How Now Brown Cowl?

With fall comes fall colors: browns, oranges, reds and then Christmas. The transition seasons of spring and fall are the most colorful.

Picked up a box of the Premier DIY Gradient Yarn Box and chose brown. Went rummaging through the bins and found some yarns that I remember buying and I swear it’s been more than five years since they became part of the stash.

When I saw the Gradient on the website, it screamed entrelac cowl to be. I finally got around to starting it and decided to use a black row between each of the brown changes and when I went through all five colors in the box, decided to finish the cowl in black making a brown color block.


The two mumulticolored skeins are Araucania Lauca – a wool, camel and silk combo. See, I do more than just acrylic. I have several skeins of this discontinued fiber. It also says entrelac but it also says stockinette or ribbed scarf.

The rich brown skeins are Mirasol Kutana – also discontinued.  50% alpaca, 50% fine highland wool. I have several skeins of this as well and because there’s only 67 yards to the skein, wide headbands seems to be its fate.

Both will go back into the bins and it could be another five years before I get to them.

I have so much yarn.