The Begininng of 2018

Well Happy New Year to you and yours. We are already mid January which tells you how it really flies by.

I did have a successful season in the shop and I have about a dozen open orders left. With the slow down, I am able to start the new items that are coming.

I have mapped out a good list of items I want to go into the shop, I won’t be doing a product line like last year. I found that a little too confining. But there is a list of items I want to produce and I have assigned them two yarns each.

Here’s a look a little taste of the first item coming and some of the colors. That’s a big skein of yarn and it feels really good. I have more than the four colors you see here and the actual project is much further along than you see. I am hoping to have it photographed by next week. That is, if the snows let up. We are supposed to have a warm up by the end of the week and that is motivation to get it done.

So, what can I tell you about this new thing?
It’s winter wear
It’s unisex
Children and adults can enjoy it
Will have two classic on trend elements: stripes and pom-pom
There will be a pattern
Cost: $45

I will also add it’s fun to make – but that’s more for me. But also fun to wear! Can’t wait for you to see it.