The Long of It

I made several of these long scarves and I gave some away as gifts and the ones I made, I don’t know where they are but I am sure they will show up.

This long scarf, which is the Taffy Pull scarf, is a fun crochet and this is made from Mandala, the new self striping from Lion Brand. The color is Spirit.

This was another one where I did and wasn’t too impressed with it but when I couldn’t find the other ones I did, I pulled it out and said, This is cute. I can work with this.’

I like doing this out of self striping because it does the work and I get the benefit of beautiful color work without taking those tools out of the box.

It’s lightweight and while I might wear it during the coldest months, this is a good fall, winter, spring accessory because it can be wrapped around a couple of times – that’s because 70 inches can go a long way.

Will it end up in the shop? I’m thinking so. I’ve got four more colors of Mandala.