Nine Day Afghan – Day 5

OK, so two strips are done and they are sewn together! The third strip has yet to be started. I do not believe I will have this afghan done in 9 days.
But I must admit, I do like it better than the first one I made. Those original strips are slowly making their way into the new strips. I am using a combination of Caron By the Pound and Herrschner’s worsted weight yarn (which I am beginning to like quite well!)

Hey, if you’re in the Oak Park area in May, keep a watch for the Sit-N-Knit at Pleasant Home. Right now, it’s in the planning stages but it appears as if it will be a great time. The idea is to have as many knitters as we can safely get in the building and on the grounds to knit preemie hats and booties, simple baby blankets, and scarves and hat for children to adults. We want to distribute them to area hospitals, and organizations helping teen mothers and the homeless.

As I said, we’ve just started planning it – but we hope to be able to pull it off, and if we can, you’ll here about it right here!

I have to go start that third strip now.

Nine Day Afghan – Day 2

Hmmm. The second strip isn’t complete. It’s about 2/3 through and I would have to stay up way past my already late bedtime. So, the nine day afghan is probably now a ten day afghan.

It probably wouldn’t have been so bad cuz I started the strip yesterday and then had to go to church and today I had to walk a dog this morning.
I must admit I do like the strips better than the other ones and this is just the second strip. I am following the pattern more closely.

We’ll see how it goes…

The Nine Day Afghan

This is the first strip in the nine day afghan. It’s folded in half and pinned to ease the rolling made when knitting stockinette.

Actually, this is the fifth strip in the afghan, but I don’t like the other four so I started over yesterday and I will make one strip every day and be done with it in nine days. I will sew it as it goes which will probably add another day all told so it will be done in less than two weeks.

I will let you know more about the afghan as it progresses….