Hiding In Plain Sight


I almost forgot I made these. I had the clever idea of making a scarf to match a certain professional sport (that’s played mostly outdoors in the winter and is more known for the half time show) and the teams that play in it.

I didn’t quite get to all the teams but I got to a lot of them and I would say a fair number of them sold but going through my finished works, I ran into a handful that didn’t make it out the door.

It’s a shame because they really are yummy. They are soft, long and plushy. The question is whether they will go back into the shop. I am thinking of a ready to ship section. These would fit in there rather nicely.

LBA – Little Black Accessories

The Little Black Dress is a fashion stable. Every woman I know, even those that don’t like dresses, has a little black dress. Black works on virtually everybody’s ┬ábody. It can be casual and formal. It can be hard or soft.

For those times when the little black dress stays in the closet, you can have little black accessories to complete your look. Sometimes solid black and at other times black with a color burst can bring it all together.

The 24/7 beanie in black and white. Leather jacket and jeans with this and you’re rocking hardcore casual.

For a different look, the beanie in cranberry and black is sporty. This would be great with denim and long skirts.

The Cableret is still in the shop and a black one would look great with a long coat or a cape. It’s a beret that one buyer says,’Makes me want to go out and paint something.” It reminds me of an outfit in the first Batman movie. Kim Basinger wore a beret with a flowing coat.

The Rasta beanie is casual and playful and can go just about anywhere and fit right in. Jeans, leather pants, skirts and dresses can be paired with it and look fabulous. It has texture and flare that can take it to the museum or the stadium and not miss a fashion beat.

Finally, for that touch of glam and glitz, the Sparkle cowl can make an appearance at any formal of casual event and be the center of attention. It will capture the light from whatever source is there and twinkle in green and red with playful abandon. It can be in the foreground or the background and goes with a cloth, denim or leather jacket easily.

The Sparkle Cowl $27
Black and White 24/7 Beanie $32
Black 24/7 Beanie $22
Cranberry and Black 24/7 Beanie $32

Rasta and Cableret coming soon.

Lights On

I am not into making sweaters or tops (yet) but I want to make accessories that can be used fashionably as well as functionally.

This cowl is an acrylic wool blend and has a lot of sparkle. Green and red sparkles when it hits the light just right.

It’s really lovely when the light hits it – any kind of light: sunlight, office lights, night lights – which means it can add that shine and sparkle any time it’s worn.

This particular fiber, Plymouth Holiday Lights is no longer available. I grabbed about ten skeins of it and I think I might have six or seven left. There are other yarns with sparkle but this is the prettiest I’ve seen.

It will eventually make its way into the shop with some other cowls.

It can be worn with jeans and jackets for casual spark as well as long coats and dress shirts. Would really look great with a black top. $27.


All the Print That’s Fit to Knit

One of the things about technology is that it will reach into all kinds of places. Yarn is one of those places and the results can be fun.

This yarn creates its own print. Yarns can do seemingly random things and very orderly stripes but there is something cool about a yarn that brings the print.

I can imagine this yarn in a sweater – sleeveless pullover. I can also see it in a cowl or mittens with or without fingers.

This is a cute almost vintage looking print which is why I wouldn’t put it in a big project – like a substantial sweater – it would look too 70’s – 90’s. But it does make a cute beanie and if push came to shove, you can wear it reversed. It looks like blurry bunnies.

This beanie will not be sold in the shop but if you’re interested in having one, drop me a note and I will get a PayPal invoice ready just for you.