Easy Does It

Things are getting ready to go in to the shop. In the next few days, there will be hats, shawls, scarves and a slew of beanies in the shop for the enjoyment ( and purchase) of all.

I like how these items can go to the office or to the stadium. They help dress something up or down. The shawls can even do wedding duty.

The rasta slouch can be seen walking in to the office or a bistro. Pair it with a short jacket.

The arm warmers can stay on indoors and do double duty of keeping your wrists and arms warm without restricting your fingers and at the same time look completely stylish.

The knit cozy cowl in gradient yarn, is a neckwarmer or can be worn over the head and neck. Roll it over or wear it scrunched. Truly a fabulous, fun and functional piece.

I’m excited launch day is almost here for all products and if you want to get a 25% discount on everything for the remainder of the year. Click http://goo.gl/NDA5L7 to sign up for the design team.

The rasta slouch available now $20
The Arm Warmers
The knit cozy cowl