Umm. Yeah

I want you to know I have been doing some knitting, crocheting and designing. That’s where I’ve been. I’ve also been trying to do some social justice work though that has been a little rough lately. That’s my excuse¬† reasoning and I’m sticking with it.


Just finished thissidewalkbluebell2 sidewalk shawl this morning and it can join its siblings: ivory, lace, green and gray. All of them will be going with me to the Craft Show at Annie’s Haven the first weekend of May. It will be the first craft show held at this venue and I will be checking it out to see if it will work as a place to hold a United Methodist Women fundraiser I want to do.


I made the cowl with Marble Chunky Melissa gave me.jamesccowl Did a quick and simple cowl and did the pattern for it and put it in the shop. The cowl will also go with me to the show. There will be some new items going to the show but what I am really going to do is to try and ¬†move the older products out because I don’t understand why they haven’t found homes yet.

WP_20160415_13_30_55_ProThis hat came as a result of seeing a stitch somewhere and thinking I can change it into a het. It worked out pretty well. I like seeing a stitch somewhere and getting the bright idea it can be made into something more dimensional that the flat photo I see on a page or a screen. Almost never works out that way. It always require changing something around like a stitch count or even the stitch itself – that especially happens when working in the round. But that’s why we design and that’s why we don’t design much.

I’ve had some orders and those have been easy to get done and out. Most of the work has been to get some new products for the shops and for the craft show coming up.

I’ve also added the halter tops to the shop and will take them to the show. Mr. Honey thinks these are a bit too…but I blackhalter2blackhalter3think they came out all right. blackhalter1The original pattern (not my own) has two ties at the back but I saw a photo with this kind of tie and I thought that would be so much better for about the same amount of work. It adds a little something and that will show when it’s in different colors. I have about two weeks before the show so I am going to be working on getting more things done. I have some baskets done. I’ve been spending my time productively.

I hope you’ve been simmering your creative juices. It is so important to stay connected with that part of us that an electronic device cannot enhance.

I’ve discovered my local library branch less than a mile away from the house. I cannot yet walk the entire length there without the knees giving out but the plan is to be able to walk there and back. Since I got my card, I’ve checked out several books – and even read them.

Things are pretty good right. How are they with you?