Happy New Year

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

The new product line(s) for 2017 will be rolled out soon. The items for the fall line have all been chosen. There will be some returning favorites: the rasta slouch, the prayer shawl and hooded scarf. But there will be some new items as well: boot cuffs, the sidewalk shawl is coming to designbcb and an afghan.

The classics will return in some new colors: you see the rasta in a nice teal color and the hooded scarf in medium gran.

There will be a spring/summer roll out of grocery/farmer market bags. The stores in Chicago are required to charge $0.07 per bag now. That’s not a lot of money but for those who don’t want to pay it, there will be some inexpensive acrylic bags suitable for the grocery store and cotton bags for the farmer markets. Of course, nothing will happen to you if you decide to use them in both in both places.

The holiday rush is over and I have five orders pending: all prayer shawls. Some came with back stories. Most of the are gifts for loved one. I sold about 20 prayers shawls between September and December. People are in need of the spirit. I can understand that.

I will see you again soon. I hate going to blogs and not seeing them updated. I can’t feel so righteous about it if my own blog is left to fester. I am going to be reading some new blogs and hopefully doing a lot more networking and sharing.

This is going to be a busy year!