Cold Weather Prep

I am obsessed with this scarf! As you can see, I’ve made it in different colors and I have another one on the hook to go work on as soon as I am through sharing this with you!

So, what is so wonderful about this Textured Scarf? First, it is an easy stitch to learn so I can watch programming while working on it. Cuz the only thing that beats working is being able to watch shows while working.


Second, you get a lot of bang for the buck. I mean, look at this texture! That is elegant and comfy. It is just as soft as it looks and it looks snuggle worthy.

Lastly, this gem of a scarf will look good onĀ every body. This is gift giving 101 for that co-worker in the office grab bag or in my case, my doctors – my GP and the doctor who takes my INR every month.

I am making a half ton of these to sell as part of a fundraiser and they will be available made to order in the shop in short order.

On a side note, that cute pink one has a matching Pom-pom hat and they will both be available soon.