A Life That’s Good


Let’s take a little music break. To begin with, these two girls are very talented. The little one especially. But the song itself always manages to make me tear up. “At the end of the day, oh Lord I pray, I have a life that’s good.”

And at the end of the day, that’s what counts. A life that is good -and filled with yarn goodness – but a life that’s good.



On the knitting front, I made my rasta hat in alovely combo of black, plum and white per a customer’s request but I didn’t get a photo of it. I also have a sock on some needles. I recently got my library card and the first two books I checked out were.










The last craft show I did, three folks came up and asked if I had any socks for sell. It was a cold day and they were looking for some insulation. I would have had a better day had I had some socks.

So I had a design for some slouch socks in my mind and they are now on the needles. But I am making them from worsted weight. I am making them for warmth not for hard wear. I imagine no shoes on but toasty toes. We’ll see how I feel after I make them. Im using a sizw 5 needle and it’s still going to be a bulky leg – but it’s a slouch sock – that may be just fine.

My nephew, Mike, won the blanket on Saturday and my mind immediately turned to the one I will need to make for next January. I then put it out of my mind. Better to panic about it in October than to plan it out and do it early.

I still have some orders and after the rasta hat that I have to make, I will do a cowl I haven’t done in years. Looking forward to making it.cowl1 Another hat was also finished and the weather reports says we are going to be warm for the next seven days so I see some photography in the near future.

The J hook has a Sidewalk shawl on it. I made one a while back in green and I must have left out some rows because it came out a bit smaller than the others and now I am rectifying it.WP_20150705_12_47_28_Pro I am going to add another round and then the closing round and row and that should bring it up to snuff.


I sent off an order with 20 pom-poms and so it goes on. It’s a blessed thing to be able to do this and though it is not yet a living it’s a great start and a great part of that life that’s good.

Hope you find your blessings and happiness as well.




A Brand New World

How’s the new year going for you? I’ve been a busy little knitter and crocheter. I still have some orders to get out but I am not behind the deadlines and that’s an important thing. I’ve also managed to complete some new things. I don’t know if you remember I was working on the Bavarian stitch. In fact, InstagramCapture_7ce05dec-4e2f-4a98-aeb4-a17fc4516c1cI don’t remember if I told you I learned the stitch.

But learn it I did and here’s the begininng of the blanket. They call this stitch the wool eater and I can protest to that, It takes a lot of yarn to make even the smallest of  blankets. I decided to use white as the base color and then purples. I practically cleared out all the purple worsted weight I had. WP_20160105_14_56_05_ProBut I am thinking you might agree the end result was worth it.

It really is quite lovely and it is going to a member of Mr. Honey’s family. Last year, I started a throw away. I make an afghan and we hold a raffle at the annual Bochenek family gathering and someone gets it. Last year. it was Ciara who won and who knows who it will be this year. Hopefully I wll win and it can go into the shop!

Just kidding – it’s going in the shop anyway as a custom order.

Ciara asked me to make a hooded cowl with ears for her daughter and I gave it to them at Thanksgiving and my other niece, Katie, asked me to make one for her daughter, so I whipped it up while watching the Bears game.InstagramCapture_eb17841f-40d5-4c4a-8355-203a3033cad4 It was finished right before half time. A few weeks ago, I needed to go into the hospital for a procedure and before I went in, I started a cowl.WP_20160115_14_43_22_Pro 1 I didn’t want to take the cowl with me but you know I couldn’t go without a project so I took a hat order with me and knit while I waited for them to be ready for me in the surgery. I got a fair amount of it done by the time they wheeled me in and I cannot tell you how many nurses stopped in to see what I was making. Can’t keep a good knitter downWP_20160111_11_51_22_Pro. It kept me from thinking too much about the procedure and kept the order line moving.

But, once again, I think we can agree the end results of the original cowl is not so shabby.InstagramCapture_109ba546-b79e-42c1-aa45-354e655c6dda The cowl itself is on sale in Knit360five while the pattern is on sale in Designbcb.

There’s also a couple of hats and another cowl and some hats that are done and need to be photographed.

Like I said, I am a busy little knitter. You didn’t think I was slacking off, did you?

Welcome 2016

Happy-New-Year-2016-Clip-arts-Clip-art-ClipartsHappy New Year! This year, as in the past few years, I am starting the year a few pounds lighter than the last. This is a good thing and a great start.

My motto for 2016 is Discipline and Consistency and I will use those two things to help me make my resolution which is to not be lazy.

Not to be lazy in my work
Not to be lazy in my relationships
Not to be lazy in my marriage
Not to be lazy in how I care and think of myself

The day started with me scheduling a nine hour work day just like when I was in corporate work. I had hoped to finish a hat and start a new one because I have 13 open orders but two hours in, I had to start the hat over and it took the rest of time to get it done. So, got the one hat done and that was ot.

I also did an small update to designbcb and now I am writing this post: all of which is on the schedule. I have an early morning meeting tomorrow and will then be meeting some friends at a LYS in St. Charles. I will be taking a hat order with me so the hours spent there can be part of my work day. My first day off – because my free days will also become days off – is on Monday but there is no rest for me. I have to have some pre-surgery testing done.

The new year is starting off pretty busy. Our NYE movie was Star Wars and I thought it was just fine. I can see why people like it so much.

This year I hope to transition both stores to their missions: designbcb for patterns and supplies, Knit360five for the ready to wear and custom items. I also was asked to place my items in a store and O’Hare airport and if they sell, create a permanent spot for me.  We’ll see how that goes.

I also resolve to get to bed earlier on work nights so I am headed off right now.

Let’s stay together during the year and I hope the best for all of you.