In Praise of Boot Cuffs, Ankle Warmers and Leg Warmers

I recently saw a photo of Jenna Tatum wearing a pair of thigh high leg warmers and thought is was one of the sexiest photos ever. It just reaffirmed my thought of not just doing boot cuffs but also ankle warmers and leg warmers.

I just uploaded a pattern for my rasta boot cuffs and these boot cuffs are about to go on sale in the shop but I have the thought of expanding each of these into ankle warmers (a little longer than cuffs) and also full length leg warmers.

Boot cuffs fit in the with Faboulous, Fun and Functional line because they can be all three depending on how you want to wear them. They can be strictly fun or strictly functional and always fabulous.

The cuffs and warmers will be available in the shop in a few days.


The knit boot cuff in earth

The lace boot cuff in gray and the rasta cuff in white.

The scallop boot cuff in cranberry and the scalloped ankle warmer in gray

All will be available at designbcb.