Wishful Thinking

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I find my mind going back to doing stripes but this time I want to do stripes and entrelac together. I have no idea how that is going to work but anything is worth a try  – at least in knitting – after all, it’s only yarn and you’re allowed some do overs if it doesn’t work. Besides, I feel the need to do something bolder and bigger to get some different looks in the shops.

Some of the items that are now in the shop or almost ready to get there have a stripe running through them but these are caused by the yarn and not by the design but it still counts.


The Juliet Cap Universal Classic Worsted LP Harvest 80% acrylic 20% wool  worsted weight 197 yards. This fiber is discontinued


The Rasta Loops and Threads Impeccable in Earth 100% acrylic worsted Weight 192 yards. Hobby Lobby discontinued the sierra ombre that I used and this is the replacement.


The Every Day Beanie Plymouth Holiday Lights 72% Acrylic/25% Wool/3% Polyester 214 yards. This yarn is discontinuted.


Entrelac Cowl I Love This Yarn Forest Green 100% acrylic 355 yards


And just to show that not everything is worsted weight, workhorse yarns:

The Color Cowl Misti Alpaca Qolla Chunky – Discontinued

80% Wool – Merino
20% Camelid – Alpaca
109 Yards
Knit360five is for ready to ship items
Designbcb is for custom made, original patterns, yarns and books

Buy it For Him – Then Borrow It…..

Some of these have been in storage and I thought I would bring them out and put them in the shop just in case someone was looking for a quick gift. A couple of them are not meant for men but the cowl and the knit beanies can definitely be rocked by a guy.


The basic crocheted cowl. Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn in Ashes. 100% acrylic worsted weight 192 yards.


I love making this Every Day beanie. Besides being fun, it flatters big heads and little heads and heads in between. This is a good style if you don’t have a hat head (like me) and if you do, you make it even better.

The Every Day Beanie $26 Lion Brand Tweeds in Woodlands. 100% acrylic bulky weight 144 yards.


This is a Juliet Cap that I made a while ago. Don’t really know what yarn I used for it except it would be worsted weight.

The Juliet Cap in Cranberry $18


This is the Ribbed Beanie $32 and I like the heft of it but it’s also very soft and the color is great for anyone. I got this ball in a yarn exchange or something and I don’t have any more of it. I think the color is no longer made.

The Ribbed Beanie Lion Brand Thick and Quick 20% wool and 80% acrylic Super Bulky 106 yards.


This last Juliet cap also came out of storage. $18 It felt like it’s Caron By The Pound, so I am going with that with a hint of black to edge it. Actually, I could see the right guy wearing this and making it work.

Juliet Cap Caron One Pound

 in White edged with black 100% acrylic Worsted Weight 826 yards.

All items are available now at Knit360five.


The Spice of Life

WP_20160703_12_02_02_ProRemember this from the last post? Well, that little beginner has grown into a full grown hat and will soon be introduced to the shop. This was a fun knit and there is another one made from a different fiber that is done and needs to be photographed. I still have the itch to make some more of them.

WP_20160706_11_47_31_ProHere it is in its finished glory. I did modify the pattern but not so much that I can clam it as my own.

Red Heart With Love in Pewter. Acrylic Worsted 370 yards. This is a great hat for a boyfriend – just saying.



Speaking of boyfriends, I love this hat and pattern in this fiber. This is actually more gray and black than what’s showing in the photo which is kinda looking bluesy to me. You can wear it slouchy like this or fold the rim to a cuff and wear it beanie style. Lion Brand Tweed Stripes in Marble. Acrylic Bulky 144 yards


When I first made this hood, I didn’t know if I liked it. But when I put it on Oona, I thought it was kinda cute. Certainly enough for me to listen to a ball of yarn if it says it wants to become one. Caron One Pound in Medium Gray. Acrylic Worsted  826 yards

WP_20160711_12_15_43_ProThis cowl is a quick crochet and pretty fun – but quick, bulky projects are often fun. Yes, I photographed her wearing a halter. Still works for me. The yarn may come as a bit of a shock for those who think I work only with acrylic yarns. Plymouth Encore Mega 75% acrylic 25% wool Super Bulky 64 yards.

Original patterns, accessories and custom made: designbcb

 Ready to ship (1-3 business days): knit360five



It’s Raining Men in July

Men have been on my mind for a couple of weeks and I had a couple of orders come in so I couldn’t give them the attention my mind wanted to. But now those orders are out and men are back in my thoughts.

July will be the month I concentrate on them and produce items that would be great for a girl to buy a guy (and then borrow) or for a guy to buy for himself.


This is my take on the Lake Tahoe beanie. I’ve done the pattern for those that might want to knit up some of these for holiday gifts.I’m not sure what the yarn is – sorry.





I’ve done this hat before and it is made for a guy. There’s a guy modeling the end result in the pattern. It is making a guy comeback though it really looks good on girls, too. This is also Red Heart With Love in Merlot.



This scarf is done in mistake ribbing and the texture is perfect for a guy. Not sure of the color but it feels like it’s I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. 100% acrylic worsted weight 355 yards.




When this ball of yarn showed up, I wasn’t that thrilled with it and it sat in the stash for a good, long time. Not as long as some of the others but it lanquished for a bit. When I picked it up, it was clear it wanted to be a hat and so I did a basic beanie and it came out really well. I didn’t know it was a striping yarn so if fit in with the striping thing I had going on and fits with the guy thing. Mr. Honey says it has the right coloring that a guy would wear it. So I didn’t stick a pom-pom on it.

I love This Yarn – Dakota 100@ acrylic worsted weight 252 yards

WP_20160703_11_43_59_ProSpeaking of fiber that’s been lanquishing; I purchased this Universal fiber in Phoenix when my sister lived there. She’s been in Seattle for the past four years. I finished this project while I was in Michigan for a conference. This yarn is discontinued.  Universal Classic Worsted LP Harvest 80% acrylic 20% wool  worsted weight 197 yards.

WP_20160703_12_02_02_ProI started this beanie the other day and I am really enjoying it. It screams out for a man to buy it and I can see me making a quarter of a ton of these to load up in the shop. Of course, a woman can rock it, too but I am thinking of men this month. I can imagine it in a bunch of colors – both solids and ombres. This is Red Heart with Love.

Some items are already available at designbcb and Knit360five


Still Striping

My new thing with stripes has not yet abated. I’ve added some things to the shop, knit up some that will be there shortly.

Stripes work because they add interest and texture somply by having different colors. Stitches show up better, the eye can be pulled and a focus point can be made just with a little change of color.

The Eden Cap in Berries. I Love This Yarn Worsted 100% acrylic  252 yards

The Eden Cap in Jazz. I Love This Yarn Worsted 100% acrylic 252 yards


The Rainbow Halter made stash yarns. A discontinued silver grey for the body and various acrylic fibers for the stripes. Will be available in Knit360five soon.











The New York Giants Fan Scarf. Made from stash yarns and in the Brioche stitch. Available soon.
WP_20160619_14_53_20_Pro WP_20160619_14_53_54_Pro

A Little Bit Obsessed – The Sidewalk Shawl

I made the first Sidewalk Shawl and discovered I liked it a lot and so I made five more and I am hoping to find enough in the stash to make another one. I am thinking there’s some in the blue and purple bins that might help me out.

I’ve seen one of my shawls on a living, breathing human being – twice – and I have to say it looked pretty good on both of them. This is a flattering little number and is great for casual, bohemian or more formal outfits.







This is Caron By the Pound in cream. Worsted 824 yards acrylic. Need two skeins though the second one is basically for the fringe.sidewalkbluebell2This one is Red Heart with Love Worsted 390 yards acrylic. 3 skeins. Won’t use all of the third.

InstagramCapture_aca6c652-90a6-4aa7-829f-b7d2200a5b67probably my favorite one. This was the first. Caron By the Pound in Lace








Very elegant looking. Caron By the Pound in Medium Gray.


WP_20160130_15_08_07_ProVery bohemian. Red Heart With Love in Evergreen.





Red Heart With Love in Celery.


I should add these are crocheted pieces using a size J hook. The pattern is free of charge.

Caron One Pound
Red Heart With Love

This is where JoAnn coupons can come in handy. At my local store the three skeins of With Love will cost less than two skeins of Caron but Caron goes on sell more often. Unless there’s a really good coupon deal, I tend to go with the Caron.

Shawls are available for sale at Knit360five.


I was glad to read stripes were still in vogue (and Vogue.) I wanted to have some fun with stripes and this is what I came up with. As soon as this halter was finished, it was purchased. When you create items to sell, you can’t ask for anything better than that.

I am now on the lookout to do more stripey things when they present themselves.


Bernat Super Value Stripes Worsted 264 yards Acrylic










Stash yarns


Stash yarns but looks like I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby


James C. Brett Marble Chunky Bulky 341 yards Acrylic


Loops and Threads Impeccable Worsted 192 yards Acrylic


Umm. Yeah

I want you to know I have been doing some knitting, crocheting and designing. That’s where I’ve been. I’ve also been trying to do some social justice work though that has been a little rough lately. That’s my excuse  reasoning and I’m sticking with it.


Just finished thissidewalkbluebell2 sidewalk shawl this morning and it can join its siblings: ivory, lace, green and gray. All of them will be going with me to the Craft Show at Annie’s Haven the first weekend of May. It will be the first craft show held at this venue and I will be checking it out to see if it will work as a place to hold a United Methodist Women fundraiser I want to do.


I made the cowl with Marble Chunky Melissa gave me.jamesccowl Did a quick and simple cowl and did the pattern for it and put it in the shop. The cowl will also go with me to the show. There will be some new items going to the show but what I am really going to do is to try and  move the older products out because I don’t understand why they haven’t found homes yet.

WP_20160415_13_30_55_ProThis hat came as a result of seeing a stitch somewhere and thinking I can change it into a het. It worked out pretty well. I like seeing a stitch somewhere and getting the bright idea it can be made into something more dimensional that the flat photo I see on a page or a screen. Almost never works out that way. It always require changing something around like a stitch count or even the stitch itself – that especially happens when working in the round. But that’s why we design and that’s why we don’t design much.

I’ve had some orders and those have been easy to get done and out. Most of the work has been to get some new products for the shops and for the craft show coming up.

I’ve also added the halter tops to the shop and will take them to the show. Mr. Honey thinks these are a bit too…but I blackhalter2blackhalter3think they came out all right. blackhalter1The original pattern (not my own) has two ties at the back but I saw a photo with this kind of tie and I thought that would be so much better for about the same amount of work. It adds a little something and that will show when it’s in different colors. I have about two weeks before the show so I am going to be working on getting more things done. I have some baskets done. I’ve been spending my time productively.

I hope you’ve been simmering your creative juices. It is so important to stay connected with that part of us that an electronic device cannot enhance.

I’ve discovered my local library branch less than a mile away from the house. I cannot yet walk the entire length there without the knees giving out but the plan is to be able to walk there and back. Since I got my card, I’ve checked out several books – and even read them.

Things are pretty good right. How are they with you?


What? I can’t believe it’s been more than a month. I haven’t written since January but you will be happy to know I have not just been sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea.

For one thing, it’s been too cold to sit on the porch and we don’t have a porch and sweet tea is too sweet. But I have been doing some good things:

I’ve been making baskets. I have decided on a method of what is going to go into the shop and the first thing that was on the list were baskets. baskets1The smaller baskets were selling just fine so I decided to make the bigger crochet basket which somehow turned into a three basket set and here’s the first one.
I’ve been doing some social justice work as well. I am the Coordinator for our local United Methodist Womens Unit and order one is trying to rebrand and reestablish UMW has not some old ladies society – which there isn’t anything wrong with –social justice_0 but we have some work to do in getting women involved. So I’ve been getting my social justice on. Part of which was coodinating the annual United Methodist Women Vigil for Human Trafficking Awareness.WP_20160205_13_33_23_Pro
It is held the Friday before the Super Bowl and we had a really big turnout this year to pass out flyers and have a prayer service for those who are impacted by the big business of selling and enslaving human beings. For those that want to believe slavery is a thing of the past, I am sorry to disillusion you that it is not. People are still being marketed as property and it is not something that is happening ‘over there’ whereever you place that to be. It is right here. In front of our faces.

For a hot minute, I was really into making the Sidewalk Shawl. Not gonna lie, still itching to make another one and I have the yarn to make a couple more. So, I made a couple more. There are now five different shawls for sale in theshop.WP_20160130_15_09_08_Pro I love it when I’ve done something complicated and kind of mastered it until I don’t really have to rely so much on reading the pattern. Getting that muscle memory clears some room for the fun to come back in and I just love the way this shawl looks. I am hoping if it doesn’t sell in the shop that it will sell in marketplaces I am interested in being in.WP_20160217_15_04_17_Pro










I don’t know what made me want to make fried chicken again. I have tried it in the past and never with very good results but I read a recipe – several in fact – took what i gleaned to be the best from each and tried it again. I knew I was on to something when Mr. Honey ate two pieces and didn’t say a word. There is still some improvement in the recipe aned I will try it again – not this coming week because I am making pasta and prok on my cooking days – but the week after that. WP_20160314_19_33_13_ProThe weather has been warming up enough that my thoughts are turning to the grill. Mr. Honey does the grocery shopping and I am asking for a nice pork roast and some garlic bulbs so I can do a roast on the grill Tuesday night. I am in a cooking mood.


So, you see, I have been busy and there are things I haven’t even shown you. I finished up the holiday orders and a couple have trickled in so I was knitting and crocheting orders. I should be coming back again soon. If it’s any consololation, I’ve missed you and I’ve neglected people, places and things in the three dimensional world as well. It’s me; not you.


A Life That’s Good


Let’s take a little music break. To begin with, these two girls are very talented. The little one especially. But the song itself always manages to make me tear up. “At the end of the day, oh Lord I pray, I have a life that’s good.”

And at the end of the day, that’s what counts. A life that is good -and filled with yarn goodness – but a life that’s good.



On the knitting front, I made my rasta hat in alovely combo of black, plum and white per a customer’s request but I didn’t get a photo of it. I also have a sock on some needles. I recently got my library card and the first two books I checked out were.










The last craft show I did, three folks came up and asked if I had any socks for sell. It was a cold day and they were looking for some insulation. I would have had a better day had I had some socks.

So I had a design for some slouch socks in my mind and they are now on the needles. But I am making them from worsted weight. I am making them for warmth not for hard wear. I imagine no shoes on but toasty toes. We’ll see how I feel after I make them. Im using a sizw 5 needle and it’s still going to be a bulky leg – but it’s a slouch sock – that may be just fine.

My nephew, Mike, won the blanket on Saturday and my mind immediately turned to the one I will need to make for next January. I then put it out of my mind. Better to panic about it in October than to plan it out and do it early.

I still have some orders and after the rasta hat that I have to make, I will do a cowl I haven’t done in years. Looking forward to making it.cowl1 Another hat was also finished and the weather reports says we are going to be warm for the next seven days so I see some photography in the near future.

The J hook has a Sidewalk shawl on it. I made one a while back in green and I must have left out some rows because it came out a bit smaller than the others and now I am rectifying it.WP_20150705_12_47_28_Pro I am going to add another round and then the closing round and row and that should bring it up to snuff.


I sent off an order with 20 pom-poms and so it goes on. It’s a blessed thing to be able to do this and though it is not yet a living it’s a great start and a great part of that life that’s good.

Hope you find your blessings and happiness as well.