some of it will be prepped for selling and some given away and some used for small embellisments.

The empty bins are stacked in the hall waiting for the yarn’s return. It will take me a few days to finish the sort. The next step will be to prep the space for the return of the bins.

The Great Yarn Sort – The Beginning

I really do have a great deal of yarn.stash This photo doesn’t even begin to cover it. First, it doesn’t show the bins behind these bins and it doesn’t show the bins that aren’t in the room. And it doesn’t count the bags.


I may be a little OCD.

I have no hope of using all this yarn and yet, I almost always go to a LYS when we visit another city and bring back some more. I am happy to say I did not do this when we went to Seattle and I am sad about that because I like visiting LYS and I love yarn. I almost purchased some yarn at the wonderful JoAnn in Tukwila and I am glad I didn’t because I realy don’t need it. But as the woman once said: That’s like saying I don’t need ice cream.

As you can also see from the photo, the yarn ain’t organized. It wasn’t such a big deal until I started selling stuff and allowing people to pick colors. That’s when the great yarn search would start as I would go through bin after bin seeing if I had a certain color. Even keeping an inventorhy list wasn’t all that helpful because there are so many bins.

It only took me three years to get tired of that so now the great yarn sort has started.

As usual, I looked up different articles on how to sort yarn, decided by color was best for me. It seems the majority of folks who bother to sort, sort by fiber or by weight but I have more than 90% worsted acrylic and I am usually looking for a certain color so those don’t work here. I melded a couple of ideas nto a plan and then went on vacation.

I was hoping some fiber fairies would come in and execute my plan while I was gone but nope.

They didn’t clean the house either.

Over the course of the next few posts, I am going to share with you my steps and progress through the great yarn sort. It isn’t pretty but it should be beautiful afterward and there will be some pics because though it may be a little embarrassing, I am willing to make the sacrifice for the greater good – and a good story.

Good, Clean, Messy Fun

Greetings! I know..I know but I’ve been traveling.InstagramCapture_20b3f0eb-8845-4ec7-8d6a-b64de7f25918 I took this shot from the plane when I looked out the window and saw how we were floating on this orb that’s floating in bigger space.


We just got back from SeattleWP_20150729_14_29_07_Pro! We have family there and it was the first time we’ve been there. But this was not a ‘show me the sights’ trip. This was a ‘I want to see members of my family’ trip. Downtown Seatlle has a nice skyline – we stayed in Renton and we drove through another suburb that I can’t remember now but it also had an impressive skyline for being something other than Seattle.


We did see a few things like thisWP_20150729_15_04_31_Pro Navy destroyer. My sister took a tour of it the day we left and sent us some close up photos – incidentally, this is also about as close as I got to the needle. Mr. Honey was not the least bit interested in going up there.

Of course, I took some knitting/crochet with me. Since I was going to see my sister and I was working on her afghan, I took it. I didn’t work it on the plane because it was too big even though it was just me and Mr. Honey. I worked on it while we were there and I decided I didn’t want to bring it back home with me. We got there on a Monday and we were leaving on Friday. I was working on it when I discovered I didn’t bring enough of the contrasting gray with me to complete it. InstagramCapture_ea43b560-216e-4ba4-8271-acdf928032d7That meant going to Tukwila to the JoAnn there and getting some more. I want to move into that JoAnn. It’s not even a superstore and I love it. Met a new yarn but didn’t bring any of it home. And because I want some of that yarn, I didn’t even visit the LYS my niece picked out. I finished it Thursday afternoon.

I got a bit of a break because Wednesday evening, we were over at my sister’s because my niece insisted we watch “Gone Girl’ and when we left, we discovered the car had a flat. Mr. Honey changed it but the next morning was spent getting a new rental so I had time to finish it. I gave it to my sister that evening with the instructions to send me pics of it in her place since we were leaving the next morning: I call it the several shades of gray afghan. V__197AGo ahead and chuckle. I didn’t like the shots I got but I like the ones she did. I feel as if I can offer this as a custom order at designbcb.V__3DBC



The flight back home was delayed so we enjoyed a nice leisu.rely lunch at the airport at Chili’s Too. It was right by our gate. I had the buffalo wings and they were the best I’ve had from Chili’s
. Both flights were faster than they said and very smooth. We passed Mt. Ranier on the way out.

I picked right up with the great yarn sort and as I suspected, I am overrun with yarn. I’ve emptied just four of the bins – after the first three I’ve sorted – and it’s not even close. In a race between yarn and bins – the yarn wins by great lengths. I don’t even want to take photos because it is a controlled mess. I am going to explain later how conflicted this makes me but I need to make some sense of it first!

Good to be home.