Lights On

I am not into making sweaters or tops (yet) but I want to make accessories that can be used fashionably as well as functionally.

This cowl is an acrylic wool blend and has a lot of sparkle. Green and red sparkles when it hits the light just right.

It’s really lovely when the light hits it – any kind of light: sunlight, office lights, night lights – which means it can add that shine and sparkle any time it’s worn.

This particular fiber, Plymouth Holiday Lights is no longer available. I grabbed about ten skeins of it and I think I might have six or seven left. There are other yarns with sparkle but this is the prettiest I’ve seen.

It will eventually make its way into the shop with some other cowls.

It can be worn with jeans and jackets for casual spark as well as long coats and dress shirts. Would really look great with a black top. $27.