Hello From the Knitting Void

Well, howdy. I know it’s been well over a month and I have to say: I’ve been one busy girl. I suppose I should say woman but I am still feeling the girl thing.

InstagramCapture_0fca391d-ce89-44bd-94b4-a845f56a18baAnyhow, I’ve made an entrelac cowl. This one went on the trip to Wisconsin – I did manage to make it to the yarn store in Wisconsin but we got there just when it closed. But we met Melissa, Laeh and Jill there and had a nice dinner. We will be making a trip back up there. My goal is to be a passenger in the car and not the driver. We’ll see how those control issues go.

But we also went up to Wisconsin to spend time with Mr. Honey’sWP_20151017_13_52_13_Pro family. This is his cousin’s house. The log cabin he built by hand with the help of the Amish community. It looks small but it is quite massive on the inside and still manages to be cozy and rustic. It’s a truly beautiful house and it is open land. The only thing that keeps me from drooling like a fool is thinking of the winter. The snows would be beautiful but you have to get yourself in and out of there.

The cowl was my work project. I finished it after the trip and it came out really nice. The entrelac cowl has made my list of 2016 projects. In truth, there are about 20 items on that list. Go big or don’t go is the 2016 model. I want to do everything.

Remembe06288217r this? It’s the Plymouth Holiday Lights yarn. I bought it at the LYS in St. Charles and I loved it so much. I knit a hat with it (photo coming) and I loved the way it sparkled and changed color. I was moved to get some more and found it on WEBS for half of what I paid at the store. So I purchased 10 skeins of it and they are sitting in the package they were shipped in because I haven’t had the chance yet to do anything else.

It is also the last I will probably buy of it: because it’s closing out but also because it is made in Turkey and I’ve decided to try and use yarns that travel no further than North America.

Did I tell you designbcb got its 1000th sale and Knit360five just celebrated its 50th? Milestones to be sure. I am not going to have as good a year this year as last but I am refocused on making this more successful. I am expecting big things in 2016.

I have also mastered this form of the Bavarian stitch and have started a blanket. It is much bigger than what isInstagramCapture_7ce05dec-4e2f-4a98-aeb4-a17fc4516c1c shown here. It’s halfway to the full size of about 50 inches square and this will be the afghan given away at Mr. Honey’s family gathering in January. Even so, I still have a way to go on it and because I had a really good Good Friday/Cyber Monday sale, I have more than 20 standing orders to get through but I am working on it steadily so it should be ready. I really just have to do one row a day for the month and it will be done. I also have to make sure I have enough purple shades. I did empty the purple worsted, acrylic bins and this stitch is called a wool eater and rightly so, there’s a lot that goes into it.

There’s so much more: I did a craft show all by myself, I’ve designed some things….but all that will have to wait for another time. There’s much to do. Just wanted you to know I was still here and I just wanted to know that you were, too.