Easy Does It

Things are getting ready to go in to the shop. In the next few days, there will be hats, shawls, scarves and a slew of beanies in the shop for the enjoyment ( and purchase) of all.

I like how these items can go to the office or to the stadium. They help dress something up or down. The shawls can even do wedding duty.

The rasta slouch can be seen walking in to the office or a bistro. Pair it with a short jacket.

The arm warmers can stay on indoors and do double duty of keeping your wrists and arms warm without restricting your fingers and at the same time look completely stylish.

The knit cozy cowl in gradient yarn, is a neckwarmer or can be worn over the head and neck. Roll it over or wear it scrunched. Truly a fabulous, fun and functional piece.

I’m excited launch day is almost here for all products and if you want to get a 25% discount on everything for the remainder of the year. Click http://goo.gl/NDA5L7 to sign up for the design team.

The rasta slouch available now $20
The Arm Warmers
The knit cozy cowl

Recognizing Red

I don’t have a lot of red in the shop but I do have a couple bins filled with red yarn – or variations of red. Cranberry was a hot color a few years back but I haven’t had much request for it lately.

I don’t see a lot of it in the summer, either. I think it’s a good three season color because it’s so bold and present. It appears in the fall colors and there can be no Christmas without red almost everywhere you look.

Even so, I don’t think it would be a bad thing for me to pull out some of that red yarn and whip something else. If for no other reason that fall is right around the corner.


The 24/7 beanie in Cranberry/Black
The 24/7 beanie in Berries
Boot Cuff in Cranberry

Practice Makes Perfect in Plaid

I am practicing my  knitted plaid. I don’t have a photograph to show you though there is some knitting on the needles. I am working up to this pattern. But, you know me; I’ve already changed the pattern a little bit.

There are several different ways of doing plaid but this one is good because it is reversible which means no ends – well hardly any and it looks good on both sides. My practice piece is in dark violet and lavender. I have no idea what the colors will be when I get serious about making something.

Watch for This Week in Yarn Porn because that’s where it will most likely be introduced.



The blanket was supposed to be white. I had two balls of white Bernat Blanket Yarn and when those were used up, I knew I would need another ball to get the size I wanted so I went and got it. Forgetting about the time lag between the first and second purchase, there was no way of getting the same dye lot. So winter white turned into vintage white so I had to add the charcoal to balance out the color difference.

It measures about 5ft x 6ft, it’s incredibly soft and I really do like it….


I wanted to make a white blanket. So I went out and purchased four balls of winter white Bernat Baby Blanket to make another one.

I am hoping it will be a stunning piece and wonder if a monochrome can pull off ‘stunning.’

I think because of the stitch pattern and the texture, it can do it. I guess my real thought is whether I can photograph stunning so you (or a potential customer) can see it.

Bernat Blanket Yarn
100% polyester
Vintage White

In Praise of Boot Cuffs, Ankle Warmers and Leg Warmers

I recently saw a photo of Jenna Tatum wearing a pair of thigh high leg warmers and thought is was one of the sexiest photos ever. It just reaffirmed my thought of not just doing boot cuffs but also ankle warmers and leg warmers.

I just uploaded a pattern for my rasta boot cuffs and these boot cuffs are about to go on sale in the shop but I have the thought of expanding each of these into ankle warmers (a little longer than cuffs) and also full length leg warmers.

Boot cuffs fit in the with Faboulous, Fun and Functional line because they can be all three depending on how you want to wear them. They can be strictly fun or strictly functional and always fabulous.

The cuffs and warmers will be available in the shop in a few days.


The knit boot cuff in earth

The lace boot cuff in gray and the rasta cuff in white.

The scallop boot cuff in cranberry and the scalloped ankle warmer in gray

All will be available at designbcb.

Are Stripes Still In?

Indeed they are. And in my shop, it’s not so much as pure stripes as it is yarn that gives that stripe look and feel but still maintains all over color.

There are some new items coming to the shop that will have more distinct stripes – haven’t photographed them yet. But you can see here how the shawls, hats and hood have stripes within them but they don’t dominate.You want to be careful not to overdo – it makes for confusion and noise.

Something with a stripe creates interest and focus and can be used with solid colored accessories to make something striking.



























The Prayer Shawl in Lagoon
The 24/7 Beanie in Surprise
The 2017 Color Wheel Afghan
The Prayer Shawl in Nouveau
The Hooded Scarf in Earth

Part of the designbcb Fabulous, Fun and Functional 2017 line.

For a complete, downloadable catalog.



The Fabulous, Fun and Functional designbcb 2017 Product Line



Here it is! My 2017 product line. You can click on the links and it will open a pdf file that you can download and save – complete with discriptions and prices for the items that will be featured in my Etsy shop in the fall.

It includes the top four best selling items in the shop: The prayer shawl, rasta slouch, hooded scarf and the cableret beret. A new hat – the 24/7 beanie. A pair of fingerless gloves, a cowl that’s fun to make and looks good in different kinds of yarns from chunky to thin and some new items: the wedding day shawl – a perfect gift for the bridal party, boot cuffs that do more than just make your boots look good, they help keep you warm and the Color Wheel afghan, a blanket filled with color and cuddle up coziness.

Before each individual items is listed on designbcb/knit360five, members of the design team will have the chance to preorder. Click design team to be taken to the page to sign up. You will receive a 25% discount code good for the year along with access to the secret sales.You won’t need the code for the secret sales, the discounted price will be listed but you do need to sign up for the design team.

I am in the process of building up invenory of each of these fun, fabulous and functional accessories to shorten the processing time. Make sure to grab your’s when the secret sale rolls around!


It’s Almost Time!

It’s almost time for the product line drop!

The theme of the line is: Fun, Fabulous and Functional!

I am going to sneak peek the entire line to the design team. If you’re interested in seeing it before it begins to hit Etsy, you should sign up for the Design Team. You can do that here.

What do you get from being a teammate?

A 25% discount code good for regular and sale items.

First orders and pre-orders.

Members only access to the secret store. Items that will go on sale on this site for members only. Don’t have to log on to Etsy. You can purchase items right here and they are all ready to ship!

Input on designs, styles and colors of upcoming accessories.

I’ve been busy making new items in fresh new colors and I am looking forward to showing you the base product line and the individual item roll outs with the new colors.

This will be a great and exciting year for color and fun knitwear.

Happy New Year

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

The new product line(s) for 2017 will be rolled out soon. The items for the fall line have all been chosen. There will be some returning favorites: the rasta slouch, the prayer shawl and hooded scarf. But there will be some new items as well: boot cuffs, the sidewalk shawl is coming to designbcb and an afghan.

The classics will return in some new colors: you see the rasta in a nice teal color and the hooded scarf in medium gran.

There will be a spring/summer roll out of grocery/farmer market bags. The stores in Chicago are required to charge $0.07 per bag now. That’s not a lot of money but for those who don’t want to pay it, there will be some inexpensive acrylic bags suitable for the grocery store and cotton bags for the farmer markets. Of course, nothing will happen to you if you decide to use them in both in both places.

The holiday rush is over and I have five orders pending: all prayer shawls. Some came with back stories. Most of the are gifts for loved one. I sold about 20 prayers shawls between September and December. People are in need of the spirit. I can understand that.

I will see you again soon. I hate going to blogs and not seeing them updated. I can’t feel so righteous about it if my own blog is left to fester. I am going to be reading some new blogs and hopefully doing a lot more networking and sharing.

This is going to be a busy year!


Closing It Out – Opening it Up

I know. Haven’t been here.wp_20160904_11_29_29_pro Well, I’ve been here but not here. I’ve been in and out of the hospital. The blood clots came back. We travelled a lot this summer and now I am doing the holiday orders. Attended some weddings, graduations and baseball games. The Cubs won the World Series!!!

This has been a year on the move.

wp_20160914_10_37_20_proWhat I enjoyed with family and friends had consequences for the shops so this year won’t be as lucrative as the last few years but we are closing out 2016 on a happy note: that I am alive right now is a big bonus that making more money would not have overcome if I didn’t.

shawlcollageI love my craft and I look at these photos and say from those balls of yarns, these beautiful things come and I am grateful for the blessing and gratification knitting and crochet provides.

instagramcapture_0bbdd574-074a-4236-8940-99b4e4a6641c WP_20160806_10_34_22_Pro
rastaearth2I look forward to new years with optimism and great plans but for 2017 there is no great, big vision. I simply want to do good. And to do well.

There is a lot of work I have to do in both business and the area of social action and justice and I can plainly see how I have been phoning it in on both counts and that cannot stand any longer.

In order to get the results, I have to do the work. And even though the work may not end in the results I want, I still have to do the work in order to fail or fall short.

My motto for 2017 will continue to be ‘Discipline and Consistency’ but I will also add deliberation to it. So I can be more purposeful and deliberate about what I do.

It doesn’t make much sense to come to these conclusions and then wait for the new year to start living them. I’m the kind of person that needs a running – well, a walking- start. There’s no time like the present since that is all any of us really have.

Did you notice the storefront? It’s the other page on the blog and that will be where the items I talk about in blog posts will be available for purchase. The next blog post will be about stripey things and those stripey things will be for sale on the blog so if you want them, you can go to the BCB365 page and that’s where they’ll be ready for you to grab them up. No need to go over to the Etsy shops or register (though they are worth the effort) and they will be offered for a lesser price than in the stores.

I have some orders waiting for me and I am about 9 days ahead of everydaywoodlands4my shipping dates and I want to keep it (or improve on it) so I am going to do some work. The snows came yesterday – took a while to get here but it is not a complaint. Mr. Honey is doing fine and we got a new bed that I need a step stool to get in.

All in all; a pretty good year.


Happy Holidays and a blessed new year.