What? I can’t believe it’s been more than a month. I haven’t written since January but you will be happy to know I have not just been sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea.

For one thing, it’s been too cold to sit on the porch and we don’t have a porch and sweet tea is too sweet. But I have been doing some good things:

I’ve been making baskets. I have decided on a method of what is going to go into the shop and the first thing that was on the list were baskets. baskets1The smaller baskets were selling just fine so I decided to make the bigger crochet basket which somehow turned into a three basket set and here’s the first one.
I’ve been doing some social justice work as well. I am the Coordinator for our local United Methodist Womens Unit and order one is trying to rebrand and reestablish UMW has not some old ladies society – which there isn’t anything wrong with –social justice_0 but we have some work to do in getting women involved. So I’ve been getting my social justice on. Part of which was coodinating the annual United Methodist Women Vigil for Human Trafficking Awareness.WP_20160205_13_33_23_Pro
It is held the Friday before the Super Bowl and we had a really big turnout this year to pass out flyers and have a prayer service for those who are impacted by the big business of selling and enslaving human beings. For those that want to believe slavery is a thing of the past, I am sorry to disillusion you that it is not. People are still being marketed as property and it is not something that is happening ‘over there’ whereever you place that to be. It is right here. In front of our faces.

For a hot minute, I was really into making the Sidewalk Shawl. Not gonna lie, still itching to make another one and I have the yarn to make a couple more. So, I made a couple more. There are now five different shawls for sale in theshop.WP_20160130_15_09_08_Pro I love it when I’ve done something complicated and kind of mastered it until I don’t really have to rely so much on reading the pattern. Getting that muscle memory clears some room for the fun to come back in and I just love the way this shawl looks. I am hoping if it doesn’t sell in the shop that it will sell in marketplaces I am interested in being in.WP_20160217_15_04_17_Pro










I don’t know what made me want to make fried chicken again. I have tried it in the past and never with very good results but I read a recipe – several in fact – took what i gleaned to be the best from each and tried it again. I knew I was on to something when Mr. Honey ate two pieces and didn’t say a word. There is still some improvement in the recipe aned I will try it again – not this coming week because I am making pasta and prok on my cooking days – but the week after that. WP_20160314_19_33_13_ProThe weather has been warming up enough that my thoughts are turning to the grill. Mr. Honey does the grocery shopping and I am asking for a nice pork roast and some garlic bulbs so I can do a roast on the grill Tuesday night. I am in a cooking mood.


So, you see, I have been busy and there are things I haven’t even shown you. I finished up the holiday orders and a couple have trickled in so I was knitting and crocheting orders. I should be coming back again soon. If it’s any consololation, I’ve missed you and I’ve neglected people, places and things in the three dimensional world as well. It’s me; not you.