All the Print That’s Fit to Knit

One of the things about technology is that it will reach into all kinds of places. Yarn is one of those places and the results can be fun.

This yarn creates its own print. Yarns can do seemingly random things and very orderly stripes but there is something cool about a yarn that brings the print.

I can imagine this yarn in a sweater – sleeveless pullover. I can also see it in a cowl or mittens with or without fingers.

This is a cute almost vintage looking print which is why I wouldn’t put it in a big project – like a substantial sweater – it would look too 70’s – 90’s. But it does make a cute beanie and if push came to shove, you can wear it reversed. It looks like blurry bunnies.

This beanie will not be sold in the shop but if you’re interested in having one, drop me a note and I will get a PayPal invoice ready just for you.