Are Stripes Still In?

Indeed they are. And in my shop, it’s not so much as pure stripes as it is yarn that gives that stripe look and feel but still maintains all over color.

There are some new items coming to the shop that will have more distinct stripes – haven’t photographed them yet. But you can see here how the shawls, hats and hood have stripes within them but they don’t dominate.You want to be careful not to overdo – it makes for confusion and noise.

Something with a stripe creates interest and focus and can be used with solid colored accessories to make something striking.



























The Prayer Shawl in Lagoon
The 24/7 Beanie in Surprise
The 2017 Color Wheel Afghan
The Prayer Shawl in Nouveau
The Hooded Scarf in Earth

Part of the designbcb Fabulous, Fun and Functional 2017 line.

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