Buy it For Him – Then Borrow It…..

Some of these have been in storage and I thought I would bring them out and put them in the shop just in case someone was looking for a quick gift. A couple of them are not meant for men but the cowl and the knit beanies can definitely be rocked by a guy.


The basic crocheted cowl. Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn in Ashes. 100% acrylic worsted weight 192 yards.


I love making this Every Day beanie. Besides being fun, it flatters big heads and little heads and heads in between. This is a good style if you don’t have a hat head (like me) and if you do, you make it even better.

The Every Day Beanie $26 Lion Brand Tweeds in Woodlands. 100% acrylic bulky weight 144 yards.


This is a Juliet Cap that I made a while ago. Don’t really know what yarn I used for it except it would be worsted weight.

The Juliet Cap in Cranberry $18


This is the Ribbed Beanie $32 and I like the heft of it but it’s also very soft and the color is great for anyone. I got this ball in a yarn exchange or something and I don’t have any more of it. I think the color is no longer made.

The Ribbed Beanie Lion Brand Thick and Quick 20% wool and 80% acrylic Super Bulky 106 yards.


This last Juliet cap also came out of storage. $18 It felt like it’s Caron By The Pound, so I am going with that with a hint of black to edge it. Actually, I could see the right guy wearing this and making it work.

Juliet Cap Caron One Pound

 in White edged with black 100% acrylic Worsted Weight 826 yards.

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The Spice of Life

WP_20160703_12_02_02_ProRemember this from the last post? Well, that little beginner has grown into a full grown hat and will soon be introduced to the shop. This was a fun knit and there is another one made from a different fiber that is done and needs to be photographed. I still have the itch to make some more of them.

WP_20160706_11_47_31_ProHere it is in its finished glory. I did modify the pattern but not so much that I can clam it as my own.

Red Heart With Love in Pewter. Acrylic Worsted 370 yards. This is a great hat for a boyfriend – just saying.



Speaking of boyfriends, I love this hat and pattern in this fiber. This is actually more gray and black than what’s showing in the photo which is kinda looking bluesy to me. You can wear it slouchy like this or fold the rim to a cuff and wear it beanie style. Lion Brand Tweed Stripes in Marble. Acrylic Bulky 144 yards


When I first made this hood, I didn’t know if I liked it. But when I put it on Oona, I thought it was kinda cute. Certainly enough for me to listen to a ball of yarn if it says it wants to become one. Caron One Pound in Medium Gray. Acrylic Worsted  826 yards

WP_20160711_12_15_43_ProThis cowl is a quick crochet and pretty fun – but quick, bulky projects are often fun. Yes, I photographed her wearing a halter. Still works for me. The yarn may come as a bit of a shock for those who think I work only with acrylic yarns. Plymouth Encore Mega 75% acrylic 25% wool Super Bulky 64 yards.

Original patterns, accessories and custom made: designbcb

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It’s Raining Men in July

Men have been on my mind for a couple of weeks and I had a couple of orders come in so I couldn’t give them the attention my mind wanted to. But now those orders are out and men are back in my thoughts.

July will be the month I concentrate on them and produce items that would be great for a girl to buy a guy (and then borrow) or for a guy to buy for himself.


This is my take on the Lake Tahoe beanie. I’ve done the pattern for those that might want to knit up some of these for holiday gifts.I’m not sure what the yarn is – sorry.





I’ve done this hat before and it is made for a guy. There’s a guy modeling the end result in the pattern. It is making a guy comeback though it really looks good on girls, too. This is also Red Heart With Love in Merlot.



This scarf is done in mistake ribbing and the texture is perfect for a guy. Not sure of the color but it feels like it’s I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. 100% acrylic worsted weight 355 yards.




When this ball of yarn showed up, I wasn’t that thrilled with it and it sat in the stash for a good, long time. Not as long as some of the others but it lanquished for a bit. When I picked it up, it was clear it wanted to be a hat and so I did a basic beanie and it came out really well. I didn’t know it was a striping yarn so if fit in with the striping thing I had going on and fits with the guy thing. Mr. Honey says it has the right coloring that a guy would wear it. So I didn’t stick a pom-pom on it.

I love This Yarn – Dakota 100@ acrylic worsted weight 252 yards

WP_20160703_11_43_59_ProSpeaking of fiber that’s been lanquishing; I purchased this Universal fiber in Phoenix when my sister lived there. She’s been in Seattle for the past four years. I finished this project while I was in Michigan for a conference. This yarn is discontinued.  Universal Classic Worsted LP Harvest 80% acrylic 20% wool  worsted weight 197 yards.

WP_20160703_12_02_02_ProI started this beanie the other day and I am really enjoying it. It screams out for a man to buy it and I can see me making a quarter of a ton of these to load up in the shop. Of course, a woman can rock it, too but I am thinking of men this month. I can imagine it in a bunch of colors – both solids and ombres. This is Red Heart with Love.

Some items are already available at designbcb and Knit360five