Nothing to See Here

I got nothing. Well, I’ve had a few sales. Prayer shawls seem to a warm ticket this fall. Don’t know why but I am grateful. So I’ve been knitting away. I’m not sure I showed you the pom-pom beanies I was working on.WP_20150815_13_04_12_Pro So here are some of them. And I also wanted to revisit the great yarn sort because that has held me in good stead these past few days with the orders that came in. I had all the fiber I needed to make all the orders and I reordered what I figure I will need.

I finished another sidewalk shawl and oddly enough, I used Red Heart With Love and needed just two skeins of it – including the fringe.WP_20150822_10_01_53_Pro Which is really strange because Caron By the Poind has 812 yards and two skeins of Red Heart With Love is 740. I’m using the same size hook so I don’t get it. To make sure, I started another one with With Love and I have just two skeins and we will see if it makes it. Im thinking it will because there are six repeats and I am on repeat four and still on the first skein.

I’ve completed the list of what I want to offer in 2016:

Corner to Corner afghan
Golf Club covers
Sidewalk shawl
Monster pants
Big baskets
male beanies
drop stitch cowl
baby jersey

That should keep me busy until this time next year when I know what I want to make for 2017. I am grateful for what is a good start to the season. I am working and praying for more and better.

Not too much longer before Thanksgiving and Christmas – Crafters, are you ready?




Fun On Many Levels

This past weekend Mr. Honey and I attended a hitching. The fabulous Melissa got herself hitched to the adorable Mr. Chris.WP_20150913_16_53_18_Pro Here is photo of the beaming bride.

That smile never left her face the entire day. They got married in the backyard and the reception was at a BBQ joint  It suited them both very well.

I love weddings. I especially love them after my own because I think it’s a great adventure and I am happy for people brave enough to want to take it and make it what it can be. Congrats to the both of them.


In knitting news, I picked up the corner to corner afghan again and did some more work on it. I think it’s the texture that makes it so lovely. WP_20150914_13_31_22_ProDeserves a close up look. Sometimes a stitch will make the yarn better. And sometimes the feel of a yarn can change by the color. Both of these colors are Caron By The Pound and one color is softer than the other but the texture in this stitch makes the entire afghan cuddly. The two colors are taupe and lace. WP_20150914_13_29_19_ProThe C2C will be offered as a custom make and this particular one will be headed to Arizona and my brother.


I have orders! Two prayer shawls and a hat. The great yarn sort has shown me I need to order some fiber to complete them which I will do a little later. I have all I need for one of the prayer shawls and I’ve started working on it. But to show you how lazy I am not being; here is a list of WIPs:

Corner to Corner Afghan
Falling Leaf afghan
Monster pants
original design beanie
original design slouch
sidewalk shawl
bochet bucket
drop stitch cowl
golf club cover

This girl is on fire.

On Hooks and Needles

We are well into September and I fan scarves1 have to work on being faithful and not thinking I won’t ever make it to 1000 sales in designbcb or 50 sales in Knit360five. I prayed and have started working toward making both happen in the month of September. It is not lost on me the month is almost half over and I don’t have a sale in either shop.
But that is where faith comes in. I know I asked for it and I am certain I was not told no. That means if I believe it is to be I cannot obsess about it but must continue to work on.

The fan scarves have started making it into the store and then I discovered hashtags and using them in my Instagram postings. Someone should have told me sooner. I have posted the fan scarves on Instagram and they’ve been getting some hearts.

I have absolutely no idea how that helps me. Someone please explain if you know.

In the meantime while I post on Instagram, Mr. Honey has been havesting the tomatoes we’ve been growing.
InstagramCapture_56299eff-0da2-4b50-9d85-2e0a6495216aTomatoes are everywhere and now I know why I only wanted two plants. I have to say, the BLTs we’ve made have been so good they should be illegal. Hopefully the cucumber plant will produce something. Get it? Produce something?WP_20150909_14_46_01_Pro I slay me. I should also show you the progress I am making on the the KAL that only I am doing in my knit group. Here is where I am in the Falling Leaf Afghan.

I did find the missing first one I did and I gave some thought to adding to this one but it had those leaves that were going in the wrong direction and I decided I didn’t want that since I’ve been so careful with this one.

I also have the Corner to Corner afghan in two shades of brown, a pair of monster pants, a golf club cover and a cross drop stitch cowl along with a sidewalk shawl on hooks and needles so I have a few thing going while working to get things ready to post for March in the shop. On the list of things waiting to be made: baby jerseys and men’s caps and a couple of patterns.

All that and it’s just three and a half months to Christmas!

Stopped in My Tracks

I don’t watch the X-Factor. I won’t tune in to watch it now but a grade school friend shared this on her Facebook page and it stopped me from my everyday to take some time to remember those souls who are no longer with me but always in me.